Meta Region and Around


Meta is a wild region, entirely out of the gringo trails and with many secrets to reveal. For many years, it was under FARC control. In 2017, they signed a peace agreement with the government, and it’s now under tourism control!

Meta is mostly famous for its fantastic rainbow river. During the raining season (June to November), the water level rises and boost the growth of colorful algae. The result is astonishing.

Caño Cristales, near La Macarena, is the primary destination. Many agencies offer tours (with local flights) from Bogota or Medellin. However, you can travel by yourself (land or flights) if you have more time or less money to spend. The national park is closed from December to June

A cheaper and closer option is to discover San Jose del Guaviare. It’s a small version of Caño Cristales. 

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Where To Travel In The Region Of Meta And Around

  • San Jose Del Guaviare

    Meta & Around

    San Jose Del Guaviare

    San Jose del Guaviare is a cheaper and lighter version of Caño Cristales. Furthermore, you can admire unbelievable rock painting, weirds rocks and swim in natural pools. 7 hours Bus from Villavicencio (50 000 COP). Then you can take a boat to La Macarena. Duration: 3 Days | Backpacker Budget per Day: 200 000 COP (Activities included)
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  • Caño Cristales

    Meta & Around

    Caño Cristales

    You have to travel to La Macarena, pay the entrance of the National park (La Serrania) and hire a local guide if you want to admire the fantastic liquid rainbow river. But the efforts are worth it. There are flights from Bogota or Villavicencio or buses from San Vincente de Caguan. Duration: 4-6 Days | Tours: Around 270 000 COP/day/pers (Entrance fees, guide, and transports)
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Top Things To Do In The Region Of Meta & Around

Here is a compilation of the best things to do in the Region Of Meta and Around in Colombia:

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Events In The Region Of Meta & Around

List of the main events in the Region of Meta & Around:

  • June: Torneo Internacional del Joropo in Villavicencio
  • June to November: Opening Macarena National Park

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