Why Tomplanmytrip is the best online resource to plan your trip to Colombia & Mexico?

Adrien and Thomas Caño Canoas

We’re the expert. We’re your dream makers 😎

We’ve been traveling to Colombia since 2015, and Thomas lives in Colombia with Alejandra, his Colombian wife.

This allows us to stay up-to-date on the news in the country and the information we provide to our readers.

Every year, we spend several months (and thousands of euros) traveling in Colombia to discover new places, unique experiences, and high-quality local partners.

An original and reliable online travel guide

Tomplanmytrip is the 2.0 online travel guide for crafting a smart itinerary in Colombia.

It enables its readers to plan their adventures and also directly contact trustworthy local partners to organize unforgettable experiences.

We personally test the services of all the agencies we recommend to our readers.

We allow travelers to chat with our local partners before making their bookings. This has numerous advantages:

  • You can get firsthand information and personalized recommendations.
  • You can discuss specific requirements and preferences to tailor their experience.
  • It builds trust and establishes a direct connection with the local experts.
  • It enhances the overall travel planning experience, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable journey.
  • You have the assurance that the agency truly exists. No scams!
  • You benefit from our partners’ public prices. You will have direct access to their portfolios/websites. No hidden prices!

Why did we launch Tomplanmytrip?

During our travels in Latin America, we noticed that it was quite difficult to find the right information to fully enjoy our stay.

We love to travel slowly, immerse ourselves in the local culture, and benefit from insider tips at each stage of our journey. And unless you spend hours and hours scouring the internet or talking to other travelers, these valuable pieces of information are nearly impossible to obtain.

That’s why we share our knowledge, experiences, insider tips, and our love for these incredible countries: Colombia & Mexico.

  • Easily choose your favorite destinations.
  • Directly contact high-quality local agencies.
  • Explore lesser-known areas.
  • Quickly find the right information.
  • Discover the best hotels in Colombia.
  • Use our forms to book directly with local agencies.
  • Create a high-quality itinerary and travel like a local.

So, who is behind Tomplanmytrip?

It’s the incredible story of two Frenchies and one Colombian girl.

Who’s Thomas, aka Tom

Tulum (6)

Thomas Espeute, creator and co-manager of the website Tomplanmytrip. Responsible for creating all the content on the site as well as its technical management.

Who is Adrien?

Adrien Bergue, co-manager of the website Tomplanmytrip. Responsible for translating the website content into French, as well as handling development and maintaining relationships with our network of local partners.

I’m the kind of person who gets caught up in a project with a great friend, convinced by all their travel stories.

Thomas and I have known each other since the end of middle school. We have traveled extensively together, from Portugal to Argentina, passing through Spain, Belgium, France, Guatemala, and, of course, Colombia.

In 2017, we embarked on this crazy project to show the world just how fabulous Colombia is.

You can contact me at Adrien@tomplanmytrip.com and WhatsApp me at +33769869714

Who is Alejandra?

Dunas de Taroa La Guajira (3)

Alejandra Caly is responsible for translating the website into Spanish, managing digital content (photos, videos), and publishing all the content on the site.

Note: The Tomplanmytrip website is closely affiliated with the Colombian company Colombia Insider, of which Thomas and Adrien are also the owners and managers

Tomplanmytrip’s history and address

TomPlanMyTrip is a website and therefore does not have a physical address. However, it is closely affiliated with the company Colombia Insider, which is based in Colombia.

  • Colombia Insider Address: Carrera 43A # 1SUR – 188, Medellin, Colombia
  • Colombia Insider RUT: 901280235-2
  • Email address to contact us: support@tomplanmytrip.com

Key dates in the history of Tomplanmytrip:

We have already come a long way:

  • 2015: Thomas sets foot in Colombia for the first time.
  • 2016 – 2017: He works as a tour guide in Colombia.
  • 2017: Adrien and Thomas officially launch the Tomplanmytrip blog.
  • September 2018 to December 2019: Adrien and Thomas travel throughout the country to start developing a strong network of local partners and explore a significant portion of the country.
  • 2020: We are stuck in France due to COVID.
  • Summer 2021: Thomas returns to Colombia and continues to prospect in the country with his Colombian partner, Alejandra. He decides to settle in the country.
  • 2022: Thomas and Alejandra continue prospecting in Colombia and travel for a few months to Mexico.
  • Late 2022: Tomplanmytrip expands its online travel guide for Mexico but focuses only on a small area of the Yucatan. Colombia remains our preferred country.
  • 2023: Adrien returns to Colombia to search for new local partners and explore lesser-known areas that are not widely known to the public.

Tomplanmytrip’s commitments

“With great power comes great responsibility” – Spiderman.

How do we select our partners?

  • We analyze an area that has tourism potential.
  • We select profiles of local agencies that interest us (foreign languages spoken, types of activities offered, recommendations from other partners, etc.) and then contact them to try out their services.
  • If the provided service is of high quality and if the company is legally established, we add them to the website.

When we try out the services of a potential partner, we always pay at least the operational costs of the experiences we participate in. As a result, we remain free to recommend them or not without feeling indebted in any way.

Our opinion is never biased.

How do we select accommodations or activities that you can book on online platforms?

A thousand reviews are better than one.

For accommodations:

We only recommend accommodations in places we have visited. This way, we know the atmosphere of the city or village and the different neighborhoods we talk about.

Then, we spend dozens of hours studying all the reviews of the top-rated accommodations to synthesize the information and offer a selection of accommodations with different prices and atmospheres.

For activities:

When faced with several agencies offering the same type of activities, we carefully select the most suitable ones through a rigorous process.

Firstly, we test the experience ourselves to discover how it unfolds, highlight its strengths, and identify any pitfalls to avoid.

Then, we conduct a meticulous analysis of hundreds of reviews, allowing us to choose the most relevant agencies for the recommended activity.

Tourism in Colombia

It’s a great opportunity for the country, but we have to do it well.

Mass tourism in Colombia

We always have this dilemma in mind: promoting amazing destinations without spoiling them or making them overly touristy.

In tourist areas, we strive to find alternative or lesser-known experiences.

It is also to address this issue of mass tourism that we seek to promote new tourist destinations.

This helps distribute tourism more evenly throughout the country rather than it being concentrated almost exclusively in one area, as is currently the case with the Caribbean coast and Cartagena.

What about climate change?

Traveling is a lot more than taking boring selfies.


It is undoubtedly a sensitive topic. When we travel abroad, we inevitably contribute to greenhouse gas emissions.

One of the few ways to reduce our environmental impact while still traveling is to slow down and accept seeing fewer things.

Using public transportation, carpooling, and reducing domestic flights will also have a positive effect on your carbon footprint.

Purists may choose hiking, cycling, and sailing boats to explore a country.

Together, we can have a positive impact on Colombia

On other aspects, traveling abroad can have positive sides, especially when done responsibly.

Yes, it’s a trendy term, but there can be real stakes in the way we travel. For example, in Colombia, tourism can contribute to:

Generating a significant source of income for local communities in remote areas of the country

These areas have been somewhat neglected by the government. They need you. The San José Del Guaviare area is a good example. When the region was under the control of the FARC, the economy of San José Del Guaviare revolved mainly around coca cultivation. Today, the locals are trying to turn towards agriculture, livestock, and fishing. Unfortunately, the lack of infrastructure (particularly roads) hampers their competitiveness in transporting their goods. If the Colombian government does not address this issue, the development of these activities remains compromised. In this context, responsible tourism is a credible alternative for the economic development of the area. Fortunately, the natural wonders of this territory make it an incredible destination.

Protecting the environment by giving importance to a region, a nature reserve, or a particular area

The Llanos region illustrates this issue well. Families have pooled their lands to be considered as nature reserves. This contributes to the preservation of their environment against the petroleum or mining industries that have their eyes on these spaces. The abundant wildlife found in these reserves makes them highly attractive to tourists. In this context, tourism helps to promote and protect these areas even more from such devastating projects for the ecosystem. The same applies to Caño Cristales and the La Macarena mountain range natural park. There is said to be abundant oil in this part of Colombia.

Cultural enrichment for travelers interested in the country’s culture

The only solution for this is to interact as much as possible with the locals, especially by booking cultural tours.

Tomplanmytrip business model

Maintaining and updating an online travel guide like ours is a full-time job that involves three people.

The content on our website is free for our readers, and we monetize it through two sources of income:

  • Affiliate commissions: We earn a commission when you use our links to make bookings on online platforms such as Booking, Expedia, Viator, or GetYourGuide. You don’t pay extra because we are paid by deducting from the platform’s own commission. For example, if you book a hotel night for €100 through Booking, assuming Booking takes a 15% commission, the platform earns €15. It is on these €15 that Booking pays us a commission (between 20% and 40% of the amount), which amounts to €3 to €6.
  • Commissions from our partners: When a reader of the website contacts one of our partners (via one of our forms) and books their services, our partner pays us a commission based on the invoiced amount of the service. The price for the reader does not change whether they come from us or find the partner on their own. Our partners pay us by deducting from their margins. We provide them with visibility and customers, and they only compensate us when they make a sale. They benefit more from this arrangement than paying for advertising.

Your turn! It’s time to plan your Colombian or Mexican adventure

Now it’s time for you to start organizing your trip. Here are our different sections to assist you in this exciting project:

For Colombia:

  1. Destinations: Discover the diverse and captivating destinations Colombia has to offer, from vibrant cities to stunning natural landscapes.
  2. Itineraries: Find carefully crafted itineraries that suit various travel styles and durations, ensuring you make the most of your time in Colombia.
  3. Accommodations: Explore our selection of recommended accommodations, ranging from budget-friendly hostels to luxurious hotels, in popular tourist spots and off-the-beaten-path locations.
  4. Activities: Dive into a wide range of activities and experiences available in Colombia, including adventure sports, cultural tours, wildlife encounters, and more.
  5. Practical Information: Get essential information about visas, transportation, safety, currency, and other practical aspects to make your journey smooth and hassle-free.

For Mexico:

  1. Cancun is a popular beach resort destination known for its pristine turquoise waters and vibrant nightlife.
  2. Tulum has a relaxed and bohemian atmosphere, attracting travelers seeking a blend of natural beauty, cultural exploration, and eco-friendly experiences.

Do you have a question for us? You can contact us at the following address: support@tomplanmytrip.com

Have a great adventure in Colombia!

Thomas & Adrien.