Isla Fuerte

Isla Fuerte is an island on the west coast of the Caribbean that was once home to pirates and drug traffickers. Fortunately, it is now Colombian tourists and a few curious backpackers who have taken the place of the outlaws.

Even though Isla Fuerte is only 20 minutes by boat from the Colombian coast, few travelers are aware of its existence. A small village of about a hundred houses and shops has developed around the tourist port, which is nothing more than a small pontoon made of wooden planks.

As in Capurgana, time has little influence on Isla Fuerte. All travel is done on foot or with a donkey’s help when transporting goods. On the other hand, a large majority of the island is privatized, and you won’t be able to roam everywhere. A few basic hotels and eco-lodges are scattered not far from the village.

Isla Fuerte is the ideal place if you want to rest and disconnect from the modern world. However, you will need to come with a relaxed attitude if you want to enjoy it to the fullest. There are always unexpected things on an island, and you have to be able to deal with them. Water and electricity cuts can occur and do not rely on the internet to work online.

Anyway, there are some nice activities to keep you busy:

  • Discover the different small beaches
  • Look for the sloths
  • Organizes a diving trip
  • Go and admire the different trees on the island. Some of them are very special

Note: There is no ATM on Isla Fuerte!

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Getting to Isla Fuerte?

From Capurgana to Isla Fuerte:

  1. Take the boat at 1o am to Necocli | | Martima El Caribe | 1h30
  2. Take a van Necocli to Monteria | 3 hours
  3. Bus Monteria to Lorica. Stay the night as it can be complicated to find a boat to Isla Fuerte at the end of the day | Sotracor | 1h30
  4. Taxi or bus from Lorica to Paso Nuevo | 45 min
  5. Boat Paso Nuevo to Isla Fuerte. | 20 min

From Rincon del Mar to Isla Fuerte:

  1. Moto-taxi to San Onofre | 30 min
  2. Bus from the San Onofre terminal to Lorica. You may have the change in Sincelejo or in Tolu | 2 – 3 hours
  3. Taxi or bus from Lorica to Paso Nuevo | 45 min
  4. Boat Paso Nuevo to Isla Fuerte. | 20 min

From Cartagena to Isla Fuerte: 

  1. Bus from Cartagena to Lorica | Expreso Brasilia | 4 hours
  2. Then follow the instructions above

From Medellin to Isla Fuerte: 

  1. Fly from Maria Cordoba airport to Monteria | Avianca & Viva Air | 1 hour |
  2. Bus Monteria to Lorica. Stay the night in Lorica if you arrive late | Sotracor | 1h30
  3. Taxi or bus from Lorica to Paso Nuevo | 45 min
  4. Boat Paso Nuevo to Isla Fuerte. | 20 min

Or you can take a bus from the North terminal in Medellin to Monteria – Schedule | Rapido Ochoa | 11 hours

From Bogota to Isla Fuerte:

  1. Take a flight from Bogota to Monteria | Viva Air, Avianca & Latam | 1h15 | 
  2. Then follow the instructions above

Where's the port?

We can’t really talk about the port of Isla Fuerte, but rather about a dock. You’re bound to get there, you can’t go wrong.

Table of Contents – Isla Fuerte

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Where to stay on Isla Fuerte?

You will find some very basic hotels in the village, with a small fan (if you are lucky). Most of these accommodations are not on the internet. The prices are a bit higher than on land. If you want more comfort (and silence), you will have to book an eco-lodge.

  • La Playita

    Hostel - $$

    La Playita

    It's a place to meet other travelers. There is a bar, restaurant, and a small private beach. Rudimentary rooms.
    Get the best price
  • Isla Fuerte

    Eco-lodge - $$$

    Isla Fuerte

    The rooms are fairly basic but the facilities are top-notch. Good restaurant and helpful staff. Great location.
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  • Eco-house Fuerte

    Eco-lodge - $$$

    Eco-house Fuerte

    Rooms built ( stylishly ) in bamboo. Pleasant atmosphere, with good facilities to enjoy the place.
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Things to do on Isla Fuerte?

There's no local agency on Isla Fuerte. All inhabitants can offer their service to round off their month-end. However, it is quite easy to walk between the different tourist points following the directions given by your hotel. The 3 establishments mentioned in this guide offer their own tours to help you discover the island and its surroundings.

  • Trees

    2-3 hours | $


    There are some pretty amazing trees on Isla Fuerte. Look for el arbol que camina, el tun tun, la Bonga or the mangroves.
  • Beach San diego

    X hours | $

    Beach San diego

    It is the most beautiful beach of Isla Fuerte, 15 min walk from the village. It is the perfect spot to watch the sunset.
  • Sloths

    1 hour | $


    There are some sloths hiding out on the island. You can try to find them on your own or ask a local to help you.
  • Snorkeling

    1 - 2 hours | $


    Ask a fisherman (or your hotel) to take a boat around the island and go to Punta Ingles for a swim with a mask.
  • Surf

    1 - 2 hours | $$


    You can surf from November to April in Punta Ingles. The place is not recommended for beginners (risk of injury).
    Learn more
  • Paddle & Kayak

    1 - 2 hours | $

    Paddle & Kayak

    Rent a kayak or paddle to explore Isla Fuerte. There are generally few waves in the south of the island. Don't forget your cap!
  • Diving

    4 - 5 hours | $$$


    Bushnell is a coral reef of 3km square at 45 min by boat. There are some nice spots. Ask in advance to your hotel.
    Learn more

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