How to plan the best Amazon Colombia Tours from Leticia [2021]

How to plan the best Amazon Colombia Tours from Leticia [2021]

Let’s plan an Amazon jungle tour from Leticia in Colombia!

Armed with your backpack, you imagine yourself cutting a path with a machete before setting up your hammock under an emerald green canopy.

Will you survive the tarantulas and mosquitoes? Will you be scared when night falls and the jungle starts to wake up?

Before these trials of courage, you will have to avoid the bad local agencies.

Don’t worry.

We were there for 15 days, and you will be able to benefit from our best advice to organize a fantastic Amazon jungle tour from Leticia in Colombia.

Spoiler alert: We fall in love with this fantastic Ecolodge in the middle of the Amazon.

Amazon Colombia Tours: 2 min

How to go there: First, you must arrive in Leticia. There are flights (2-3 per day) from Bogotá. Duration: 2 hours. This city is on the border of 3 countries: Colombia, Peru, and Brazil. It is a free trade zone, so you don’t need to stamp your passport if you leave Colombia for the day.


  • The Amazon is the perfect playground for adventurers. To confront this environment, some travelers like to organize expeditions of several days in the jungle (on foot or by kayak). Beware, this is not for everyone!
  • Take the opportunity to observe nature (ceiba, medicinal plants, dolphins, monkeys, tarantulas, caimans), learn from indigenous communities, visit nature reserves, sleep in trees, and fish for piranhas.
  • Kayaking in the flooded jungle was my favorite activity.

You have different options to enjoy the Amazon:

  • You can organize everything by yourself once you are there. See our section on what to do in the Amazon.
  • Book an all-inclusive stay through a local agency from Leticia.
  • Book an all-inclusive stay in an ecolodge outside of Leticia. We recommend Palmarí.

Budget: Count 115-160 USD/day (accommodation, meals, and activities) if you want to book an Amazon Jungle Tour with a reliable local agency.

Duration: Between the plane and the boat, you will spend many hours on transportation. Moreover, the flights land and take off in the early afternoon. I recommend a stay of 5 to 7 days to fully enjoy the Amazon.

Expert’ tips:

  • Get as far away from Leticia as possible to increase your chances of seeing animals in the wild. Palmarí is a natural reserve 2-3 hours by boat from Leticia.
  • If you don’t want to book a multi-day tour, I recommend staying in Puerto Nariño.
  • Be prepared for mosquitoes, rain, and humidity.
  • The level of the Amazon River rises from December to May and then decreases from June to November. The activities will be different depending on the water level.

T. Contents: Amazon jungle tours

Practical information for your Colombia Amazon tour

Indigenous culture Puerto nariño amazon

Are you considering adding Amazon to your trip to Colombia?

In general, you don’t go into the jungle on a whim.

To make the most of this adventure and avoid possible disappointments, you need to get as much information as possible and prepare yourself well.

Let’s start by listing the things to know about the Colombian Amazon.

If you travel to the Colombian Amazon

Click on the filters below to learn about visiting the Amazon from Leticia, Colombia. ⬇️⬇️

Vaccine & Malaria
Getting around
Your packing list

Yellow fever and malaria for the Amazon

The yellow fever vaccine is supposed to be mandatory, and you should get it at least 10 days before doing your amazon jungle tour.

It is possible to get vaccinated at Bogotá airport.

If you have already been vaccinated against yellow fever, remember to bring your little yellow certificate (proof of vaccination). The authorities have never asked us for it, but it is better to have it with you.

About preventive medication against malaria; Yes, there is paludism in the Amazon.

We did not feel it was necessary to take pills because:

  • Malaria is more prevalent in very remote areas of the Amazon.
  • We only stayed 15 days.
  • The treatment has many side effects (including diarrhea). It is not the best when you sleep in the jungle.

The best thing is to talk to your doctor 😉

Are there Amazon jungle tours in English?

You should have no problem finding an English-speaking guide if your tour starts from Leticia.

Leticia is on the border of 3 countries: Colombia, Peru, and Brazil. Many inhabitants speak Portuguese (in addition to Spanish).

Weather and seasons in the Amazon

Is it very humid in the Amazon? Does it rain often?

Yes, and yes.

However, there are a few other subtleties to be aware of.

  • From June to September, it is supposed to rain a bit less.
  • It is the high tourist season from July to August.
  • Rainfall impacts the level of the Amazon River.
  • From December to May, the waters rise and flood part of the jungle.
  • From June to November, the waters recede and give way to beaches along the river banks.

Depending on the river level, the tours in the Amazon change. There are more kayaks and boat trips when the jungle is flooded.

Observe animals in the Amazon

There are a lot of animals in the jungle, but they are challenging to observe. The Amazon is dense!

You shouldn’t have too much trouble seeing monkeys, tarantulas, caimans, and dolphins. For the rest, you will have to be patient and lucky.

For this, I advise you to go deep into the Amazon. To make it simple, book an ecolodge that is far from Leticia ➡️ Like Palmarí!

About mosquitoes and other insects. Be prepared to face them. They are everywhere — especially if you go on a jungle trek.

Getting around Leticia in the Amazon

There is a road in Leticia — youppi.

However, it is only 21 km long and ends up in the middle of nowhere.

There are a few buses (6 am to 6 pm; departure every 15 minutes), tuk-tuks, and cabs to get to different tourist sites like Mundo Amazonico or Tanimboca.

You can also reach Tabatinga, located in Brazil.

The boat remains the only solution if you wish to move away from Leticia. The local agencies have their own boats. It is also possible to take the “public boat” between Puerto Nariño and Leticia.

Tickets can be purchased in Puerto Nariño, Leticia, or directly on board. However, it is often full. I advise you to buy your ticket 1 day in advance.

  • Leticia – Puerto Nariño: 7 am, 9 am, 12 pm, 2 pm | Around 31 000 COP
  • Puerto Nariño – Leticia: 7 am, 10 am, 1h30 pm, 3h30 pm | Around 31 000 COP

Did you stop between Leticia and Puerto Nariño? Then you have to wave a white T-shirt and hope that the boat comes to pick you up. It will stop if there is room – if not, paila!

Internet in the Amazo

In Leticia, the internet speed is very low or non-existent in hotels. You will have a little more success with a local SIM card.

There is no internet in Puerto Nariño.

Packing for your amazon jungle tour

I’m not going to give you the whole list.

When you pack your bag, tell yourself it’s going to rain, then it’s going to get hot, and lots of bugs are going to try to eat you — yes, it’s an adventure.

If you’re going to Leticia, it’s not a good idea to walk around in shorts and a T-shirt. Instead, take hiking pants and a long-sleeved shirt.

Your clothes will get wet because of the humidity and the rain. Favors materials that dry quickly – avoid cotton.

Also bring sunscreen, rubber boots (if you can), and mosquito repellent!

Tip: The guides advise wearing bright colors. Dark colors attract mosquitoes.

How to get to the Colombian Amazon

Amazonie Bateau Adrien (1)
Adrien in Palmarí

It is very simple.

You must arrive in Leticia. There is only one option. You must take a flight from Bogotá.

  • Airline companies: Avianca & Latam
  • Duration: 2h

Try to arrive as early as possible and leave as late as possible 😉

There is a tax to pay when you arrive in Leticia. About 35,000 COP.

The airport is close to Leticia. There are many cabs for about 10 000 COP.

What tours can you plan in the Colombian Amazon?

Jungle Tarzan Puerto nariño amazon
Little Tarzan not so wild.

It’s the fun part!

It’s time to decide what tours you want to do in the Amazon.

Your choices will vary depending on the level of adventure you are looking for and your budget.

Let’s start with the simplest: what to do in Leticia?

Do you sleep in Leticia? I have 2 accommodations to recommend:

* Leticia Guest House is a perfect economical option (with pool) and Luisa will give you very good advice.

* Waira Suites will suit perfectly those who are looking for comfort between each jungle amazon tour (with pool).

1# Plan your Colombia Amazon tours from Leticia (no guide needed)

Sunet and parrot church Leticia
Parrots from the church tower

The activities in this section can be done without booking a tour. They are ideal to keep you busy for a day in Leticia if you have some free time or if you are visiting the Colombian Amazon on a tight budget.

  • See the parrots in Santander Park: At sunset, thousands of parrots gather to go to sleep. They make an incredible noise. You can admire this spectacle from the church tower.
  • Mundo Amazonico: It is an ecological park that offers different activities to learn more about the Amazon and its inhabitants. Located at Km 7, you can easily go there by bus.
  • Tanimboca: It is a 50 years old nature reserve that offers different activities such as canopying and ecological walks. You can also spend a night in one of their treehouses. Located at Km 11, you can easily get there by bus.
  • Reserva Flor de Loto: The ideal place to admire the famous Victoria Regia plants.
  • The 3 borders: If you want to have lunch in Peru (in Santa Rosa) and then have a cocktail in Brazil, nothing is easier. Leticia is a free trade zone, and you won’t need to get your passport stamped.

You don’t want to book a multi-day amazon tour? Your trip will be more enjoyable if you stay in Puerto Nariño.

It is very easy to get there with the public boat (see our section 1 – Getting around).

2# Plan your Colombia Amazon tours from Puerto Nariño (no guide needed)

City Puerto nariño amazon
Puerto Nariño

The village of Puerto Nariño, located 2 hours by boat from Leticia, is a haven of peace where it is very easy to get around on foot.

Please note that there is no ATM in Puerto Nariño!

Let’s see what you can do on your own.

  • The mirador: It is a large wooden tower that offers a 360-degree view of Puerto Nariño and the Colombian Amazon. Perfect for admiring the sunset.
  • Natutama: It is a museum that reveals some of the mysteries of the Amazon River (only in Spanish).
  • Wochine: It is a reserve that takes care of injured animals.
  • Moroapu: A family welcomes you for a few hours to share their indigenous culture. Visit their garden full of medicinal plants, make natural dyes, and listen to their stories (Spanish).

3# Puerto Nariño VS Leticia

Leticia is a chaotic city and it is not very pleasant to stay there. You will have to pass through (and sleep in) because of the airport.

Puerto Nariño is a more peaceful town (motorized vehicles are not allowed) with a few B&Bs. However, you’ll have fewer options to book your amazon jungle tours, especially if you want an English-speaking guide.

Here are different situations to help you choose between these two cities in the Colombian Amazon.

  • If you have a tight travel budget (backpacker), then select a few activities in Leticia and then take the public boat to Puerto Nariño.
  • If you prefer to book your tours at the last moment and have different choices, stay in Leticia.
  • If you like wandering, you’ll prefere Puerto Nariño.

4# Amazon jungle tours from Leticia

Kakyak leticia amazon
Kayak trip in Palmarí

If you want to search for wild animals and live like an adventurer, you will have to get away from Leticia and Puerto Nariño.

It’s up to you whether you prefer to select a few activities separately, go on an expedition for several days or stay in an ecolodge lost in the middle of the jungle.

  • Kayaking on the Amazon: This was my favorite experience. If the Amazon is high, you can slalom between vines and trees.
  • Dolphin Watching: There are pink dolphins in the Amazon. Get on a small boat and search for them. Lake Tarapoto (near Puerto Nariño) is the most famous site.
  • Piranha fishing: With your fishing rod, try to catch your evening meal. You will have more success when the river is low.
  • Sleep in an indigenous community: The comfort will be spartan, but it is a good way to discover a lifestyle very different from ours. Go with a guide to socialize more easily. These communities are located along the river. The most accessible are Santa Sofia, Mocagua, San Martín and San Juan de Atacuari.
  • Birdwatching: Leave early (around 5:30 am) with your guide and a good pair of binoculars.
  • See ceibas: These immense and majestic trees are the kings of the canopy.
  • Isla de Los Micos: Hundreds of monkeys live on a small island near Leticia. They jump on visitors. The experience must be fun. Unfortunately, we had some negative feedback about the way they are treated on the island. We preferred not to go there.
  • Night walks: This is the best time to observe tarantulas and bioluminescent mushrooms growing on the ground. Welcome to Avatar.
  • Parks and nature reserves: There are many nature reserves along the Amazon. It is possible to stay a few nights or spend the day there. The best known are the Marasha Reserve, Amacayacu Park, Reserva Natura Park, and the Maikuchiga Foundation.
  • Go on a jungle expedition: This is the ultimate adventure. You go with your guide into the Amazon for a few days. Long walks, searching for animals, nights in hammocks, and campfires are on the agenda.

As you can see, there are many choices. In order to create a nice program, you will have to contact a local agency.

Or stay in an ecolodge that offers this kind of activities. This is, in my opinion, the best compromise.

5# The best ecolodges in the Colombian Amazon

Reserva Palmarí Amazonas
The Palmarí reserve

There are several advantages to choosing an ecolodge for your adventure in the Colombian Amazon:

  • You will wake up and fall asleep with the cries of the jungle animals.
  • It’s a lot easier to plan your Colombia Amazon experience.
  • In total, you’ll spend less time in transportation.
  • You can more easily adapt the activities to your needs (and have a roof over your head).

There are many ecolodges around Leticia. The most famous ones are:

  • Palmarí: It is a natural reserve 3 hours from Leticia by boat. You will have a private guide and you will be able to organize your activities day by day. Everything is included in the stay. We loved our experience There.
  • Yoi Ecolodge: Based along the Amacayacú River, near the indigenous community of San Martin, 3 hours from Leticia. Cabins are basic but functional. You get your private and knowlageable local guide. Everything is included in the stay.
  • Calanoa: The most upscale ecolodge you will find in the Colombian Amazon. Cabins are well designed. They are located along the Amazon River, 1h30 from Leticia. They also sell their own tours.

There is only one thing left to decide before you book your tour in the Colombian Amazon: Will you enjoy it?

Will you enjoy your Amazon Tour from Leticia?

Campsite in the Amazon
Our camp for the night.

This is an important question.

You see, Amazon is not for everyone.

You have to like to push yourself, get out of your comfort zone, and not be afraid of little bugs.

Challenges of the Amazon

Click on the filters below to decide if you’d like to visit the Amazon from Leticia. ⬇️⬇️

The animals
Limited budget
Bad agencies

Patience in the Amazon

The Amazon is not the local zoo. It’s a place with little access, little network, and animals that hate the smell of bipeds in pants — aka humans.

Therefore, you will spend many hours in a boat contemplating the same landscapes, hoping to catch a glimpse of wildlife.

If it rains, you will have to be patient and wait for a break in the weather.

In short, the Amazon is to be savored.

Animals of the Amazon

The most common animals you will see are small, they fly and they bite. No need to look for them. They will be where you are.

You guessed it. We are talking about … mosquitoes or other biting/blood-sucking insects. If you protect yourself well, you can escape most of their attacks.

To observe wildlife in the Amazon, you will need to be patient, stay away from inhabited areas and listen carefully to your guide’s advice.

Consider that the experience is living in the Amazon. The animals are just a bonus.

You will get wet

It is difficult to walk for several days when there is 92% humidity, torrential rains, and rivers to cross.

If you decide to go on a multi-day amazon jungle trek prepare yourself mentally. There’s no turning back.

Accommodations are basic

There are some comfortable hotels in Leticia. This will not be the case when you venture into the jungle. You’ll be in the middle of the jungle. You can’t hope for A/C & Netflix.

The ecolodges are wooden cabins, with a bed and a mosquito net.

You pay for the surroundings and the experiences that go with it.

The Amazon is not a destination for backpackers

Even if it is possible to do some activities without a local agency’s help, you will have to spend money if you decide to venture into the jungle.

To make the most of the Amazon, count on at least 115 USD per day and per person once you are there.

Bad guides and local agencies

There are many local agencies in Leticia. You may be tempted to shop around and go to the cheapest one — especially if you decide not to book anything in advance.

Unfortunately, some of these agencies employ untrained guides and have no insurance in case of problems.

Some of these guides will lead you in circles around Leticia, giving you the impression that you are venturing far into the jungle.

Looking for the cheapest agency in Leticia is rarely a good idea. Inquire before you come.

During these 15 days in the Amazon, we decided to spend 4 days in Palmarí. Here is our travel diary.

Our adventure in the Palmarí reserve

When Axel explained the concept of his ecolodge, we were immediately seduced.

It combines the reassuring organization of a private tour with the freedom to decide-at-the-last-moment of the independent traveler.

What is this miracle recipe?

*drum roll*

Palmarí offers all-inclusive stays (even the caipirinhas), with a local guide and an English translator if needed. You choose all your experiences à la carte!

Story of our 4 days in Palmarí

Click on the filters below to read day by day about our stay in Palmarí. ⬇️⬇️

Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4

1# Departure to Palmarí and night walk

12h30: A staff member from Palmarí picks us up in a Tuk-Tuk to get to the immigration offices — yes, Palmarí is a natural reserve in Brazil!

14h00: Departure by boat from the port of Tabatinga. Sitting at the front of the lancha, I watch the lush banks of the Amazon unfold before my eyes. I fall half asleep, lulled by the noise of the engine and the wind on my face.

16h00: We approach our destination. We are in March, and the jungle is flooded. The captain decides to take a shortcut between the trees and the creepers. I don’t see any directional sign. Everything looks the same.

16h30: I can see the Palmarí reserve overlooking the shore as the sun begins to set. Hints of pink mingle with the dark blue of the sky.

17h00:After a cold shower, we settle in the common room. While sipping our welcome caipirinhas, we meet the team’s different members and our guide for the next few days! Valera is a local who lives in a small community 10 minutes away by boat. He seems to be in his late fifties, and he is so fit!

17h30: It is time to plan our program. Valera gives us a large folder with all the possible activities. 4 days will not be enough! We decide to leave tomorrow to spend the night in the jungle.

19h00: Valera invites us to join him for a short night walk. After 20 minutes, he asks us to turn off our flashlights. The darkness embraces us, and the jungle becomes noisy, worrying. Why is this Valera who has kept the machete? Then, small phosphorescent spots appear on the ground — like in the movies where policemen look for traces of blood with ultraviolet light. Valera explains that they are bioluminescent mushrooms. No, there was no murder in Palmarí.

20h00: Back to our cabin. I light a candle to clean my teeth and to install the mosquito nets around our beds.

03h00 am: I can hear the sound of paws going back and forth on our terrace…

A night out in the Amazon

06h00: The sun is already up and the noises come back. I realize it’s not a jaguar. Just a dog.

06h10: I sit in the hammock on the terrace. There is a thick mist lingering over the river and the surrounding trees. This does not seem to bother the inhabitants of the forest. A few howler monkeys give each other news by shouting, and the amphibians do a music battle with the birds to know who will win the next music award. In short, the Amazon wakes up, and it is thrilling.

07h00: There are 2 macaws on the wooden pontoon that leads to the common room. These two parrots were cared for and adopted by the Palmarí staff. They like to bite fingers. Never trust a parrot. 😀

07h30: I make a tour to the maloca (the dormitory) and then to the mirador. There are some hammocks and a swing at the top. It’s the perfect spot to finish my coffee.

09h00: Valera gathered all the necessary stuff for our night in the jungle: hammocks, plastic tarps, ropes, meals. We even took lemons and a small bottle of cachaça — to make caipirinhas.

09h15: Departure on foot from Palmarí.

11h00: The humidity makes me tired. Fortunately, there is a lot of space between trees, and we don’t need to cut our way through with the machete. All along, Valera shows us the different medicinal plants that the indigenous communities use regularly. We snack on small guava fruits recovered from the trees’ feet and even a kind of sweet rubbery sap. Damn, the mosquitoes found us. We set off again.

15h00: We finally reach the camp. It is a site that the guides of Palmarí use regularly. The grass has been cut, and wooden stakes allow us to install our mosquito nets easily.

15h15: I set up my cozy nest for the evening under Valera’s supervision. Everything must be perfect. It is not pleasant to be awakened in the night by a trickle of water running down your neck or by a family of bulimic mosquitoes.

16h00: Valera is already preparing the fire. On the way, he has collected copal, a resin that burns easily and for a long time.

16h30: I prepare the caipirinhas while Valera works his magic in the “kitchen”.

17h00: Let’s eat. Mosquitoes agree.

18h00: The night invites itself and our faces are only lit by the glow of the flames. The cachaça makes us chatty and we exchange some stories, the eyes riveted on the hypnotic waves of the fire.

19h30: I become Tom Cruise. My mission is to get back to my hammock quickly without inviting the other inhabitants of the forest.

Kayak, ceiba and piranhas

05h30: I open my eyes for the 8th time. This time the jungle wakes up too. The worrying noises of the night give way to the whistling of the birds.

07h00: We finish packing our things. The return will be easier. Today we go back by kayak!

07h30: We find the kayaks brought in the early morning by one of the boats from Palmarí. In 2 hours, we will be back at the reserve.

09h15: The sky darkens, and I suddenly hear a loud rolling sound of drums. What is it? Turning my head, I see a curtain of rain advancing towards us. The huge drops have already reached the left bank of the Amazon. The impact is imminent. 3. 2. 1. We are soaked.

9h45: We are back in Palmarí. The end of the trip was … super fun 🙂

12h00: It’s the end of lunch, and we want to do something rather relaxing. What could be better than going fishing for piranhas?

12h30: We jump on the boat with our fishing rods.

13h30: Valera comes close to a huge tree that stands out from the rest of the canopy. It is a ceiba. Its trunk rectligne and covered with ten thousand thorns is impressive.

15h30: The fishing is quite unsuccessful. Adrien is known to be a fishing black cat. Only the small piranhas are tempted by our pieces of chicken. They devour them in less than 15s but none of them bites our hooks with full teeth. It’s quite a technique to succeed in catching them. Valera: 6; Adrien: 1; Tom: 0!

Kayaking in the flooded jungle

07h30: We enjoyed kayaking so much that we want to repeat the experience before we leave. There is a magical atmosphere that is created when you navigate between the trees of the flooded jungle. Because of the dense vegetation, the current of the river disappears to give way to large stretches of calm and silent water. The sky and the trees are reflected in these natural mirrors and we let ourselves be carried away in a new universe. It is at this precise moment that I became aware of being in the Amazon. This feeling of being in a huge place, far from everything.

10h30: It’s time to leave. 4 days was really not enough to discover all that the Palmarí nature reserve has to offer.

Why book your Amazon jungle tour with Palmarí

Palmarí is not the only good local agency around Leticia. However, it is the only one that allows you to choose your activities from day to day.

And the rates are quite reasonable for this type of experience!

Before discussing numbers, let’s see the advantages of booking your stay in the Amazon with Palmarí.

1# Decide whenever you want for your Amazon experiences

Activities Palmari
Activities in Palmarí (explanation in the next section)

The Amazon is an unusual environment. You may have trouble knowing if you have the physical and mental capacity to sleep for 4 days in the middle of the jungle.

During your stay in Palmarí, you have the choice to plan your activities in advance or to decide once you are there.

Since you have your own guide, it is easy to modify your schedule according to the weather and your desires.

2# Everything is included in this Amazon experience

Credit: Palmarí

You have total freedom to organize your days as you wish. In any case, it will be included in your stay.

  • Transportation from Leticia to Palmarí.
  • Lodging + meal + drink
  • Private guide + translator if needed
  • All activities (except zipline)

3# The perfect compromise

équilibre palmari
Credit: Palmarí

You don’t need to survive 5 days in the jungle with a fishing rod and a machete to have a great Amazonian experience.

The most important thing is to get away from populated areas. You have to find that feeling of being alone in the world.

Palmarí is 2-3 hours by boat from Leticia!

Depending on whether you are with your family, your parents, or friends, you will have the opportunity to organize a stay that adapts to all. In any case, the Amazonian experience will be excellent.

4# A social commitment

Kids palmari
Credit: Palmarí

The Palmarí Nature Reserve works with the indigenous communities in the surrounding area. The guides and staff come from these villages. In the Palmari reserve, you will also find a small shop where you can buy handicrafts.

Palmarí also organizes donation drives for equipment and clothing.

How much does a stay in Palmarí cost


By dint of repeating myself, you will probably have understood it:

In Palmarí everything is included.

By the way, here is the list of activities.

  • Kayak, paddle, traditional canoe.
  • Dolphin watching.
  • Hiking in the jungle.
  • Traditional and/or sport fishing.
  • Canopying (with supplement).
  • Visit the semi-indigenous communities.
  • Handicraft workshop.
  • Bow and blowpipe.
  • Tree planting.
  • Night walk to see the luminescent mushrooms.
  • Sleeping in the jungle.
  • Extreme excursion of several days in the jungle.
  • Bird watching (including the harpy eagle).
  • Caiman watching.

Prices vary according to 3 criteria:

  • Type of housing
  • Number of persons
  • Length of stay

1# The rooms in Palmarí

There are 2 C lodges and 2 D lodges.

They all have a private shower and a private toilet.

The D lodges are “premium” because they are built in cement and there is (some) electricity.

2# Price examples for the lodges

To get the exact price, use our online form present on this page.

For the C Lodge:

  • 5 days / 4 nights / group of 2pers: 2 179 170 COP / PERS or 545 000 COP/Night/Pers
  • 5 days / 4 nights / group of 4pers: 1 752 560 COP / PERS or 438 140 COP/Night/Pers

For the D lodge:

  • 5 days / 4 nights / group of 2pers: 2 663 430 COP / PERS or 665 857 COP/Night/Pers
  • 5 days / 4 nights / group of 4pers: 2 179 170 COP / PERS or 544 792 COP/Night/Pers

Tip: Rates become even more interesting for stays of 7 days and longer.

3# The dorm or hammock option

If you have a limited budget, you can decide to sleep in the maloca (dormitory) or a hammock. There are common showers and toilets.

If you choose this option, you will have to:

  • To pay for the transport to arrive in Palmarí. The total amount changes according to the number of people (if a group of 2 people, then 133 Eur/pers for the round trip)
  • Book a minimum of 4 days.


  • In dormitory (meals, activities, and accommodation included): 120 Eur/pers/day.
  • In hammock (meals, activities, and accommodation included): 90 Eur/pers/day.

Book your Amazon Tour and get a 5% discount!

réserver booking

Are you interested in this adventure in the Colombian Amazon and would you like to contact Palmarí easily?

Nothing could be easier.

We have a partnership with the Palmarí nature reserve. Using our online form, you get:

  • 5% discount on your stay – (except for the hammock option).
  • Privileged contact with Palmarí. Receive an answer in less than 24 hours.

Good to know:

  • Palmarí has many bio-security protocols in place to protect visitors during this complicated period of COVID-19.
  • Palmarí is 2-3 hours by boat from Leticia, Brazil. Once in Leticia, a guide will accompany you to the immigration services (Brazil and Colombia). It is simple and fast.

Conditions of cancellation:
On behalf of the client
There is a 50% deposit to confirm the reservation. This deposit is not refundable. However, it is possible to change the dates of your stay for free (once) in case of cancellation due to COVID-19.

1# Easy steps to book your stay in the Amazon

  1. Click on the “Start” button on our form (this is point 2# 🔽).
  2. Answer the few questions (name, surname, dates, phone, etc.)
  3. You will receive an email from us to confirm that your request has been processed.
  4. Wait for Palmarí to contact you within 24 hours.
  5. You will then have to pay a 50% deposit to reserve your place. Payments by credit card and Paypal are allowed.
  6. Payment of the balance in cash or credit card at least 2 days before your arrival in Palmarí.

2# Our reservation form

Your questions about Colombian Amazon tours

Questions (1)

Do you still have questions about the Amazon and/or Palmarí?

You may find the answer in this section.

  1. How many days to enjoy the Amazon from Leticia?

    Consider staying at least 5 days to enjoy the Amazon. There are long boat rides and planes arrive/take off from Leticia in the middle of the day.

  2. Do you have to book a tour before you get to Leticia?

    No. It is easy to find a local agency once you are there. On the other hand, the internet speed is very low so I advise you to do your research before arriving in Leticia. Be ready to “lose” a day to be able to organize yourself.

  3. Are there any “illegal” agencies in Leticia?

    Yes. Usually, the agencies that offer the lowest rates have no insurance and the guides are simple locals who know the area around Leticia. I don't recommend it.

  4. How much does a trip to the Amazon from Leticia cost?

    This will depend on the activities you want to do. Count 115 – 160 USD per day if you plan to do several days of excursions in the jungle.

  5. Is there internet in Leticia?

    Yes, there is internet but the speed is very low.

  6. What are the best agencies to discover the Amazon from Leticia?

    Amazon Tour Leticia has a good reputation. Another option is to book an all-inclusive stay with an ecolodge. Calanoa and Palmarí are two excellent ecolodges. We have a partnership with Palmarí so you can get 5% off.

  7. What is the difference between Ciudad Perdida, Tayrona and the Amazon?

    The atmosphere. La Ciudad Perdida and Taryona are located in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. The Ciudad Perdida is the most famous 4-day trek in Colombia, and Tayrona is a very visited national park with beautiful beaches.

  8. Is Leticia a safe area?


  9. Is the water in Leticia drinkable?


  10. Is it possible to go to Puerto Nariño by yourself?

    Yes, by taking the public boat (3 departures per day). However, you will have to take a private boat if you want to go to Puerto Nariño the day you arrive in Leticia. Read the travel section – Part 1.

  11. Are there ATMs in Leticia and Puerto Nariño?

    Yes in Leticia. There are none in Puerto Nariño.

  12. Is it easy to find Amazon jungle tours in English?

    Yes, in Leticia.

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