Everyone knows about San Agustin, but did you know there is another archeological site as much mysterious?

Tierradentro is off the beaten path, and it can be quite an operation commando to get there with public transportation. The easiest way is to get there from Popayan. However, if you decide to travel to Tierradentro from San Agustin, you must be ready to take 4 buses – Pitalito, Garzon, la Plata, Tierradentro. Leave early!

Tierradentro was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1995 because of the many underground tombs uncovered there. Some of them are more than 7m deep!

There is still missing a lot of historical explanations about this sacred place. Still, searchers are confident that it has been built and managed by a civilization different from the one present in San Agustin. 

You must be fit to explore the different archeological sites. However, the view is quite rewarding.

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Where to stay in Tierradentro

Tierradentro doesn't have many choices for accommodation. Some hotels are located in front of the entrance, but they only open for the high season. We went to La Portada, and it was a great pic. Lovely staff and good food. You shouldn't hesitate :)

  • La Portada


    La Portada

    Located in San Andres, only 20 min away from the main entrance. Lovely place. Good restaurant.
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Things to do in Tierradentro

The Tatacoa desert is split into 2 main parts: Cuzco (The red desert) and Hoyos (the Grey desert). The most beautiful part is Cuzco. It's also the closest and the smallest part. 1.5 hours is enough to enjoy it. Then, you have to decide if you want to do the loop and explore the other "less" photogenic areas of Tatacoa.

  • Segovia



    The leading archeological site with 25 underground tombs you can visit. Well conservated - for now.
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  • Duende



    A smaller site with only 5 underground tombs, all painted. 30 min away from Segovia.
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  • San Andres


    San Andres

    Located 1 hour away from Duende. 7 tombs. There is also a lovely church. Painted faces on the wall.
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  • Aguacate



    Fantastic viewpoints but steep hike. 2h from San Andres. There are 42 open tombs.
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