Amazon is an excellent playground for adventurers, and it attracts more and more tourists every year. 

Many travelers like to fly to Leticia and look for a tour once they arrive. By doing so, they can pick the cheapest local operator. While it’s an economical option, I wouldn’t recommend it. Some local agencies are illegal, and the quality of the tours varies a lot!

However, you don’t have to plan your 4 days with an agency if you don’t have the budget for it. There are many activities you can do by yourself. Take the bus to visit Mundo Amazonico and Tanimboca or the boat to stop in a local community.

Another option is to book in advance one of the fantastic eco-lodges around the Amazon river.

Don’t forget to include the little town of Puerto Nariño, nicknamed the green lungs of Colombia, in your Colombia itinerary!

Use speedboats and kayak to travel through thick jungle, fish piranhas, look for birds and monkeys and build campsites so you can spend an unforgettable night surrounded by noises and scary shadows. 

So, ready for the adventure?


Where To Travel In The Amazon

  • Leticia



    You will have to fly to Leticia from Bogota if you want to explore the Amazon. Book a tour to explore the jungle or travel by yourself to the different main places like the Tanimboca reserve, Mundo Amazonico, and Puerto Nariño. There are also some fantastic all-included eco-lodges. Kayak, overnight in the jungle, tree house, piranhas...
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  • Puerto Nariño


    Puerto Nariño

    Puerto Nariño, known as the green lungs of Colombia, has a lot more character than Leticia and it’s less touristy. Moreover, cars and motos are forbidden in town! It’s only 2 hours away by boat. It's easy to find a local guide to organize different day trips like the Laguna Tarapoto and Reserva Wachine.
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Top Things To Do In The Amazon

Here is a compilation of the best things to do in the Amazon Of Colombia:

  • Multiday adventure into the jungle
  • Visit Puerto Nariño
  • Sleep in an Eco-Lodge
  • Look for pink dolphins
  • Watch the parrots for sunset in Leticia
  • Visit the Tanimboca reserve and the Parque Ecologico
  • Spot monkeys in Isla de Los Minos
  • Take a boat to travel to Peru or Brazil

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Events in The Amazon

List of the main events in the Amazon of Colombia:

  • July: Festival de la Confraternidad Amazónica – “Olympic games” in Leticia
  • November: Festival of Amazonian popular Music – El Pirarucu de Oro in Leticia

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