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  • Tom & Adrix

    Tom & Adrix

    Tomplanmytrip's writers

    We have been traveling to Colombia since 2015. We stayed 2 months in Jericó and spent many days with Cathy.

  • Cathy


    Agency's founder

    Cathy is a friendly French woman who offers to facilitate cultural exchanges between travelers and locals.

  • Recommended by US

    Recommended by US

    We recommend Cathy if you are looking for an authentic experience in Jericó. We met in Sept 2021.

Jericó is an easily accessible village that you can visit on your own. But if you want to meet the local artisans, follow beautiful trails in the mountains and admire the most impressive views, you will need Cathy.

  1. How to avoid being bored in this town?
  2. Where are the best bars and restaurants?
  3. Where to learn about Jericó History?
  4. Where are the best hiking trails?
  5. How to share the daily life of the inhabitants?

Why do we love Cathy

  • The team

    Cathy is a generous young Frenchwoman who organizes authentic tours to meet the locals. You will discover the real Colombia.

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  • Stress-free

    Cathy speaks French, English, and Spanish. You will be able to easily organize your stay in Jericó.

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  • Meet the locals

    Cathy loves everything to do with crafts. You will be able to make beautiful meetings with the locals.

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  • She lives in Jericó

    Jericó is a small village, with many surprises to discover. Discover the best café and restaurants.

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  • Don't be bored

    In Jericó, it is sometimes complicated to organize tours, especially if it is during the week. Cathy knows the best guides and tours in Jericó. You won’t get bored.

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  • Translator

    Cathy works with different local guides who speak English or French.

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Cathy’s offers

In Jericó, Cathy offers private tours, with reliable local companies and bilingual guides (or with a translator).

  • Visit of Jericó | 7 h

    During this visit, you will understand why this village was elected as a historical and cultural heritage village of Colombia by exploring its colorful streets, appreciating its colonial architecture, and acknowledge its religious history. You’ll also meet famous local craftsmen (Carriel, cardamom sweets).

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  • Horseback riding and coffee | 8h

    The visit begins with a horseback ride to discover magnificent landscapes in the heart of exotic and lush nature. Afterward, you will have a traditional lunch in one of the best restaurants in town. In the afternoon, you will visit a small local coffee farm, where you will discover the world of coffee from bean to cup.

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  • Hike in Las Nubes | 4 hours

    At 2,250 meters you will find the natural reserve “Las Nubes” (more than 4000 hectares), accessible by old paths used by the indigenous tribes. On the way, you might discover an incredible diversity of fauna and flora: howler monkeys, deer, armadillos, butterflies, birds … This hike in the heart of luxuriant nature will lead you to incredible views of the whole region and the Cauca River.

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  • Paragliding | 2 h

    On the heights of Jericó, you will be able to fly in tandem with certified instructors and live a unique experience overlooking mountains, forests, and waterfalls.

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  • Ariel's Finca | 6-7 h

    Take a jeep from Jericó to the mirador of La Soledad and visit the incredible Ariel’s Finca. This colorful house perched among the clouds offers a magnificent view of the Cauca Canyon. An enriching and unique experience of sharing with a local family.

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  • Tailor-made stay | 2 days +

    Cathy can organize a tailor-made stay for you so that you can enjoy Jericó in the best possible way. Contact her through our online form and discover the itineraries she proposes!

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Cathy’s prices

Prices vary depending on the number of days, number of travelers, and experiences. We have listed them for you to get an overall idea (based on a group of 4 people). Use our online form to be contacted by Cathy and get a quote.

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