In the Tomplanmytrip family, I am the mother. Tom’s mom.

After so much time hearing Tom rave about the wonders of Colombia, I wanted to discover what he found so appealing about this country and its people. In 2023, my husband and I spent three months exploring some of Colombia’s most beautiful sites.

With Thomas and Alejandra as our fantastic guides, we experienced the gentle way of life in colonial villages like Jerico and Jardín, traveled chaotic dirt roads by chiva, trekked through the mountains in search of hidden waterfalls, climbed to the top of a Paramo, wandered the bustling streets of the historic center of Cartagena, swam in the warm waters of the Caribbean Sea at Rincon del Mar, a little paradise at the end of the world, met the inhabitants of the stilt villages of Cienaga, explored the depths of the Amazon rainforest, encountered dolphins on the Amazon, fished for Piranhas, camped in a hammock, and so much more, not to forget Salsa and coffee!

Completely charmed by Colombia and the warmth of its people, we decided to stay several months a year to continue discovering the country and to be filled with the joy of life that is so infectious among its inhabitants. And, as I am a public writer by profession, I delight in sharing my enthusiasm and discoveries with the readers of Tomplanmytrip through captivating articles.

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