Surviving Cancun’s June Weather: 24 Insider Facts For This Month

Escape to Cancun in June for a sultry adventure in paradise. 

While the rainy season begins, it brings brief, intense showers that won’t spoil your fun. Embrace the tropical charm as you explore the vibrant city. Don’t forget your bug spray for pesky mosquitoes and keep an eye out for Sargasso seaweed on the beaches. Enjoy the benefits of the low season with fewer crowds and great deals

As a Colombia/Mexico expert since 2015, I’ll be your guide to navigating the Cancun weather and making the most of your unforgettable June getaway. 

Find all the answers in this article.

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Cancun June Weather: What You Need to Know 

🌧️ Rainy SeasonBrief, intense showers that quickly pass through
🏖️ Sargasso SeaweedKeep an eye out for potential beach disruptions
💲 Low SeasonEnjoy fewer crowds and great deals
🌡️ TemperatureAverage high temperature: 31.1°C (88°F), nights are comfortable
💦 HumidityAverage humidity around 99-100%
🌀 Hurricane SeasonJune marks the start, but the chance of encountering a hurricane is low
🐋 Marine EncountersSnorkel, swim with whale sharks, and explore coral reefs
🎉 Festivals & EventsCelebrate Summer Solstice, Navy Day, religious events, and more

What’s the weather really like in Cancun in June?

Well, let’s break it down for you. 

First, a quick look at the overall weather in Cancun

El Faro Cancun

Cancun is slap-bang in the tropics, so you can expect plenty of sun, warmth, and that delightful tropical breeze. The annual average temperature is a 27.1°C (80.8°F), with the sea breeze keeping things from getting too steamy. 

The year is split into two seasons. 

  • 🌞 The dry season (December to April) is milder, with clear skies, fewer rainy days, and a humidity level that hovers around 65%. 
  • 🌧️ The wet season (May to October) is, well, wetter, with higher humidity and temperatures, more clouds, and those short, intense rainfalls we mentioned earlier. 

June, being the start of the wet season, means you’re looking at average daytime temperatures above 31.1°C (88°F). But don’t worry, the nights are still comfortable. 

1# Rain, Rain, Go Away… Or Not!

Cancun rain - Cancun December Weather

June ushers in the rainy season in Cancun, so don’t be taken aback if you encounter a bit of a downpour. With an average of 10.8 rainy days and a whopping 132.1 mm (that’s 5.2 inches, folks) of rainfall, June is like the dramatic diva of the months in Cancun. 

The tropical climate is a mischievous little imp. It’s fickle, unpredictable, and yes, can be a bit moody. 

June is just dipping its toes into the hurricane season, so the sky can be a bit of a drama queen. Showers can be sudden and heavy, but they’re often just passing through. They’re like the flash mobs of weather – short, intense, but they clear out pretty quickly. 

So, don’t let a little rain douse your excitement for Cancun! Just remember to pack a light rain jacket to save you from the occasional shower.

2# Let the Sun Shine in June!

Cancun sunshine - Cancun Weather

June is the month when the sun decides to put in some overtime with the longest daylight hours (13.4 hours on average per day). With an estimated 7.5 hours of sunshine per day, June is also the month that plays peek-a-boo with the clouds, averaging about 74% cloud cover. 

Still, you’ll get your fair share of sunny days. 

And if you’re concerned about maintaining that vacation glow, let me tell ya, UV rays aren’t shy about coming out to play on cloudy days. So, don’t skimp on the sunscreen!

Also, a little cloud cover can be a godsend when the sun is turning up the heat. 

3# Feel the Heat in June!

Cancun temperature - Cancun Weather

In June, Cancun turns the dial up on the heat. At the warmest time of the day, the average high temperature is a scorching 31.1°C (88°F), with an overall average temperature of 27.8°C (82°F). 

So, yes, June is one of the hotties in the Cancun calendar. Factor in increased humidity and less wind, and you’ve got one sultry mix. But the average low temperature is a more comfortable 25°C (77°F), making early mornings and nights quite pleasant. 

So, my advice? Schedule your outdoor adventures (like visiting the Mayan ruins) for the early morning. And remember, hydration is key!

4# Humidity in Cancun in June

Cancun Humidity - Cancun Weather

June doesn’t play around when it comes to humidity. I’m talking 99-100% average humidity. Yes, you read that right, 100%! So, you can expect to feel like you’re walking through a steam room most days. 

It’s the kind of heat that makes you feel sticky, tired, and in desperate need of a cold shower. 

This is prime time for the “muggy” days, and by muggy, I mean 30 out of 30 in the month. 

So, be prepared to sweat. A lot. 

Make sure you bring an extra T-shirt for your excursions, especially in the Riviera Maya. You’ll thank me later when you’re not stuck in a sweaty tee all day. 

And here’s a pro-tip: don’t be shy to drench your head in water. It’s not just refreshing; it’s practically a necessity!

5# Hurricane Season

Now, let’s talk about something that might make you a little nervous: hurricanes. Cancun, being a tropical paradise, is also a bit of a magnet for hurricanes and tropical storms. These bad boys can whip up some heavy rainfall and strong winds.

The official hurricane season starts in June and stretches until November. The peak hurricane months are typically between August and October. 

But don’t let the fear of hurricanes dampen your spirits. June is just the beginning of the season, and the chance of encountering a hurricane is practically zilch, unless you’re cursed with bad luck! 

In fact, over the past 35 years, Cancun has only faced two serious hurricanes. So, the odds are definitely in your favor!

How is Cancun’s Caribbean Sea in June

Alright amigos, let’s dive deep into the crystal-clear waters of Cancun’s Caribbean Sea in June. You’ve got your bathing suit packed, sunscreen ready, and snorkel goggles polished – but how’s the actual sea during this time? Well, let’s find out together.

6# Water Temperature in June

Snorkeling fishes Isla Mujeres

No need for wetsuits here! Around mid-April, the Caribbean Sea starts to feel like a warm bath, with temperatures steadily rising. By the time June hits, the average water temperature is a snug 28.3°C (83°F). Perfect for a lazy float or a refreshing dip.

7# Visibility underwater in June

Turtle in Akumal

We’ve all heard of the Caribbean’s legendary crystal-clear waters, but in June, things may be a bit cloudier. While the best visibility in Cancun is typically from January to March, June brings more frequent cloudy days and warmer water temperatures, which can affect visibility. 

But hey, it’s still the Caribbean! Slap on your mask and marvel at the turquoise water – it’s still pretty spectacular!

8# Wind in June

Catamaran to Isla Mujeres from Cancun (3)

Cancun’s breezy charm is a year-round feature, with an average annual wind speed of over 8.00 mph (13 km/h). However, the winds do mellow down a bit from June onwards, making it one of the least windy months of the year. Kitesurfers might be disappointed, but it’s a great time to try your hand at other water sports like paddle boarding!

9# Waves in June

gaviota beach cancun

The warming sea temperatures might tempt you to swim out a little further than usual, but be cautious. Even though winds are gentler in June, conditions can change rapidly, creating stronger waves and currents. Keep an eye on the color of the beach flags, especially in Cancun’s Hotel Zone where the water can be a little rougher.

For a more serene swimming experience, head to Playa Mujeres, north of downtown Cancun or Playa Punta Nizuc in the south of the hotel zone. The waters might not have the same vibrant blue hue, but they are calmer, ensuring a more relaxed bathing experience.

What to wear in Cancun in June

Isla Contoy - Cancun (8)

Now, let’s talk about that all-important packing list to make sure you’re ready for anything this tropical paradise throws at you. 

  1. Swimwear: This is a no-brainer, right? Your beach-ready attire is going to be your best friend in Cancun.
  2. Comfortable, Light Clothing: Think breathable fabrics in loose fits. Long-sleeved shirts might seem counterintuitive, but trust me, they’ll save you from turning into a lobster while exploring the majestic ruins of the Riviera Maya. And bonus, they’ll also keep those pesky mosquitoes at bay!
  3. Light Rain Jacket: A sudden shower can leave you dripping like a leaky faucet. 
  4. A Light Sweater: The temperature rarely drops below 25°C (77°F), but if you’re the kind that easily catches a chill or you’re planning to catch the sunrise over Chichen Itza, a light sweater won’t go amiss.
  5. Footwear: Comfort is key here. Pack sturdy shoes for your sightseeing adventures and water shoes for those awesome cenote explorations. Oh, and don’t forget your GoPro!
  6. Sunglasses, Sunscreen, and a Hat: The sun in Cancun doesn’t play around, folks. Protect your eyes, skin, and head. And remember, opt for eco-friendly sunscreen to keep our marine buddies safe.
  7. Repellent: In June, mosquitoes in Cancun’s jungle are as common as margaritas, so come prepared.
  8. Reusable Water Bottle: Hydration is crucial, but let’s not harm our planet with plastic bottles, shall we? A water bottle with a built-in filtration system is a great investment. It’ll keep you hydrated and safe from any potential tummy troubles.

Festivals & events in June

Whale shark tour Cancun tom (1)
Whale Sharks in Cancun’s waters

Just because June falls within the low season for tourism, doesn’t mean Cancun becomes a ghost town. Oh no, quite the contrary! So, if you fancy spicing up your Cancun vacation with some local festivities between your beach naps and Mayan ruin explorations, I’ve got you covered.

1# Summer Solstice at Chichen Itza

The Mayan’s obsession with the sun is evident in the intricate designs of the famed Riviera Maya sites, and their astronomical prowess led to celebrations like the one still held at Chichen Itza on the longest day of the year in the northern hemisphere, June 21st. On this day, El Castillo, the grand pyramid, is seemingly split in two by a masterful shadow play on its southern and western faces. So, why not rub shoulders with the locals and partake in the purification ritual tied to this spectacle?

2# Día de la Marina (Navy Day)

Every June 1st, Mexico’s coastal cities pay tribute to the national navy. Like its seaside siblings in Quintana Roo, Cancun goes all out with parades and fireworks that’ll make your jaw drop.

3# Saint John’s Day and Saint Peter’s and Saint Paul’s Day

June 24th sees Cancun, along with the rest of Mexico, celebrating Saint John’s Day. Then just a few days later, on June 29, it’s time to honor Saint Peter and Saint Paul. These religious events are marked by dances, concerts, and a whole lot of merrymaking.

4# Gay Pride

Each year, Playa del Carmen, a stone’s throw south of Cancun, hosts a vibrant Gay Pride event. In 2023, the festivities will run from June 22nd to 26th. Prepare yourself for a riot of color during the music parades, cultural shows, and other celebratory events across the town. While there’s no parade in Cancun, many clubs and bars in the Hotel Zone and downtown Cancun throw concerts and beach parties throughout the weekend.

5# Exphotel

Whether you’re a hotel industry professional visiting Cancun in June or just curious about the latest trends, you should check out Exphotel. This International hotel exhibition has been a highlight on the Cancun calendar for the past 26 years. It provides a platform for industry players to discuss the latest innovations. As a visitor, you can also indulge in delicious cuisine prepared by international chefs and partake in wine tastings. In 2023, it’s set to take place from June 13th to 15th.

6# Swim with Whale Sharks

If you’re a marine life enthusiast, mark your calendar! The arrival of the Whale Sharks in Cancun’s waters in mid-May is definitely a sight to behold. Although July and August offer the best chances to see and swim with these sea giants, June sightings are not unheard of. Just remember to book your tour in advance – these experiences are done in small groups for a more intimate encounter.

Hitting Cancun In June: A Traveler’s Guide

Now, let’s get you prepped up for your June escapade in Cancun. I’ll arm you with tips and tricks to score the best deals, dodge the crowd, and even tackle the infamous Sargasso. 

1# Pricing: Your Wallet’s New Best Friend

Party in Cancun (2)

June in Cancun falls under the low season, stretching from May to October. Now what does this mean for you, dear wanderer? Affordable flights, lower hotel rates, and cheap tour packages. It’s like Christmas came early for budget travelers! So, if you’ve been eyeing that all-inclusive resort, now’s your chance to book it without breaking the bank.

2# Tourist Landscape: Dodging The Crowd

Airport Cancun

While June is technically off-peak, it’s also when the summer break kicks in, drawing in families for a sunny getaway. But fret not, it’s still nowhere near the Christmas, Spring Break, or Semana Santa frenzy. If tranquility is your travel mantra, veer away from the Cancun Hotel Zone and set your sights on Punta Nizuc or Playa Mujeres. 

3# The Sargasso Saga: A Seaweed Story

Seaweed / sargazo in cancun - playa tortuga

Chances are, you’ve heard of the notorious Sargasso. This seaweed phenomenon, which has been escalating for the past decade, peaks from April to September

Sargassum, a type of brown seaweed, hitches a ride on currents from Africa’s western coasts, eventually washing up on the Caribbean shore, including the beaches of Cancun. While they benefit marine organisms at sea, their arrival on land is a different story. As they decompose, they not only discolor the turquoise waters but also emit a rather off-putting smell. 

Now, before you cancel your trip, remember that the Mexican government and the hotels are doing their best to combat this issue. However, there are times when Mother Nature wins, especially during severe strandings. 

Beaches in Cancun’s Hotel Zone are quite prone to this seaweed invasion. For a Sargasso-free experience, consider booking a resort in Playa Mujeres, located north of Cancun, or on the west coast of Isla Mujeres. 

And while swimming pools can’t replicate the charm of the Caribbean Sea, they sure can offer a refreshing dip sans the Sargasso smell.

4# How to beat the heat in Cancun in June

Verde lucero cenote

For your outdoor escapades, especially if you’re venturing into the depths of the Riviera Maya, aim for the morning. The seaside air is more forgiving thanks to a gentle breeze. Consider activities like snorkeling on the coral reef, swimming among the sculptures of the MUSA underwater museum, or better yet, take a plunge into the refreshing waters of a cenote.

During the peak heat hours (typically between 11AM – 2PM), try to lay low. How about a little siesta under the cool breeze of your room’s air conditioning?

5# Mosquitoes attack!

Yes, June’s weather is a mosquito’s paradise! 

Don’t forget to pack your repellent and throw on a long-sleeved shirt if you’re planning a day trip into the Riviera Maya jungle. These pesky critters tend to feast at dawn and dusk, which, inconveniently, are when the temperatures are most tolerable. 

What are your options if it’s raining?

Now, let’s talk about rain. I’ve got some prime suggestions to keep you entertained until the sun graces us with its presence again.

1# Go underground

Rio secreto Wild Tour Cancun
  • Avoid the crowd
  • Amazing cave
  • Need to be in good shape
See on Viator

Quintana Roo is home to an impressive network of caves and underground rivers. A rainy day is perfect for exploring one of these, like Rio Secreto south of Playa del Carmen. With a professional guide, you’ll have three options to choose from, depending on your taste for adventure. Trust me, the cool, vibrantly-hued waters and awe-inspiring rock formations are not to be missed.

2# Museum day

Museum Maya Cancun

Why not delve into the fascinating world of the Mayan civilization on a rainy day? Head over to El Museo Maya in Cancun. This stylishly-designed museum hosts a rich collection of artifacts discovered in the many excavation sites across the Riviera Maya, as well as beautiful ruins. The informative descriptions will have you so engrossed, you won’t even notice the two hours whizzing by.

3# Retail therapy

28 de noviembre market

If you’d prefer to wait out the rain indulging in a bit of shopping, you’re spoilt for choice. 

For a lavish experience, Isla Shopping Village by the Nichupté Lagoon should be your go-to. If you’re after a vibrant atmosphere with great shops, head over to Forum By the Sea, a large mall in Punta Cancun, which is at the heart of the Hotel Zone. 

For a more laid-back vibe, Mercado 28 de Noviembre, located in downtown Cancun, is a bustling market filled with souvenir and clothing shops. Enjoy a local delicacy while you haggle with vendors – it’s a tradition here!

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