TOP 10 Best Apartments & Hotels in Jericó: Experts Help You!

TOP 10 Best Apartments & Hotels in Jericó: Experts Help You!

This practical guide will help you choose among the best hotels in Jericó, Antioquia.

This village, still little known by foreign tourists, offers some very nice options for families, couples or groups of friends.

I have been 4 times to Jericó. I’m there now as I write these lines. I have searched the best hotels on Booking and visit all the hotels in Jericó that you will see in this article.

The winner of this selection is El Despertar. It is the only boutique hotel in Jericó. Its spacious rooms and the colonial and colorful architecture of the building make it an ideal choice for travelers looking for a comfortable stay. 

There are also many apartments in Jericó. This is an excellent option if you are traveling with several people or if privacy is an essential factor in your choice of accommodation.

In this case, the aparthotel Quijote with its original decoration should suit you and your friends perfectly.


El Quijote

Aparthotel Quijote

  • From 305.000 COP/4 pers
  • 15 days to cancel
  • in town


El Despertar hotel Jerico


  • From 187.000 COP/2 pers
  • 7 days to cancel
  • In town


Cabañas y flores hotel jerico

Cabañas y flores

  • From 218.000 COP/2 pers
  • 2 days to cancel
  • 20 min walk

The best hotels in Jericó, Antioquia

You’re bound to find something to suit your needs, from the small boutique hotels to the brightly colored cabins and bamboo houses.

1# Our favorite hotel in Jericó: El Despertar

10/10 – Tomplanmytrip’s note.

This spectacular house charms travelers from the moment they walk through the door. Large windows let in natural light illuminate a vast main room (on two floors), nicely decorated with bright colors and flower pots. The boutique hotel El Despertar faces the mountains of Antioquia. The view from the terrace and the jacuzzi is very relaxing. If you wish to live a romantic and unforgettable moment, this hotel in Jericó is an excellent choice.

  • The rooms are spacious and decorated with taste— a beautifully designed mix of colonial and modern styles.
  • The people are amicable and give excellent recommendations to enjoy Jerico to the fullest.
  • The house is built in the style of the villages of Antioquia. You will be amazed as soon as you wake up.
  • The hotel is in a quiet street of Jericó (except for the morning rooster). You’ll be near the best restaurants and cafes in town.

Price: from 187 000 COP/2 pers | Cancellation Policy: 7 days | Location: in town | Accommodation type: Hotel Boutique

2# Best hotel in Jericó for families: Cabañas y Flores

9.8/10 – Tomplanmytrip’s note

Cabañas y Flores is a hotel in Jericó for families who want to stay in a peaceful environment. Comfortable and brightly painted cabañas are scattered in a flowery garden, very well maintained. In the morning, the sound of birds will wake you up. Put on your slippers, and enjoy a traditional breakfast in front of the mountains.

  • Comfortable individual cabins can accommodate 4 to 6 people.
  • The garden is vast and full of flowers. Children can run around and stretch their legs.
  • There is a swimming pool (although the water is often cold). As for the parents, they can book a massage or spa session.
  • The place has a beautiful view of the town and the mountains and it is surrounded by nature. You will breathe the fresh air.

Price: from 457 000 COP/4 pers | Cancellation Policy 3 days | Location: 20 min walk | Accommodation type: Individual cabins

3# Best insolite hotel in Jericó: La Nohelia

9.5/10 – Tomplanmytrip’s note

Do you want to discover Jericó’s daily life with a local family? Then La Nohelia is the hotel that will meet your needs. These lovely hosts have been growing coffee for many years. They offer excellent tours (in Spanish). To give travelers an even more authentic experience, they decided to build a 3-story Bambú house on their property!

  • Rosemary, John, their daughter, and sweet dogs make you feel like part of their family.
  • The house is well designed, and the view from the top apartment is fantastic.
  • You can order lunch (no menu), and it’s delicious! You can have it delivered for the evening.
  • It will be easy to organize the different tours in Jericó as La Nohelia also operates as a travel agency.
  • Note: There is no soundproofing, and the shower is separate from the house.

Price: from 102 000 COP/2pers | Cancellation Policy: 5 days | Location: 20 min by taxi (16 000 COP) | Accommodation type: B&B made with bambú.

4# Best finca hotel in Jericó: Aroma de Campo

9.1/10 – Tomplanmytrip’s note

Aroma de Campo is a traditional finca. The owners have perfectly renovated it to accommodate travelers. This vast and colorful building is located on a large property, filled with trees and flowers. This hotel of Jericó will allow you to discover the life of the locals in the countryside of Antioquia.

  • You can enjoy watching the staff work with the beautiful horses and mules while you sip your morning coffee.
  • Juan Pablo is a lovely host and will offer you many activities to discover Jericó.
  • Traditional finca, with pretty colors and simple furniture.
  • Possibility to book several tours (in Spanish) and learn how to ride a horse.
  • Note: The road to reach the hotel is in bad condition.

Price: from 150 000 COP/2pers | Cancellation Policy: 3 days | Location: 15 min walk | Accommodation type: Finca.

5# Best Economic hotel in Jericó: La Kolorina

8.6/10 – Tomplanmytrip’s note

The Kolorina is a pleasant and economical hotel in Jericó. The rooms are arranged in a U-shape and open onto a small garden with flowers. If you have a small budget, this is the place to come.

  • Breakfast is included, and it’s delicious.
  • There are family rooms (small size).
  • You will be in the middle of nature but still at a reasonable distance from Jericó (15 min).
  • Don Gustavo and Luz Helena are both friendly hosts.
  • Book the Deluxe suite to have more privacy.

Price: from 130 000 COP/2pers | Política de cancelación: 5 days | Location: 15 min walk | Accommodation type: Finca.

6# Best quiet hotel in Jericó: Casa Santamaria

8.4/10 – Tomplanmytrip’s note

Casa Santamaria is a country hotel that offers excellent services. Located at 20 minutes walking distance from Jericó, it is the ideal place to relax in a quiet area. The hangout area is pleasant and is a good option when the rain is coming. Once the storm has passed, go for a walk around the property, accompanied by the whistling of the birds.

  • Fantastic location, a great view of the mountains, and a super relaxed atmosphere.
  • The staff usually do a bonfire at night.
  • Breakfast outdoor with bird songs is a must.
  • The hotel will organize the tuk-tuk ride. It’s around 1.5$.

Price: from 170 000 COP/2pers | Cancellation Policy: 2 days | Location: 30 min walk | Accommodation type: Finca.

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The best apartments in Jericó, Antioquia

Are you coming with friends to Jericó? Do you like to take your time and cook delicious meals? Then, you’ll need an apartment. 

7# Our favorite apartment in Jericó: El Quijote Apartahotel

9.7/10 – Tomplanmytrip’s note

El Quijote Apartahotel seduces travelers with its singular style and the responsive service of the administrator. The whole concept of this apartment focuses on Don Quijote, the famous character from Miguel de Cervantes’ novel. In short, you feel good as soon as you arrive.

  • Many materials are used in the construction of this house: Stones, bricks, wood, terracotta tiles, light vaulting.
  • If you have any questions, you just have to contact Mr. Hugo (the administrator).
  • Up to 9 people can stay in this 108m square apartment.
  • You are in the center. You won’t need to book several tuk-tuks to have dinner in Jericó.

Price: from 305 000 COP/4pers | Cancellation Policy: 14 days | Location: in town | Accommodation type: apartment.

8# Best economic apartment in Jericó: Casa Republicana

9.2/10 – Tomplanmytrip’s note

Casa Republicana is a small house on the corner of the street that allows you to stay in Jericó without a large budget. There is little decoration, but the general atmosphere of the house is pleasant. Angela, the owner, is adorable. You will be in good hands.

  • Free private garage for your car.
  • The kitchen is well-equipped. You will be able to cook delicious meals instead of going to restaurants.
  • You’re in the center. It’s easy to organize activities and hikes.
  • Up to 9 people can stay in 3 rooms and a living room.

Price: from 253 000 COP/4pers | Cancellation Policy: 14 days | Location: in town | Accommodation type: apartment.

9# Best quality/price apartment in Jericó: Villa Linda

8.9/10 – Tomplanmytrip’s note

Villa Linda is a well-renovated house with warm and colorful rooms. You’ll love the tiles. Located a little away from the village, it is ideal for families with children and pets. 

  • Lovely decoration and practical furniture. Parents will love the room with the king-size bed.
  • Up to 10 people can stay in this apartment, although the 2 futons are not very comfortable.
  • You’re outside Jericó. The area is usually quieter. You can also enjoy your private garden.

Price: from 300 000 COP/4pers | Cancellation Policy: No | Location: 10 min walk | Accommodation type: apartment.

10# Best modern apartment in Jericó: Azulado

8.4/10 – Tomplanmytrip’s note

Modern and comfortable apartments; this is the promise offered by Azulado. Maurice and his team do not compromise on the cleanliness and functionality of each accommodation made available to travelers. If you want a carefree stay, this is the apartment you need when visiting Jericó.

  • The decoration is refined and bright. The furniture used is of good quality.
  • Modern, well-equipped kitchen.
  • Living room with a smart TV and Netflix.
  • Staff is always ready to solve any issues.
  • Note: It is not a traditional house with an interior courtyard or large balconies (like the other Jericó hotels and apartments in this article).

Price: from 383 000 COP/4pers | Cancellation Policy: No | Location: in town | Accommodation type: apartment.

Bonus – Best ecoliving for digital nomads: Riverside

Riverside Jericó

In Colombia, it’s hard to find a place in the middle of nature with a good internet connection. However, this is the bet that Jorge managed to achieve with Riverside. This enthusiastic entrepreneur bought and converted a traditional farmhouse that was over 100 years old!

  • Good internet connection via satellite and free access to the coworking 24/24.
  • The meals served on site are affordable and delicious. They grow most of their vegetables!
  • The hotel tries to offer several experiences to keep the guests busy. You also have access to a beautiful river.
  • Riverside is located in the middle of the Jericó hills. The landscapes are superb.
  • The rates become very interesting for travelers who stay from 7 days to 1 month.
  • The hotel is not easily accessible from Jericó. You will be dependent on Riverside’s transportation (or walk 45 min).
  • The hotel is quite new. There are sometimes difficulties in the organization (most of the staff are volunteers).

Price: from 200 000 COP/2pers | Cancellation Policy: 2 days | Location: 12 min drive | Accommodation type: Ecoliving.

How to pick your hotel in Jericó, Antioquia

That’s a good question, my traveler friend.

Fortunately, there are not hundreds of hotels in Jericó. It shouldn’t be too hard to choose among them.

Let’s first decide why you wish to come to Jericó.

I wrote a kick-ass Jericó guide. You should read it too before coming. You’ll find tons of tips, activities, and more!

Learn everything about Jericó

And avoid mistakes made by travelers.

Why do you come to Jericó, Antioquia

You travel to Jericó to visit the colonial town and soak in its atmosphere: It would be best for you to stay in town. It’s easier to head to the different restaurants and cafés — and there are many of them! Stay in the famous Jericó’s hotel El Despertar or a typical house like El Quijote.

→ You prefer to be awakened by the bird’s whistle: Some hotels in Jericó have beautiful gardens and are located 15 minutes walk from the center. Cabañas y Flores or Aroma de Campo are 2 excellent option in that case.

You plan to stay for 4-6 days and meet locals: The contact will be more natural if the host offers few rooms. La Nohelia is known for taking care of its guests.

→ Find the list of our best things to do in Jericó.

What you must know about Jericó

The streets of Jericó go up and down. You can take the tuk-tuk to get around. It’s fast, fun, and inexpensive. However, you will have difficulties getting in with a big suitcase. If you can’t walk long distances, choose a hotel in the center. 

→ Jericó is famous for the Carriel Bag and the Cardamom sweets.

→ The majority of hotels in Jericó do not serve lunch or dinner. Many restaurants deliver at home (but it is not as good).

→ Jericó is a cold (at night) and cloudy colonial town. Don’t be scared. Sunny days also exist. Come prepared and consider staying a few days.

→ It’s a countryside town. It means you might have roosters as neighbors. I don’t like them either. Choose an isolated hotel in Jericó if you are afraid of becoming a Serial Killer of roosters. Casa Santamaria, Cabañas y Flores et Aroma de Campo should be fine.

Cash is king in Jericó. Withdraw to Davivienda to avoid local bank fees. 

→ Most of Jericó’s hotels accept pets. The ones who do NOT accept pets are El Despertar, Azulado and Casa Santamaria

What type of accommodation are you looking for?

→ If you are looking for a comfortable and romantic hotel, choose between El Despertar and Casa Santamaria.

→ The cheapest hotel in our selection is La Nohelia. Casa Republica is another alternative if you’re at least 4 travelers.

Families will be spoilt for choice. Many hotels in Jericó offer family rooms, and there are plenty of apartments for rent. Cabañas y Flores and Villa Linda will suit you.

How to get to Jericó

Most of the travelers will pick Jericó as a multi-day trip from Medellin. Many buses leave from the South Bus terminal. The bus company is Transjericopt. The fastest way is through Bolombolo (3h).

There are also two cool colonial towns from where you can reach Jericó. You can leave from Jardín (3h) or from Támesis (2h). In both cases, you will take a Chiva — a traditional colorful bus.

How long to stay in Jericó

2 nights are enough if you just want to visit the village, visit a workshop where the famous Carriel bag is made and take a walk to the Parque de Los Nubes.

However, you can decide to stay much longer (if you like to take your time). The tourism around Jericó is developing little by little. You will find many coffee tours, paragliding flights, breathtaking views, epic horseback rides, and mighty waterfalls. If you’re this kind of traveler, stay 4 nights. 

How I have chosen the best apartments & hotels in Jericó

I have analyzed the hotels in Jericó according to the following criteria:

  • Notes on Booking
  • The reviews
  • Average price per night
  • Number of rooms
  • The location
  • Ambiance
  • The uniqueness of the establishment
  • Comfort
  • The experience of the stay.

Best Jericó hotels on a map

The bottom line

Jericó is a village perched among the mountains of Antioquia. The atmosphere of the place is delightful, and travelers will find their happiness, whether they stay 2 or 4 nights.

For those who wish to make the most of the village, the boutique hotel El Despertar or the apartment Quijote (for groups) will be ideal.

For families and nature lovers, I recommend Cabañas y Flores.

So tell me, which Jericó’s hotel will you choose?

Where to travel after Jericó

Antioquia is one of my favorite departments in Colombia. Don’t hesitate to include the following places in your itinerary:

Tomplanmytrip’s sections


I have been traveling around Colombia and Mexico since 2015 to discover new experiences and help travelers make the right choices.

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