Capurganá is a small village forgotten by time and tourists on the western Caribbean Coast. Here you can alternate walking in the jungle, rolling on the hot sand, chasing after colorful fish, and napping in a hammock with your mouth open.

To get to this little piece of paradise near the border with Panama, you’ll have to take the boat! And yes, there are no official roads to cross the Darien Gap yet.

Once there, you can easily organize your activities on the go; some of them can be done without the help of a guide. Follow the coastline to the natural swimming pool La Coquerita or head out on an underwater exploration along El Aguacate beach. Then, don’t forget to visit Sapzurro through the jungle. The path is quite well indicated.

If you want to visit the Kunas on the San Blas Islands, enjoy the paradisiacal beach of Soledad, or observe the giant turtles (if it’s the season), you will need to go through a local agency.

Add Capurgana to your Colombian itinerary if you are looking for an authentic and secluded spot on the Caribbean coast and if you don’t mind the possible power and internet cuts.

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Getting to Capurgana? (+)

From Sapzurro to Capurgana:

  • Boat from the dock | 15 min
  • Hike | 1h30

From Medellin to Capurgana:

  1. Buses leaving from the north terminalSchedule. Take a night bus around 7h30 pm or sleep one night in Necoli.|  Cootrans Uroccidente & Sotrauraba | 9 – 10 hours
  2. Boat leaving from the dock at 8 am. | Maritima El Caribe | 1h30

You can also fly to Acandi then take a boat to Capurgana:

  1. Fly from Olaya Herrera Airport to Acandi. There are usually 3 flights per week – Schedule | San German Express | 1 hour
  2. Take a boat from Acandi to Capurgana. It usually leaves at 1 pm. | 30 min

From Cartagena to Capurgana:

  1. Bus from the Cartagena terminal to Monteria – Schedule, double-check with the company| Unitransco & Expreso Brasilia | 6 hours
  2. Take a van from Monteria to Necocli | 3 hours
  3. Stay one night in Necocli and buy your boat ticket
  4. Boat leaving from the dock at 8 am. | Maritima El Caribe | 1h30

From Bogota to Capurgana:

  1. Take a flight from Bogota to Monteria | Viva Air, Avianca & Latam | 1h15 |
  2. Take a van from Monteria to Necocli | 3 hours
  3. Stay one night in Necocli and buy your boat ticket
  4. Boat leaving from the dock at 8 am. | Martima El Caribe | 1h30

From Isla Fuerte to Capurgana: 

  1. Boat Isla Fuerte to Paso Nuevo | 20 min
  2. Taxi or bus Paso Nuevo to Lorica | 45 min
  3. Bus Lorica to Monteria | Sotracor | 1 hour
  4. Then follow the instructions above

From Rincon del Mar to Capurgana:

  1. Moto-taxi to San Onofre | 30 min
  2. Bus San Onofre to Sincelejo. Frequent departures | 1 h
  3. Bus Sincelejo to Monteria. Schedule. Double-check with the company. | Expreso Brasilia & Unitrasco | 3 hours
  4. Then follow the instructions above

Where's the port?

We can’t really talk about the port of Capurgana, but rather about a dock. You’re bound to get there, you can’t go wrong.

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Where to stay in Capurgana?

Capurgana can be a little noisy on the weekend. Don't hesitate to take an hotel outside the village if you want absolute peace and tranquility. However, there is little public lighting, so don't forget your flashlight or your phone so that you can easily come back in the evening. There is no need to worry about security in Capurgana.

  • La Bohemia

    Hostel - $

    La Bohemia

    Small, quiet, and economical hostel, 5 min walk from the center. Wooden construction on 1 floor. Simple and well decorated. Good atmosphere.
    Get the best price
  • La Kasona

    Hostel - $

    La Kasona

    A new hostel, very well arranged and decorated in the best way. You can count on the manager to organize your stay. Close to the center.
    Get the best price
  • Capurgana

    Hostel - $


    Hostel in the center, with the internet. The manager is attentive. You can pay by card (which is rare there). They also have a generator.
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  • Tucan

    Hotel - $$


    15 min walk from Capurgana, along the coast. The owners are adorable and prepare delicious Italian dishes. Good value.
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  • Los Robles

    Hotel - $$

    Los Robles

    Superb property with sea view, tropical garden, and a small swimming pool. Peaceful location. The food is delicious. 10 min from Capurgana.
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  • El Regalo

    Hotel - $$$

    El Regalo

    Perfect for enjoying nature. 20 min walk from Capurgana. The property and wooden buildings are well maintained. Lovely manager.
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Where to stay in El Aguacate?

The Aguacate is a secluded spot in the middle of nature, 1h15 walk from Capurgana - or 10 min by boat for 3-4 $. There are a few establishments with sober but very pleasant rooms. Aguacate beach is quite small. It is a great place to go swimming along the coast and admire the corals. There are no small food shops, but it is not a problem for buying beers. It's better to opt for a hotel that prepares good meals!

  • Kachikine

    Hostel - $


    A small, simple hostel with a great atmosphere. 10 min walk from Aguacate beach. Meals are excellent. Away from everything.
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  • Bahia Lodge

    Hotel - $$

    Bahia Lodge

    A beautiful establishment with rooms facing the sea. Perfect to enjoy nature and forget civilization. Delicious meals and good hospitality.
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Things to do in Capurgana

The majority of activities can be done without a guide because it is easy to move between the different sites. Apart from a few tuk-tuks, there are no vehicles - and no roads! You can do it all on foot or take a boat for $3 - $4.

  • Doughtnut

    15 min | $


    The bakery on the corner of the football stadium sells delicious hot doughnuts around 4 pm. It's perfect for a little snack on the beach.
  • CocoLoco

    1 hour | $


    There are small wooden shacks at the end of the beach. Order a CocoLoco or a CocoAfrica. Both cocktails are rum-based.
  • Snorkeling

    2 - 4 hours | $$


    There are some very nice reefs all around Capurgana. Ask a fisherman to show you on a boat. You can rent the mask and fins.
  • Diving

    4 - 5 hours | $$$


    The sea is often calm and crystalline from May to October. It is ideal to organize a scuba dive or to pass your PADI!
    Learn more
  • La coquerita

    3 hours | $

    La coquerita

    Small establishment at 30 min walk. Freshwater and seawater swimming pool, with small fishes coming to nibble your feet. Paying.
    Learn more
  • El Cielo

    4 hours | $

    El Cielo

    A walk of 1h30 to reach a small waterfall. The path is quite simple to follow, but don't hesitate to ask the locals. Paying.
    Learn more
  • El Trebol

    2 - 3 hours | $

    El Trebol

    On the way to El Cielo, you can make a stop at El Trebol to swim in cold water, eat a patacon and drink a cold beer. Peaceful. Paying.
    Learn more
  • Turtles

    Night | $$


    They come to lay their eggs on the Playona beach near Acandi. Season from March to June. You can come and watch them at night.
    Learn more
  • San Blas

    4 days | $$$$

    San Blas

    The paradise islands of San Blas are only a few hours by boat. The majority of travelers leave for 4 days to reach Panama.
    Learn more
  • El Aguacate

    All day - $

    El Aguacate

    It's a peaceful and beautiful place at 1h15 walk (or 5 min by boat). There are a small beach and a handful of houses. Very beautiful corals.
    Learn more
  • Soledad

    7 - 8 hours | $$


    Beautiful white sand beach, 4 hours walk from Capurgana. I advise you to go there with a guide and return by boat. Meals on the spot.
    Learn more
  • Sapzurro

    All day | $


    Sapzurro is a small village at 1h30 walking distance (or 10 min by boat). You can spend the day or sleep there (see our travel guide).

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