Salento is a lovely colonial town with a few colorful facades and one commercial street that leads to a mirador. 

Unfortunately, because of Valle de Cocora, the town became so famous that most of the locals went to live elsewhere.  Hence, it’s not that authentic anymore. You should avoid it during the high season. Another option is to stay in Filandia and organize a day trip to Valle de Cocora from there. 

In Salento, there are 3 main things to do:

  • Valle de Cocora
  • A multi-day hike in Los Nevados
  • A coffee tour

Coffee tours are very different from each other, depending on what you’re looking for: Visit of a coffee farm, in-depth explanations with coffee tasting, etc.

Valle de Cocora is one of the places in Colombia where you can observe the tallest wax palm trees in the world (40 – 60m). Another alternative is to stop in Salamina

Once you arrive in Valle de Cocora, take the path on your right and enter by the blue gate. By doing so, you will finish by the valley and enjoy some incredible viewpoints. 

Essential things to now about Valle de Cocora:

  • It’s an easy-medium 5 hours hike, and you won’t find shops on the way. You can order a sandwich to take away at Brunch in the morning. 
  • Start early as the weather is often better. The first jeep leaves at 5h30 am | 20 min drive
  • The last jeep leaves at 6 pm
  • Take some money with you. Entrance + Jeep + Acaime
  • Acaime is a hummingbird sanctuary. It’s 100% worth it. Going down from Acaime, don’t turn right after the wood fence! It’s a path leading to Los Nevados. Just go straight. 

Salento and Valle de Cocora
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Where to stay within Salento

There are many accommodation options in Salento and for every budget. The town isn't big, and you won't need a taxi to move around. However, be aware that Salento can be a bit noisy because of the tourists and vehicles. Avoid staying on the main square or in Camino Real street.

  • Casa de Lili


    Casa de Lili

    Casa de Lili is a small hostel located in a quiet street. The host is friendly and gives tons of tips. Delicious Breakfast.
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  • Tree boutique


    Tree boutique

    Coffee tree boutique is a lovely house, with gardens and trees. Cool design. Excellent value for money.
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  • Terrazas S.


    Terrazas S.

    Located in a quiet street. There is a lovely patio with spacious and beautiful rooms. The staff is welcoming.
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  • Mirador del C.


    Mirador del C.

    Comfy bedrooms with a fantastic view of the valley. Delicious breakfast and friendly staff. You will love it.
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  • Terasu

    Upscale hotel


    Fantastique hotel in the outskirt of Salento. Spacious bedrooms, delicious breakfast, and good facilities.
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Where to stay outside Salento

It's easy and cheap to pay for a taxi or a jeep and reach the hotels outside Salento. Some of them are quite incredible! It's the perfect option if you want to stay in a peaceful place, surrounded by birds and trees. Check out the untypical options I found for you.

  • La Serrana


    La Serrana

    20 min walk, La Serrana is a beautiful Finca (farm) with a lovely view. They serve delicious meals!
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  • Yambolombia



    35 min walk. The rooms are basic, but the atmosphere is fantastic! A great option for backpackers.
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  • Kasaguadua

    Eco lodge


    Ecolodge with cabins made of bamboo. It's the place to be if you want to embrace nature. You must walk. Economic.
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  • Montana Gueshouse

    Upscale hotel

    Montana Gueshouse

    20 min walk. Excellent hotel with a fantastic view. Great facilities to linger in the afternoons. Comfy bedrooms.
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  • Montana Glamping


    Montana Glamping

    Bring your loved one and enjoy a romantic starry night. Excellent staff and great facilities. Peaceful and beautiful.
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  • Lumbre Glamorous


    Lumbre Glamorous

    Located near Valle de Cocora, the experience of staying in these comfy tents is amazing. Romantic and peaceful.
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Things to do in Salento

There are not tons of activities to do around Salento. Pick a good Coffee tour and wake up early to hike to Valle de Cocora.

  • Valle de Cocora


    Valle de Cocora

    Jeeps leave from the main square. It takes 20 min. It's an easy-medium 5h hike to see tall wax palm trees.
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  • Acaime



    Acaime is a hummingbird sanctuary on the way to Valle de Cocora. It's 5000 COP. You got chocolate with cheese too.
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  • Mountain bike


    Mountain bike

    Explore the surroundings on your mountain bike. Many different routes and good bikes. Be ready. Lots of fun!
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  • Los Nevados

    Multi-day Hikes

    Los Nevados

    Los Nevados in the vast national park in the Andean mountains. There are many multi-day treks through the paramos.
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  • El Mirador


    El Mirador

    Climb the stairs at the end of the street "Calle real". There is a lovely viewpoint to contemplate the surroundings.
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  • Horse riding

    Outdoor activity

    Horse riding

    If you don't like hiking, you can organize a horse riding trip through the Valle de Cocora. There are many agencies.
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  • Coffee tours


    Coffee tours

    There are many coffee tours in Salento. Finca Ocaso, Don Elias and Don Eduardo are the most famous ones.
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  • Tejo



    Tejo is a Colombian game where you have to throw metal disks in a box filled with clay and gunpowders. It's fun!
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