1rst week: Salsa & white city

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  • Day 1: Cali

    You are in Cali to learn to dance Salsa. Stay in San Fernando or San Antonio (depending on where your school is). You can celebrate your arrival by eating a cholado near the stadium. Go out at night (ask your teacher where the party is).

  • Day 2: Cali

    That’s right, another 4 hours of learning salsa. If you have time, you can visit the Galeria Alameda market. You will eat deliciously, drink a good coffee (Trinitario) and buy lots of exotic fruits. Go out at night (but not too late).

  • Day 3: Pance

    Pance is a small village 1h30 from Cali, known for its rivers and waterfalls. You can go there to swim, hike (Pico Loro) or do canyoning. 

  • Day 4: Cali

    Take your last 2 hours of salsa in the morning and visit Cali in the afternoon. You can also ask for a taxi to drive you to El Cristo. You’ll have a nice view of the city.

  • Day 5: San Cipriano

    San Cipriano is a village 2.5 hours from Cali, and its access is unusual. This place, hidden in the middle of exuberant nature, is famous for its crystalline water and tubing activity. Going there with an agency is necessary if you want to return the same day. Credit.

  • Day 6: Popayán

    Go to Popayán with Expreso Palmira (3h30 from Cali). The city is known for its historic center’s white streets, many churches, and gastronomy!

  • Day 7: Puracé

    Puracé is a national park where you can watch the famous condors closely. On this trip, you will also see the páramos and the beautiful hot springs of San Juan. It is not possible to do it by public transportation. You have to go through an agency.

2nd week: Colombian history

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  • Day 8: Popayan

    Visit the city with the Get Up And Go Colombia team at 10 am. Then, revisit all the places they show you to devour all the culinary specialties of Popayán. You can book a coffee tour in the afternoon.

  • Day 9: San Agustin

    Leave early to San Agustin with the company bus Cootranshuila (6h drive). The road condition is bad. There are good hotels outside the city (like Monasterio). 

  • Day 10: San Agustin

    Visit the main archaeological park (closed on Tuesdays) in the morning with a guide and then organize a 4-hour horseback ride in the afternoon to discover the secondary sites.

  • Day 11: San Agustin

    Plenty of options for today. Organize a rafting trip on the Magdalena river, hang a hammock 200m above the ground (Adrenalina Extrema) or organize a jeep tour to admire the different waterfalls in the area. Take your night bus to Bogotá with Lineas Verdes (13h).

  • Day 12: Bogotá

    Night buses aren’t fun. Take it easy today in Bogotá. Drink artisanal beers around Parkway, play tejo in San Felipe, drink coffee in the upscale Quinta Camacho, visit the art galleries of La Macarena, and eat dinner in the Zona G.

  • Day 13: Bogotá

    Visit the Candelaria with a local guide, enter the Golden Museum, and climb to the top of the Monserrate!

  • Day 14: Back home

    Take your flight to Medellin and then your international flight (you will arrive at the same airport, Maria José)

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