1rst week: Pacific beaches & Medellín

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  • Day 1: Medellin

    First, visit Medellin downtown. I recommend going with a guide to understanding the city’s complex history. Finish the day with a cable car ride to enjoy the incredible views.

  • Day 2: Guachalito

    Go to the secondary airport of Medellin (Olaya) for your flight to Nuquí with the company San German (30 min flight). Once there, an ecolodge staff will welcome you and take you to Guachalito, a small piece of paradise on the Pacific Coast.

  • Day 3: Termales

    Enjoy the ecolodge’s activities. 1h30 south, there is a small town named Termales, known for surfing and its hot springs. The walk along the beach is beautiful, and you won’t meet a soul.

  • Day 4: Animal watching

    From July to October, it is whale season. You can also go hiking in the jungle with a guide searching for birds or colorful and poisonous frogs! 

  • Day 5: Medellín

    Flight to Medellín in the late morning. Take a hotel in El Poblado and plan a short activity in the afternoon. Keep some time to enjoy the bars and restaurants near your accommodation.

  • Day 6: Guatapé

    Guatapé is a colonial village known for its enormous and unusual monolith. You can climb the 750 steps to reach the top. It’s easy to go alone, but a private tour will allow you to pair it with another activity. Start early.

  • Day 7: Pereira

    Once again, take a flight from Olaya airport (company Easyfly this time) and arrive in Pereira in the middle of the afternoon. Enjoy the beautiful Sazagua hotel. Rest for tomorrow’s adventure.

2nd week: Páramos & lovely towns

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  • Day 8: Los Nevados

    Let’s go for a 3-day hike in the Los Nevados National Park. The first day goes through a tropical Andean forest and a subpáramo. 6 hours of hiking. Our partner also proposes other trails.

  • Day 9: Los Nevados

    The 2nd day is longer. You will pass near the famous Otun lagoon and among the Frailejones (emblematic plant of the páramos). 8 hours of hiking.

  • Day 10: Los Nevados

    Wake up early to climb the Santa Isabel glacier and watch the sunrise. It is tiring, but the show is worth it. On the way back to Pereira, ask to stop at the hot springs of San Vincente. 

  • Day 11: Filandia & Glamping.

    Rent a car at the airport, then head to your glamping in the Zona Cafetera. Like this one. On the way, you can pass by Filandia to visit it. It’s a slight detour.

  • Day 12: Salento & Cocora

    Drive directly to Valle del Cocora (start early, better weather). This is one of the most famous hikes in Colombia (5h walk). You will see hummingbirds and the largest palm trees in the world. Stop in Salento on the way back.

  • Day 13: Buenavista & Pijao

    Buenavista is a tiny village on top of a hill. The view is superb. Pijao is 25 minutes away, with its colorful streets and rural atmosphere. You will be able to organize an excellent coffee tour there.

  • Day 14: Back home

    Drive back to the airport and take your flight to Medellín. Beware, if your international flight is on the same day, you will need to arrive at least 5 hours before in Medellin because you will have to change airports. It takes 1 hour to get from Olaya to Jose Maria airport. 

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