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A short explanation about us and our services

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We are Adrien and Thomas, two Frenchies who fell in love with Colombia and its inhabitants in 2016.

Traveling on his own is the best way to interact with the locals. With our travel service Company Colombia Insiderwe offer you the possibility to travel independently while following an itinerary off the beaten path that suits your desires

Throughout the prospection of Colombia (1 year), we have developed a strong network of local partners, with a preference for little known places. We met them in their local agency to test their services. By doing so, we were able to certify their professionalism and experience the services we offer you. Moreover, all our partners are legally registered in Colombia.

Responsible tourism is an excellent opportunity for Colombia to tackle its problems. However, it must be contained and benefit the local players. To this end, we only work with companies established in the city or the region where they operate. These agencies hire locals in the area and take care of their environment.

For purposes of developing win-win relationships, this is our partners who decide the discounts they can grant you. This is why the percentages vary between the different activities and accommodations.

Price transparency is another important point for us. Our partners don’t pay us back with commissions. Instead, they grant discounts to our clients. Thus, you know how much we earn, the public prices from our partners and the price you’re going to pay. Hence, there are no hidden prices, and all our suggestions are made in your interest.

In Colombia, many gorgeous places just start opening to tourism. We want it to be beneficial for the country and its residents while you experience a fantastic adventure.

I fell in love with Colombia 5 years ago. Through this website, we help every month thousands of travelers to plan their trip to this beautiful country. Use our Premium service on the site if you want us to take care of everything for the organization of your trip to Colombia.

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