The Boyaca region is mainly located in the Eastern Andes Cordillera. Boyaca is the cradle of an ancient indigenous civilization, called Muisca, and its mountains have witnessed many historic battles fought for the independence of Colombia.
This department is full of fascinating stories and legends, although very few remains are still visible.

Escape from the hustle and bustle of Bogotá to this region, which offers many hiking opportunities, such as the beautiful paramos of Iguaque and Oceta. Two ideal excursions to discover a unique and unusual ecosystem.

To rest from your excursions, stroll through the narrow and shady streets of Mongui and/or Villa de Leyva, two charming colonial villages. On the way back, stop in Raquira to buy a souvenir and discover the multitude of colorful shops selling handicrafts.

Where to travel in the Boyaca region

We visited Villa De Leyva and its surroundings for more than 10 days. Find our best tips for exploring each of the destinations below.

Articles about Boyacá

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