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The best guide to visit Jeric贸, Antioquia

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Jeric贸 is an authentic colonial village off the beaten track in the Antioquia department. Known in Colombia for being home to a large number of churches, the village is also very colorful and pleasant. Colombians like to go there for Holy Week and other religious holidays, but you won’t come across many foreign tourists.

Jeric贸 is built on a hillside and offers fantastic views of the valley and the surrounding mountains.
Climb aboard a jeep to visit a coffee farm, discover hidden waterfalls, watch birds, or admire the canyon of the Rio Cauca from a farm in the clouds. You can also stretch your legs in the “Parque de Los Nubes” and enjoy nature at your own pace.

Don’t rush, take your time to enjoy the atmosphere. Order a coffee on the terrace in the main square and observe the dynamics of the village and the lifestyle of its inhabitants.

Stay at least 2 nights.

Not to be overlooked, this charming little village is only 3 hours from Medell铆n.

Articles you must read before coming:

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Jeric贸’s Articles

Best restaurants in Jeric贸

  • Tomatitos | Pizza
  • Isabel | Upscale restaurant in Jeric贸. I love the decoration.
  • Pollos Mario | If you want to eat an affordable meal. Chicken only.
  • Frutos del Campo | Menu del d铆a typical of the region. Economical, good and huge portions.
  • Golem burger | There are two of them. I recommend the food truck located in Ecoland. Good burgers.
  • La Gruta | Best place in Jeric贸 for lunch.
  • Don Rafa | They serve delicious breakfast.


Best place to have a drink in Jeric贸

  • La Comedia | Order a glass of wine nearby the Sanctuary.
  • Bomarzo | The place to hang out in Jeric贸 at night. They organize various events during the week.
  • El Mirador | To have a drink while enjoying the view.
  • Nube Extrema or Ecoland | The best view in Jeric贸.


Best place to order a coffee in Jeric贸

  • Don Rafa
  • El Saturia | Juan Carlos sells more than 30 Jeric贸’s coffee brands.
  • Canela (inside Bomarzo)
  • Cafe Arte | An artist from Jeric贸 opens his house to the public.

How to get to Jeric贸

From聽Medellin聽to Jerico:

From聽Jardin聽to Jerico:聽

  1. Take an early from the聽Jardin “terminal”聽bus to Andes. | Transporte Suroeste | 25 min
  2. There is a Chiva (bus) leaving twice a day from Andes. The departures are from the聽bus terminal聽in Andes. Departure times are 6 am and 2 pm, double-check with your hotel. | 2h30

From聽Tamesis聽to Jerico:

  • Departure twice a day. Direct bus. Double-check the schedule with your hotel.
    • Chiva at 12 pm | 2 hours
    • Bus at 1 pm | 1 hour


Where’s the terminal?

There isn’t really a proper terminal in Jerico. The office of Transportes Jerico is located on聽Carrera 4 between Calle 7 and 8聽(this street leads to the main square).

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