Meta and Guaviare are two Colombian departments that are still very wild. These two areas, long under the control of FARC, are fully open to the public around 2017. The destinations in this region are off the beaten track and have many hidden treasures.

Among these treasures, the best-known remains:

  • the Rainbow River or River of Five Colours on the site of Caño Cristales, accessible from the village of La Macarena. If you go there to admire the aquatic plants that color the water, you should know that the National Park is only open from June to November.
  • Cave paintings, thousands of years old, can be seen in several places around the town of San Jose Del Guaviare.

Accessible by land or air, San Jose Del Guaviare is a more easily accessible and less expensive destination. It offers a “mini Caño Cristales” (June to November) but also a greater variety of activities and visits than La Macarena.

On the other hand, those who absolutely want to see the most impressive colorful river in the world should go to Caño Cristales.

Check out our guides below for your opinion.

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Where to travel in Meta and Guaviare

We traveled through part of the Meta & Guaviare region for more than 2 weeks. Find our best tips for exploring each of the destinations below.

Top things to do in Meta’s region

Below is a selection of the best activities available in the Meta & Guaviare region.

  • Admire the pink river of Caño Sabana, this “mini Caño Cristales” near San José Del Guaviare
  • Observe the old cave paintings on Cerro Azul, Nuevo Tolima and Raudal De Guayabero
  • Jumping in natural pools dug into the bed of a watercourse
  • Strolling through unusual rock formations
  • See the pink dolphins
  • Explore La Macarena and the Caño Cristales site
  • Observe the fauna and flora


Events in the Meta’s region

  • June: Torneo Internacional del Joropo in Villavicencio
  • June to November: Opening Macarena National Park

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