Located at a 1h30 walk from Capurgana, Sapzurro is the last Colombian village before the border with Panama on the Western Caribbean Coast of Colombia. Stroll along the white sandy beaches and look with envy at the delicious coconuts hanging above your head. Search for the ice cream seller instead of thinking about climbing palm trees.

The sportiest activity is to climb (and descend) the 200 steps that lead to La Miel, Panama’s beach paradise. Don’t forget to buy a bottle of Chilean wine at the duty-free shop to enjoy it while watching the stars from Sapzurro beach.

Take a walk to Playa Tiburon before heading back to Capurgana. The beach is sublime, and there are very good spots for snorkeling. For lunch, eat an “arroz con coco” with fresh fish between two submarine sessions.

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Getting to Sapzurro? (+)

From Capurgana to Sapsurro:

  • Take a 10-min boat from the dock
  • or hike 1h30

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Where to stay in Sapzurro

Sapzurro is a small, peaceful town surrounded by a warm sandy beach and intermingled trees. You can walk everywhere and there is usually no noise after 8 pm. The accommodation is unpretentious and there is no continuous electricity. You have to take it cool.

  • La Mariel

    Hotel - $$

    La Mariel

    A small hotel recently opened in the center. Clean. Large rooms for people traveling with their families.
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  • La Diana

    Hotel - $$

    La Diana

    Hotel by the sea, only 15 min walk from Sapzurro. Perfect to isolate yourself and enjoy the beach. Good dishes.
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  • Rosa Maria

    Hotel - $$

    Rosa Maria

    Recent, unpretentious, and well-built eco-lodge. One large single room with mosquito nets. Lovely owners.
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Things to do in Sapzurro

Apart from walks along the beach and sunbathing, there is not much to do in Sapzurro. It's ideal for one night - or two if you want to live on love and fresh water.

  • Ice-cream

    All day | $


    Cheila is a lovely Colombian girl who sells homemade ice cream. They're delicious. My favorite is blackberry!
  • Tiburon

    4 - 6 hours | $


    Just follow the sign at the end of the village of Sapzurro. It's 20 minutes away and there's no one there. Excellent place for snorkeling.
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  • Waterfall

    1 hour | $


    There is a small waterfall 15 min from the village, but there is little water (except in case of rain). It's a short walk to stretch your legs.
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  • La Miel

    4 - 6 hours | $

    La Miel

    You have to climb the 200 steps to get to the border crossing with Panama. Get your passport. It closes at 5:00. Nice beach.
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  • Duty-free

    All day | $$


    In La Miel, there's a duty-free shop that sells bottles of Chilean wine. The value for money is excellent for Colombia.

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