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  • Tom & Adrix

    Tom & Adrix

    Tomplanmytrip's writers

    We have been traveling to Colombia since 2015. We stayed 10 days with Julian's team.

  • Andres


    Travel coordinator

    Andres is a Swiss Army knife of the organization who never sleeps. He loves pizza.

  • Recommended by US

    Recommended by US

    You don't have to worry about the organization. They take care of everything for you. We loved it.

El Guaviare is a beautiful and little-known destination for travelers. It can be expensive and difficult to organize your adventure in this isolated part of Colombia.

  1. How to find a guide and a jeep?
  2. Where are the best highlights?
  3. How do I plan my days?
  4. Can I find more travelers to share the costs?
  5. Is it safe?

Why to choose Julian’s agency?

  • The team

    They are young people dedicated to developing sustainable tourism in the Guaviare. Your money goes directly to improving the local economy.

  • Stress-free

    It is complicated to visit this destination alone. They take care of everything. Your job? To open your eyes & enjoy.
    Possibility to have an English translator on request (extra cost).

  • It's affordable

    Their packages include accommodation, activities, transportation, meals, and guides. Do the math. It’s affordable. Stay informed because there are also promotions on public holidays (group tours).

  • Easy Booking

    Andres speaks Spanish. But he is also a good friend of Google translator. It will be effortless to book this experience.

  • Well-organized

    Ok, there are always a few surprises in Colombia. But the agency has been doing this job with a passion for 13 years. They know their job. You’re in good hands.

  • Different experiences

    The activities are varied. Discover an indigenous culture, admire a pink river, swim with dolphins, decipher cave paintings, venture into lagoons by boat, jump into natural pools. You’ll have plenty of stories to tell.

  • Not yet famous

    I saved the best for last. If you don’t like tourists, you’ll be happy. There are none. You will visit a place little known to ordinary travelers.

Julian’s offers

Julian offers tours from 2 to 5 days. Private or group tours (fixed dates). The tours are in Spanish, but it is possible to have a guide who speaks English (intermediate). The routes depend on the seasons: Winter (May-Dec) and Summer (Jan-Apr).

  • Ruta Acuatica | 4km

    Follow the river bed for several kilometers, through exuberant vegetation, to reach natural pools carved by erosion. Winter.

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  • Ruta PicaPiedra | 4km

    You will enter the tropical rainforest through huge bridges of sedimentary rocks then you will finish navigating down the Guaviare river to appreciate a beautiful sunset. Summer.

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  • Ruta Rocosa | 8km

    You will pass among tunnels and other irregular shapes of the sedimentary rock. You will also see ichnofossils (fossil tracks) of very old marine deposits. Summer & Winter.

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  • Ruta Raudal

    You will navigate through the second narrowest part of the Guayabero Angosturas II river, between gigantic walls of sedimentary rocks. Summer & Winter.

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  • Ruta Rupestre | 4km.

    You will travel back in time when trying to interpret and decipher those mysterious rock paintings (more than 10 thousand years old). Summer & Winter.

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  • Ruta Nare | 8km

    Laguna Damas del Nare is a magical place surrounded by Amazonian nature. You’ll be able to watch dolphins and swim with them in their natural environment. Summer & Winter.

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  • Ruta Lagunar | 5km

    You will be amazed by the emblematic sedimentary rock formations of the region. Get on a typical boat through floating vegetation to observe a great variety of Amazonian flora and fauna. Summer.

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  • Velada o ruta étnica

    An ethnocultural presentation in an indigenous community very close to the city. You will discover and share their traditions, meals, handicrafts, and dances. Winter & Summer.

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  • Ruta Orión | 5 km

    You will cross emblematic rock formations of the Cretaceous through the savanna. Then you will end up at Caño Sabana, where aquatic plants (Macarenia Claviagera) color the river pink/purple. Winter.

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Julian’s prices

Prices vary depending on the number of days, number of travelers, and experiences. We have listed them for you to get an overall idea. Use our online form to be contacted by Julian's team and get a quote.

Julian’s reviews

  • I did the 5 days 4-night tour of the Guaviare region of Colombia and had 2 different guides that were both fantastic and knowledgeable and well experienced in the region (Jose and Milton). I highly recommend the company for this fantastic region.

  • 5/5 on Tripadvisor

    La experiencia del tour de 7 días y 7 noches ha sido maravillosa por la variedad y cantidad de actividades que realizamos. Es muy valioso para uno como turista el aprendizaje sobre el Guaviare; su historia, su cultura, su gente; su riqueza natural y las transformaciones que ha tenido, especialmente, en los últimos años. Siempre agradecida.

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