Pereira is the biggest city in the coffee region. While the city hasn’t many tourist sights, it’s a strategic place to explore the area. 

Why is it smart to stay in Pereira when exploring the coffee region?

  • Many buses stop in Pereira 
  • There is an airport
  • It’s near the relaxing thermal baths Santa Rosa de Cabal and San Vincente
  • Easy access to different trails in Los Nevados
  • Close from Filandia, Salamina, and Salento 

Besides, there are some excellent tours and accommodations!

Pereira Zona Cafetera
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Where to stay in Pereira

La Circunvalar is the best district in Pereira. It's the Zona Rosa of the city with many good restaurants and bars. However, you have also the option to stay outside Pereira. In that case, you will have to include the taxi fares in your budget or book tours with transportation included.

  • Kolibri



    Excellent Value for money. The rooms are spacious and clean. Restaurant and bar on the 1rst floor.
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  • Don Alfonso


    Don Alfonso

    Vintage hotel with a great atmosphere. Top-notch services. Comfortable rooms and good breakfast. For Couple.
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  • Santamaria

    Bed & Breakfast


    Little guesthouse filled with pieces of art. 15 min drive from the center. Vintage. Peaceful. Great landscapes.
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  • El Lugar

    Boutique hotel

    El Lugar

    Excellent value for money, 30 min drive from Pereira. Friendly owners. Importance of details. Delicious food.
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  • La Colina

    Spa Hotel

    La Colina

    Massive SPA hotel with great facilities. Beautiful views from the rooms. Modern and well-built. Romantic. 20 min drive.
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  • Sazagua



    Upscale hotel with top-notch services. Unforgettable experiences. They take care of everything. 20 min drive.
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Where to stay in Santa Rosa de Cabal

Santa Rosa is a city 15 min away from Pereira. Many buses leave from the terminal. The city isn't charming, but there are some cool hotels on the outskirts. Moreover, you must pass by Santa Rosa if you want to get to the thermal baths.

  • Matisses

    SPA hotel


    Excellent hotel with top-notch facilities. Besides, massages are super affordable. 5 min drive from the center.
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  • Visperas



    Small hotel with a great garden. Peaceful. Lovely owners. Comfortable beds. 7 min drive from the center.
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Things to do in Pereira

Incredible landscapes and highlights surround Pereira. Don't hesitate to spend many days there if you've got the budget for it. Visit secret colonial towns, explore the fantastic National park Los Nevados, learn about coffee and relax in the thermal baths.

  • Coffee tours


    Coffee tours

    There are many coffee farms around Pereira. Pick the tour you like and discover how to make a good coffee.
    Learn more
  • Chocolate tour


    Chocolate tour

    Be curious and gourmet. Visit a Cacao plantation and learn the daily life of a Colombian family. Bon appetit!
    Learn more
  • Otun Quimbaya

    Wildlife Sanctuary

    Otun Quimbaya

    Buses leave from Pereira (1h30 in Chiva), then you must take a tour with a local guide. There are howler monkeys!
    Learn more
  • Thermal baths


    Thermal baths

    Santa Rosa de Cabal and San Vincente are two thermal baths surrounded by nature. I prefer San Vincente.
    Learn more
  • Los Nevados

    Multi-day hike

    Los Nevados

    Beautiful National park with many highlights. Hike 2,3 or 4 days through the Paramo. Unforgettable experience.
    Learn more
  • La Florida


    La Florida

    It's a small community with a unique local culture. Many artists creating new pieces of art. Good food too!
    Learn more
  • Marsella

    Colonial town


    Marsella is a hidden gem with beautiful and colorful colonial buildings. Located just 1 hour away from Pereira.
    Learn more
  • Canyoning

    Extreme sport


    There are many waterfalls and rivers around Pereira. Don't hesitate to explore them while rappelling!
    Learn more
  • Valle de Cocora

    Day trip

    Valle de Cocora

    Book a tour in Pereira and organize a day trip to Valle de Cocora and Salento. You will save time on your itinerary!
    Learn more
  • Filandia

    Day trip


    Book a private tour and visit Filandia and its surroundings. Walking tour, natural reserve, and handicraft!
    Learn more
  • Panela tour


    Panela tour

    Panela is a sugar paste made from sugarcane. Visit the exploitation and learn about the different stages!
    Learn more

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