[NEW TRAVEL GUIDE] All About Minca, Casa Loma and Casa Elemento In Colombia

[NEW TRAVEL GUIDE] All About Minca, Casa Loma and Casa Elemento In Colombia

Do you know Minca in Colombia? Would you eat a great meal in Casa Loma?  Are you bored by the beach and the inactivity? It’s maybe time to get out of the routine: Book, Sleep in the sun, Sh** I burnt my back, Put the sunscreen when it’s too late, Hoping the sunscreen will work, Crying because it didn’t.

Fortunately, in Colombia, jungles and mountains are never too far.

The Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta is an isolated mountain separated by the Andes chain. There is the highest peak of all Colombia (5700m), named Simon Bolivar (What a surprise).

Don’t worry, you don’t need to go the top to enjoy the nature around. Just take a shared-bus from Santa Marta and go to a cute small town named: Minca in Colombia

Welcome to a green world with waterfalls, where the hippies are dancing naked on the table, and the yoga teachers are flying in the air (I’ve maybe a little exaggerated). Choose the hostel of your dream between the giant hammocks of Casa Elemento and the beautiful Casa Loma’s vibe family. And watch out for the birds and the coffee beans.


A white peak appears in the middle of the giant green maze. Trees are everywhere, making the jungle impenetrable, except for the winding road used by our bus. Minca is near, but it’s already late. Dom and I decided to not spend the night in Santa Marta, a touristic place with no interest. However, It’s a public holiday, and the bus terminal has decided to close a little earlier. So here we are, still with our swimming bath, on the side of the road on the outskirts of Santa Marta.


The 10 Reasons Why You Should Visit Minca, Casa Elemento and Casa Loma In Colombia

  1. They have an excellent bread (Yes, it’s the reason number 1)
  2. Giant hammocks in Casa Elemento
  3. Fantastic food in Casa Loma
  4. The view
  5. The sunset
  6. Birdwatching
  7. Coffee tour
  8. Chill vibe
  9. Tours without a guide
  10. Ride a motorbike.

The Backpacking Guide of Minca In Colombia: Table of Contents

  1. How to get to Minca, Colombia
  2. Casa Loma, Casa Elemento and others hostels in Minca 
  3. What activities to do around Casa Loma and Minca, Colombia
  4. Bird watching in Minca, Colombia
  5. Where to eat in Minca, Colombia
  6. When to visit Minca, Colombia
  7. How long should I stay Casa Loma, Colombia (Itinerary)
  8. How does Zona Cafetera compare to Minca, Colombia
  9. Where can you go after Minca, Colombia
    1. Lost city trek
    2. Tayrona park
    3. Santa Marta
    4. Costeno beach/ Brisa Tranquila/ El Rio
    5. Palomino
    6. Cartagena
  10. Conclusion 

You Deserve An Epic Adventure Too

You’ve just arrived at the bus terminal, and unfortunately, it’s closed. Your bus driver helps you to look around and found a motorcycle to bring you to Minca.

Hm, you are a little scared. In only 0.5 s,  you remember all the times you saw a driver playing with death by slaloming on the road.

Anyway, you don’t have 10 000 solutions. You put pants above your swimming short, and you ask:

– Vamos tranquilo y suave, dale? 

– si

They always say yes anyway.

At the back of the scooter, on a dark road lighted by orange public lights on the side, you feel the wind in your hair and your big backpack on your shoulder. The shape of the city of Santa Marta becomes smaller as you progressively arrive in Minca.

How To Travel To Minca And Casa Loma In Colombia


First, you need to get in Santa Marta. Then whistle and move your hips to get the attention of a Taxi.

Now, you have three options

Take me directly to Minca – #Fastest

It’s not too far from Santa Marta.

Price: 30 – 40 000 COP / 45 min


I would like to take a shared taxi – #Cheapest

From Minca, you can take a jeep in La Estacion de Minca’ at ‘Calle 11 con Carrera 12’ in ‘El Mercado. They leave when the jeep is full.

Price: 8000 COP / 45 min


Shit, it’s too late for the shared taxi

If you arrive in Santa Marta by bus and it’s after 7-8 pm, you have to take a moto-taxi or a cab to avoid sleeping in Santa Marta (Good choice!)

Price: 15 – 20 000 COP/ 25 min

More information on the trip Minca – Santa Marta.


Viewpoint in Casa Loma

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Where to Sleep in Minca: Casa Loma, Casa Elemento, And The Others Hostels

The town looks small, and you have no idea where you want to sleep. It’s late, so you decide to find a cheap and close hostel near the main place. It’s better to take a decision tomorrow in the morning.

Oh, look! A restaurant is doing laundry and hostel. They have hammocks available. Done!

It’s the early morning, and you wake up because of a horrible noise.

Click HERE to read the story

– Cocorico Cocorico Cocorico

OMG, what is that? After few seconds, you realize that your sleeping with a [email protected]#%ng rooster. You try to sleep a little more, thinking about a tasty MacChicken.

Anyway, it’s time to look around to find the perfect hostel for the next few days. And you have many choices !!!!

Good news, in Minca you have a lot of very cool places. Are you looking for something specific? An activity or a place to rest? How far are they from the center?

Let’s start with your needs:

Live on an eco-farm? You have the choice between Finca Carpe Diem and Mundo Nuevo

Be lost in the jungle surrounded by birds? El Dorado Nature Reserve

Watch the sunset on a giant hammock? Casa Elemento

The best vegetarian food of your life? Casa Loma

My favorite hostel? Casa Loma

However, most of these hostels are not in the center of Santa Marta. I wrote you below the descriptions and how far are they from the center.


Hospedaje Villa Silvia  (5 meters)

#Closest #Cheapest #Kitchen #Internet #NoBreakfast #Garden 

It’s in the center, directly on the main square. Access to garden and a river. You have few hammocks to relax. You have the option to put the tent, and you have access to the kitchen. It’s the cheapest of my selection.

Prices (Approximately):

  • Tent & Hammocks: 10 000 COP
  • Dorm: 25 000 COP
  • Private: 50 000 COP (2 people)


  • Tel: 313 521 2378


Casa Colibri (50 stairs, 5 minutes)

#Closest #Cheapest #NoGarden #Internet #NoBreakfast #NoKitchen 

A little above the main square, Casa Colibri is a simple and nice hostel. You also have some very cute wood cabanas with a nice view.

Prices (Approximately):

  • Dorm: 25 000 COP
  • Private: 60 000 COP (Max 2 persons)
  • Private: 75 000 COP (Max 3 persons)
  • Private: 90 000 COP (Max 4 persons)

Contact: Email: [email protected]

Find Out The Best Prices On Booking // Find Out The Best Prices on Hostelworld


Casa Loma, Colombia (200 stairs, 10 minutes)

#Nice View #Great food #CoolHangoutArea #NoKitchen #NoInternet #CoolVibes #Barbecue #GreatStaff #NoBreakfast

Come to Casa Loma and learn again how it is to socialize with the people without your phone in your hand. Enjoy a cocktail while watching the sunset. Surrounded by nature, read a book in your hammock and wait for a great vegetarian dinner. The staff is lovely! Casa Loma is one my favorite hostel in Colombia.

Casa Loma Minca Hostel Colombia

Find Out The Best Prices on Booking // Find Out The Best Prices on Hostelworld

Prices (Approximately):

  • Tent: Around 15 000 COP – You need your tent
  • Hammock: Around 18 000 COP
  • Dorms: Around 30 000 COP
  • Private: Around 90 000 COP – Depend on your cabanas
  • Dinner: 18 000 COP

How to get there: 

Pass the church entrance, follow the road and turn left when it’s possible. From there, walk in the direction of Casa Colibri. Casa Loma is a hundred (a little more) stairs later


Mundo Nuevo (4 km, 45 min hiking or 20 min motorbike)

#EcoFarm #GreatView #Greatfood #Quiet #Lost #NoKitchen  #Internet #NoBreakfast

Come and learn a little more about the permaculture. Built on an old coffee farm, you will eat all the vegetables from the garden. With all the activities around, you will not go back often to Minca. The food is good, and the view from the toilette is memorable. It’s a quiet place.

mundo nuevo hostel Minca Colombia


Find Out The Best Prices on Booking //  Find Out The Best Prices on Hostelworld


  • Dorm: 35 000 COP
  • Private: 70 000 up to 100 000 COP (2 persons)
  • Private: 120 000 COP (3 Persons)
  • Dinner: 20 000 COP

How to get there: 

You can hike for 45 min from Minca. Turn left at the police station when you are arriving at Minca and follow the road on 4 km. The road is steep!!!


You can take a moto taxi near the bridge in Minca for 20 000 COP

Amy and Andrew loved their stay in Mundo Nuevo!

Casa Elemento, Colombia (2h30 walking or 30 min Motorbike)

#GiantHammocks #Fiesta #NoKitchen #AlmostNoInternet #Niceview #FamousHostel #Goodfood #SometimeSwimmingPool #NoBreakfast

The most famous hostel in Minca. Casa Elemento had the great idea to set up one giant hammock above the edge where you can observe the sunset. Surrounded by nature and coffee farm, Casa Elemento is a place to relax and drink some beers with friends. And because it’s well-known, I would recommend you to book in advance. It’s more “party hostel” than the others. I’m not a fan of their accommodation. Too successful? The food is tasty.


  • Hammock: 25 000 COP (No Mouskito net)
  • Dorm: 40 000 COP
  • Private: 150 000 COP (2 persons)
  • Dinner: 18 000 COP

Casa Elemento Hostel Minca

 Find Out The Best Prices

How to get there:

From town center head right past the church and then the soccer field. Follow this road onward and upwards past Marinka Waterfalls. The path is easy to follow. Read the signs! You will need around 2h30 min…


30 min in Moto taxi from the center of Minca. It’s a little bumpy 😉


It should be possible to book a jeep if you are scared of the Motorbike. Ask directly to the hostel. The price should be around 100 000 COP. 1 hour.

Carpe Diem (In Paso del Mango! – 20 min from Bonda)


#Campfire #InTheMiddleOfTheNature #TakeSomeCash #FamillyTime #Excursions #Pool #Sunset #AlmostNoInternet #NoBreakfast #HappyLunchAndDinner

Carpe Diem is in Paso del Mango – a tiny Minca – in the Sierra Nevada. The hostel is in the middle of nowhere, and they organize for your excursions to the waterfalls, etc. There is a pool and friendly staff with some crazy cats. You can bring your food and cook or eat in the restaurant. Thre is a mosquito net for the beds but bring your repellent 🙂

carpe diem hostel paseo del mango


Find Out The Best Prices on Booking  // Find Out The Best Prices on Hostelworld


  • Dorm: Around 30 000 COP
  • Private Room: Starting from 90 000 COP

How to get there:

  • Take a bus from Santa Marta to Bonda: 1600 COP
  • Then take a moto taxi to Carpe Diem: 12 000 COP / 20 min


Yep, It’s a lot of information. Let’s try to visualize them on an Ugly map

Map MINCA - Colombia

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Things To Do Around Minca And Casa Loma 

Click HERE to read the story


Minca is in the Sierra Nevada. The town is tiny and You almost don’t need a map to find your way.

You climb the stairs to go to Casa Loma. Someone told you it was 100 steps; you realize it’s more around 200.

Again a lie!!! 

It’s a painful exercise because you’re carrying your backpack. Maybe the two beers Aguila would have been a better choice instead of a six-pack.

Fortunately, after 5 min you arrive with your beers already empty. A friendly member of the staff welcomes you with a big glass of water. After five deep breaths, you give a glance at the place.

OMG, Casa Loma is gorgeous. The 5 min climbing session is definitively worth it.

You take a cold beer, a seat and you look at the infographic of TomPlanMyTrip for the activities around Casa Loma.


Las Cascadas de Marinka

Two waterfalls, one of whom with a natural pool. You are surrounded by nature, and it’s easy to find. There is a restaurant. After 3 pm, it should be less touristy.

Price: 4 000 COP for the entrance

Time: 1 hours walking or 15 min by Moto Taxi


Cascadas In Minca Activity
Las Cascadas

Pozo Azul

Pozo Azul is the main activity in Minca, Colombia. Like Las Cascadas, it can be crowdy during the weekend. You have two main pools (You can jump from the 2nd one). I like it. On the way, you can go to a grill restaurant (Asedero Camarita)! They give you some funny green plants for dessert.

Price: Free

Time: 40 min walking

TIPYou can follow the river after the 2nd natural pool. There is almost nobody. The path is lovely and you will discover a last secret pool! It’s 10 min walking.

Pozo Azul in Minca
Pozo Azul in Minca


Las Piedras

It’s the closest river spot from the city. Take your swimming short and relax on the rocks.

Price: Free

Time: 5-10 min walking from the center


Los Pinos Trek

It’s a viewpoint of the Sierra Nevada, Santa Marta and the sea. Sometimes, if you are lucky, you can see the snow peaks of the highest mountains of Colombia.

You can walk all the way from Minca, Colombia to Los Pinos and come back by another path (It’s a loop). In my opinion, it’s not worth it to walk all along because you follow a road. A good option is to take a moto taxi to El Campano then walk. You will save 3-4 hours.

On the way, you can stop at Pozo Azul (If you don’t take the motorbike), Casa Elemento and Las Cascadas


  • Motorbike to El Campano: 8 – 10 000 COP
  • Casa Elemento: 10 000 COP for the entrance
  • Cascadas: 4 000 COP


  • 5-7 hours if you are only walking to Los Pinos from Casa Loma and come back
  • 6-8 hours if you are taking the motorbike and you stop at Casa Elemento and Las Cascadas
  • More than 10 hours if you are only walking and you want to do all the activities on the way

TIP: Take water, hat, rain jacket, etc…

Take a picture with the giant hammocks – Casa Elemento

There is the biggest hammock of Colombia in Casa Elemento hostel. It’s above the edge, with an astounding view of the valley, particularly for the sunset.


  • Entrance for the visitors: 10 000 COP – 1 beverage included
  • Moto-taxi one way: 20 000 COP

Time: You can sleep in Casa Elemento

  • 3 hours walking from Minca Or 30 min by moto-taxi
Coffee farm in Minca
Coffee farm in Minca

Family farm – La Victoria

If you want to visit a coffee farm still working with all the original machines, it’s there! You don’t need to book a tour. Go by yourself, and they will find someone to show you the propriety. It’s 60 min after Pozo Azul, uphill. It’s on the left.


  • Tour in the coffee farm: 10 000 COP
  • Moto-taxi: 8000 COP – 1 way


  • 1.5 hours walking up or 50 min walking down
  • 20 min in Moto Taxi
  • Duration of the tour: 1.5 h
View from Los Pinos Minca
View from Los Pinos

Cerro Kennedy

It’s THE best viewpoint of all the area. Unfortunately, you need be there for the sunrise otherwise it’s often cloudy. It’s possible to sleep the night at San Lorenzo hostel or take a moto-taxi early in the morning (Around 4 am).

If you plan to do it, the best is to speak with Casa Loma. They can help you to organize your trip and choose the best option.

It’s also possible to rent a motorbike for the day in Minca.


  • Night in Lorenzo: Around 30 000 COP – Bring your food
  • Moto taxi: 100 000 COP


Two days Trek walking


Two hours by Moto taxi (1 way) – bumpy ride

More information:



TIP: Cerro Kennedy is at an altitude of 2 800m. Take warm clothes

Pozo Azul Activity Minca
Pozo Azul

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A Special Activity In The Lorenzo Reserve: Bird Watching


There are 1900 species of different birds in Colombia. It’s 20% of the total number of species on the planet! It’s insane.

And, lucky you. The Sierra Nevada is one of the best places to observe them: 635 species have been recorded in this small area (only 1.5% of Colombia)

You have better chance to see birds are at sunrise or sunset and you need a binocular 😉

There are many options to observe this incredible birds:

  • You can decide to walk a full day around Minca
  • You can sleep directly in the Reserve, in El Dorado
  • You can go to the ridge of San Lorenzo. It’s easier to start from Casa Elemento

Names of the birds on the link below:


You have a lot of explanation about the different bird reserves on the website below:


More information about San Lorenzo Ridge: Click here

Bird watching – Day trip from Minca

Jungle Joe is a great option. He knows a lot about nature around, and you can be sure to see a lot of animals. It’s possible to book other activities also

Price: 30 000 COP Each – 2 persons minimum

Time: 3 hours

More informationhttp://www.junglejoeminca.com/adventures/birdwatching

El Dorado

There is the option to sleep in the Reserve. The hostel is well equipped, the staff friendly, the food delicious, the view astounding and birds everywhere. Yes, it’s paradise, a perfect place for a honeymoon. However, paradise has a price.


  • From 180$ for a private room (3 person max) with the entrance of the park and the 3 meals included!
  • Transport to get to El Dorado from Minca: 80$ – one way
  • Transport to get to El Dorado from Barranquilla: 280$ – one way
  • Transport to get to El Dorado from Cartagena: 350$ – one way

Time: I advise to stay minimum two nights

Contact: Booking now


Let’s draw a map of the different activities in Minca


Map of the activities in Minca, Colombia
Map of the activities in Minca, Colombia

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Where To Eat In Minca


Most of the hostels in Minca, Colombia that I recommended you have their own chef and the food is delicious (Casa Loma, Casa Elemento, etc.). However, you can decide to save money by eating outside or have a snack. All the restaurants are near the center of Minca.

I nicely remind the center is 2cm square, so they are easy to find ;). It’s time to practice a little your Spanish with Right, Left; I’m lost, Please mum helps me, Oh cool it’s here!

The bakery (With bread coming directly from heaven)

You have two amazing bakeries where you can buy bread and hummus. Sometimes, simple things are the best. Don’t forget to try their chocolate bread!!!

Price: Around 6 500 for the bread + Hummus


Tasty Italian food: Pizza, Pasta. They have local beers, cocktails and excellent juices!

Price: From 10 000 to 23 000 COP

Lazy cat

Fantastic homemade hamburgers, quesadillas, and mojitos. Don’t try the Wok; you risk to become an addict.

Price: From 12 000 COP

Casa Cristy

Good hamburgers and meat. Higher standing.

Price: From 15 000 COP for the burger and 30 000 COP for the meat.

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When To Visit Minca, Colombia And Casa Loma


I always say that the raining season in Colombia it’s not “omg, I can feel gills growing on my body”. However, around Minca, it’s better to know a little the seasons.

Mid-December to April: Dry season – It’s the perfect time to visit Minca

May and June: It’s humid, and it can rain frequently

July and August: A lull period in the raining season. It alternates between rain and the sun

September to November: You are becoming an Octopus. It’s great because you have eight arms, but you’re leaving in the water. Usually, You can still do some activities in the morning

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How Long Should I Stay In Minca – Ideas of Itineraries


#Relax #Nature #Birdslover #Yogastudent

Are you traveling as fast than Flash Gordon in Colombia? You can pass your way. Minca is a place that you need to enjoy slowly.

In my opinion, you like this area because of nature around, the yoga vibe floating in the air,  awesome hostels and unicorns.

It’s an ideal stop after a long beach/city session between Bogota/Cartagena/Santa Marta.


Morning: Arrival from Santa MartaChoose your hostel in Minca

Afternoon: Rest in Casa Loma, Expedition in Minca, the fantastic combo Hummus/bread and Las Piedras


Morning: Departure for the Big Expedition! Los Pinos, Giant Hammock, Las Cascadas

End of the afternoon: You need some rest, mark your territory in a hammock of Casa Loma

Evening: Restaurant in Town


Morning: Departure to Pozo Azul

Lunch: On the way back, you eat at the grill restaurant Asedero Camarita

Afternoon: If you’ve stopped at la Camarita, you should be high by now. You fight with pillows to recuperate your hammock from a German hippie


You said last night you were leaving today. Unfortunately, you became friend with the German hippie. You decide to stay one more day in Casa Loma


You’re going to Tayrona Park with Helmut. You know you’re taking a risk because you will have to fight each night for your hammock.Whatever, it’s a cool dude


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How Does Zona Cafetera Compare to Minca, Colombia


Minca will be your best chance to drink an organic Coffee made by indigenous tribes of Kogi and Arhuaco. They use traditional machines and try to produce the coffee in harmony with nature (Natural Energy, sustainable farming network).

Micky and Claudia are the owners of La Victoria. They are doing their best to give a great organic coffee, and you can visit their farm.

You can read a great article on National Geographic


Zona Cafetera

After a major coffee crisis, a lot of small coffee producers appear in the department of Antioquia and around. It’s become the Zona Cafetera (It’s a triangle between Armenia, Peirera, and Manizales). Most of the coffee of Colombia is produced in this area.

You have the choice between a lot of differents Finca if you wish to visit a coffee farm. Salento is the most well-known town in the region, and the ambiance is different from Minca. Colourful wall, colonial town, tourists everywhere and a mix of big and small farms.

The Character Juan Valdez “is born” in the advertisements for the National Federation of Coffee Growers

You can read a comprehensive article about the evolution of the coffee production in the Cafetera Region

Meal Casa Loma hostel MInca
Breakfast in Casa Loma

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Where To Go After A Great Stay In Casa Loma, Minca


As you are already in la Sierra Nevada, you are close to lots of lovely spots!

Check out our selection of hostels and hotels near Santa Marta and Tayrona

The Lost City Trek


Do you want an adventure in the Jungle? Live with the insects and the monkeys?

In this case, you should maybe think about doing the Lost City Trek. You have to go with a group and a guide (There is no single Indian Jones option). You can book a tour in Minca/Palomino/ Santa Marta

It’s a 4 or 5 days trek through the jungle to discover Indigenous ruins and animals. I told you directly; the ruins are not fantastic (Only terraces)

Would like to know how it looks like? Check the great article from ExplorationJunkie about the Lost City Trek. Beautiful pictures and a virtual tour!

Also, if you’re looking for more information, you should read the best report about the lost city, Colombia. Kristen did a great job with her detailed guide.

Small points:  The ruins are not great (Only terraces). You should do it only if you are excited to do a trek in a jungle.

Price: Around 750 000 COP 

Time: 4 or 5 days – 75 km

Five companies certified:  Guías Y Baquianos, Magic Tour, ExpoTour, Wiwa Tours, Turcol Travel


Take a repellent and a rain jacket

It’s better to do it during the dry season (December to March – July to August). You have less water when you’re crossing the rivers


Tayrona Park 

Are you looking for amazing beaches? Monkeys? Do you want to a trek of few days by yourself?

Doing all of that in the Tayrona Park is possible.

You can decide to let your big bag in a hostel in Minca or Santa Marta. Hiking with all your stuff would be stupid.

You will find food and water at the main camps (Cabo San Juan, Playa Brava, etc.)

My best advice is to start by Calabazo entrance (you need to ask the bus driver to stop there otherwise he will go directly to the main entrance) and make a loop of 2-3 days.

How to get there: Take the collectivo in Minca and get out at “la Bomba”. It’s the entrance of Santa Marta, and you will be able to take a bus to Tayrona

Price and Time:

  • Collectivo to la Bomba: 8000 COP / 45 min
  • Bus Bomba to Tayrona 7000 COP / 1 hour

Park entrance: 42 500 COP

The best detailed-guide for Tayrona: All the Tayrona Colombia’s Secrets and tips in one article

Tayrona Colombia Park

Santa Marta 

I’ m not a big fan of this city. There is no interest to visit it. However, sometimes is necessary to get there to organize your expeditions (To let your big bag, take a shower, have internet, etc.). Be careful at night in Santa Marta.

How to get there: Take the collectivo/moto taxi in Minca (From 7 am to 6 pm). The car will leave when it’s full

Price and time: 8000 COP / 45 min

Where to sleep:

There are four good hostels in Santa Marta – Read our full list of the best hostels around Santa Marta and Tayrona

The dreamer

It’s a small paradise outside of Santa Marta (Perfect if you don’t want to deal with the city). Great food, swimming pool, bar! In short, you don’t want to go out.

The Dreamer - Santa Marta

Find Out The Best Prices


Masaya hostel

High standing for a medium price with a friendly staff. It’s in the center of Santa Marta. Tasty food and amazing swimming pool. It’s perfect to relax after a trek in La Sierra Nevada.

Masaya hostel Santa Marta

Find Out The Best Prices

Mango Tree

A nice hostel for one of the best price you can find in Santa Marta, Especially for a private room. Be careful around the hostel at night.

Mango tree hostel Santa Marta

Find Out The Best Prices

La Brisa Loca

The perfect party hostel but not to have a good night sleep. Amazing rooftop and bars with an evil wheel. Spin it and try to win a free shot. If you miss, you have a shitty mission.

Brisa loca hostel Santa Marta

Find Out The Best Prices


Costeno Beach/ Brisa Tranquila/ El Rio 

Do you want to chill at the beach and do nothing? Eat a delicious meal while your feet are playing in the water? Between Santa Marta and Palomino, There are many hostels on the coast to grant your dreams. You should think to take a repellent; you’re in nature 😉

How to get there: Take the collectivo in Minca and get out at “la Bomba”. It’s the entrance of Santa Marta, and you will be able to take a bus to Tayrona

Prices and time:

  • Collectivo to la Bomba: 8000 COP / 45 min
  • Bus Bomba to your hostel: Around 7000 COP / 1 hour



Do you want to relax at the beach and do quick/chill activities? Do some tubing on a river with a beer in your hand?

Stop at Palomino!

How to get there: Take the collectivo in Minca and get out at “la Bomba”. It’s the entrance of Santa Marta, and you will be able to take a bus to Tayrona

Prices and time:

  • Collectivo to la Bomba: 8000 COP / 45 min
  • Bus Bomba to your hostel: Around 8000 COP / 1.5 hour

Don’t forget to read our Practical guide about Palomino


Do you want to explore an old city center? Eat in good restaurants? Explore a big city?

You should go to Cartagena

How to get there:

  • Take the collectivo/moto taxi in Minca (From 7 am to 6 pm). The car will leave when it’s full
  • Go to the bus terminal and take a bus to Cartagena

Price and Time:

  • Collectivo to Minca 8000 COP / 45 min
  • Taxi: Around 5000 COP
  • Bus to Cartagena: Around 25 000 COP / 4.5 hours

Do you want to know more about Cartagena? I wrote a detailed guide to visit the city in 48 hours!

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Conclusion About Minca And Casa Loma


Minca in Colombia will stay in my heart because of Casa Loma, and I’m not the only one to say that.

It’s a great stop if you want to be deeper in nature, chill and have the feeling to be like home. You learn about organic coffee, do some easy day trek to have a swim and take the perfect selfie on a giant hammock (All your friend will be jealous, and you will receive thousands of likes)

If you are a bird’s lover, you can do a tour in the El Dorado reserve and even sleep there if it’s in your budget.

Or, you can decide to do a two days trek to Cerro Kennedy and have a fantastic view of the sunrise.

Walk away from the beaches and come to swim naked in the river (Optional)


Views from los pinos Minca
Direction Los Pinos!

Essentials about Minca in Colombia

Time in Minca: 4 days

Budget a day: 70 000 COP

Weather: Humid

Best time to visit: Mid-December to April; July to August

Backpacker Profile: Hippie looking for birds and nature

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Why Colombia is safe now

The Bible for Backpacking in Colombia

24 interesting facts to reassure your Grand’Ma

40 reasons that made me fall in love with Colombia 

Did you enjoy your stay in Minca, Colombia? Are you ready for a trek by yourself in the jungle? Follow me to the Tayrona Park of Colombia!






Minca Colombia Casa Loma Casa Elemento

Information Minca Casa Loma cOLOMBIA


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Life is short and should be a fun game. So, I quitted my job to do what I like the most: Traveling. Then I fell in Love with Colombia.


  1. Looks like a great place. I visited Colombia last year and just loved it! However, I didn’t make it to the Caribbean coast. It’s still on my list, though- yet another reason to return to Colombia in 2019, maybe. Cool information on Minca!

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