Filandia is Salento’s little sister. For me, it’s a much better option than Salento (today too touristic) if you want to enjoy a colorful and authentic colonial village in the coffee region. Although it’s very popular with Colombians on weekends, it keeps all its charm and atmosphere. During the week, this destination is quiet and restful.

You can reach Filandia from Pereira or Armenia by taking a bus of about an hour. It’s quite simple. For those who absolutely want to visit Valle De Cocora don’t panic! From Filandia, public jeeps leave daily, at regular hours, to take visitors to Salento/Valle de Cocora. It takes about 45 minutes to get there.


Getting to Filandia?

From Salento to Filandia: 

  • There are Willy jeep leaving every 1-2 hours from the main square | 30 min

From Pereira to Filandia:

  • Bus every hour from 7 am to 7 pm from the terminal | Expresó Alcalá | 1 hour

From Armenia to Filandia:

  • Bus every 20 min | 1 hour

Where's the terminal?

There is no terminal as such in Filandia. Buses can be taken from Carrera 5 between Calle 5 and 6, in front of the “Centro De Interpretacion: Bejuco Al Canasto”.
You will arrive practically in the main square of Filandia.

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Where to stay in Filandia

Filandia is a small colonial town with lovely but basic guesthouses. Don't hesitate to look for accommodations outside town if you want a peaceful and quiet stay.

  • Bidea

    Hostel - $


    Massive Colonial house with a lovely patio. The owner and the staff are friendly and give you many tips!
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  • Tree house

    Hostel - $$

    Tree house

    A modern and well-designed hostel in the center. Comfy bedrooms and great showers! Affordable.
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  • Mythos

    Hotel - $$


    Lovely colonial house located in a beautiful street. Excellent services. Nice decoration and atmosphere.
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  • El Reloj

    Hotel - $$

    El Reloj

    A modern and clean hotel. Very good value for money. Very friendly staff. Just a few blocks from the central square.
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  • La casa du velo

    Luxury - $$$$

    La casa du velo

    Outside of Filandia - 10 min by taxi, it's a fantastic and modern hotel with perfect facilities. Delicious food. Bike lovers.
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Things to do in Filandia

There are not a lot of activities around Filandia, but you still have enough to stay three or four days if you are interested in all the possibilities. Hiking in Valle De Cocara, the Barbas Bremen reserve, horseback riding, bejuco, a coffee tour... Take your pick!

  • Tejo

    1 - 2 hours | $


    Tejo is a Colombian game where you have to throw metal disks in a box filled with clay and gunpowders. It's fun!
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  • Valle de Cocora

    Day trip | $

    Valle de Cocora

    Take a 45-min jeep to Salento then another one (20 min) to Valle de Cocora. It's a beautiful 5-h hike. Read our travel guide.
  • Coffee tour

    3 hours | $

    Coffee tour

    Many coffee families invite travelers to visit their farms. Learn about coffee and their daily life. Cool experience.
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  • Bicycle

    2 - 8 hours | $


    Rent a bike and explore the surroundings. There is no local agency offering a tour. You must go on your own.
  • Howler Monkeys

    3 hours | $

    Howler Monkeys

    Go to the natural reserve Barbas Bremen and try to observe and listen to howler monkeys. Easy hike.
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  • Gastronomy

    X hours | $


    There are delicious restaurants in Filandia, the most famous one being Helena Adentro. Go there. It's delicious.
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  • Cafe

    All day long


    We found some cool Cafes in Filandia. Cultivar was our favorite spot. Different coffee methods and a great view!
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  • Colorful street

    All day long

    Colorful street

    Filandia is a beautiful colonial town. Eat ice cream, sit in the main square and watch the passersby. You will love it.
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  • El Mirador

    2 hours | $

    El Mirador

    Although it's not the best view in the region, it's only 15 min walk from the center. You pass by the "artisan street."

Where to eat & drink?

For us, good restaurants and exciting nightlife are important when traveling. We gathered our favorite picks on an interactive Map. Download the APP "Mapstr" and look for "Colombia Insider"!

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