More and more famous among travelers, Jardin is a charming colonial village in the department of Antioquia. Don’t be afraid, you won’t meet hordes of tourists either, especially if you go there in the low season.

I particularly appreciated the pleasant and friendly atmosphere there. The locals wear cowboy hats and are very welcoming. They often gather in one of the many bars, which surround the beautiful central square, to enjoy a coffee or sip a beer while remaking the world. I advise you to take some time to do the same after a nice day on the run.

Visiting coffee farms is one of the main activities in the village, but don’t neglect the walks and hikes that are possible in this area. There is something for all tastes and all levels. Some of the routes can be done without guides and others for which I can only advise you to go with a local agency. I particularly appreciated the day trek passing by the “Salto Del Angel” and “Guacharos”, a fabulous excursion.
Horse lovers will find their happiness as well as extreme sports lovers with options of canyoning and paragliding.

Finally, there are great bars to relax at the end of the afternoon with a good coffee, but also excellent restaurants to spend a good evening and go to bed happy.
A piece of advice, plan more than two nights if you really want to enjoy Jardin!


Articles you must read before traveling to Jardín:


Would you like to use private transportation?



Getting to Jardin? (+)

From Medellin to Jardin:


From Jerico to Jardin:

  1. There is a Chiva (bus) leaving twice a day to Andes. The departures are from the office Transportes Jerico (nearby the main square). Departure times are 7 am and 1 pm, double-check with your hotel. | 2h30
  2. Many depart from the Andes terminal to Jardin. Taxis or buses | 30 min


From Pereira to Jardin:

  1. Take a bus from the main terminal to Riosucio. Best to leave before 8 pm. Schedule. | Flota Occidental | 3-4h
  2. Take a Chiva (bus) to Jardin. The bus trip is fun and atypical, but it’ll be uncomfortable. 2 departures per day: 6 am & 2 pm | 3-4 hours
  3. Or ask for private transportation


From Salento to Jardin: 

  1. There is one direct bus from Salento to Riosucio, leaving at 7h50 am. Double-check with your hotel. | Flota Occidental | 3-4 hours
  2. Take a Chiva (bus) to Jardin. The bus trip is fun and atypical, but it’ll be uncomfortable. 2 departures per day: 6 am & 2 pm | 3-4 hours
  3. If you miss the bus from Salento to Riosucio, you can get a bus to Pereira then head to Jardin (above section).
  4. Or ask for private transportation

Where's the terminal?

There isn’t really a proper terminal for Jardin. The 2 or 3 transport companies such as Transporte Suroeste and Rapido Ochoa are located in a street on Calle 8 between carrera 6 and 5.
It is a 5min walk to the main square.

Table of Contents

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Where to stay in Jardin

Jardin is a small town with different types of accommodations. You will find some little and affordable guesthouses and medium-size hotels. Tut-Tuks are all over the place, so it's not a problem if you're hotel is outside town. Still, the daily-life in Jardin is quite pleasant, so I suggest you picking one not too far away.

  • Sgt Pepper's

    Hostel - $$

    Sgt Pepper's

    Little colonial house with a patio. Lovely owner who gives lots of tips. Excellent value for money.
    Get the best price
  • La Boira

    Guesthouse - $$

    La Boira

    Lovely hotel, 10 min walk. Excellent host. Delicious breakfast. Incredible views.
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  • Kantarrana

    Hotel - $$


    Hidden hotel in the center. Basic rooms but gorgeous outdoors. Friendly owner and cool vibes.
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  • Plantacion

    Upscale - $$


    Modern, cozy and eco-friendly. Best massages and delicious meals. Excellent atmosphere.
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  • Passiflora

    Upscale - $$$


    Upscale hotel in the center. Spacious and comfortable rooms. Top-notch services and facilities.
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Rent a house in Jardín

The perfect option to enjoy Jardín with your family, friends, or your partner.

  • Filo de Oro

    House - $$

    Filo de Oro

    Simple and colorful individual houses to enjoy Jardín peacefully. Very nice views. 10 minutes from town.
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  • M. Turpial

    Wooden cabin - $$$

    M. Turpial

    A romantic and cozy wooden cottage, in the middle of nature, just 5 minutes from Jardín. There is even a small path leading to the river.
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Things to do in Jardin

Where to sleep? What to do? Scan these questions with our The variety of activities possible in Jardin makes this village even more attractive. Whether you are sporty, a coffee lover, a bird lover, a hiking enthusiast, a horse-riding enthusiast, in search of thrills, this destination is for you.

  • Camino Real

    2 - 3 hours | $

    Camino Real

    A short hike around Jardin, 2 h. It's a loop. Lovely viewpoints. Charco Corazon + La Garrucha.
    Learn more
  • El Santo

    3 hours | Free

    El Santo

    A short and steep hike to Jesus Christ. Great view and a lovely cafe at the top. 1h. You can take a tuk-tuk too.
    Learn more
  • La Escalera

    4 hours | Free

    La Escalera

    1.5 h walk on a dirt path through the green hills to reach the waterfall la Escalera. Have lunch at la Argelia.
    Google Map
  • Main Square

    All Day long

    Main Square

    Lots of delicious cafes around the main square. Sit and observe the local's daily life.
    Learn more
  • Birdwatching

    1-2 hours | $


    There is a little reserve for you can observe Cock of the Rock birds at dusk. Fun & cheap.
    Learn more
  • Canyoning

    4 hours | $$


    La Escalera is perfect for learning a new experience: Canyoning! 15 - 25 m down.
    We recommend
  • Salto Angel

    7 - 9 hour | $$

    Salto Angel

    A full day hike where you pass by jaw-dropping sceneries. 8h. Different waterfalls. Amazing. Medium Lvl of difficulty.
    We recommend
  • C. Esplandor

    4 - 6 hours | $

    C. Esplandor

    Well-known and impressive waterfall. A short 2h hike + Jeep. Just 1 agency makes this tour.
    We recommend
  • Tamesis

    2 days | $$


    Become an adventurer and hike with a local guide for 2 days to reach Tamesis, another town.
    Learn more
  • Paragliding

    3 hours | $$


    You must go to Andes if you want to do some paragliding. It's 30 min away from Jardin by car. 20 min flight.
    Learn more
  • Coffee tour

    4 hours | $

    Coffee tour

    Los Angeles offers a nice coffee tour (with lunch). Authentic experience and lovely family.
  • Horse riding

    4 hours | $$

    Horse riding

    Locals use horses to carry their merchandise. There are many cool paths you can take.
    We recommend
  • Massages

    1 - 2 hours | $$


    Excellent massages for an affordable price. The parlor is situated inside the hotel Plantacion.
    Learn more

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