Culture & Colonial towns

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  • Day 1: Bogotá

    Bogotá is not very welcoming to visitors, but it is an ideal destination to understand the history of Colombia. Visit the Candelaria with a local guide, enter the Golden Museum, and climb to the top of the Monserrate!

  • Day 2: Bogotá

    Discover other neighborhoods in Colombia: Drink artisanal beers around Parkway, play tejo in San Felipe, drink coffee in the upscale Quinta Camacho, visit the art galleries of La Macarena, have dinner in Zona G, and party in Zona T.

  • Day 3: Los Páramos

    The parámos are a scarce ecosystem that is the country’s first producer of fresh water. The landscapes are spectacular, and the fauna is abundant. Around Bogota, you can visit the Sumapaz or Chingaza paráramos with an agency.

  • Day 4: Paipa

    Leave in the morning for Paipa, a city famous for its hot springs, 3 hours from Bogotá. Stay in a hotel by the lake. Credit.

  • Day 5: Pueblear

    It is an expression that means “to visit little town.” Contact an agency to visit Iza, Tibasosa, Firavitoba, and La Laguna de Tota.

  • Day 6: Villa de Leyva

    Villa de Leyva is located 2 hours from Paipa (via Tunja). It is a beautiful colonial town with the largest main square in the country. Between charming hotels and gastronomic restaurants, it is the ideal romantic stop before returning from vacation.

  • Day 7: Villa de Leyva

    Organize a morning bike ride to see the sights outside the village. The route is easy. Then return to Bogotá airport by private transport (4h). You can stop in Raquira on the way to buy souvenirs.

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