How to Plan the Best Colombia Amazon Tours From Leticia [2023]

It’s challenging to plan the ideal Amazon tour in Colombia.

There’s not much good information on the internet, most of the agencies offering jungle tours from Leticia are of poor quality, and you’ll have trouble communicating remotely.

That’s why I decided to explore the Colombian Amazon myself, to find the best experiences. I spent a total of 1 month there (2 trips, the last one in August 2023).

This article will help you:

  • Decide what experiences you want to have
  • Book the perfect Amazon tour from Leticia with a reliable agency.
  • Stay in a secluded Eco lodge.
  • Discover my invaluable tips on how to get the most out of the Amazon

Let’s go!

Colombia Experts

Who are we 👋

Since 2015, Adrien, Alejandra, and I (Tom) have been helping travelers explore Colombia. Every year, I spend thousands of euros to find the best experiences and allow you to contact these agencies directly!

My favorite jungle experiences

Unique stay
Stay In A Secret Ecolodge in The Amazon with Axel
  • All-included, with a private local guide and translator (if needed).
  • Secluded place on the Amazon river.
See his profile
Book with local agencies we trust.
Book with locals
Tailor-made adventure in the Amazon with Ramiro
  • Ideal to understand and explore the Amazon world with a native.
  • Well-organized and tailored to all types of travelers.
See his profile
Book with local agencies we trust.

Note: We have associated Axel’s name with the ecolodge and the reservations because he and his team are in charge of the commercial part. However, the ecolodge is not in his name. It belongs to the company Grupo Travesias SAS which manages the ecolodge.

Colombia amazon tours: Takeaway

Tom Hammock Marasha Amazon

You’ll have to fly to Leticia (from Bogotá only) to explore the Amazon. This city is on the border of 3 countries: Colombia, Peru, and Brazil. It is a free trade zone, so you don’t need to stamp your passport if you leave Colombia for the day.

You have different options to enjoy the Amazon. You can:

  • Organize day trips once you’re already in Leticia or Puerto Nariño. It takes time, and you need to speak Spanish. The quality of the service is usually poor.
  • Contact an agency in advance and set off to explore different spots around Leticia. There are many bad agencies in town. I recommend contacting Ramiro & Lilia.
  • Stay in an eco-lodge far from Leticia and plan everything from there. It’s the most comfortable option. I recommend Axel’s eco-lodge.

Budget: Count 120 – 220 USD/day/pers (accommodation, meals, and activities) if you want to book an Amazon Jungle Tour with a reliable local agency.

Duration: Between the plane and the boat, you will spend many hours on transportation. Moreover, the flights land and take off in the early afternoon. I recommend a stay of 5 to 7 days to fully enjoy the Amazon.

Experts’ tips:

  • Get as far away from Leticia as possible to increase your chances of seeing animals in the wild.
  • If you don’t want to book a multi-day tour, I recommend staying in Puerto Nariño or Mocagua.
  • The water level of the Amazon River is high from December to July and low from August to November. The activities will be different depending on the water level.

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Best Amazon Jungle tours in Colombia

First of all, you need to decide how you want to enjoy the Amazon.

1# Plan your Amazonas jungle tours from an Eco-lodge

Marasha Amazon Ecolodge Peru

Best Colombia Amazon Tours

If you’re itching for an unforgettable Amazon jungle escapade in Colombia, let me introduce you to a game-changer: the ecolodges around Leticia. Nestled in the heart of the lush wilderness, these ecolodges are the hidden gems you’ve been yearning for. Imagine waking up to the symphony of tropical birds, the rustling of leaves, and the magic of the rainforest right at your doorstep.

Why you might like staying in an Ecolodge

  • Immersive Experience: Imagine waking up to the sounds of nature, surrounded by the Amazon’s flora and fauna. Ecolodges offer an unparalleled connection to the environment, letting you live and breathe the rainforest.
  • Wildlife Wonder: Opt for an eco-lodge far from cities like Leticia or Puerto Nariño, and you’re in for a treat. The farther away you are from urban centers, the more chances you have to spot wildlife in their natural habitat. Prepare for encounters with exotic creatures that call the Amazon home.
  • Sustainability: Ecolodges in the Amazon are designed with nature in mind. They follow eco-friendly practices to minimize their impact on the delicate ecosystem, allowing you to enjoy the beauty of the rainforest without harming it.
  • Flexibility at its Finest: Ecolodges offer flexibility that traditional accommodations can’t match. You’re not confined by rigid schedules or crowded itineraries. Instead, you have the freedom to craft your own adventure, choosing the pace and activities that resonate with you.
  • Weather Worries Be Gone: In the heart of the jungle, weather can be unpredictable. But in an ecolodge, you can bid farewell to weather-related stress. Enjoy the comfort of a well-built structure that shields you from the elements, giving you more time to focus on exploration.
  • Easy Breezy Organization: Need a spontaneous Amazon river excursion or a guided trek into the wilderness? Ecolodges simplify planning. Once you’re there, you’ll find arranging activities a breeze. No need to plan far in advance – just seize the moment and make memories.
  • All-Inclusive Experience: Ecolodges often offer packages that include meals, activities, and sometimes even guided tours. This means you can dive into your Amazon adventure without worrying about the nitty-gritty details – everything is conveniently taken care of.

We stayed at Axel’s ecolodge: My Unbiased review

Best Colombia Amazon Tours

When I heard about Axel’s ecolodge, I was immediately drawn in. It’s like getting the best of both worlds – a well-organized private tour and the freedom of an independent traveler. The result? An Amazon adventure that you get to shape the way you want.

Everything Taken Care Of

Axel’s ecolodge takes care of everything. From your drinks to your adventures, they’ve got you covered. They have local guides and even translators if you need them. But here’s the cool part: you get to decide what you want to do.

Amazon Jungle Tours Day 1: The Beginning
Vue depuis Palmari (1)

Our journey began with Polo driving us in a Tuk-Tuk to immigration – yes, this ecolodge is in Brazil’s natural reserve! The boat ride from Tabatinga was amazing, with lush forests and jungle sounds.

As the sun set, we saw the ecolodge in the distance, the colors blending beautifully. After a cold shower and welcome drinks, we met Valera, our guide. He took us on a night walk where we saw glowing mushrooms and experienced the magic of the jungle at night.

Amazon Jungle Tours Day 2: Exploring the Jungle

At sunrise, the jungle came alive with the sounds of animals. Monkeys, birds, and more – it was like a natural orchestra. Macaws even visited us, and I spent some time in a hammock, enjoying the mist and the sounds.

Valera then led us on a hike, showing us different plants and sharing stories. As it got dark, we set up camp, had a delicious dinner, and sat by the fire, sharing stories of our own.

Amazon Jungle Tours Day 3: Kayaking and Fishing
Kayak sur l'amazon Palmari (1)

The next morning, we didn’t have to hike back to the ecolodge because Axel brought us kayaks near our camp! We had a pleasant trip, surrounded by calm waters and reflections. It was so peaceful. Later, we tried piranha fishing, with Valera showing us the ropes. He caught six, Adrien caught one, and I didn’t catch any!

Amazon Jungle Tours Day 4 : Saying Goodbye

Our last day began with more kayaking, a serene way to start the day. Sadly, it was time to leave. Four days wasn’t enough to experience everything.

Unique stay
Stay In A Secret Ecolodge in The Amazon with Axel

Since 2015, Tomplanmytrip (us) looks for the best local agencies in Colombia and put you in direct contact with them.

  • All-included, with a private local guide and translator (if needed).
  • Secluded place on the Amazon river.
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Book with local agencies we trust.

2# Plan your amazon tours from Leticia with an agency

Best Colombia Amazon Tours

Amidst the lush Amazonian backdrop, not all agencies are created equal. It’s crucial to plan your Colombia Amazon tours ahead and choose wisely, steering clear of less reputable options.

Why you might like to explore the Amazon jungle with an agency

  • Search for Specific Animals: An agency knows where to find those elusive creatures you’ve dreamt of encountering. They’ll help you track down spiders, a specific bird or frog, spot pink river dolphins, or glimpse sloths and monkeys – making your Amazon experience a wildlife lover’s dream.
  • Endless Exploration: With an agency, your journey isn’t limited to just one place. You’ll traverse diverse landscapes, from dense jungles to winding rivers. Every day brings a new backdrop, ensuring you’re forever captivated by the Amazon’s ever-changing scenery.
  • Diverse Accommodations: Planning with an agency means you won’t be tied to a single type of lodging. Experience the Amazon from various perspectives – whether it’s a rustic jungle cabin, a cozy eco-lodge, a night in a native community or even camping under the stars. The variety adds an extra layer of enchantment.
  • Personalized to Perfection: An agency tailors your adventure to your desires. Want more birdwatching? Eager for a night jungle hike? They’ll craft an itinerary that speaks to your heart, ensuring every moment resonates with your interests.
  • Unveil Hidden Gems: Local guides employed by agencies know the Amazon’s secrets like the back of their hand. They’ll take you off the beaten path, unveiling hidden places, sacred indigenous sites, and rare plant species you wouldn’t find on your own.
  • Nature and Culture Insights: Good agencies enrich your journey with expert knowledge. They’ll introduce you to the intricate web of Amazonian life – from naming plants and medicinal treasures to sharing stories about indigenous cultures. With their guidance, the Amazon becomes an open book, revealing its secrets chapter by chapter.

We booked our Colombian Amazon tour with Ramiro: My review

Sunset Mocagua Dad and Mum Amazon

Best Colombia Amazon Tours

Be ready to be amazed 😉

Amazon Jungle Tours Day 1: Secluded Ecolodge in Peru

Under the guidance of the knowledgeable Ramiro, my Amazon adventure kicked off with a tour of Leticia’s market and a private boat ride to Marasha. A two-hour hike through the flooded jungle illuminated its mysteries, with Ramiro giving us tons of interesting facts.

Marasha’s tranquil ecolodge, nestled by the lakeside, provided a serene retreat. Alongside a local guide, we set sail on a boat to witness the prehistoric charm of Hoazin birds and stood before the majestic ceiba tree as Ramiro shared its ecological significance.

As the sun dipped below the horizon, Ramiro’s tales illuminated the Ticuna culture, bridging the past with the present. A night boat ride led to a captivating encounter with a caiman, revealing the jungle’s secrets beneath the moon’s gentle glow.

Amazon Jungle Tours Day 2: Overnight in the jungle

With the sun’s first rays, I joined Ramiro on an early quest to witness the melodious morning chorus of birds near the tranquil lake. Our private boat then transported us to Santa Sofia, an indigenous community seamlessly integrated with nature’s beauty.

After a one-hour hike, we reached a hidden jungle haven, a paradise of swaying hammocks nestled in nature’s embrace. Stories flowed around the campfire, and the skillful hands of our guides conjured a woodfire feast – fish delicately cooked in leaves, complemented by mashed bananas.

As the night descended, we embarked on an exhilarating hike, illuminating the jungle’s after-hours intrigue. Tarantulas and banana spiders appeared in the spotlight, unveiling their captivating yet eerie presence. Insects of curious design darted in shadows, painting an intricate tapestry of life.

Now it’s time to sleep and try not to be frightened by the ominous sounds of the Amazon jungle.

Amazon Jungle Tours Day 3: The beautiful indigenous community of Mocagua

A new day dawned in the Amazon’s heart. We retraced our steps to the river, boarding another private boat, deftly navigated by Ramiro’s brother. Pink and grey dolphins graced our journey, a playful reminder of nature’s enchantment.

Our voyage led to a picturesque cabin in Mocagua, monkeys adding a lively touch to the scene. Day’s end found us on the Amazon’s shores, witnessing a breathtaking sunset – a symphony of colors mirrored in the river’s expanse. With chilled beers in hand, the day concluded with a memorable spectacle etched in the Amazon’s embrace.

Book with locals
Tailor-made adventure in the Amazon with Ramiro

Since 2015, Tomplanmytrip (us) looks for the best local agencies in Colombia and puts you in direct contact with them.

  • Ideal to understand and explore the Amazon world with a native.
  • Well-organized and tailored to all types of travelers.
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Book with local agencies we trust.

3# Staying with local Indigenous communities near Leticia

Leticia is a chaotic city and it is not very pleasant to stay there. You will have to pass through (and sleep in) because of the airport.Puerto Nariño is a more peaceful town (motorized vehicles are not allowed) with a few B&Bs. However, you'll have fewer options to book your amazon jungle tours, especially if you want an English-speaking guide.Here are different situations to help you choose between these two cities in the Colombian Amazon.If you have a tight travel budget (backpacker), then select a few activities in Leticia and then take the public boat to Puerto Nariño.If you prefer to book your tours at the last moment and have different choices, stay in Leticia.If you like wandering, you'll prefere Puerto Nariño.

Best Colombia Amazon Tours

Staying in indigenous communities is the ideal option for travelers who want to immerse themselves in Amazon culture. Depending on the community, accommodation will be more or less basic and the experience more or less authentic.

Why stay in indigenous communities

  • Affordable Authenticity: Opting for indigenous communities often comes with lower costs. The absence of a bilingual guide and a more informal setup means you get an unfiltered experience without the hefty price tag.
  • Cultural Immersion: These communities offer invaluable opportunities to engage with locals. Spend time conversing, learning about their traditions, and sharing stories – a genuine way to understand their way of life.
  • Unfiltered Reality: The experience can be wonderfully disorienting. Embrace simple living as you wash in the river, navigate without electricity, and adapt to a lifestyle far removed from urban comforts.
  • Immersive Learning: Staying in indigenous communities exposes you to alternative perspectives. Witness their deep connection with nature, acquire traditional skills, learn about medicinal plants and gain insights into centuries-old practices.
  • Local Expertise: Who better to guide you through the Amazon than those who have lived in harmony with it for generations? Indigenous hosts provide insights and knowledge that go beyond any guidebook.
  • Supporting Sustainable Tourism: By staying in these communities, you contribute to their economy, helping to preserve their unique way of life and fostering sustainable tourism practices.
  • Deepened Respect: The experience nurtures respect for diverse ways of living. You’ll leave with a profound appreciation for the simplicity, resilience, and wisdom inherent in indigenous cultures.

Arranging a stay in these communities can be complicated (communication problems), and you may sometimes feel that you’re not being guided/helped enough. Don’t hesitate to contact Ramiro to organize this type of trip. He’ll stay with you, act as your interpreter and help you better appreciate and understand the experience.

Main Indigenous communities around Leticia

little kid tarapoto native people community (1)
tarapoto native people community
  • Santa Sofia: Very few tourists go there, and there is little infrastructure for them (one nice hotel). This indigenous community is pretty and quiet. Located 1 hour away by boat from Leticia, on the bank of the Amazon River.
  • Macedonia: This is the most important indigenous community and a popular tourist destination. From what I’ve heard, Macedonia has lost its cultural identity and is only pretending for the tourists (traditional dances when they arrive). Located 1h20 away from Leticia, on the bank of the Amazon River.
  • Mocagua: A peaceful indigenous community focused on protecting the monkeys and other wildlife in the surrounding area. It’s easy to spot monkeys wandering around (thanks in part to the Maikuchiga Foundation). 2 good hotels. Located 1h40 away from Leticia, on the bank of the Amazon River.
  • San Martin de Amacayacu: The most authentic indigenous community you can visit in the area. All the inhabitants are Ticuna, and they go to great lengths to preserve their culture. Accommodation is very basic (we had to wash in the river). Located 2h30 away by boat from Leticia, in the Amacayacu National Park.
  • Tarapoto: It’s the smallest of the indigenous communities in the area. The dozen or so houses are built on stilts as the land floods during the high-water season. They are located on the shores of Lake Tarapoto (3h away from Leticia) and have no electricity.

4# What Amazon Jungle Tour can you do on your own

Mokey_Puerto Nariño_Amazon

Best Tours in the Amazon

As you can imagine, you won’t be able to hike alone in the Amazon jungle. However, there are a few day trips you can organize on your own.

In Leticia, the road is less than 30km long. You can take it to Mundo Amazonico to learn about Amazonian Culture or to Tanimboca to admire nature and go zip-lining. You can also eat a ceviche in Peru and grab a caipirinha at La Komara in Brazil. You’ll cross three borders in one single day!

In Puerto Nariño, you can plan a trip to the Laguna Tarapoto to spot pink and gray dolphins (only during the high-water season and visit the Peruvian community of San Antonio to observe Sloth.

→ As I said before, you can also decide to stay in one of the many indigenous communities.

Leticia Colombia Amazon Tours: Booking Guide


Best jungle tours from Leticia

Don’t skip this section before booking your Amazon tours from Leticia.

Where to start your Amazon Jungle Tour

Puerto Nariño Letters
  • Leticia: While the city might seem chaotic, Leticia is the gateway to Amazon marvels. If you’re up for an all-inclusive multi-day trip, Leticia offers comprehensive packages that whisk you away into the heart of the jungle. It’s an excellent choice for hassle-free planning and seamless exploration. (Take note: Leticia’s bustling ambiance and limited charm might not make it the ideal place for an extended stay.)
  • Puerto Nariño: Opt for tranquility in Puerto Nariño, a serene town where motorized vehicles are absent. This peaceful haven presents cozy B&B options. However, remember that arranging English-speaking guided tours can be more limited here.
  • Ecolodges: For a seamless transition, let an ecolodge take charge right from the Leticia airport. These lodges offer convenience, organizing your journey deep into the Amazon. It’s an excellent option if you’re eager to immerse yourself without worrying about the logistics.
  • Mocagua or San Martin: If cultural exchange is your focus, consider Mocagua or San Martin. Engage deeply with indigenous communities, gaining insight into their centuries-old lifestyles.

Ultimately, the choice depends on your preferences and travel style. Tight budget? Mix Leticia and Puerto Nariño. Seek all-included? Leticia’s your hub. Yearning for tranquility? Puerto Nariño beckons. Eager for curated immersion? Ecolodges or local communities have you covered.

Type of experiences you can enjoy in the Amazon

piranhas fishing Amazon

Here are the main experiences offered by our agencies and ecolodges. Quality depends on the location and the local guide:

  • Kayaking on the Amazon: Navigate through lush vegetation as you slalom between trees and vines. When the river’s high, it’s a thrilling ride that connects you with the heart of the jungle.
  • Dolphin Watching: Hop on a small boat to seek out the charming pink and gray dolphins. The renowned Lake Tarapoto near Puerto Nariño is a hotspot for these graceful creatures.
  • Piranha Fishing: Try your hand at catching your own dinner with a fishing rod. Low river levels increase your chances of success, adding a dash of adventure to your culinary pursuits.
  • Sleep in an Indigenous Community: Embrace a spartan comfort level for a genuinely immersive experience. Learn about a vastly different way of life from friendly locals. Guides make socializing easier, and accessible communities like Santa Sofia, Mocagua, San Martín, and San Juan de Atacuari await along the Amazon’s banks.
  • Birdwatching: Rise early, around 5:30 am, to explore with your guide and a pair of binoculars. Witness Amazon’s vibrant avian life in its morning glory.
  • See Ceibas: Gaze up in awe at the majestic ceiba trees reigning over the canopy. These towering wonders epitomize the Amazon’s grandeur.
  • Isla de Los Micos: This island near Leticia offers an opportunity to interact with monkeys. However, it’s important to note that there have been concerns raised about the treatment of these animals on the island. While the experience might seem fun, it’s wise to consider these ethical considerations before deciding to visit.
  • Night Walks: Enter the mystical realm of the Amazon by embarking on nocturnal expeditions. Witness bioluminescent mushrooms and enigmatic tarantulas, evoking an otherworldly ambiance.
  • Parks and Nature Reserves: Numerous protected areas line the Amazon’s expanse. Marasha Nature Reserve, Reserva Natura Park, Maikuchiga Foundation (they rescued monkeys), Reserva Flor de Loto, and Amacayacu Park are among the gems where you can spend nights or days immersed in the wild.
  • Jungle Expeditions: For the ultimate adventure, venture deep into the Amazon with your guide for days of exploration. Trek through the wilderness, seek elusive creatures, rest in hammocks under the stars, and kindle campfires for an unparalleled experience.

How many days should your trip to the Amazon jungle last?

locals taking a boat on the Amazon River

When it comes to delving into the Amazon’s wonders, taking your time truly pays off. Here’s why a 5 to 7-day journey is the sweet spot:

Ample Water Exploration: The Amazon River is the heart of the experience. With at least 5 days on hand, you can devote plenty of hours to boat rides. Navigating its waters lets you absorb the calm and intricate beauty of the jungle.

Optimal Climate Strategy: The equatorial climate requires a thoughtful approach. Allocate 7 days to sync with nature’s rhythm. Early mornings and evenings offer cooler, gentler conditions for activities, ensuring a comfortable adventure.

Savor Every Moment: The Amazon deserves a deep dive, not a fleeting glance. Arriving a day early in Leticia lets you ease into the jungle’s embrace. Spending your last night in Leticia before departure ensures a relaxed farewell without rushing.

Don’t pick the cheapest amazon tour

boat Amazon Swamps (1)

While it might be tempting to go for the lowest-priced option, there are important reasons to be cautious.

Some cheap tours might be run by illegal and uninsured operators, posing potential dangers to participants.

Additionally, certain agencies may promise significant discounts but end up canceling or altering your itinerary, leading to disappointment.

Cheaper tours often keep you in close proximity to Leticia without venturing deeper into the Amazon.

Moreover, these budget-friendly choices might lead to crowded groups, impacting the quality of your experience.

It’s crucial to prioritize your safety, satisfaction, and the authenticity of your Amazon adventure over simply saving a few dollars.

This is why I recommend Ramiro

Count 120 – 220 USD/day/pers (accommodation, meals, and activities) if you want to book an Amazon Jungle Tour with a reliable local agency.

Group tours or Private tours to explore the Amazon?

kayak group Amazon

Opt for private tours if possible, allowing customization to suit your preferences. Private tours offer a quieter, more personalized experience, increasing wildlife spotting opportunities.

Group tours are more standard, catering to diverse interests, limiting individual experiences. For solo travelers, Axel Ecolodge provides an affordable private guide option if you accept to sleep in a dorm or a hammock.


Monkey San Martin Amazon

Observing wildlife in the Amazon is an adventure in itself, but certain creatures may prove elusive. Don’t expect to spot jaguars or other large predators. However, there’s an array of fascinating creatures to discover:

  • Axel Ecolodge: If fishing or observing a harpy eagle intrigues you, Axel Ecolodge offers such opportunities.
  • Bird Watching with Ramiro: Ramiro has an eagle eye for diverse bird species. Hoazins, known as “dinosaur birds,” are common in Marasha.
  • Dense Jungle Challenge: The Amazon’s dense environment makes wildlife observation a thrilling challenge.
  • Monkeys, Tarantulas, Caimans, and Dolphins: While jaguars might hide, spotting monkeys, tarantulas, caimans, and dolphins is more achievable.
  • Patience and Luck: For elusive creatures, patience and a touch of luck are essential.
  • Go Deeper: Venture deep into the Amazon for the best chances of encounters.

Water level & Weather in the Amazon

Amazon river Puerto Nariño

Embarking on an Amazon adventure requires understanding the dance of water levels and weather that shapes this dynamic ecosystem. These factors wield considerable influence over the type of experience you’ll have:

River Levels & Tour Dynamics: The ebb and flow of the Amazon River significantly impact the nature of your tours. During high-water periods, which typically span from November to June, the landscape transforms into a sprawling waterworld. This time is perfect for kayaking and boat excursions, allowing you to navigate the lush surroundings with ease. Conversely, as the water levels recede from July to October, hiking becomes more prominent as lower river levels unveil hidden trails and paths to explore.

Seasonal Nuances & Planning: Beyond river levels, the seasons guide your Amazon journey. From November to April, expect vibrant insect activity, with mosquitoes peaking from November to January. It almost doesn’t rain from July to October (dry season), and the sun is scorching

High season: You better book in advance if you plan to visit the Amazon in January, Easter, July, and August.

Packing list for your Amazonas jungle tours

hiking jungle dad

Here’s your essential packing checklist to ensure a smooth and enjoyable journey:

1. Small Binoculars: Get up close to the incredible wildlife. A compact pair of binoculars enhances your chances of spotting elusive creatures.

2. Rubber Boots: With mud and moisture aplenty, sturdy rubber boots are essential. Your agency can often arrange these for you, saving both space and hassle.

3. Technical Clothing: Opt for lightweight, moisture-wicking technical clothing. They keep you comfortable and prevent the dreaded “jungle smell.” Long-sleeve T-shirts and pants are recommended. In the evening, I like to walk around in light jogging pants and flip-flops + socks — German style.

4. Travel Light: Select a small, efficient backpack. Minimalism is key. Pack only the essentials to keep your load manageable.

5. Quality Repellent: Mosquitoes abound in the Amazon. A reliable insect repellent is your armor against these persistent critters.

6. Sun Protection: Don’t forget sunscreen and a hat. Shield yourself from the intense equatorial sun during your outdoor explorations.

7. Rain Jacket: Be prepared for rain. A quality rain jacket keeps you dry during unexpected downpours, allowing you to fully enjoy your adventure.

Will you enjoy your Amazonas jungle Tours from Leticia?

Painting Dad and Mum San Martin

Best jungle tours from Leticia

This is an important question.

You see, Amazon is not for everyone.

You have to like to push yourself, get out of your comfort zone, and not be afraid of little bugs.

You’ll have to be patient during your Amazonas jungle tours

The Amazon is not the local zoo. It’s a place with little access, little network, and animals that hate the smell of bipeds in pants — aka humans.

Therefore, you will spend many hours in a boat contemplating the same landscapes, hoping to catch a glimpse of wildlife.

If it rains, you will have to be patient and wait for a break in the weather.

In short, the Amazon is to be savored.

Wild animals of the Amazon

The most common animals you will see are small, they fly and they bite. No need to look for them. They will be where you are.

You guessed it. We are talking about … mosquitoes or other biting/blood-sucking insects. If you protect yourself well, you can escape most of their attacks.

To observe wildlife in the Amazon, you will need to be patient, stay away from inhabited areas and listen carefully to your guide’s advice.

Consider the experience is living in the Amazon. The animals are just a bonus.

You will get wet during your jungle tours

It is difficult to walk for several days when there is 92% humidity, torrential rains, and rivers to cross.

If you decide to go on a multi-day Amazon jungle trek, prepare yourself mentally. There’s no turning back.

Accommodations in the Colombian Amazon are basic

There are some comfortable hotels in Leticia. This will not be the case when you venture into the jungle. You’ll be in the middle of the jungle. You can’t hope for A/C & Netflix.

The ecolodges are wooden cabins with a bed and a mosquito net.

You pay for the surroundings and the experiences that go with it.

The Colombian Amazon is not a destination for backpackers

Even if it is possible to do some activities without a local agency’s help, you will have to spend money if you decide to venture into the jungle.

To make the most of the Amazon, count on at least 120 USD per day and per person once you are there.

FAQ’s: Colombia amazon tours

Do you still have questions about the Amazon and/or ecolodge?

You may find the answer in this section.

  1. Should I get a yellow fever vaccine to go to the Amazon?

    The yellow fever vaccine is supposed to be mandatory, and you should get it at least 10 days before doing your Amazon jungle tour. It is possible to get vaccinated at Bogotá airport.

  2. Should I take Malaria pills when visiting the Amazon

    I didn't take Malaria pills before coming to the Amazon because of all the side effects. But it's up to you.

  3. Can you visit the Amazon rainforest in Colombia?

    Yes, you can visit the Amazon rainforest in Colombia. You just have to fly to Leticia from Bogotá. It's a 2-hour flight between Bogotá and Leticia.

  4. How much does a trip to the Amazon from Leticia cost?

    This will depend on the activities you want to do. Count 120 – 200 USD per day if you plan to do several days of excursions in the jungle.

  5. Is there internet in Leticia?

    Yes, there is internet, but the speed is very low. You can also use your local Simcard.

  6. What are the best agencies to discover the Amazon from Leticia?

    In my experience, Ramiro runs one of the best agencies to discover the Amazon from Leticia. Another option is to book an all-inclusive stay with an ecolodge. I love the one managed by Axel.

  7. What is the difference between Ciudad Perdida, Tayrona and the Amazon?

    The atmosphere. La Ciudad Perdida and Taryona are located in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. The Ciudad Perdida is the most famous 4-day trek in Colombia, and Tayrona is a very visited national park with beautiful beaches.

  8. Is Leticia a safe area?

    Yes, Leticia is a safe area.

  9. Is the water in Leticia drinkable?

    No, you can't drink the water in Leticia.

  10. Is it possible to go to Puerto Nariño by yourself?

    Yes, by taking the public boat (3 departures per day). I recommend you ask your agency/hotel to book it a few days in advance for you.

  11. Are there ATMs in Leticia and Puerto Nariño?

    There are ATMs in Leticia. There are none in Puerto Nariño.

  12. Is it easy to find Amazonas jungle tours in English?

    Yes, there are few guides with speaks English in Leticia (like Ramiro).

Book your Amazon Colombia Tours with our local partners

Ramiro & Lilia Amazon

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We have invested time and resources to curate the ultimate Amazon experiences, ensuring you the adventure of a lifetime.

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Unique stay
Stay In A Secret Ecolodge in The Amazon with Axel

Since 2015, Tomplanmytrip (us) looks for the best local agencies in Colombia and put you in direct contact with them.

  • All-included, with a private local guide and translator (if needed).
  • Secluded place on the Amazon river.
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Book with local agencies we trust.
Book with locals
Tailor-made adventure in the Amazon with Ramiro

Since 2015, Tomplanmytrip (us) looks for the best local agencies in Colombia and puts you in direct contact with them.

  • Ideal to understand and explore the Amazon world with a native.
  • Well-organized and tailored to all types of travelers.
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Book with local agencies we trust.

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I have been traveling around Colombia and Mexico since 2015 to discover new experiences and help travelers make the right choices.


  1. Anamaria Trujillo Gomez says:

    I loved reading your articles, they are very informative. I am a Colombian but have been away for 45 years and I am planning on returning to it. It will be my third time since i left Medellin at 17 years of age . I returned for the first time after 36 years and was amazed at how much it had chahged.
    If things go right I will be travelling this December and one of my pit stops is the Amazon!
    Thank you for fallingh in love with my beautiful country 🙂
    Best regards

    • Tom says:

      Hola Anamaria!

      Thanks a lot for taking the time to write us 🙂

      I hope you’ll have another wonderful experience in Colombia.

  2. Daniel Hall says:

    Really informative article. Is it possible to charter a small aircraft for a sightseeing flight over the amazon from Leticia? If so, which companies should I contact and how much would this likely cost?
    Thanks in advance

  3. Sophie says:

    Hey Tom, Thanks for all the useful and thorough information!
    Do you know if the Leticia/Tabatinga border is open in 2022? I heard it was closed for a while due to COVID and other things.
    Also, do you think it is a good idea to travel with a dog?

    • Tom says:

      Hola Sophie,

      One of our local partners has an ecolodge in Brazil, and his clients cross the border all the time, so I think is open.

      Regarding the dog, I have no idea. Sorry!

  4. Hein de Vries says:

    Hi Tom, thank you so much for this information! I am a 66 year old man, and am considering to go to Leticia after 2 weeks of working in Colombia. It is good to read that you can plan these trips as well in Leticia. I was considering a 3 day tour, and one thing I do not know which types of walking shoes one needs, do I have to take my walking boots from the Netherlands, or are walking shoes ok? And I probably have to buy non-cotton long sleeves in Bogota I guess.. Any suggestions for a 2-3 day trip are welcome.

    • Hola Hein,

      Rubber boots are the best. Most good agencies will lend you some if you don’t travel with it. I prefer Walking shoes to Walking boots, but the final decision is yours 😉

      A tour where you spend 1 night in a local community and then 1 night in Puerto Nariño is a good option 😉

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