How To Save Bank Fees


Banks love excuses to apply extra fees. And traveling abroad is one of their favorites. But before accusing your bank to rip you off, you should ask them 3 questions:

  • How much are you allowed to withdraw with your actual credit card? (Colombians love cash)
  • Do they apply extra fees or a shitty rate when you withdraw to an ATM?
  • Do you have an extra fee or a shitty rate when you pay by credit card?

If the answers don’t satisfy you, you should take a FREE credit card from one of the following banks

N 26

Thanks to N 26, a dream became true for many travel lovers. N26 is a new mobile banking with the best exchange rates when you’re traveling abroad. Say goodbye to the outrageous bank fees you’re used to paying each month. And it’s free!

Read my N26 Bank review


It’s another mobile bank to pay without charge when traveling. The credit card is free, but you need to pay 6 euros for the delivery.

  1. You can transfer for free your money from your actual credit card on your Revolut card
  2. Pay in 26 currencies different
  3. No bank fee when you pay by Revolut Card (in any currency) with one of the best change rate
  4. Max 200 euros withdrawal a month without a fee

Disclosure: Please note that some of the links below are affiliate links, and at no additional cost to you, I earn a commission if you make a purchase. Dear friends or I used all the companies listed here, and  I recommend them because they rock and have made our travels better

The Best Mobile Banking

  • Mobile Banking


    I use N26, and I love it! It’s Free and simple. Plus, you don't pay bank fees abroad and they use the best exchange rates.
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  • Mobile Banking


    Revolut is another excellent mobile bank. You can withdraw 200 euros abroad without fees per month, pay in 26 currencies without any bank fees and with the best exchange rates.
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