Bogota is the capital of Colombia and has many activities and day trips to offer. Surrounded by the Andes mountains, the city doesn’t seduce the travelers at first sight, because of the cold/foggy weather and awful traffic. 

But if you give it enough time and positive energy, you will learn how to appreciate the city. Wander among the graffiti streets in La Candelaria, visit the Gold and Botero museums, book one of the many tours to hear more about the Colombian culture, enjoy the nightlife in Chapinero and La Zona Rosa, eat unusual foods in the best restaurants and appreciate the sunset from Montserrate

Then, take some fresh air by hiking through unforgettable landscapes like Sumapaz and Chingaza, find out the place where the legend of the El Dorado is born, or visit the salt cathedrals of Zipaquira and Nemocon.


Our Colombia itineraries for visiting Bogota and Around


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Where To Travel In The Region Of Bogota And Around

We spent 1.5 months around Bogota. Learn about our favorite destinations in this region

  • Bogota

    Bogota & Around


    Bogota is the capital of Colombia. At first sight, travelers don’t like to spend too much time there because of its unfriendly weather and traffic jams. However, the city has a lot to offer if you know the right person and places. Don't hesitate to book tours to get the best insights instead of wandering randomly.
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  • Suesca

    Bogota & Around


    Suesca is a town 1 hour away from Portal del Norte, Bogota. It offers excellent opportunities for rock climbing lovers with more than 400 routes. You can rent the equipment and sleep in the hostels around. There also mountain biking and hiking trails if you're scared of heights.
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  • Tobia

    Bogota & Around


    Tobia is a little town located 2 hours away from Bogota. Every weekend, Bogotanos run away from the capital to book their favorite outdoor activities. Tobia is famous for rafting, canyoning, rappelling and it hosts the longest zipline in Colombia.
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Top Things To Do In Bogota & Around

Here is a compilation of the best things to do in Bogota and Around:

  • Watch the sunset from Monserrate
  • Eat an Ajiaco
  • Book a bicycle tour
  • Visit the Paloquemao market
  • Explore the graffiti streets in La Candelaria
  • Party in the Zona Rosa in Bogota
  • Rock climbing in Suesca
  • Hike in Los Paramos de Chingaza and Sumapaz
  • Dine at Andres Carne de Res in Chia (Bogota’s district)
  • Play a Tejo Game
  • Eat at delicious restaurants in the G district (Bogota)
  • Discover the salt Cathedrals in Nemocon and Zipaquira
  • Visit the Gold Museum in Bogota
  • Observe the city from Colpatria Tower (Bogota)
  • Organize a beer or coffee tour in Bogota
  • Flea Market on Sundays in Usaquen (Bogota’s district)
  • Organize a weekend trip to Tobia to get your shots of adrenaline: Rafting, Canyoning, Zipline, etc.

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Events in Bogota

List of the main events in Bogota:

  • February: Festival Centro – Music Festival
  • March: Estereo Picnic – Music Festival
  • April: Bogota International Theatre Festival
  • May: Baum Festival – Electro Music
  • July: Rock In the Park – Music Festival
  • July- August: Colombia Al Parque – Music Festival
  • September: Jazz in The Park – Music Festival
  • October: Bogota International Film Festival
  • November: Sonar Bogota – Music Festival

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Bogota and around colombia itinerary
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