El Valle is a small village on the Pacific coast. The inhabitants are relaxed and live from day by day. So it is not always easy to organize things. The cost of transport is quite high for the country and is reflected in the price of the activities.

El Valle is the kind of place that traps you and prevents you from leaving. Two black sand beaches as far as the eye can see surround the village, “Playa Almejal” and “Playa Larga“. They take you to different places like the El Tigre waterfall or the Utria National Park. Plan to stay at least 4 days in this area to fully enjoy it.

The Pacific coast is known for humpback whale watching between July and mid-September, an exceptional spectacle that you can add to your itinerary in Colombia.
Lovers of deserted paradisiacal beaches, tranquility, nature, authenticity, fishing, and surfing will also find their happiness here.

Note: there is no ATM. Bring as much cash as you need.

Incredible experience to book in El Valle:


Getting to El Valle? (+)

From Bahia Solano to El Valle:

  • 40 min tuk-tuk. There are many in town.

From Medellin to El Valle: 

From Nuqui to El Valle: 

  • There is a direct boat that leaves twice a week: Monday & Friday. The departure time will depend on the tides. Departure from the dock’s boat company. | Transportes Yiliana (SAPI) | 45 min

From Buenaventura to Bahia Solano:

  • You can take a cargo that leaves from Buenaventura. It can be fun during the whale season. It usually leaves on Tuesday, but it might vary. You first need to call captain Oscar: +57 311 340 67 16 or Leonor: +57 312 267 07 49. 3 meals and a bunk bed included. | Transportes Inversiones | 18 – 24 hours
  • There is a direct speed boat from Muelle Turistico of Buenaventura that leaves on Tuesday. It can be super unpleasant if the ocean is rough. You can catch it from Buenaventura or Juanchaco, but you MUST buy your ticket in Buenaventura and remind them to pick you up in Juanchaco (or they might forget). Departure at 7 am. | Dos Bravo | 7 hours

Where's the airport?

The José Celestino Mutis airport of El Valle/Bahia Solano is on the road between the two villages.
It takes between 45min and 1h to get there by tuk-tuk from El Valle.

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Where to stay in El Valle

The town of El Valle isn't appealing, and you don't have direct access to the beach. Moreover, it won't be quiet if there is a party as locals love loud music. My favorite area is the beach El Amejal, 15 min walk from town or 5 min in TukTuk.

  • Pelican House

    Hostel - $$

    Pelican House

    The best hostel in playa Almejal. Great atmosphere and well-built. I loved the illumination at night. Friendly staff.
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  • Punta Roca

    Hotel - $$

    Punta Roca

    Hotel on Playa Almejal. Excellent value for money. Private wood cabins. Basic and clean. Restaurant. Friendly staff.
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  • El Morro

    Hotel - $$$

    El Morro

    Lovely and tiny hotel with the best view in Playa Almejal. Spacious rooms. Romantic. Delicious meal. Rooftop.
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  • Ecolodge Partner

    Hotel - $$$$

    Ecolodge Partner

    Best hotel with direct access to a natural reserve. All included packages. Wooden cabins and excellent services. The food is delicious.
    Contact them

Where to stay in Bahia Solano

Bahia Solano isn't appealing, and the city is quite "big." I don't recommend to book a hotel there. Stay in El Valle if you travel on a shoestring budget. However, the beach "Playa Mecana" is lovely and wild. Your hotel have to organize the transport by boat - 20 min.

  • Mecana

    Eco Lodge - $$$


    Peaceful place in a secluded area. Botanical garden and many other activities. Delicious food. Excellent staff.
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  • Mapara Crab

    Eco lodge - $$$$

    Mapara Crab

    Remote eco-lodge in a beautiful area. Playa Mecana. Delicious food. Private cabins. Excellent services and staff.
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Things to do in El Valle

El Valle is an authentic destination. Even if the weather and the atmosphere here make you want to do nothing, there are still some activities that are worth the detour.

  • Beaches

    All day long


    Playa El Amejal and Playa Larga are the two beautiful black sand beaches. You won't meet many tourists!
    Learn more
  • Rio tundo

    4 hours | $

    Rio tundo

    A friendly local guide invites you to explore the mangroves and observe the wildlife from his canoe. Peaceful experience.
  • El Tigre

    6 - 8 hours | $$

    El Tigre

    Beautiful waterfall split into different parts. Option to hike there from el Valle and come back in a speedboat.
    Learn more
  • Utria

    6 hours | $$$


    I'm not a big fan of the Park Utria as it's expensive and you visit only a small part. Couple it with playa Blanca.
    Learn more
  • Playa Blanca

    6 hours | $$$

    Playa Blanca

    Playa Blanca is an island within the national Park Utria. It's beautiful. You can ask to stop in Playa Cocalito.
    Learn more
  • Surf

    1 - 3 hours | $


    You can take some classes in the hostel Humpack turtle. Depending on the seasons, waves can be excellent.
    Learn more
  • Whale watching

    5 - 7 hours | $$

    Whale watching

    From July till mid-September, humpback whales come to give birth in this area. Unforgettable experience.
    Learn more
  • Turtle watching

    3 - 4 hours | $

    Turtle watching

    Turtles come here to give birth from July to December. Wander on the beach at night with a local guide.
    Learn more
  • Playa Mecana

    2 - 3 days

    Playa Mecana

    If you want a secluded beach with nobody around, then Playa Mecana is a good option. They offer many tours in this hotel!
    Learn more
  • Mangroves

    6 - 8 hours | Free


    From El Valle, there is a 9km trail to reach the mangroves in the national park utria. It's free and straightforward.
  • Fishing

    4 - 5 hours | $$


    Ask locals around if you can go with them to fish. They don't use fishing rode, just the nylon with a hook.

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