Nuqui and its surroundings represent the wildest tourist area on the Pacific coast. That is why there is not much information about this destination. Endless black sandy beaches, lush vegetation, ecolodges, everything is incredible.
I consider it to be one of the most beautiful and romantic destinations in Colombia.

The village of Nuqui is messy and really not pleasant. However, you must pass by there to get to the surrounding paradisiacal destinations.

Where to travel from Nuqui?

  • Jurubida: small village, 40 minutes north of Nuqui. Famous for its hot springs.
  • Jovi and Coqui: 2 villages, 45 min to the south. Almost no possibility of accommodation.
  • Guachalito: a beautiful area with several ecolodges on the seafront. The accommodations are relatively expensive for the proposed comfort but it is the price for an extremely wild, calm, and bewitching area | 1 hour by boat to get there. You can stay at this beautiful ecolodge.
  • Termales: small village 10-15min further south than Guachalito, known for its hot springs. An ideal spot for surfers | 1h15 by boat to get there.
  • Arusi: another village on the coast even further south than Termales. Almost no tourists. There is a diving center. It’s an hour and a half by boat to get there.

Note: There is no ATM. Bring all the cash you’ll need.


Getting to Nuqui & Guachalito? (+)

From Medellin to Nuqui:

From Bahia Solano to Nuqui: 

  • There is a direct boat from Muelle of Bahia Solano that leaves twice a week: Monday & Friday. The departure time will depend on the tides. Departure from the dock. | Transportes Yiliana (SAPI) | 1h
  • You can also book a private trip for 200 USD.

From Buenaventura to Nuqui:

  • There is a direct speed boat from Muelle Turistico of Buenaventura that leaves on Tuesday. It can be super unpleasant if the ocean is rough. You can catch it from Buenaventura or Juanchaco, but you MUST buy your ticket in Buenaventura and remind them to pick you up in Juanchaco (or they might forget). Departure at 7 am. | Dos Bravo | 6 hours

From Nuqui to Jovi, Guachalito, Termales & Arusi:

There are boats leaving early in the morning to bring workers to the various Eco-lodges along the coast. Boats leave from the “tourist harbor” nearby the airport.

If you have booked an eco-lodge, they will arrange transportation for you.

Where's the airport?

The Reyes Murillo airport of Nuqui is located in the village.
The tourist dock can be reached on foot and from there you can go to Guachalito or Jurubira.

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Where to stay in Guachalito

Guachalito is a beautiful area stretching along the beach. There is a dozen of eco-resorts far apart from each other. Prices are expensive for the quality of the rooms as it's complicated to bring building materials. It's the price to pay to live in paradise. All of them offer half of the full board, and transportation is included.

  • Paraisurf

    Guesthouse - $$$


    Tiny guesthouse with only 2 basic cabins. Excellent hosts. They give surf lessons and you can rent the gears.
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  • At Gonzalo

    Eco Resort - $$$$

    At Gonzalo

    Excellent value for money and delicious food. Many great tours. Clean, and simple rooms. Perfect location.
    Contact Gonzalo
  • Piedra Piedra

    Eco resort - $$$$

    Piedra Piedra

    "Luxury" Eco-resort with excellent facilities and services. However, the rooms are still basic. Salt Pool with a view!
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  • MorroMico

    Parque Utria - $$$$


    1h up north from Nuqui. Ecolodge with an incredible setting. You will be the only man on earth. Great food.
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Where to stay in Termales & Arusi

Termales and Arusi are two beach towns where you can find cheaper accommodation options while living in paradise. It's an excellent option for travelers who have a lower budget or the ones who want to get insight into the daily life of the locals living there.

  • Guereguere

    Hotel - $$


    Friendly owner who love nature and the ocean. Great location at 10 min walk from Termales. Affordable.
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  • Sirena Negra

    Hotel - $

    Sirena Negra

    Rustic hotel in Termales. The rooms are basic but clean. You won't find cheaper hotels on the Pacific coast.
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  • Punta Brava

    Arusi - $$$

    Punta Brava

    Private bungalows with an incredible view. Friendly hosts. Delicious meals and excellent activities.
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Things to do around Nuqui

The area of Nuqui offers many possibilities of different destinations both in the North and in the South. The activities largely allow you to stay 4 days in one place but it is especially the atmosphere of this coast that will bewitch you.

  • Whale Watching

    3 - 4 hours | $$

    Whale Watching

    From July till mid-September, humpback whales come to give birth in this area. Unforgettable experience.
    Learn more
  • Beach

    All day long


    The Pacific Coast around Nuqui is mind-blowing. Don't hesitate to stroll on black-sand beaches for hours
    Learn more
  • Surfing

    1 hour | $


    You can rent surfboards in different places on the coast: Termales, Arusi, El Cantil, Paraisurf. The waves are great!
    Learn more
  • Hiking

    2 - 4 hours | $


    Each eco-resort knows some cool trails through lush vegetation. Chase colorful frogs and enjoy the sceneries.
    Learn more
  • Jovi river

    3 - 4 hours | $

    Jovi river

    Go to Jovi and run up the river on a traditional canoe till a lovely waterfall. Peaceful experience.
  • Thermal baths

    3 - 4 hours | $

    Thermal baths

    In Termales. A quiet place surrounded by trees. It's lovely and cheap. Perfect for chilling a couple of hours.
    Learn more
  • Thermal baths

    Jurubira | 2 hours

    Thermal baths

    In Jurubira. The thermal baths look more natural. You need to get there with a local guide. It's cheap
  • Fishing

    3 - 4 hours | $$$$


    Ask your hotel to go fishing. Most of them have contacts with fishers or a boat and some fishing lines.
  • Sunsets



    There are some amazing sunsets on the Pacific Coast. Grab a beer and enjoy the show with your beloved one.

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