Tulum Beach: What to REALLY Expect For 2024

Dreaming of Tulum Beach but wary of overcrowded spots and tourist clichés?

Imagine basking in unspoiled sands, dining at hidden local haunts, and truly experiencing Tulum’s unique charm. Sounds like a fantasy? Not anymore. 

After two weeks immersed in Tulum’s vibrant culture and breathtaking nature, I’ve unearthed the essential guide to its hidden gems. 

Dive into this article and unlock the authentic Tulum Beach experience you’ve longed for. So, let’s get started!

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In 2 months, I’ve spent more than 10,000 USD to test the best activities in the Riviera Maya. Stay with me to quickly decide which experiences you should do and learn how to make the most of your trip.

Things I love in Tulum Beach

Easy & Gorgeous
Good deal
  • 4.0
  • Pros:
    • eco-friendly and affordable hotel in the North of Tulum Beach
  • Cons:
    • A/C only at night
  • 4.5
  • Pros:
    • Many activities for kids and adults
    • Cool beach restaurant South of Tulum Beach
  • Cons:
    • Pool isn't great
Easy & Gorgeous
  • Less-known and majestic ruins
  • An unforgettable lazy river adventure
Good deal
  • eco-friendly and affordable hotel in the North of Tulum Beach
  • A/C only at night
  • Many activities for kids and adults
  • Cool beach restaurant South of Tulum Beach
  • Pool isn't great

Tulum Beach: The MAP

Want to optimize your itinerary and quickly decide where to stay in Tulum? Just read my expert local guide 😉

Why Visit Tulum Beach?

With all the negative publicity surrounding the prices in Tulum Beach, this may be a serious question that you need to ask yourself! 

Tulum is trendy

La valise Tulum
Credit: La Valise

Publications like Travel + Leisure have raved about the jungle by the beach that is Tulum while also collecting testimonials from digital nomads who moved there and loved it. 

Let’s face it. 

Tulum’s still the place to be if you’re looking to experience the chill boho-luxury lifestyle. 

La Valise is a luxury hotel that is a perfect example of the wooden architecture that forms a massive, almost beach treehouse complex. The simple wooden structure combined with the high-end indoor amenities make this one of the best spots to truly take in the Tulum beach vibe. 

It’s super important to know where to look to ensure you can take advantage of Tulum’s “trendiness.”

Pristine beaches

Sueños Tulum (1)
Credit: Sueños Tulum

Tulum is home to pearly white beaches with turquoise waters. 

If you come here for the first time, you may be surprised by how the jungle mixes with the beach. You can have palm trees right beside what may look more like a rainforest. 

The famous Tulum ruins perfectly exemplify this mix of both worlds. You’ll find an archeological zone that you can pretty much explore freely in the middle of the jungle side, yet it’s on a cliff that overlooks the sea. Some of the best views of Tulum can be taken in from the ruins. 

It’ll also be the occasion to hang out in one of the many trendy beach clubs, laying on your sun loungers with a margarita and some nachos in your hands.

If you’re looking for a beach-going experience that’s not just your typical sand and waves combo, the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve is the place to go (Punta Allen). You can take boat rides across the waterway between the mangroves to get there. 

Chill-out & healthy vibe

Alaya Tulum (3)
Credit: Alaya Tulum

You won’t find the massive 1000-room beachside hotels in Tulum

Instead, you’ll see smaller boutique hotels heavily inspired by the local Mayan culture. That shows in the wooden architecture that’s abundant in the area. Some hotels like Azulik Tulum look like jungle complexes from another time. 

That Mayan influence also bleeds into the experiences that these spots tend to offer. If you want to come to do yoga or have a holistic spa experience, Tulum’s a perfect spot for that. Hotels offer wellness treatments inspired by Mayan rituals, which go great with the morning beachside yoga lessons that are a staple at top resorts.

Fine dining & shows

Rosa Negra Cancun
Credit: @rosanegramxtulum

The number of spots that offer good food and entertainment is impressive when you take into account Tulum isn’t that big. 

Yet you’ll be able to find spots like Taboo or Rosa Negra that double down as premier dining options. At a certain point, you get to experience different types of shows that can include acrobats and dancers. What’s also fairly common is for the restaurant to transform itself into a nightclub at a certain hour. 

You can get the whole Tulum entertainment experience in just one spot.

Electro festivals

Casa Jaguar Tulum
Credit: @casajaguar_tulum

Tulum is very well known for its electronic music festivals. So much so that Tomorrowland, the biggest electro-music festival, just recently held its first event in Tulum. You can find house music playing on any night at many hotels and restaurants in the beach area. 

Some venues even bring in internationally famed DJs on a random day, like a Tuesday during the peak season!

Why You Might Hate Tulum Beach

Bike in Tulum beach-Mexico

Tulum’s popularity has skyrocketed, and this little town is struggling to keep up with its newfound fame. Here’s why you might find Tulum Beach to be more of a hassle than a paradise.

Tulum Beach Can Be Pretty Pricey

Because it became a hotspot, the cost of hotels, food, and entertainment might make you think twice about visiting Tulum. 

That’s why knowing which attractions and accommodations are worth the splurge and which are tourist traps is crucial. With a limited supply of hotels, clubs, and restaurants, prices in the area have soared in recent years.

If you feel like you’re not getting a good deal, your vacation can quickly take a nosedive. You might step out of your overpriced hotel onto a dirt road and wonder why you’re paying so much to be here. 

Avoiding poor hotel locations and checking travelers’ reviews are 2 key points to making the most of your Tulum experience.

Seaweed Loves Tulum Beach More Than Anyone

Another potential downside to the beaches in Tulum is the sargassum seaweed that invades its shores from the end of March to October. The seaweed not only smells bad, but it can also cover entirely those beautiful white sands you came for!

Tulum’s Infrastructure Can’t Keep Up with the Fame

Overdevelopment is another problem plaguing Tulum. 

You might come expecting a pristine beach experience, only to be greeted with pollution, traffic, and other nuisances that can dampen your paradise dreams.

Safety is another concern for travelers. 

Larger crowds and the party scene can contribute to a sense of insecurity. It’s no secret that drugs are present at parties and clubs, and the growing demand for these substances in Tulum has led to an increase in related violence.

How is Tulum Beach divided?

Cinco Tulum
Credit: Cinco Tulúm

Technically Tulum Beach is one long strip of land that stretches about 6 miles (10 km). There’s a jungle behind just part of the beach, though. Also, hotels have closed off most beaches to make them private.

North of Tulum Beach: Exploring the Mayan Ruins and Beyond

The northern tip of Tulum Beach is exactly where the famous Mayan Ruins are located. But these ancient structures aren’t the area’s only attractions.

Best Tulum beaches in the North

Let’s look closer at the beautiful beaches you will find here.

Playa Ruinas

Credit: @albertogallego_photo

The first beach is Playa Ruinas, which sits at the base of the cliff where the Tulum ruins are perched. Access to the ruins closes at 5 pm, and as you can imagine, this isn’t necessarily a spot for sunbathing. However, you can still explore the area rather freely and take in some of the beautiful views from the cliffside.

Playa Paraiso

Playa Paraiso Tulum
Credit: @omargalanti.travel

A bit further south from Playa Ruinas is Playa Paraiso, one of the last parts of Tulum beach that still has a full hippie, Bohemian vibe. And it’s public!

There are a couple of hotels and beachside vacation homes in the area, as well as the Santa Tulum beach club and other nearby restaurants. You can also bring your own food and drinks to save some cash.

Just make sure to find a spot on the beach that’s not closed off by any restaurants. To find such a spot on soft white sand, you must get here early or later in the afternoon.

Playa Pescadores

Playa Pescadores Tulum (1)
Credit: @testaindipendente

The section between Playa Paraiso and Playa Santa Fe is Playa Pescadores, where the main beach club is located. If you’re walking along the shore, you’ll notice that you’re in Pescadores because of the fishing boats or lack of restaurants on that part of the beach. 

Pescadores is where you want to be if you just want to have a quiet sit down and gaze out into the Caribbean sea.

Playa Las Palmas

At the southern tip of North Tulum beach is Playa Las Palmas, a quiet spot enclosed by more palm trees and even the jungle in that part of Tulum. The problem with this beach is that it’s the hardest one to get to directly. To get here, you may have to walk from Playa Paraiso.

Pros & Cons of North Tulum Beach

Playa Ruinas Tulum (2)
Credit: @mikebelm

Will you like this area?


  • Close to the Tulum ruins.
  • You can access the beach for free.
  • Restaurants and beach clubs are more affordable.
  • You can easily rent jet skis and kayaks and go snorkeling.


  • Hard to find parking, and when you do, it isn’t cheap (200MXN).
  • More seaweed on the beach, no hotel clean-up crews to deal with that problem.
  • Can get very crowded, and shaded space fills up quickly during peak season.

My Favorite Beach Hotels in the Area

Mi amor a Colibri Boutique Hotel Tulum (2)
Credit: Mi amor a Colibri Boutique

Mi Amor: This is one of the best hotels for couples who come to Tulum. They have large rooms with private terraces and pools. Also, they can help you set up a romantic dinner facing the ocean.

Villa Pescadores: This hotel features large rooms with high Palapa-style roofs. You feel like you’re in your own little beach hut but with the necessary amenities to get a good night’s sleep. This is an affordable hotel with decent amenities across the board.

Cinco Tulum: This is ideal for couples or groups who want to get the beach camping experience but with air conditioning inside the tent and a proper bed. Just a heads-up, the tent can still get hot despite the air conditioning. Still, Cinco is a unique experience all on its own.

Best Beach Clubs, Restaurants, and Bars in the Area

Cinco Tulum Restaurant
Cinco Tulúm – Credit: @lemontheplanet

The beach club at Cinco Tulum: A great spot to indulge in some of the typical Mexican food that you know and love, like quesadillas, nachos, and even a Caesar salad. The food’s not outside the box, but the vibe is chill, and it’s not overly expensive.

Kogure Tulum Japanese Cuisine: One of the few beachside ramen spots in Tulum, they dim the lights at night, making for a perfect romantic dinner spot. The food, both the sushi and the ramen, are very “Americanized.”

Tulum Beach: The Center of It All

Tulum Beach’s epicenter is where you can find a little of everything. It starts from the tip of the main hotel zone all the way past the main jungle area.

Types of Tulum Beaches You’ll Find

Gitano beach - tulum restaurant
Credit: @Gitano.beach

The sandy beach and bars you might be expecting are actually hard to find in the first section of the center of Tulum Beach—mostly a rocky shore. Although there are some hotels in this area, the Papaya Playa Project is one of the first hotel/beach bars you’ll spot. 

As you move out of the jungle area, you’ll find yourself in the heart of Tulum. This is where most of the high dining options are. Places like Casa Jaguar and Gitano showcase what you can expect in this area – fancy and expensive restaurants/clubs. As the day turns to night, the party starts up. 

If you want to spend a day on the beach in this area, your best bet is to stay at a beachfront hotel. The beach beyond this point is more “restrictive.” Hotels are basically lined up along the beach and close off their private beach areas. 

What you will find in this part of Tulum is the high beach clubs like Taboo. You’re leaving the traditional Bohemian Tulum behind to enter the newer trendy area. That means things can get exponentially more expensive. On the bright side, you’ll receive better service and high-end experiences.  

Apart from the great food and drinks, this is also part of Tulum Beach, with the most extensive collection of stores. What you can find in this part of Tulum when it comes to fashion is a mixture of cool hippie outfits.

Pros & Cons

Taboo Tulum
Credit: @tabootulum

Will you like this area?


  • Close to the most famous beach clubs and bars.
  • High-end experiences and shows.
  • Two direct routes from this part of Tulum Beach to the downtown district.
  • The best place for shopping in Tulum Beach.


  • Even though it’s the middle of the beach, it can be far from other attractions.
  • One of the more expensive parts of Tulum.
  • Not ideal for people looking for a quiet vacation.
  • You’ll be crowded during the high season.
  • No beach access if you’re not staying at a beachside hotel.

My Favorite Beach Hotels

The Beach Tulum (1)
Credit: The Beach Tulum

The Beach Tulum (that’s the name of the hotel) offers one of the best adult-only experiences in all of Tulum. The rooms are spacious, and many of them feature private pools and even rooftop sunbathing areas. On top of that, there are many things to do at the resort, including free daily yoga lessons. 

Our Habitat Tulum caters to a bit of a different crowd. It’s a glamping resort, but don’t think the tents are going to be small. Some rooms even have their own rather large pool. Also, they are a great resort to experience different Mayan rituals with a wellness focus mixed in.   

Cabañas Tulum is my final recommendation for this part of the beach. It’s reasonably priced, and while rooms may be much smaller than at The Beach, they’re still cozy. What really stands out at this resort is the sizeable beachside area with hammocks and beach chairs.

Best Beach Clubs, Restaurants, and Bars in the Area

Frescos Tulum Restaurant (1)
Credit: @frescostulum

There are a ton of spots in this part of Tulum.

For breakfast options, consider Fresco’s and Raw Love Beach. These are two spots where you can get a smoothie and a fruit bowl for a healthy start to your day. Ziggy’s is more for those who need a big breakfast and maybe want to stay at the beach club for drinks after. 

If you’ve spent too much and want to eat a tasty meal on a budget, that’s where Itzam-na comes in. It’s a very traditional Mexican beach town spot. Mivida is another one of those chill spots, but the food is not as tasty.

For really tasty, high-end seafood, go to Hartwood. Make your reservations a month in advance – it’s worth it! Another excellent alternative (maybe better?) would be ARCA.

From there, spots like Papaya Playa ProjectTaboo Beach Club, and La Mulata are more bars or beach clubs than great places to eat. Perhaps the place that I can say is both a good restaurant and club is Rosa Negra.

South of Tulum Beach (South Playa): Your Tranquil Tropical Escape 

Imagine a tranquil vacation spot in Tulum, away from the hustle and bustle, where the soothing sound of the waves lulls you to sleep. Look no further than South Playa. However, to fully enjoy this haven, you might want to consider staying at one of the resorts for beach access. 

What type of South beaches you’ll find

La Zebra (2)
Credit: La Zebra Resort

As you stroll along South Playa, you’ll be greeted by pristine white sand beaches adorned with palm trees and lush jungle-like vegetation. High-end beachside hotels are scattered throughout this area, ensuring well-maintained beaches, even during sargassum season. 

South Playa offers the best of both worlds, as there are still trendy beach clubs, like La Zebra Resort. La Zebra is well-known for organizing various activities for both guests and non-guests. 

Finding a public beach in this area might be challenging, which is why staying at a hotel with beach access is highly recommended. Plus, you’ll be closer to fascinating eco-tourism spots, such as Boca Paila Beach, the closest beach to the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve. 

What’re the Pros & Cons?

La Zebra a Colibri Boutique Hotel (1)
Credit: La Zebra a Colibri Boutique Hotel

Will you like this area?


  • Less rocky beaches.
  • Close to the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • Family-friendly resorts away from the party scene.
  • More peaceful and quiet.
  • Beautiful high-end hotels with excellent customer service


  • Slightly isolated, making it harder to access Tulum town.
  • No public beaches, necessitating a hotel with beach access.
  • Popular tourist spots are further apart (approx. 15-minute walk)
  • Generally more expensive than the North and middle zone

My favorite beach hotels

La valise Tulum (1)
Credit: La valise Tulum

Playa Selva is an excellent choice if you’re after that authentic Tulum vibe and want to save some cash. With small huts surrounded by hammocks on a beachside resort, you’ll want to spend most of your time outdoors soaking up the ambiance. Remember, though, the bungalows have no air conditioning, so plan your visit during cooler months. 

Sueños offers a similar concept to Playa Selva, with 13 small suites and air conditioning available only at night. In-room hammocks hang right under a fan, providing a perfect spot to cool down. Don’t miss the beach bar for fresh juice-infused drinks and morning yoga sessions. 

For a luxurious beach house experienceLa Valise is your go-to destination. Spacious suites have numerous amenities, and there’s no need to worry about air conditioning issues. Unwind on your private deck or head to the communal pool area, featuring a stunning infinity pool overlooking the Caribbean. Just be prepared for the occasional loud music from nearby clubs. 

Best Beachclubs, Restaurants, and Bars in the Area

Wild Tulum restaurant
Credit: @wildtulum

Start your day with a healthy breakfast at Los Bowls de Guadalupe, serving fruit and vegan bowls with fresh ingredients right on the beach. La Zebra is also an excellent breakfast and early lunch option, offering free salsa lessons alongside delicious chilaquiles. 

Dinner in South Tulum is a culinary adventure. Experience the fire ritual show at BAK while indulging in a juicy steak, or enjoy a romantic candlelit dinner amidst the jungle at NÜ. For a unique gastronomic experience, head to Wild and savor their exquisite 9-course menu.

The Best Beaches Around Tulum Beach

There are also beaches on the outskirts of Tulum that can be worth a visit. In fact, many of the best beaches for snorkeling are part of these outskirts. 

Sian Ka’an Beaches: Go to Punta Allen

Siankaan (1)

I just talked about these beaches near the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve. This unique spot in Tulum offers stunning beauty but comes with a few caveats. Most of the beaches aren’t free and are mainly private. The current also brings trash from all over the world that ends up on the white-sand coast.

If you head all the way out to Punta Allen, which is the best-hidden beach town in Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula, you can ride on a boat through streams of fresh water coming from cenotes or decide to go by car (3h on a bumpy dirt road). 

The reason Sian Ka’an is a World Heritage site is because of its diverse wildlife. The marine life only matches the scenery of sailing down these freshwater streams through the mangroves. You’ll be able to spot sea turtles and a ton of colorful fish. If you’re fortunate, a pod of dolphins will be passing by.

Tankah Beach: pair it with Casa Cenote 

Nerea Tulum
Credit: Nerea Tulum

Accessing Tankah Beach has its challenges. Mainly because even though it’s in north Tulum, you can’t access the beach through the ruins area. You have to drive back to downtown Tulum and then head north for 10 min.

Is the trip worth it? 

Well, it’s a good snorkeling spot. Plus, you have one of the most famous cenotes, Casa Cenote, close to the beach. Parking is not a big issue here, and it’s free. With about 15 to 20 dollars, you’re granted access to the beach club with a large bed on the sand to your name. Overall, this is a good beach for a day trip or even a quiet vacation at Nerea Tulum or Hacienda Tankah.

Bahia Soliman: Beautiful (but privatized) paradise

Jashita Hotel Tulum (2)
Credit: Jashita Hotel Tulum

This beach is about a 25-minute drive from downtown Tulum. It’s also famous for being one of the best snorkeling spots in the area—nothing crazy, though. The big issue with this beach is that there’s no public access. You pretty much have to be staying at one of the beachside hotels to enjoy this gorgeous beach here.

Bahia Soliman is home to some of the best hotels near Tulum, like Jashita, or luxurious villas, like this one. There are few hotels in this bay, but you can find family-friendly places. Most of Tulum is more adult-oriented. If you want to head to an all-inclusive resort in Tulum, looking for one around Bahia Soliman may not be a bad deal.

Xcacel: virgin beach in a protected area

Perhaps one of the quietest beaches near Tulum is Xcacel. You’re a 25-min drive out from downtown Tulum. 

This beach has been kept virgin for turtle nesting. You won’t find shops or hotels in this area. That can be an issue since there’s no one to pick up the sargassum in the peak months for the seaweed—which can be disappointing.

This is a calm beach where you can lay on the sand and listen to the sound of the ocean. The water is also pretty shallow, making it a good spot for kids to enjoy splashing around in the sea.

Because it’s a protected area, you’ll have to pay 5-6 USD/person to enter, and there are opening hours and rules to follow (no music!); open from 10 am to 4 pm and closed on Monday.

Akumal: to swim with turtles

Turtle in Akumal

Akumal Beach is mainly famous for one thing: swimming with turtles. To do so, you’ll have to hire a local guide and pay for the entrance to the beach (about 6 USD / 120 pesos). I recommend you come early to have a better chance to swim with the turtles and avoid the crowd (8-9 am is perfect).

Akumal Beach is also home to most of the all-inclusive resorts that you can find closest to Tulum. It’s about a 30-minute drive from Tulum to Akumal, which makes it an excellent destination for a day trip. 

Playa Xpu-Ha

Hotel esencia tulum (5)
Credit: Hotel Esencia

One of Tulum’s best beaches, undoubtedly, is Playa Xpu-Ha. White beaches and crystal-clear waters are what you can expect here. 

It’s not a free beach, but the deal with the beach club isn’t bad, either. You can pay 50 pesos for just regular access or 200 for access to the beach club area. Those 200 pesos can include food and drinks at one of the beach clubs. 

Playa Xpu-Ha is also home to Hotel Esencia

Apart from potentially staying here, the presence of the beach clubs and the hotels means the beaches are usually cleaner.

To the left of the resorts, you can find a quieter spot to rest on the beach if that’s what you’re looking for.

Practical Tips and FAQs for Visiting Tulum Beach

Visiting Tulum Beach is a dream come true for many, but knowing a few practical tips can help you avoid large crowds and save some bucks along the way.

Best Time to Visit Tulum Beach

Tulum Downtown (3)

Considering the weather, the best months to visit Tulum Beach are from December to May. You’ll enjoy mild temperatures and little rainfall. 

Summer and late spring travelers might face rain and a mosquito invasion. 

To avoid crowds, consider visiting in mid-November, when there’s less rain and the sun is less intense. May is another great option.

Dodging the crowds often means avoiding the highest prices. Tulum can be expensive, so visiting during the off-peak season is a good idea to find the best deals. Plus, from November to March, you’ll avoid the high seaweed season.

Getting to Tulum Beach and Parking

Car transportation (cancun - cozumel)

Taking a cab from the Cancun airport to Tulum Beach is an expensive and challenging option— you’ll have to bargain the price first as there are no fixed prices. Expect to pay around $120 and take about two hours

An ADO bus will take 3-4 hours but only set you back about $40. 

The local colectivo (bus) is the cheapest choice ($2-3), but it’s not ideal for those with plenty of luggage.

Renting a car is a fantastic way to explore the area ($30-40 a day), but make sure your hotel has a parking lot, as parking in Tulum is scarce and costs around $20 daily.

Consider a private transfer from the airport or another part of Cancun for safety and comfort. It costs about $160 but takes you directly to your hotel or restaurant, making it an excellent deal for large groups.

👉 The best ways to travel from Cancun to Tulum

The Best Ways to Explore Tulum Beach

Tulum (6)

Once in Tulum, taking a colectivo is an affordable way to travel around the hotel zone, costing just a dollar or two.

A taxi for the same distance might charge you at least $20, so be sure to agree on a price before hopping in! 

Renting a scooter or bike is another quick and efficient way to get around, despite the somewhat rough streets. Walking in the middle beach zone is also doable, but check the distance online before setting out.

Many secluded spots in Tulum are worth visiting, so ask your hotel for directions, as even map apps can be unreliable. Keep in mind that traffic can get heavy, so plan accordingly.

Best Things to Do in Tulum Beach

Tulum cenote tours and cenote ruins

Besides basking in the sun on the beach, Tulum has various activities and hidden gems to explore.

Tulum Ruins

These Mayan-built ruins are perched on dramatic cliffs overlooking the beach. As one of the most accessible archaeological sites in the Riviera Maya, it’s worth visiting the Tulum ruins at the north point of the beach. You can book a tour, hire a local guide, or explore freely. Arrive early, around 8 am, to avoid lines and the sweltering heat.

Yoga, Spa & Healing Treatments

Many hotels offer free morning yoga sessions, and some, like Sanara Tulum, even center your stay around yoga. You can also find local groups like Om Collective offering yoga classes. Spa and wellness treatments often include Mayan rituals and holistic experiences, like Mayan clay spa and temazcal treatments.

Eat, Eat, Eat

Tulum has a diverse range of restaurants, from beachside breakfast fruit bowls to jungle-side dinners. Sample local dishes with a Mayan twist or indulge in fusion dishes that blend Mexican cuisine with other flavors. Seafood dishes abound, and top Mexico City chefs are flocking to Tulum.

Have Fun at Night

Tulum has plenty of places to enjoy a fun night, from electro-music festivals to clubs and high-end restaurants like Rosa Negra that transform into nightlife hotspots. Choose your evening entertainment based on your preferred music and vibe.

Tulum Safety 

Downtown Tulum

While specific safety incidents have cast a shadow on Tulum’s safety reputation, exercising common sense and taking precautions is essential. Avoid walking along dirt roads late at night, as this could increase your chances of getting robbed. Another risk factor is interacting with people selling drugs, so it’s best to steer clear of drugs altogether while in Tulum.

Money & Budget for Tulum Beach 

Mexican Pesos

When budgeting for Tulum, expect to set aside at least $200 per night for accommodation, although the average price per night is closer to $400. Dining out at fancy restaurants can set you back about $100 per person, and don’t forget to factor in a 15% service fee at most eateries.

Try to pay in Mexican pesos whenever possible, as the dollar exchange rate is often unfavorable. Some places even charge an extra 5% if you want to pay with a card instead of cash. Getting around can also be pricey, with cab rides averaging $20. If you have a car, budget $10 for parking at each spot.

As you can see, Tulum Beach is not cheap. For better deals on hotels and food, consider staying in downtown Tulum. You should consider using an ATM there, as the ones in the beach area often charge hefty withdrawal fees.


It’s worth noting that wheelchair accessibility has improved in recent years. Playa Maya and Playa Santa Fe have specially designed access points, and other beaches have made efforts to become more accessible. However, there’s still room for improvement in this area.

Be a Responsible Traveler 

Encantada Tulum (2)
Credit: Encantada Tulum

There’s a lot of “greenwashing” or fake eco-tourism in Tulum. While some resorts try to be more eco-friendly, such as Encantada Tulum with its solar-powered water heaters and wastewater treatment plant, being “green” isn’t always a top priority.

One of the best ways to be a responsible traveler is to support local businesses. Explore street food spots run by locals, mostly in downtown Tulum or fruit bowl stands in the beach area.

How Long to Stay in Tulum Beach 

A 4-5 night stay will give you a well-rounded vacation. 

You can take day trips to Coba or the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserveparty at Tulum hotspots, visit the ruins, and swim in fantastic cenotes. Of course, spending more time will enable you to explore additional attractions, but 4 or 5 nights is a good starting point.

Day Trips to Do from Tulum Beach

There’s no shortage of nearby attractions to explore outside of Tulum Beach. 

Explore a Cenote 

Ride a bike or scooter to the nearest cenotes, such as CalaveraGran Cenote, and Cenote Escondido. 

For the best experience, consider booking a tour of multiple cenotes in one day. 

If you’re into deep divingAktun Chen Cenote, el Pit, Angelita, and Cenotes Sac Actún are popular choices.

Small-Group Cenote Adventure Tour Tulum
  • Grand Cenote, Taak Bi Ha Cenote + cave cenote
  • Excellent value (alll-included)
See on Viator See on GetYourGuide

Visit Mayan Ruins like Chichen Itza or Coba 

tour to Chichen Itza (5)

Chichen Itza, one of the new 7 wonders of the world, is an impressive and well-preserved Mayan city featuring the Kukulkan Pyramid, an observatory, and an ancient ball game court. Coba, with its hundreds of structures nestled in the jungle, is a must-visit for history enthusiasts. Both sites can be reached by ADO bus from Tulum, rental car, or guided tour.

Chichen Itza Small Group Tulum
  • 3-h inside Chichen Itza with a passionate guide
  • Little-known and fantastic cenote
  • Delicious lunch
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Explore Sian Ka’an 


The biosphere offers a plethora of activities, such as beach lounging, boat rides through mangroves, hiking, and lazy river swimming. Booking a tour is the most convenient and hassle-free way to experience Sian K’aan.

Easy & Gorgeous
Sian Ka'an and Muyil Tour
  • Less-known and majestic ruins
  • An unforgettable lazy river adventure
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Check Out a Riviera Maya Theme Park

ATV Tour - Cozumel

Eco-themed parks are a staple of the Riviera Maya, with Xcaret parks being the most famous. Xel-Ha, not far from Tulum Beach, offers an unlimited pass for $89, which includes food and drinks.

Alternatively, you can visit cenote parks for snorkeling, zip-lining, and ATV rides.

More Tulum areas to discover

Not sure if you wanna stay in Tulum Beach?

Here is my thorough analysis of the most well-known areas:


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