The region of Boyaca and around is mostly located within the Eastern Cordilleras. Between the old indigenous civilization like the Muisca and the ferocious battles for independence, the place is full of history and tales. However, don’t expect to discover many ruins.

Boyaca offers many hikes possibilities, and it’s perfect if you want to escape the city of Bogota for a few days. Discover the fantastic paramo of Iguaque and Oceta and take on Playa Blanca Beach, in front of the vast Tota lake

Then wander among the narrow and shady streets of Mongui and Villa de Leyva, two lovely colonials towns. And take the occasion to buy local handicrafts in Raquira to bring back home. 


Our Colombia itineraries for visiting Boyaca


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Where To Travel In The Region Of Boyaca And Around

We spent more than 2 weeks in Boyaca. Learn about our favorite destinations in this region

  • Villa De Leyva

    Boyaca & Around

    Villa De Leyva

    Villa de Leyva is an authentic colonial town, 4 hours from Bogota. Streets are made with irregular cobblestones and inhabitants meet on the vast main square at night. Many Colombian tourists on weekends. Visit the market in Raquira, hike the Iguaque Paramo and discover the lovely Periquera waterfalls.
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  • Sogamoso

    Boyaca & Around


    Sogamoso is a city, 4-5 hours away from Bogota. The town itself has nothing extraordinary to offer. However, it’s a perfect Hub to discover the area. Hike the different Paramos, jump into the cold water of lakes and visit Mongui
  • Mongui

    Boyaca & Around


    Mongui is a lovely colonial town, 1 hour away from Sogamoso. Cobblestone streets and the beautiful main square, Mongui is mainly known for the Paramo de Oceta, a 6-8 hours hike through unforgettable landscapes. Start early and use or a guide.

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Top Things To Do In The Region Of Boyaca & Around

Here is a compilation of the best things to do in the region of Boyaca and around in Colombia:

  • Explore the Paramo de Ocetta
  • Take a sunbath near Laguna de Tota
  • Thermal baths in Paipa
  • Hike the Paramo de Iguaque
  • Visit the colonial towns of Mongui and Villa de Leyva
  • Rent a bike in Villa de Leyva and explore the surroundings
  • Do the handcraft market in Raquira
  • Rappelling at the Hoyo de la Romera


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Events In The Region Of Boyaca & Around

List of the main events in the Region of Boyaca and around in Colombia:

  • February: Astronomic Festival in Villa de Leyva
  • June: Grand Tomatina Colombia – Battles with ripe tomatoes – in Sutamarchan
  • July: Jazz Festival in Villa De Leyva
  • July: Iron and Sun Festival in Sogamoso
  • August: Fiesta Del Viento Y las Cometas -kite flying – in Villa De Leyva
  • October: Festival Nacional del Balon in Mongui
  • December: Festival de Luces – lights- in Villa De Leyva

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