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***Hi there, I’m Tom. I stayed more than 20 days in Jardín in Antioquia. My travel guide will help you to plan the perfect trip. Read it carefully ;)***

The best guide to visit Jardín, Antioquia

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More and more famous among travelers, Jardin is a charming colonial village in the department of Antioquia. Don’t be afraid, you won’t meet hordes of tourists either, especially if you go there in the low season.

I particularly appreciated the pleasant and friendly atmosphere there. The locals wear cowboy hats and are welcoming. They often gather in one of the many bars, which surround the beautiful central square, to enjoy a coffee or sip a beer while remaking the world. I advise you to take some time to do the same after a nice day on the run.

Visiting a coffee farm and taking pictures of the Cueva del Esplendor are the two main things that visitors do.

It’s a pity because there are many other extraordinary hikes to do in the area. There is something for all tastes and all levels. Some of the routes can be done without guides and others for which I can only advise you to go with a local agency.

I particularly appreciated the day trek passing by the “Salto Del Angel” and ” Las Cueva de Los Guacharos”. 

And if you are looking for a complete tour that combines mountainous landscapes, waterfall, horseback riding, and hiking, then you will love to discover Chorro Blanco.

Horse lovers will find their happiness as well as extreme sports lovers with options of canyoning and paragliding.

Finally, there are great bars to relax at the end of the afternoon with a good coffee, but also excellent restaurants to spend a good evening and go to bed happy.

A piece of advice, plan at least 3 nights if you really want to enjoy Jardin! And don’t come if it’s a 3-day weekend (holiday Monday). There are too many Colombian visitors.

Articles you must read before traveling to Jardín:

Our favorite accommodations and agencies in Jardín

  • Passiflora

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  • 40 amigos

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    40 amigos

    A colorful hotel located in a peaceful area of Jardín. A perfect option to save a few bucks. See availability.
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  • Coffee farm


    Coffee farm

    We stayed 1 night on a beautiful coffee farm near Jardín. You'll love Daniel & his family. Read our review.
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  • Claudia

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Jardín’s Articles

Why coming to Jardín, Colombia

Perhaps you are hesitating between different tourist places in Antioquia? I’ve been in that situation. This is not an easy decision to make between two or more destinations. This section will allow you to decide whether or not Jardín will be your next favorite trip.

Jardín is a colonial town

Street in Jardin (1) I love the atmosphere in colonial towns, and Jardín is the perfect example. The white facades of the houses are embellished with colorful balconies, windows, and wooden doors. Going up these rainbow-like streets, you will arrive at the main square. This is the heart and soul of Jardín. The arrieros (muleteers), wearing their cowboy hats, come and go with their horses to sell the crops of the surrounding farms. With their butts resting on brightly colored wooden chairs, locals meet, discuss, and argue over a tinto—coffee. Others rest from their exhausting day, leaning under the trees, their pensive gaze directed towards the impressive Basílica de la Inmaculada Concepción. There is a serene atmosphere. No one seems unhappy. The contrast with the major Colombian cities is striking. Here, you can move from one point to another by walking without being on your guard 24 hours a day. In short, it is the perfect village to wander, relax and observe the daily life of the inhabitants of the rural area of Antioquia.

There are many waterfalls in Jardín, Colombia

cueva de los guacharos jardin (1) Cueva de los guacharos And there are impressive! Coming to Jardín, you will be able to admire mighty rivers that have carved their way through the mountain over the years. These chasms and canyons are impressive. For the more courageous, our local partner offers canyoning trips. There are also many opportunities to swim and refresh yourself during and after your walks.

Hikes around Jardín, Colombia

Walks around Jardin (1) Jardín is surrounded by hills, farms, mountains, and waterfalls. You are guaranteed to find hikes to suit your physical condition and budget. Follow the path of the Lechuza and then the Camino Real to go around the village, book a tour to discover 7 beautiful waterfalls hidden in the middle of dense vegetation, or trek to Támesis.

Coffee in Jardín

The Zona Cafetera is not the only region in Colombia with coffee plantations. Due to its climate and altitude, Antioquia is a perfect department for this type of agriculture. If you haven’t planned to include Salento or Filandia in your itinerary to Colombia, go to Jardín. It would be a shame not to discover this aspect of Colombian culture. Our local partner offers tours to visit a coffee plantation and spend time with a family of campesinos (farmers). Then, if you want to enjoy this delicious drink of complex aroma in different ways, there are several excellent cafés in Jardín. I’ll tell you more later.

The famous Gallito de las Rocas

Andean Cock of the rock Jardin (1) This strange-looking bird fascinates birders. Usually, it isn’t easy to observe. This is not the case in Jardín. There is a special place where they come every morning and evening.

Best restaurants in Jardín, Colombia

  • Doña Hilda | Delicious and affordable typical meals.
  • Bella Pizza | Best pizza in town.
  • Cafe Europe | Romantic atmosphere and good pizza.
  • Oleo | Gourmet restaurant.
  • Momentos de Jardín | Menu of the day
  • Jardín de Jardín | Tasty veggie burgers and Aguacate dessert
  • Cafe Macanas | Massive breakfast
  • Dulces de Jardín | Dessert


Best place to have a drink in Jardín

  • Jardín de Jardín | They sometimes organize parties. Check out their Instagram.
  • Centro Social Olimpico | To play pool on the 2nd floor.


Best place to order a coffee in Jardín

  • Cafe de Los Andes
  • Las Cuchillas
  • Librería – Galería – Café

How to get to Jardín, Colombia

It’s decided you want to come to Jardín.

The new question is how to do it?

You will have to take a bus, a Chiva (local bus) or private transportation.

Transportation schedules change regularly in Colombia. Check with the bus terminal or your hotel to make sure you don’t miss it.


From Medellín to Jardín

This is the easiest way to get to Jardín.

Take a direct bus from the South Terminal. The company Rapido Ochoa is faster, but there are fewer departures. Schedule | Rapido Ochoa & Transportes Suroeste | 4 hours


From Jericó to Jardín

This is a journey that I often recommend because it allows you to take the famous Chiva! It is a wide colorful bus that goes through small roads to connect the villages of Antioquia. The landscapes are beautiful, and the experience is 100% authentic. On the other hand, the trip will be a bit bumpy, and there will be a lot of dust due to the dirt roads.

  1. There is a Chiva (bus) leaving twice a day to Andes. The departures are from the office Transportes Jerico (nearby the main square). Departure times are 7 am and 2 pm; double-check with your hotel. | 2h30
  2. Many depart from the Andes terminal to Jardin. Taxis or buses | 30 min


From Pereira to Jardín

If you want to visit the Zona Cafetera and then head to Medellín without taking a plane, then a stop in Jardín might be a good idea!

  1. Take a bus from the main terminal to Riosucio. Best to leave before 8 pm. Schedule. | Flota Occidental | 3-4h
  2. Take a Chiva (bus) to Jardin. The bus trip is fun and atypical, but it’ll be uncomfortable. 2 departures per day: 6 am & 2 pm | 3-4 hours


From Salento to Jardín

It’s a little more complicated because there are few departures. But it is still doable!

  1. There is one direct bus from Salento to Riosucio, leaving at 7h50 am. Double-check with your hotel. | Flota Occidental | 3-4 hours
  2. Take a Chiva (bus) to Jardin. The bus trip is fun and atypical, but it’ll be uncomfortable. 2 departures per day: 6 am & 2 pm | 3-4 hours
  3. If you miss the bus from Salento to Riosucio, you can head to Pereira then head to Jardin (above section).


Where’s the terminal in Jardín?

There isn’t a proper terminal for Jardin. The 2 or 3 transport companies such as Transporte Suroeste and Rapido Ochoa are located on Calle 8 between carrera 6 and 5. It is a 5min walk to the main square.

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