1rst week: Romanticism and Paradise islands

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  • Day 1: Cartagena

    The first day is dedicated to visiting the city of Cartagena. Stroll along the colonial buildings of the historical center, decipher the graffiti of Getsemaní and watch the sunset from a rooftop with a fine cocktail.

  • Day 2: Cultural Experiences

    Get off the tourist trail and discover another side of Cartagena. You can go fishing in the mangroves of La Boquilla or go looking for howler monkeys. Or choose the gastronomic option and combine a visit to a market with a cooking class.

  • Day 3: Rincon del Mar

    Rincon del Mar is a small coastal village with a beautiful beach, 3 hours from Cartagena. You can use public or private transportation to get there in the afternoon. Travel only with a small bag and let the rest at your hotel in Cartagena.

  • Day 4: Colorful fishes

    It’s time to go swimming with Nemo and Dory. There is a good diving center in town. Otherwise, you can decide to go spearfishing with the local fishermen (free diving).

  • Day 5: Isla Tintipan

    Talk with a fisherman to take you to Tintipan Island in the early afternoon (30 min ride).

  • Day 6: Isla Tintipan

    Relax on the white sand beach, go swimming or visit the nearby islands for the day.

  • Day 7: Back to Cartagena

    The Tranq it easy boat should pick you up around 11 am to go back to Cartagena (2h ride). Go back to the same hotel, rest a few hours and go out for sunset.

2nd week: La Sierra Nevada

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  • Day 8: Minca

    Take a door-to-door shuttle to Santa Marta in the morning (4h) and stop at Cootransminca. Then jump on a van to Minca (40 min). Stay in a hotel in the surroundings to enjoy the views and breathtaking sunsets.

  • Day 9: Waterfalls and coffee

    Go bird watching at dawn, followed by a relaxing swim in the nearby waterfalls. Then take a coffee or chocolate tour in the afternoon.

  • Day 10: Costeño Beach

    Private or public transportation (2 buses) from Minca to your hotel on the beaches between Tayrona and Buritaca (2h).

  • Day 11: Tayrona

    Wake up early to be at the El Zaino entrance of Tayrona Park at 7 am. You will reach Cabo San Juan (the best beach) within 2-3 hours. Reserve your hammock for the night and enjoy the surroundings. There is a restaurant on-site.

  • Day 12: Costeño Beach

    Enjoy Tayrona park before going back to El Zaino in the early afternoon. Then take a bus back to your hotel on the beach.

  • Day 13: Palomino

    Stop a bus on the side of the road and go to Palomino. It is a well-known beach town with good restaurants and a few bars. Organize a tubing activity on the river (2h) in the morning.

  • Day 14: Santa Marta

    Return to Santa Marta (2h) to take your international flight.

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