The coffee region

The coffee region is located between Pereira, Manizales, and Armenia, and 6 hours from Cali. Due to its favorable climate, many local farmers have decided to settle there to grow coffee.

It is also one of the most visited areas in Colombia. Although popular as a tourist destination, it still offers many options that are not well known to the public. I’ve put together some valuable tips for this area that we loved and where we never thought there were so many different activities possible.

Discover the famous “Valle de Cocora” and the world’s most towering palm trees that have made its reputation. If you are a hiking lover, go for a few days in Los Nevados National Park and enjoy its sumptuous landscapes.

After the effort, the comfort, the hot baths of Santa Rosa De Cabal, or San Vicente, two sites at 1h from Pereira.
Sharpen your expertise on coffee and its manufacturing process by visiting family farms and tasting coffee with real connoisseurs.
Finally, you will have the choice to visit authentic and picturesque colonial villages, such as Salento and Filandia, for the most famous. You will find a pleasant and enjoyable atmosphere.

And, if you ultimately want to go off the beaten path, head to Buenavista or Salamina.

Don’t hesitate to rent a car for more freedom. The roads are beautiful and well maintained. Go and discover small hidden villages, fincas, haciendas by driving through green and hilly landscapes. You will realize that this region has a lot to offer!

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Where to travel in the coffee region

We scoured the coffee region for a month. Find our best tips for exploring each of the destinations below.

Top things to do in the Coffee Region

Here is a compilation of the best things to do in the Coffee Region and around in Colombia:

  • Sleep in a Hacienda or a Finca
  • Book a coffee tour
  • Play a game of Tejo
  • Paragliding in Buenavista
  • Partying in Pereira on weekends
  • Take a Thermal bath in Santa Rosa de Cabal or San Vincente
  • Visit the colonial towns of Salento, Filandia, Buenavista, Marsella, Salamina and so on
  • Admire the wax palm trees in Valle de Cocora or in Valle de Samaria
  • Listen to howler monkeys in the Sanctuary Otun Quimbaya and the reserve Barbas Bremen.
  • Hike in Los Nevados – Santa Isabel, Laguna Otun, Nevado Del Tolima
  • Visit el Resinto Del Pensamiento in Manizales

Events in the Coffee Region

List of the main events in the Coffee Region and around in Colombia:

  • January: Salento Fair
  • January: Carnaval del Diablo – Carnival – in Riosucio
  • January: Manizales fair
  • June or July: Ibague Folk Festival – Traditional music and Dance – in Ibague
  • June: Coffee Festival in Calarca
  • August: Harvest festival in Pereira
  • September: Theatre Festival in Manizales

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