Cancun April Weather: Your Decision-Making Companion

Are you dreaming of a tropical getaway to Cancun? 

Look no further! In this comprehensive guide, I’ve gathered the best online information and combined it with my personal experience to give you the ultimate lowdown on Cancun’s weather in April. 

Whether planning a relaxing beach vacation or an adventurous exploration of the Yucatan Peninsula, knowing what to expect regarding temperature, rain, sunshine, and sea conditions is crucial.

From the comfort of your home, join me on a virtual journey through Cancun’s tropical climate, April weather essentials, sea conditions, packing tips, and exciting events happening during this month.

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Weather in Cancun in April: Your takeaway

Cancun- El mirador - forum
  • April in Cancun is the tail end of the dry season, so expect minimal rain and abundant sunshine.
  • Enjoy cool breezes and clear skies during your stay.
  • Temperatures are warm and pleasant, without reaching unbearable levels.
  • Humidity starts to increase towards the end of the month, but it remains manageable.
  • Nights offer comfortable sleeping conditions, and mosquitos aren’t thirsty.
  • The sea in April begins to warm up, with excellent visibility for water activities.
  • While April marks the start of the Sargasso season, it’s not a major issue at this point.
  • April is a great time to visit Cancun as tourism starts to slow down, resulting in lower prices.
  • Remember that a temporary price spike will occur during the Holy Week ( Easter).

So, is April the right time for you to visit Cancun? Let’s dive into the details of this tropical paradise’s climate. 

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Cancun’s Tropical Climate

Catamaran to Isla Mujeres from Cancun (3)

Cancun boasts a tropical climate, featuring high temperatures throughout the year, minimal temperature fluctuations, and an abundance of sunshine. The annual average temperature is a balmy 27.1°C (80.8°F), and thanks to sea breezes from the Caribbean Sea, the hottest daytime temperatures rarely exceed 36°C (97°F).

The tropical climate is defined by two distinct seasons:

  1. Dry Season (December to April): In this period, the trade winds create moderate climate conditions, with average daytime temperatures below 28.3°C (83°F). Skies are typically clear, rain is scarce, and humidity is at its lowest point of the year (around 65%). January is the coldest month, with temperatures ranging from 19.4°C (67°F) to 27.2°C (81°F).
  1. Rainy Season (May to November): This season brings sweltering heat, with average daytime temperatures surpassing 31.1°C (88°F). Skies are often overcast, and humidity can reach 100% during summer. Thunderstorms are sudden and intense, though they generally don’t last long. July is the hottest month, with temperatures ranging from 25°C (77°F) to 32.2°C (90°F).

April Weather in Cancun: A detailed analysis

Will it be sunny or rainy in April?


Cancun rain - Cancun December Weather

April may be the last month of the dry season, but don’t let a little rain dampen your spirits. In fact, April and March are the driest months of the year, averaging only 4.2 rainy days.

With an average rainfall of just 35.6 mm (1.4 inches), even if you do experience a few showers, they’re likely to be short-lived.; you’ll appreciate the refreshing coolness of it.

So, pack that umbrella, but don’t worry too much.


Cancun sunshine - Cancun Weather

Throughout April, the sun rises between 6:17 AM and 6:40 AM, providing a generous 12.21 to 12.55 daylight hours

With an average of 8.5 sunshine hours daily, April and May are the sunniest months of the year. 

However, as April progresses, cloud cover increases slightly (from 71% clear on April 1st to 65% on April 30th). So, rest assured; you’ll still enjoy plenty of sunny skies during your visit.


Cancun temperature - Cancun Weather

April’s temperature rises to a balmy 29.4°C (85°F) during the hottest part of the day, with an overall average temperature of 26°C (79°F). 

These are pretty comfortable temperatures, especially considering the almost constant breeze and relatively bearable humidity. 

The minimum temperature is 22.8°C (73°F), so you won’t need to worry about catching a cold from the air conditioning at night. But if you’re prone to feeling chilly or hail from a desert climate, you might want to pack a light sweater for morning outings.


Cancun Humidity - Cancun Weather

April marks the beginning of the “muggy” period, which lasts until December. 

At the start of the month, humidity levels hover around 83% and rise to about 90% by April 30th. 

To give you an idea, the lowest humidity level is 65% in January, while mid-June through the end of the year sees levels close to 100%. 

There are about 26.2 “muggy” days in April, with some days toward the end of the month potentially feeling oppressive. 

So, yes, you’ll likely sweat a bit, but not nearly as much as during the summer months, which see around 31 heavy days.


Cancun is situated in a region prone to hurricanes and strong tropical storms. The official hurricane season lasts from June to November, with the highest probability occurring between August and October. 

But fear not! In April, the skies are calm, making it a perfect time to visit.

How is the Sea in Cancun in April?

Visiting Cancun without enjoying its dreamy waters would be like going to Disneyland and skipping the rides. So, now that you have a taste of what April weather feels like let’s dive into Cancun’s marine conditions during this month.

Water Temperature

Cancun’s sea is at its coldest from late December to mid-April. From then on, the water temperature rises rapidly. The average water temperature in April is a balmy 26.7°C (80°F). Not too shabby for the Caribbean Sea, right?

If you’re the type, who gets cold easily and plans to spend hours scuba diving, consider bringing a light diving suit to stay warm.


In Cancun, the sea visibility is best between November and May, particularly from January to March, the driest months. With pleasantly sunny days and comfortably warm water, April’s weather conditions are ideal for underwater explorations. You’ll have a blast discovering the vibrant coral reefs and their fascinating marine life.


Cancun is windy almost all year round. The strongest gusts occur between October and May, with an average wind speed exceeding 8.00 mph (13 km/h) during this period. April is one of the windiest months of the year, with an average speed of 8.8 mph (14.2 km/h) and easterly winds dominating.

Kitesurfers, rejoice! If you plan to try kitesurfing during your Cancun vacation, you’re in luck – the season is optimal between November and May.


As April tends to be windy, expect to see some waves disrupting your dreamy waters. The beaches in the heart of Cancun’s Hotel Zone are particularly exposed, so keep an eye on the flag colors if you’re not a strong swimmer.

If calmer waters are what you seek, head to Costa Mujeres, north of downtown Cancun, or venture south of the Hotel Zone to Punta Nizuc. Alternatively, hop on the ferry from Puerto Juarez to Isla Mujeres and bask in the beauty of Playa Norte, one of the world’s most stunning beaches. There, the waters are shallow and serene.

What to Wear in Cancun in April: A Packing Guide

Cancún - delfines beach

The weather is fantastic, and there are plenty of events and festivities you shouldn’t miss. But now comes the big question: What should you pack for your Cancun trip? Fear not, my dear traveler, as I’m here to help you with your packing dilemmas. 

April Weather Essentials: Light, Comfortable, and Sun-Smart

April in Cancun is warm, sunny, and delightful. The temperature is just right – not too hot, not too cold. So, pack light and comfortable clothes for your trip. Here are some essentials:

  • Comfortable shoes: You’ll need these to explore the fantastic Mayan ruins or vent into the lush tropical forests.
  • Light and breathable clothing: As the humidity increases towards the end of the month, you’ll want to stay cool and comfy.
  • Sun protection gear: A hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen (preferably marine-life friendly) are a must to protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays.
  • Mosquito repellent: Pesky mosquitoes start appearing in April, so come prepared with some repellent if they’re particularly fond of you.
  • Light sweater: For those slightly chilly mornings when you head out to the beach or the Mayan ruins.
  • Reusable water bottle: Save money and be eco-friendly by bringing your refillable water bottle.

Festivals & Events in April: Fun, Culture, and Family Time

Cancún - La isla

Now that you’re all set with your packing essentials let’s talk about the exciting events happening in Cancun during April. You might be planning to spend most of your time lazing on the white sandy beaches or exploring the Yucatan Peninsula, but these festivities are worth checking out.

Spring Break: The Wild Wind-Down

Depending on your travel dates, the Spring Break frenzy, filled with thousands of enthusiastic American students, might be winding down or already over. The party atmosphere in the liveliest beaches and clubs starts to simmer down, making way for a more relaxed vibe.

Holy Week: A Mexican Easter Celebration

Easter is a significant holiday in Mexico, and depending on the calendar, the festivities take place in March and/or April. Holy Week (Semana Santa) begins with Palm Sunday processions and ends with Easter Monday. Many Mexicans travel to Cancun with their families during this time, so expect a bustling atmosphere. But don’t worry – shops, restaurants, and bars will remain open to cater to the influx of tourists.

Cancun’s Anniversary: A City-Wide Party

Cancun’s tourism pioneers first settled in the area in April 1970, and the city started to develop in August 1971. This milestone is commemorated each year on April 20th with live concerts and a vibrant parade down Avenida Tulum in downtown Cancun.

Children’s Day: A Celebration for the Little Ones

On April 30th, Cancun, like the rest of Mexico, celebrates Children’s Day (El Dia de los Niños). This long-standing tradition highlights the importance of children in society and the need to provide them with a nurturing environment. 

Kids enjoy a day off from school and special discounts on activities such as eco-parks, theme parks, and zoos. Parents also organize picnics and games, making it an enjoyable day for the whole family. If you’re traveling with kids, make the most of this fun-filled day!

Tips for Travelers Coming to Cancun in April

Hold your horses! Before you book your trip to Cancun, let me share some valuable tips to make your visit even more amazing. April is a great time to visit, but there’s more to know than just that. 

Navigating the Big Waves

gaviota beach cancun

April is one of the windiest months in Cancun, which is fantastic for kitesurfing enthusiasts. However, choosing your beaches wisely is essential if you prefer to avoid large waves or travel with children. 

While the hotel zone in the middle is known for its picturesque turquoise waters, they can be rough and have strong currents. For calmer waters, consider Playa Mujeres, a 25-minute drive north of the Cancun Hotel Zone. The all-inclusive resorts there are situated on vast jungle estates with stunning beaches.

Alternatively, head south of the Cancun Hotel Zone for tranquil waters ideal for scuba diving, thanks to the nearby coral reefs.

Budgeting for Your Trip

Mexican Pesos

As the last month of the peak tourist season, April is a great time to visit Cancun without breaking the bank. Hotel rates and activity prices start to decrease, making it a more budget-friendly option.

That said, try to avoid the two weeks around Easter. Holy Week is a popular time for tourists and locals, so finding great deals can be more challenging. Always remember to check the calendar before booking!

Booking in Advance

Even though April offers some budget advantages, making your reservations early is still crucial. Cancun is one of Mexico’s most popular destinations, so don’t miss out on your ideal accommodation or activities. 

The Upside of Fewer Tourists

Cancún - Ferry Jetway

The influx of tourists declines in April, particularly from mid-April onwards. However, if you visit during Holy Week, expect some crowds, albeit not as crazy as in previous months.

The good news is that with fewer people around, you’ll have better access to popular sites like the Mayan ruins of Chichen Itza and Tulum. The beach conditions are also lovely, and you won’t struggle to find a peaceful spot to lay your towel.

For those who dislike crowds, consider staying in Puerto Morelos, a serene fishing village on the Yucatan Peninsula south of Cancun.

Traveling During Peak Hours

To avoid getting stuck in traffic, especially when heading to Cancun International Airport, try not to travel during peak hours (8–9 AM & 5–7 PM). Trust me; you’ll already be sad enough about having to leave paradise!

The Sargassum is coming (and it’s scarier than Winter)

Seaweed / sargazo in cancun - playa tortuga

You’ve probably already heard about the Sargasso phenomenon, which has grown significantly in the last ten years. Massive slicks of this brown seaweed, hosting many marine organisms, are carried by currents from the Atlantic Ocean to the Caribbean, where they end up stranded, spoiling waters and piling up on the coasts in smelly masses. In other words, it’s a beach buzzkill.

April marks the beginning of the Sargasso season, which lasts until September/October. Although the travel of these huge mats is followed by satellite, their movements are subject to wind and sea currents, so it’s not always easy to forecast where they will strand. But fear not, my friends! April is only the beginning of this troublesome season, and most resorts still manage to clean their beaches in case of stranding.

If you’re worried about this nuisance, you can choose to stay in Playa Mujeres, whose waters may not be as blue as in the hotel zone but are relatively well protected from Sargasso, thanks to the proximity of Isla Mujeres. The beaches of this little paradise, especially those on the island’s west coast, are also well spared.

And, if you’re still anxious, I suggest choosing a resort with swimming pools. They may not replace the delight of a bath in the Caribbean Sea, but they’ll offer some reprieve from the seaweed situation.

Don’t Trust Your Weather Forecast

You may be a fan of meteorological websites, but when it comes to Cancun’s weather, you should take them with a grain of salt! The tropical climate is far too capricious to rely on forecasts. Just remember that April has excellent weather, and if a rain shower ever comes to tease you while you’re visiting Cancun, you also know that it won’t last long.

Heated Pools for the Win!

Fiesta Americana Condesa Cancun
Credit: Fiesta Americana Condesa Cancun

With the average sea temperature in April being 26.7°C (80°F) and rising from mid-April, you might choose a resort with heated swimming pools, especially if you’re a big chiller or enjoy doing a few lengths in the morning.

Here are some recommendations:

  1. Fiesta Americana Condesa Cancun: Located in the heart of Cancun’s Hotel Zone, this all-inclusive resort has two beautiful outdoor swimming pools, a pool bar, and a separate pool for your kids.
  2. Live Aqua Beach Resort: Perfect for couples, this elegant, adults-only, all-inclusive resort features a lovely pool overlooking the morning sea.
  3. Secrets The Vine Cancun: Another adults-only option in the Hotel Zone, this fine establishment boasts three superb infinity pools.
  4. Nizuc Resort & Spa: Nestled in a cove in Punta Nizuc, south of the hotel zone, this all-inclusive resort offers a beautiful pool facing the sea for a quieter experience.

Not Too Many Mosquitoes Yet! (But Bring Repellent Just in Case)

As we all know, mosquitoes love the combo of heat and humidity. In April, it’s hot, but not excessively. Rain is minimal, and the humidity level, although bearable, rises throughout the month. So, you may encounter the first mosquitoes of the season, especially toward the end of the month when the humidity starts to increase. 

But don’t worry; they’re not too aggressive yet! 

If mosquitoes bug you, remember to bring repellent, but don’t let that stop you from taking advantage of the fantastic April weather to partake in outdoor activities. Discover the Yucatan Peninsula jungle from a zipline, enjoy a refreshing cenote swim, or have a fun and educational day trip to a theme park.

Rainy Day Activities in Cancun

Let’s not sugarcoat things; it might rain during your visit to Cancun. But fear not, intrepid traveler! I have a list of exciting things to do while waiting for the clouds to pass.

1# Explore an Underground River

Rio secreto Wild Tour Cancun
  • Avoid the crowd
  • Amazing cave
  • Need to be in good shape
See on Viator

For those with a taste for adventure or just plain curiosity, venture out and discover one of the many underground rivers of the Yucatan Peninsula. I recommend Rio Secreto, south of Playa del Carmen. Depending on your physical condition and adventurous spirit, you’ll have three options to explore this river’s beautiful waters with a knowledgeable guide.

2# Visit a Museum

Turn a rainy day into an opportunity to learn more about the Mayan civilization. 

Hop on the R1 or R2 buses that serve the hotel zone and visit El Museo Maya de Cancun

This modern and attractive museum boasts a rich collection of artifacts found in the archaeological sites of the Yucatan Peninsula and stunning ruins. 

Allocate about two hours for your visit and take your time to read the well-written explanations.

3# Shopping Time!

28 de noviembre market

If shopping was on your Cancun “to-do” list, this rain is a blessing in disguise! 

You can visit large shopping malls such as the chic Isla Shopping Village on Nichupté Lagoon, where you’ll find luxury shops and a variety of food and drink options. 

Alternatively, head to the Forum By the Sea, a bustling shopping complex in Punta Cancun.

For a more relaxed shopping atmosphere, visit the Mercado del 28 de Noviembre in downtown Cancun, filled with craft and clothing shops. Be prepared to bargain, as it’s a tradition at this colorful and lively flea market.

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