Palomino used to be a peaceful little seaside spot with a few hostels. Nowadays, it’s a very busy Colombian destination that has lost some of its magic.

The place is perfect if you want to meet other travelers and stay in nice hostels or hotels, but for the rest, it’s not really the ideal place.

In fact, apart from a bit of tubing, there is not much to do in Palomino. The beach is not really heavenly; you can’t swim far because the sea is often rough because of strong currents. It is crowded, and you won’t find the village atmosphere. There is a possibility to party a little on the weekends, but not during the week.

If you are looking for a small fishing village typical of this part of the Colombian Caribbean coast, I strongly recommend you add Dibulla to your Colombian itinerary. It is a hidden paradise, little known to tourists, that we visited during one of our last expeditions on the Caribbean coast. A real crush for the atmosphere that reigns there.

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Getting to Palomino?

There is only one road to get to Palomino. It’s the same road as Tayrona or Riohacha.

From Cartagena to Palomino:

  • Door to door shuttle | Marsol | 6 – 7 hours

From Santa Marta to Palomino:

  • Take the bus at the Mercado Publico “Public Market” Calle 11 Carrera 11″. The last bus leaves around 6 pm. | 1h30-2h

From Tayrona to Palomino:

  • Wait for a bus on the side of the road | 1 hour

From Riohacha to Palomino:

  • Many buses leave from the terminal | 1h30

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Where to stay in Palomino

There is one long street that leads travelers from the bus station to the beach. It's there you will find most of the hotels in Palomino. You can take a moto-taxi if you don't want to walk the 2 km.

  • Coco SanKala

    Hostel - $

    Coco SanKala

    10 min away from the beach. Bamboo construction. Peaceful. Great money for value.
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  • Villa Eden

    Hotel - $$

    Villa Eden

    15 min walk from the beach. Perfect for couples. Sleek design and a small pool for refreshment.
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  • Casa Chapolin

    Hotel - $$

    Casa Chapolin

    Cheap option, 2 min away from the beach. Delicious food. Quiet place. Lovely garden
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  • Casa de Guadua

    Hostel - $$

    Casa de Guadua

    Small hotel in bamboo located a little out of the way. Perfect for resting. Pleasant garden with hammocks.
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  • Finca Escondida

    Hotel - $$

    Finca Escondida

    Superb beachfront facilities that blend in with the decor. Swimming pool. Delicious restaurant. Staff +.
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  • Makao

    Boutique - $$$


    Private beach. Clean, comfortable and modern rooms. Personalized service. Tasty foods.
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  • Aite

    Boutique - $$$$


    Cut off from the hustle and bustle of Palomino (15 min walk). Beautiful beachfront property, well-laid out. Pool.
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Things to do in Palomino

There is not much to do in Palomino except going down the river on an inner tube and chill at the -nonexistent - beach. Therefore, pick your accommodation thoroughly.

  • Surf

    2 - 3 hours | $$


    Small waves, perfect for beginners. Rent a surfboard and take some classes.
  • Tubing

    4 - 5 hours | $


    Go down the river on an inner-tube. You have to take a moto-taxi first then walk 30 min.
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  • Aruhaco Stay

    2 days | $$

    Aruhaco Stay

    Live for 2 days in an Aruhaco community. Learn about their culture and ideology.
    We recommend
  • Tayrona

    2 - 3 days


    Don't book a tour. It's useless. Start from Calabazo and explore Tayrona like nobody else. Read our travel guide.
  • Punta Gallinas

    3 - 4 days

    Punta Gallinas

    Go to the northernmost point of South America and admire the beauty of the La Guajira desert. Read our travel guide!
  • The lost city

    4 days | $$$

    The lost city

    4-day trek through lush vegetation to admire the remnants of an old civilization.
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