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  • Tom & Adrix

    Tom & Adrix

    Tomplanmytrip Authors

    We have been traveling in Colombia since 2015. We went 3 times to Jardín, for a total of 20 days.

  • Local Agency

    Local Agency

    This professional local agency specializes in adventure tourism and, in particular, canyoning.

  • We recommend

    We recommend

    If you like long and adventurous hikes and waterfalls.

I like Jardín because there are several tours that you can organize on your own. However, if you want to discover new experiences such as canyoning, long hikes, or horseback riding, you will need the help of good a local agency. 

  1. How do you discover the most beautiful waterfalls?
  2. How to practice canyoning safely?
  3. How to hike around Jardin without getting lost?
  4. What are the most pleasant horseback rides?
  5. Where to get a guide who speaks English?

Why do we like this local agency

  • The team

    The staff of the agency is excellent. You will have quick answers and well-organized tours.

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  • Don't miss out

    The most beautiful places in Jardín are not close to town and are not easy to find. Claudia will organize everything for you (transport + guide).

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  • Fair Pricing

    Their prices are reasonable. And they always try to match you with other travelers (if you want) to keep the price down.

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  • Easy booking

    The agency responds very quickly. Fill in our form and start packing 😀

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  • They are professionals

    Activities such as canyoning must be done in safe conditions and with good equipment. This local agency has all the qualifications and authorizations. You will be in good hands.

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  • Experiences for everyone

    The agency offers fun activities such as canyoning or horseback riding. But if you can’t move around much, a jeep ride will be perfect. And families love the bee tour. More than 22 experiences in total.

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  • English guide

    For a small extra, you’ll be able to get an English guide (or translator) for each activity. You don’t need to speak Spanish.

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Experiences in Jardín

This local agency offers many tours, and you can easily combine them (horseback riding, lunch, etc.). Do not hesitate to ask them for advice.

  • Hike La Herrera | 2h30

    You will enjoy the serenity offered by the natural spaces that characterize the region, with wonderful views that go through the urban area and the mountains; you will visit the Cascada del Amor, Charco Corazón, Túnel Museo de Roca, and the traditional Garrucha, among others. You can do it on horseback.

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  • Hike La Salada | 3h30

    You will travel through ecological trails with beautiful panoramic views, streams, coffee plantations, trout farms, and waterfalls with crystal clear waters. You can do it on horseback.

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  • Hike 7 waterfalls | 7h30

    This is a 7-hour hike that allows you to appreciate the rich biodiversity that surrounds Jardín. After 25 minutes by jeep, you will follow narrow trails in the Andean forest to discover beautiful canyons and waterfalls little known to the general public. There are steep and slippery sections. Difficulty: Medium +.

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  • Chorro Blanco | 7 h

    You will have a beautiful panoramic view that you will enjoy while riding, where you will be able to see the landscape of the San Juan Canyon and the Farallones del Citará, between coffee and cattle. The river forms a set of consecutive waterfalls. In one of them, there is a natural tunnel, part rock, and part roots; you will feel the magic of this place. 

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  • Trek Jardín - Támesis | 2 days

    This is an excellent option if you want to organize a trip full of adventure. Follow a path that has its origins from old times, cross a natural reserve, cool off in creeks, explore caves and admire the scenery from numerous viewpoints. This experience is only for brave & bold hikers. On the first day, you will have to get up at 4:30 a.m. and walk 21 km.

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  • Coffee Tour | 4 -7 h

    In the coffee farms, you will learn how coffee is transformed from a seed to a delicious beverage, going through all its cultivation, harvesting, and processing stages. You can do it on horseback.

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  • Bee Tour | 3 h

    Visit a farm that produces honey! This family, passionate about flowers and bees, will show you their beehives and their beautiful flower garden. Perfect for families.

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  • Canyoning | 4 - 5 h

    Enjoy this exciting activity in which you must descend by ropes through different waterfalls. This tour is suitable for beginners. You will live moments full of adrenaline with all the security provided by expert and certified instructors in Canyoning. Choose between 2 and 5 waterfalls.

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  • Casa del Loro | 7 h

    Observe the Yellow-eared parrots in the wax palms. The birds descend from the high mountains in groups jabbering loudly, and after several flutters, they settle in the 7 palms close to each other.  They are accustomed to seeing humans nearby and remain calm under the gaze of visitors.

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  • Tour en Willis | 3 - 6 h

    Enjoy magical views and places full of history. During this tour, get to know much more about Jardín thanks to your cultural guide. 

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  • Horseback riding

    For some of the tours offered by our local partner, you will have the possibility to ride a horse. Don’t hesitate to ask for it in our form 🙂

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Partner’s prices

Prices vary according to the number of travelers and experiences. We have listed them to give you a general idea of prices. The price examples on this page are for a group of 2 PEOPLE. Use our online form to contact our local partner and get your quote.

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  • 2 - Chill out

    Our partner will contact you within 24 hours to organize your experience.

  • 3 - Confirm your booking

    Once you are satisfied, our partner will send you a payment link to make a deposit and confirm your reservation.

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