Best time to travel to Colombia 🌞: Avoid the rain and tourists

Best time to travel to Colombia 🌞: Avoid the rain and tourists

Find in this article all you need to know to decide when it’s the best time to travel to Colombia. Make your choice by taking into consideration the weather, the main events, and the high season.

Best time to travel to Colombia: Important

Temperatures in Colombia: They stay stable all year long. The temperatures changes according to the altitudes and sunshine.

Is Colombia cold: When you’re at an altitude above 1500 m sea level, the night is coldish. Take a jumper.

The rainy season in Colombia: The rainiest months are April, May, October, and November. There are many different microclimates in the country.

Can you travel to Colombia during the rainy season: 100% yes, especially on the Caribbean coast. It usually rains in the afternoon or at night.

High season in Colombia: Mid-December to Mid January, Holy week, Mid June to July, every 3-day weekends.

My favorite months to travel to Colombia: February – March, June – September

Cheapest months to go to Colombia: March-June, September-November

Whale watching season: July to September

Months to go to Caño Cristales: Mid-June to November

Best tips: Try to stay in big cities during the weekends. Don’t trust the weather on the internet.

Table Of Contents: Best Time To Travel To Colombia

Best time to travel to Colombia to get sunny days

Best time to visit Colombia for the weather

It’s THE big recurring question I receive every week. Nobody wants to travel with an umbrella and a bathing cap.

As Colombia is near the equator, there are only two seasons: dry and rainy

But, I want to reassure you. There is no monsoon. It means you shouldn’t cancel your backpacking trip because you just realize you will be there during the rainy season.

#1 Best time to travel to Colombia for the Temperatures

The temperature doesn’t vary much throughout the year. It means the degrees are proportional to the altitude. Basically, it’s:

  • < 1000 m -> More than 24ºdeg Celsius – Cartagena, Santa Marta, Cali
  • 1000 – 2000m -> Around 20ºdeg Celsius – Medellin, Manizales
  • 2000 – 3000 m -> Around 14º deg Celsius – Bogota, Pasto
  • > 3000 m -> Less than 10º deg Celsius

However, the sun can be extreme during the day. You should always use sunscreen if you decide to go on a hike.

#2 The main Colombia seasons

In theory, there are two seasons in Colombia:

  • Dry season: Decembre to Mars
  • Raining season: April to June
  • Mini Dry Season: July to Septembre
  • Raining Season: October to November

But, it’s a little more complicated in reality.

First, don’t think it will rain all day long during the rainy season. Usually, it’s sunny in the morning and cloudy/rainy in the afternoon.

Also, the weather can change fast. And because of the high percentage of humidity, don’t trust the forecasts. Facebook told me to stay inside my hostel for 30 days in a row. Facebook is dumb. True story.

You can check out the average rainfalls on world weather online

Second, there are different kinds of weather in Colombia.

Sunniest months in Colombia

Click on the filters below to see the nicest months of the year by region ⬇⬇

Pacific coast
The South
Caribbean Coast

Weather on the Pacific Coast

The Pacific Coast and the Amazon are rainforests. It means there are important rainfalls all year long. Although it’s less rainy during summertime.

The weather on the Pacific Coast:

  • January – February: Blue sky and almost no rain
  • April & May: Heavy rain. Great for surfing
  • October & November: Heavy rain
  • Other months: It depends

It usually doesn’t rain in the morning. But, it might also rain for several days in a row.

Discover the best places to visit on the Pacific coast.

Weather in the Amazon

  • January – February: Blue sky and a bit rainy. Very hot and humid
  • Other months: It depends. There is more chance of rain during late afternoons than mornings

The season regarding the water level of the Amazon is more important as it will have an impact on your activities there.

  • From December to May: The water level increases
  • From June to November: The water level decreases

Discover the best places to visit in the Amazon.

Weather in the South of Colombia

The South of Colombia is usually drier than the Caribbean Coast during October and November. However, it rains more from April to July.

Discover the best places to visit in the South of Colombia.

Weather on the Caribbean Coast

The rainiest months are May, Septembre, October, and November. However, that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying the beach. The other months are very sunny.

Discover the best places to visit on the Western Caribbean coast.
Discover the best places to visit on the Eastern Caribbean coast.

Weather on Providencia and San Andres islands

The best months to travel to San Andres and Providencia islands are from December to May.

For more information about Providencia: check out our guide.

#3 Weather in Colombia for each month of the year

As I said earlier, it’s kind of complicated to know what will be the weather in Colombia as there are many micro-climates. Let’s give a try to get an overall idea for your Colombia itinerary:

  • Colombia in January: Sunny days and lots of people on vacation, especially on the Eastern Caribbean coast.
  • Colombia in February: Sunny days and fewer tourists. Good period to plan a multi-day hike.
  • Colombia in March: Sunny days and low seasons. In humid regions like the Pacific coast and the Amazon, rainfalls are more frequent in the afternoons. Everyone is on holiday during the holy week.
  • Colombia in April: The rainy season begins. Plan your activities for the morning.
  • Colombia in May: Rainiest month, especially on the Pacific coast, zona cafeteria, and Antioquia. It’s better to stay on the Caribbean Coast.
  • Colombia in June: The weather varies between sunny days and rainy afternoons. You can visit caño Cristales.
  • Colombia in July: Mostly sunny days, except in some around San Agustin. The whales watching season starts.
  • Colombia in August: Mostly sunny days. Good period to plan a multi-day hike.
  • Colombia in September: The weather varies between sunny days and rainy afternoons.
  • Colombia in October: Rainiest month. It will rain most of the afternoons. It’s better to stick to the Caribbean coast if you don’t like to be wet.
  • Colombia in November: Rainiest month. It will rain most of the afternoons. Don’t go to the Pacific coast.
  • Colombia in December: Mostly sunny days, especially after the 15th. It’s also the beginning of the high season.

Best Time To Travel To Colombia To Avoid Tourists

colonial town in the old center of Cartagena
A colonial house in the old center of Cartagena

There are two main summer vacations in the world:

  • Northern Hemisphere (USA / Canada / Europe): July and August
  • Southern Hemisphere (South America / Oceania): December and January

Colombians love to travel in their country during their holidays. And many of them are going to the Caribbean Coast. Prices explode in Cartagena from December to February.

Most of the Colombians leave on vacation the last weeks of December, the holy week (Easter), and during their 17 public holidays. If you’re looking for quietness, you should avoid going to the most famous highlights of Colombia during these periods.

From December to February: It’s the high season in Colombia. Prices increase on the Caribbean Coast because many Colombians and Americans travel to Cartagena de Indias. It’s also the period where South American Students and Australians explore the continent with their backpacks.

From March to June: Fewer foreigners are traveling to Colombia. However, many Colombians travel during the holy week (Easter)

From July to August: Then comes the turn of the Europeans to discover the secrets of Colombia. And Colombian students are on vacation in July.

From September to Novembre: It’s the low touristic season in Colombia.

Best Time To Travel To Colombia For Booking A Cheap Flight

Flights Colombia

First, there are five principles to follow if you want to book a cheap flight to Colombia.

  • Say yes to shitty flights
  • Travel during the low tourist season of your country
  • Be flexible
  • Navigate Incognito (On the internet)
  • Use a VPN and change your localization

From Europe, the cheapest flights are usually from Spain. And from the USA, there are cheap flights from Miami / Fort Lauderdale to Cartagena de Indias.

How to find cheap flights (+)

Tools to find cheap flights to Colombia

Nowadays, there are many new websites to help you to find the cheapest flights. I wrote down a list of the ones I like to use.

1 – Apps to know where you should take off

With Google flights, you quickly know where is the cheapest city to take off by clicking on “Explore destinations.”

Kiwi is another excellent website with even more features! Besides selecting the cheapest airports, they offer a guarantee for the flight connection (If you book two flights or more from different airline companies).

2 – Apps to know when it’s the best time to travel to Colombia

On Google Flights and Kiwi, prices are directly on the calendar. You can easily navigate throughout to find the perfect dates to visit Colombia.

Another option is to use Hopper. They have analyzed the last 30 years of all flights to understand the algorithms which calculate the price tickets. Thanks to all these data, they advise you about the future evolution of the price regarding your flight ticket.

3 – Apps to add a FREE STOP in your Colombia itinerary

I guess you know the expression “Layover” when you’re at the airport. It’s the number of hours you have to wait in an uncomfortable aluminum chair before taking your next flight. And in general, more you wait, and cheaper is your flight ticket.

But did you know you also can get a “Stopover”? Instead of dying of boredom at the airport, you visit a city for a few days. Moreover, it’s often cheaper than direct flights!

Many travelers try to find these fantastic opportunities. And it wasn’t easy a few years ago. However, today Airwander has built the perfect tool to help you to add a free stop during your vacation.

4 – Apps to find airlines mistake fare

The best way to travel cheap is to find airline mistake fares. Indeed, it’s possible that a human error or a computer glitch happens. Suddenly, a flight costs 40 $ instead of 400 $.

Secret flying has a team that scans the web to find these great deals.

5 – Apps to quickly find the best prices to travel to Colombia

If you already know where/when you want to fly and you don’t want to spend more hours looking for flights, you should use the “classic 3”.  They compare millions of flights to find you the cheapest deals. I have got a preference for Kayak and Momondo.

Best Time for planning activities in Colombia

Orange boat and pier with view of San Andres y Providencia
Isla de Providencia

Depending on where you plan to travel to Colombia, there are months better than others. It would be unfortunate to miss the whales season on the Pacific coast or the river of 5 colors if you travel to Caño Cristales.

Best months to plan…

Click on the filters below to know which month you should plan your Colombian activities and destinations ⬇⬇

Caño Cristales

1# Best time to visit Providencia and San Andres in Colombia

  • The sunniest months are from December to May.
  • However, beaches are covered by algae in December and January.
  • The rainiest months are usually June and from October to mid-November.
  • The best period for diving is from July to September.

Read our Providencia travel guide

2# Best time to visit the Amazon in Colombia

In the Amazon, the weather doesn’t matter. But the months have an impact on the water level of the river.

  • From December to May, the water level increases
  • From June to November, the water level decreases

When the water level is low, there is more chance to observe turtles and migratory birds. But it’s more difficult to navigate along the river. Whereas when the water level is high, you can travel more in-depth in the jungle with the speedboat or kayak between the trees!

Read our Leticia travel guide

3# Best time to visit Caño Cristales and San Jose del Guaviare in Colombia

The aquatic plants that give beautiful colors to the river in Caño Cristales and San Jose del Guaviare only grow during the rainy season. You will be able to visit the National park of Caño Cristales from June to the end of November.

4# Best time to observe the whales and turtles on the Pacific coast

Don’t miss the whale season from July to October.

Or the turtles from July to December

Where to travel on the Pacific coast

5# Best time for diving in Colombia

On the Caribbean Coast, the sea is rough during the dry season because of the wind. However, there is fantastic visibility underwater during the rainy season. The sea is like a mirror. The best months are from May to September.

On the Pacific Coast, the best conditions for diving are from January to February. Also, you can swim with whale sharks from March to April!

6# Best time for hiking in Colombia

The Cordillera mountains offer many choices for mountain lovers. During the hikes, the weather can suddenly change. You should always carry a rain jacket and warm clothes.

And, the Paramo landscapes (kind of tundra/wetland between the timberline and the snowline) are beautiful but also very humid. During the rainy season, you risk hiking in the mud. Be prepared 😉

Must read: Plan the best treks in Los Nevados

The best months for hiking in Colombia are from January to March and July to August.

Best Time To Travel To The Biggest Cities Of Colombia

Sunset over Bogota
Sunset over Bogota

Although it’s safe to travel to Colombia, be more cautious in big cities to avoid being the target of petty theft.

Best months to visit..

Click on the filters below to know when you should visit the biggest Colombia cities ⬇⬇


1# Best time to visit Medellin in Colombia

Medellin is called The city of the eternal spring. The temperature is perfect however don’t suppose it will never rain.

The rainy months are usually April, May, September, and October.

And there are two awesome events you should try to attend.

  • Feria de las Flores (Fair Flower): 10 days in August
  • The Christmas lights: December

Read our Medellin travel guide

2# Best time to visit Bogota in Colombia

Bogota is one of the highest capital in the world. Don’t expect warm temperatures at night. And the weather is often cloudy/rainy in the afternoon, especially from April to June and September to November.

Bogota host many awesome music festivals like:

  • Baum festival: May
  • Rock in the Park: July
  • Jazz in the Park: September
  • Theatre Festival: April

Read our Bogota travel guide

3# Best time to visit Cali in Colombia

The weather is warm and humid in Cali. It doesn’t rain often, and you don’t have to care as you will spend your days and nights dancing salsa.

From Cali, you’re near the Pacific coast. It could be a good occasion to observe the whales from July to September.

Cali is the capital of the Salsa in Colombia. There are 2 important events during the year:

  • Festival of Music Petronio Alvarez (Pacific music): Mid August
  • The world Salsa Festival: September
  • La Feria de Cali (Cali Fair): End of December

Read our Cali travel guide

4# Best time to visit Cartagena de Indias in Colombia

Cartagena de Indias is invaded by visitors from December to February. Prices explode, and sweaty tourists are everywhere.

But it’s also the best period for the weather. There are a cool breeze and no rain. The best option is to travel to Cartagena just after the high season (In March) and from June to August.

When coming, don’t forget to stay a few days on the Rosario islands.

The rainy months are the same as Bogota: April-May and from September to November. But don’t worry, there are still plenty of sunny days during the rainy season.

There are two major events in Cartagena:

  • Cartagena International Film Festival: March
  • Independence day and Miss beauty: November

Read our Cartagena travel guide

Conclusion For The Best Time To Travel To Colombia

Because I’m in love with Colombia, I only have one sentence to say:

There’s no bad month to travel to Colombia

Yes, I’m maybe not 100% objective. But it’s what you should retain from this article. The temperature doesn’t vary much throughout the year, and there are plenty of sunny days during the rainy season, especially in the morning.

You should plan your trip according to the weather only if you want to spend most of your time on the Caribbean Coast, visiting the astonishing Caño Cristales river or watching the whales.

Also, Colombia is not too touristy yet. You won’t be bothered by an army of travelers, even during the high seasons – Except Around Cartagena and Santa Marta.

Don’t forget to check out the different events occurring during your stay. Colombians know how to party, and it would be too bad to miss the opportunity to discover this fantastic aspect of the country.

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Best time to travel to Colombia

Best time to travel to Colombia

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  1. Berkley Williams says:

    great article with good information. I’ve been to Colombia about 11 times now and still your information was very helpful even though I’ve traveled there so much.

    • James says:

      I am going to Colombia for the month of March for my first time. What do you think of this itinerary? It is not complete yet since I am spending the whole month there.
      Day 1. Arrival to Cartagena from USA. Overnight in Cartagena
      Day 2.3. Cartagena on your own to explore the city. Overnight in Cartagena
      Day 4. Cartagena on your own. Overnight in Cartagena.
      Day 5. Transfer to Santa Marta by bus. Leisure afternoon in Santa Marta to explore the city. Overnight.
      Day The Lost City Trek.
      Overnight in Palomino on Day 9.
      Day 10. 11.12 Punta Gallinas.
      Overnight in Santa Marta on Day 12.
      Day 13. Flight to Pereira. Overnight in Salento.
      Day 14. Valle de Cocora Hike. Overnight in Salento.
      Day 15. Coffee Finca, Buenavista and Pijao hike. Overnight in Salento.
      Day 16. Flight to Bogota in the afternoon. Leisure afternoon to explore the city. Overnight in Bogota.
      Day 17. Bogota City Tour. Overnight.
      Day 18. Zipaquira and Guatavita Lake. Overnight in Bogota.
      Day 19.20 Villa de Leyva.
      Overnight in Bogota on Day 20

      • Tom says:

        Hey James! It sounds great. You did a good job. I have 2 remarks.

        Day 15: You could sleep overnight in Armenia. There is an airport and it’s closer to Buenavista.
        Day 18: Book a driver who drives you from Bogota to Zipaquira to Guatavita Lake and who drops you in Villa de Leyva. You will save a bunch of time!

        Each week, we draw by lot one itinerary sent by the members of our community. We review it for free! Don’t hesitate to join us and send your itinerary!

      • Clara Garzon says:

        Hi there looks great but you are missing Medellin one of the most fun beautiful city of Colombia 😊 That is my birth home .

  2. Attila says:


    We would travel to Colombia in June but I worry a little bit because of weather. We would like to hike in PN Los Nevados and PN Cocuy. We would like to visit Cano cristales, Cococra valley, Tatacoa desert, San Agustin, Dona Juaa Cascabel Volcanic complex, What do you think is it doable in June? We are not too big fan of the rain.
    Thank you.

    • Adrien says:


      In general, the weather in June is better than in May. However, the trails will be muddy in Los Nevados and Cocuy. It’s easily manageable if you have got the right equipment: Hiking shoes, rain jacket, etc.

      Caño Cristales open mid-June.
      Cocora Valley: It’s better to start early in the morning. It can be rainy or sunny in the Coffee region in June. Same in Antioquia.
      Tatacoa: No issue
      San Agustin: It’s usually rainy in June, but there are some sunny days!
      Dona Juaa Cascabel Volcanic complex: I’ve never been, but Putumayo is a very humid region.

      In a word, avoid the long hike if you don’t like the rain. Plan your activities for the morning and wake up early.

      We’re soon launching our travel advice company to organize tailor-made trips to Colombia. The “experience” section on our website is not ready yet. You can have a look here!

  3. Mera Sumargo says:

    Hi! Is it safe for us tourist in Combodia? We are planning to go by end of January. Do u know which area or place to stay with a really nice white beach and bars near by? Thank you in advance ☺

    • Tom says:

      Hello Mera. Are you speaking about Cambodia or Colombia? 🙂

      Colombia is safe, but there will be maybe a curfew in the country because of the pandemic.

      Beach and Bars? It would be best if you head to the Caribbean coast. If you want nice beaches, you should focus on Rincon del Mar, Isla Tintipan (San Bernardo), Playa Blanca (Rosario) and Isla Marina (Rosario).

      For a pleasant mix of cocktail/beach/bar/traveler/lovely hotels, Palomino & Costeño beach should be a good pick 😉

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