The East Caribbean Coast of Colombia is well-known for the foreigners and Colombians. Many tours offer their services to help the travelers to discover the different places around. There is a wide range of accommodations, tours, and restaurants. However, prices increase a lot during the high season (from December to February).

Enjoy a fantastic sunset from the city wall in Cartagena de Indias and sunbath on a lovely white beach in Rosario’s islands

Once in Santa Marta, organize different expeditions to find out the secrets of the Sierra Nevada. Look after the ruins throughout the Lost city, observe hundreds of colorful birds in Minca and explore the famous Tayrona National Park. 

Then relax a couple of days in Palomino before traveling to the desert of La Guajira and the northernmost point of Colombia.

We also uncovered unknown places during our last expedition on the Caribbean Coast. Scroll down to find out!


Colombia itineraries on The Caribbean Coast:


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Where To Travel On The Eastern Caribbean Coast

  • Cartagena de Indias

    East Caribbean Coast

    Cartagena de Indias

    Cartagena de Indias is a famous city with a marvelous old center, flowered balconies, colorful streets, and yummy ceviches. Plan an expedition to Palenque or La Boquilla, stay on the islands around and have a drink while watching the sunset on the city wall and learn how to dance like a true Colombian.
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  • Rosario Islands

    East Caribbean Coast

    Rosario Islands

    From Isla Baru to Isla Grande, the Rosario Islands are the favorite destinations for travelers wishing to sunbathe on white sandy beaches. Tours leave every morning from the dock in Cartagena. However, it will be more enjoyable if you decide to do it by yourself and sleep for 1 or 2 nights on the islands.
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  • Santa Marta

    East Caribbean Coast

    Santa Marta

    Santa Marta is a major touristic hub on the Caribbean Coast to explore the different highlights like Tayrona & Minca. Nothing is exciting to visit in the city. However, you can travel to the secluded beaches around like Playa Cinto or Bahia Concha, eat in delicious restaurants in Parque de Los Novios or find parties in the centers. Be cautious at night, it's a bit dodgy after 10 pm.
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  • Tayrona National Park

    East Caribbean Coast

    Tayrona National Park

    Wander without a guide in the National Park of Tayrona for a couple of days. Follow the different trails passing through the jungle, sleep in hammocks and discover fantastic beaches surrounding by massive boulders. Tayrona Park is highly visited on weekends and public holidays. I recommend you to start hiking early in the morning.
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  • Minca

    East Caribbean Coast


    Minca is a quiet little town surrounding by lush vegetation in the Sierra Nevada. Take a quick dip in the waterfalls around, visit an organic coffee and cacao farm, observe rare birds in the San Lorenzo Reserve, plan a hike to Cerro Kennedy to observe the sunrise on the snowy peaks and enjoy an epic sunset from the giant hammock in Casa Elemento.
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  • Paso del Mango

    East Caribbean Coast

    Paso del Mango

    Paso del Mango is a secret place hidden in the Sierra Nevada. It's not easy to get there as you have to hike from Minca or take a moto-taxi from Bonda. Get there if you like to embrace nature without the other travelers from Minca. There are enough activities to stay for a couple of days: birds, waterfalls, coffee and cacao tours, natural reserve.
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  • Palomino

    East Caribbean Coast


    Palomino is a little backpacker town with many hostels located on both sides of one long dirt road. It's quiet at night. Get a delicious breakfast on the beach, go down the river on an inner-tube, and grab a cold beer for sunset. The waves are strong, and the beach is tiny. Stay in Dibulla if you want to chill and relax.
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  • Dibulla

    East Caribbean Coast


    Palomino is over-crowded by legions of backpackers. Be smarter than others and travel 40 min more on the coast to reach a hidden beach town called Dibulla. You won't find many accommodations, but the ones we've visited were excellent. Rivers, Horse-ridding, fishing & beach sessions.
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  • La Guajira

    East Caribbean Coast

    La Guajira

    Cabo de la Vela is a city in the middle of the La Guajira desert. The climate offers awesome conditions for Kitesurfing. Visit the beaches around, listen to the silence of the desert, observe a fantastic sunset from the lighthouse and organize an expedition to the northernmost point of South America in Punta Gallinas.
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Top Things To Do On The East Caribbean Coast Of Colombia

Here is a compilation of the best things to do on the East Caribbean Coast Of Colombia:

  • 2 or 3-days tours to the northernmost point of Colombia, Punta Gallinas
  • Watch the sunset from El Faro in Cabo de la Vela
  • Take kitesurfing lessons in Cabo de la Vela
  • Do tubing in Palomino 
  • Explore the lost city in the Sierra Nevada
  • Chill at fantastic hostels on the Caribbean Coast
  • Hike to Cerro Kennedy from Minca
  • Sleep in the bird reserve in San Lorenzo
  • Look for birds and monkeys in Tayrona National Park
  • Pass your Open Water Certification in Taganga
  • Wander among the colorful alleyways in Cartagena
  • Party on Isla Cholon
  • Perfect your suntan on gorgeous islands

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Events On The East Caribbean Coast

List of the main events on the East Caribbean Coast of Colombia:

  • January: Storyland – Electro Festival – in Santa Marta
  • February or March: Carnival in Barranquilla 
  • The beginning of March: Festival International de Cine de Cartagena De Indias
  • April: Vallenato Festival in Valledupar
  • End Of May: Wayuu Festival – Wayuu are indigenous from Colombia. They celebrate their culture with dance, handcrafts technique and food.
  • November: Independence day and Miss beauty in Cartagena 
  • November: Electronic Arts Festival in Barranquilla

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