To Make Quick and Correct Decisions

I know; planning a trip to another country is time-consuming and stressful.

Let me help you.

On this page, you’ll easily decide where to travel in Colombia according to your taste. You will also find examples of original itineraries to inspire you for this adventure.

Experiences we love

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If you like to relax

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  • Beach towns

    Colombia has two coastlines. Walk barefoot on the beach and drink cocktails in the shade of palm trees.

    • El Valle: remote place on the Pacific coast. Endless black sand beaches and lush vegetation.
    • Guachalito: Secluded beaches on the Pacific coast. The ultimate plan for a romantic stay in an eco-lodge.
    • Capurgana & Sapzurro: Hidden in the Darien Gap. Beautiful beaches and corals.
    • Rincón del Mar: A little piece of paradise at 3 hours from Cartagena.
    • Palomino: Famous beach town with veggie restaurants and a couple of bars.
    • Dibulla: Unknow place with lovely beaches at 1h from Palomino.
  • Islands

    Live on a paradise island and forget your daily worries with a delicious lobster dish.

    • Isla Fuerte: the ideal choice if you run away from tourists.
    • San Bernardo islands: a magnificent archipelago whose most beautiful beach is on Isla Tintipan.
    • Rosario Islands: famous (and beautiful) islands located 1h from Cartagena. 
    • San Andres: favorite island among Colombians and victim of mass tourism.
    • Providencia: a more attractive and peaceful version of San Andres.
  • Colonial towns

    Drinking coffee on the main square and doing nothing is the best way to visit a colonial village. 

    • Villa de Leyva: Located in Boyaca, 4h from Bogotá. Excellent gastronomy and cobblestone streets.
    • Jardín: Located in Antioquia, 4h from Medellín. Ideal for hiking and birdwatching.
    • Jericó: Located in Antioquia, 2h30 from Medellín. Beautiful streets, with many churches & 0 tourists.
    • Guatapé: Famous day trip from Medellín (2h). Mind-blowing views on top of La Piedra del Peñol.
    • Salento: Famous town in the coffee region, 30 min from El Valle del Cocora.
    • Filandia: Colorful town a bit less visited than Salento (1h).
    • Buenavista: A tiny town perched on top of a hill with a breathtaking view of the coffee region.
    • Salamina: Beautiful village where many Colombian thinkers were born. Off the beaten track. 
  • Hot springs

    Ideal in the evening to rest your muscles after a long day of sightseeing.

    • Pereira: You can head to Termales de Santa Rosa or San Vincente (more authentic & less visited).
    • Manizales: A route starting from the city with 4 thermal baths. Tierra Viva is the closest one.
    • Paipa: The most famous thermal city near Bogotá (3h).
  • Glamping

    The perfect balance between glamour, comfort, and nature. You’ll find most glamping in:


  • Ecolodge

    Who doesn’t like to be woken up in the morning by the sound of nature? 

    • Leticia: take a speedboat on the Amazon to reach the most secluded ecolodges.
    • Pacific Coast: Simple but comfortable accommodation built on secluded beaches.
  • Star gazing

    Once the lights of the homes go out, lie down in the desert and discover a new world in the sky.

    • Tatacoa desert: A small, photogenic, and easily accessible semi-arid desert (1h from Nieva)
    • La Guajira Desert: At the tip of the Colombia Caribbean coast, here is the kingdom of kitesurfing and indigenous Wayúu.

If you want to understand Colombia

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  • Learn Spanish

    Not many people speak English in Colombia. However, it is an excellent country to learn Spanish and chat with locals.

  • Coffee

    Colombian coffee is known all over the world. Visit specialized coffee shops in big cities and coffee farms in the countryside.

    • Bogotá: Offer many excellent coffee-tasting experiences.
    • Coffee region: the easiest area for planning a coffee farm tour.
    • AntioquiaThe most significant producer of coffee in the country.
    • Minca: One of the old coffee farms in Colombia.
  • Street art

    Street art is a great way to criticize current events while embellishing the facades of buildings.

    • Bogotá: Book a graffiti tour and explore la Candelaria.
    • Cartagena: Getsemani will be your playground.
    • Cali: Lots of cool graffiti, but you won’t get explanations.
  • Games

    Colombians love soccer. But there is also another cool game with gunpowder and beer called Tejo.

    • Medellín: attend a football game at El Estadio, then go out on la 70 street.
    • Bogotá: Many cool places to play Tejo. 
    • Salento: One Tejo field called “Los Amigos”.
  • History

    The history of Colombia is complicated, with many dramas and bad boys. 

    • Medellín: to learn about Pablo Escobar.
    • Bogotá: lots of excellent museums and tours to learn about Colombia’s history —mainly in la Candelaria.
    • Cartagena: if you love pirate stories and fortifications.
  • Archeological sites

    You won’t find amazing sites like in Peru or Mexico. But two places are worth seeing.

    • San Agustin: Numerous massive statues carved in stone and buried by a mysterious civilization.
    • Tierradentro: A seldom visited site with 5-7m underground tombs (some still painted).
  • Foodies

    Let’s be honest; the classic Colombian dishes will not impress you. But the country’s gourmet chefs succeed in creating delicious dishes.

    • Cartagena: you’ll find many excellent cooking classes.
    • Bogotá: the Zona G is one of the best areas to eat deliciously well.
    • Cali: Alameda is my favorite market in the country. Perfect for eating exotic fruits.

If you like going on an adventure

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  • La Macarena

    Meta is a department known for its famous rainbow river: Caño Cristales. Apart from this magical place, you can venture on the Guejar River or visit the Llanos from Villavicencio. 

  • San José del Guaviare

    San José del Guaviare was the stronghold of the FARC for many years. It is now a safe destination with many unspoiled natural beauties.

  • Casanare

    The department of choice to visit Los Llanos. Book a multi-day expedition to discover a proud Colombian cowboy culture, endless savannahs, and rich wildlife.

  • La Guajira desert

    Organize an expedition to La Guajira to walk along the sand dunes, discover the Wayúu culture, reach the northernmost point of Colombia (Punta Gallinas), kitesurf in Cabo de la Vela or get to know the Macuira National Park.

  • Colombian Amazon

    The Colombian Amazon is one of the 6 natural regions of the country. Organize an expedition of several to roam the wild jungle or base yourself in an ecolodge along the Amazon River. You can also fly over the Chiribiquete National Park or go up the Araracuara Canyon by boat.

If you like partying or dancing

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  • Clubbing

    Colombians love partying. You’ll always find at least one area with many clubs in every medium-sized city. It’s called la Zona Rosa.

    • Bogotá: Zona T to go clubbing and around Parque de Los Hippies for some dive bars.
    • Medellín: Provenca is the hype area. Head to La 70 for a more local vibe. 
    • Cartagena: Parties are chic and expensive in the historic center and more backpacker friendly in Getsemani.
    • Manizales: a city with many students who like to party in the El Cable neighborhood.
  • Salsa

    Colombians have been dancing Salsa since they were children at family parties. You can watch the locals dancing in various bars:

    • Cali: The city to know if you like to dance Salsa. There are daily parties, a world championship, and a festival!
    • Medellín: Besides dancing the tango and reggaeton, the paisas are salsa enthusiasts. You will find some bars in Laureles or El Poblado.
  • Rooftops

    Nothing better than drinking a cocktail while admiring the sunset.

    • Cartagena: For the view of the sea and colonial roofs. Movich or Mirador Gastro Bar.
    • Bogotá: for the skylines and mountains. Go to the El Chicó neighborhood. Corona Rooftop.
    • Medellín: Restaurants on the road to San Felix overlook the town. 
  • Festivals

    Colombians always have a reason to celebrate an event. It is one of the best cultural experiences to enjoy.

    • Barranquilla: the 2nd biggest carnival worldwide.
    • Cali: A fun Pacific music festival and a salsa fair with parades.
    • Medellin: the famous “feria de las flores”.
    • Pasto: black-and-white festival again racism.
    • Cartagena: Independence day & Miss Colombia election.

If you like outdoor activities

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  • Hiking

    The Andes mountain range splits into three large sections that cross Colombia. The most popular treks are:

    • Santa Marta: official departure to the Lost City trek.
    • Pereira, Manizales, Ibague: to explore Los Nevados.
    • Salento: to admire the tallest palm trees worldwide (Valle del Cocora).
    • Cocuy: breathtaking 1-day trails.
    • Tayrona: the most famous national park with beautiful beaches.
    • Chicamocha Canyon: a beautiful view and pretty little towns.
  • Rafting

    Many mighty rivers flow down the mountains of Colombia.

    • Medellín: 1 to 3-day trip on the beautiful Rio Verde.
    • San Gil: The Rio Suarez’s rapids (level IV-V).
    • Tobia: ideal for a weekend trip from Bogotá.
  • Tubing

    The perfect lazy activity. Jump on an inner tube and let the current carry you.

    • Palomino: a cool and easy 2-h trip down the river.
    • San Cipriano: a remote town 2h away from Cali.
    • San Carlos: A beautiful river that flows between Antioquia’s hills.
  • Paragliding

    It’s cheap, and you’ll enjoy breathtaking views:

    • Medellín: fly above the city from San Felix (40 min)
    • San Gil: fly above the Chicamocha Canyon.
    • Jericó: fly above the Cauca Canyon.
    • Buenavista: the only paragliding spot in the Zona Cafetera.
  • Canyoning & rappelling

    Descends along cliffs and impressive waterfalls.

  • Scuba diving

    Where can you swim with colorful fishes?

    • Santa Marta: the cheapest place to pass your open water.
    • Capurganá: a remote place with crystal-clear water.
    • Arusí: to swim with whales and sardines.
    • Gorgona: to swim with whales and sharks.
    • Rosario islands: only 1-h away from Cartagena.
    • Isla Fuerte: beautiful reef, 2h from the island.
    • San Andres & Providencia: incredible visibility & turquoise water.
    • Rincón del Mar: a small paradise.
  • Surfing & Kitesurfing

    Here are some cool secret spots:

    • La Barra, Termales & El Valle: 3 towns on the Pacific Coast with good waves.
    • Isla Fuerte: Not for beginners.
    • Costeño Beach: chill-out spot on the Caribbean coast.
    • Cabo de la vela & Riohacha: famous spots for kitesurfing.
    • Manzanillo: beach near Cartagena for kitesurfing.
  • Climbing

    With more than 400 climbing routes and only 1 hour from Bogotá, Suesca is the place to come for climbing lovers.

  • Horseback riding

    Become a cowboy for a few hours or several days.

    • Jardín: many excursions for beginners.
    • San Agustín: a great way to visit the archeological sites.
    • Los Llanos: the land of the cattle breeders.

If you like wildlife

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  • Whale watching

    Head to the Pacific coast from July to October to observe humpback whales.

  • Bird watching

    Colombia has nearly 20% of the world’s bird species.

    • Cali: stay in one of the many birding lodges around the city.
    • Pacific Coast.
    • Manizales: birding lodges. Many humming bids.
    • Minca & Paso del Mango: The Sierra Nevada is an excellent playground.
    • Amazon: looking for a harpy eagle? or Macaws? 
    • Riohacha: to see flamingos.
  • Turtles

    Baby turtles “running” on the sand, it’s just too cute!

    • El Valle: turtles lay their eggs from September to December.
    • Capurganá: leatherback turtles arrive from March to June on the beaches of the Darien gap.

1 week in Colombia

Since you only have one week, the time will go by quickly! I advise you to choose a major city and explore the surrounding area. Here are 3 examples.

  • Beach & cocktails

    Beach & cocktails

    Discover the romantic city of Cartagena, a paradise island and small coastal village with a beautiful beach.
    Learn more
  • Adventure & coffee

    Adventure & coffee

    Discover Medellín and its green mountains, climb the piedra del peñol, and stay in the colonial village of Jardín.
    Learn more
  • Culture & colonial towns

    Culture & colonial towns

    Visit Bogotá to understand the culture and history of Colombia, then discover the colonial villages of Boyacá.
    Learn more

2 weeks in Colombia

You have more time to immerse yourself in Colombian culture. Here are 3 itineraries to live a unique adventure.

  • Caribbean Coast

    Caribbean Coast

    Discover Cartagena and its surroundings before discovering the beauties of the Sierra Nevada. Ideal for travelers who want to relax on vacation.
    Learn more
  • Beaches and mountains

    Beaches and mountains

    Enjoy the wild beaches of the Pacific coast before going on an adventure in the Nevados National Park. Finish with a pleasant road trip in the zona cafetera.
    Learn more
  • South of Colombia

    South of Colombia

    Learn salsa with professionals in Cali, then visit the white city of Popayán and the famous archaeological sites of San Agustin. Finish this trip in the bustling capital.
    Learn more