Everybody knows Minca, but few people have heard of Paso del Mango, another incredible place in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta on the Caribbean coast.

Paso del Mango is a great option if you want to spend some time in the Sierra Nevada and enjoy its surroundings without being surrounded by tourists.

This Colombian destination isn’t easy to access. You’ll have to earn it. For more ease and convenience, you should plan private transportation.

Once in Paso del Mango, the hostels offer a whole range of activities to keep you busy during the day. Choose between waterfall hunting, hiking, coffee, and cocoa tours, but don’t forget to rest!
Note that there are no restaurants or grocery stores. Only hotels/hotels offer meals.


How to Get to Paso del Mango? 

From Santa Marta to Paso del Mango:

  • Bus from Santa Marta and stop in Bonda. Then take a moto-taxi for 15 min | Public transportation
  • Private transport from Santa Marta

From Minca to Paso del Mango:

  • Walk 6 h from Minca | Hike

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Where to stay in Paso del Mango

Paso del Mango is tiny, and there are not many options. Fortunately, we found 2 perfect places.

  • Carpe Diem

    Finca - $$

    Carpe Diem

    Comfortable private cabins. Delicious restaurant. 2 Swimming pool. Many activities.
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  • Caoba

    Reserve - $$


    A Natural reserve surrounded by lush vegetation and animals. Basic but clean rooms.
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Things to do in Paso del Mango

Paso del Mango is a quiet place surrounded by nature. Plan an activity in the morning and relax by the pool in the afternoon.

  • Coffee

    2 hours | $


    A short explanation to understand the process of coffee making. Only for Finca Requiem's guest.
    Learn more
  • Cacao

    2 hours | $


    An excellent chocolate experience. Visit a Cacao farm and learn how to transform it into chocolate.
    Learn more
  • Bee Keeping

    1 hour | $

    Bee Keeping

    A dangerous - just kidding - experience to learn how to collect honey. All equipment included.
    Learn more
  • Waterfalls

    3 hours | $


    A Steep hike to uncover 4 hidden waterfalls. You can swim. 40 000 COP / 3 Hours.
    Learn more
  • Caoba

    2 hours | $


    Visit Caoba, a natural reserve with a cool environmental project. Lots of animals.
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