Where to stay in Bogota: Pick These Best Neighborhoods

Where to stay in Bogota? What are the best places? Which area? Is it dangerous? Do you want to party a lot? Do you only plan to stay for 1 night? In big cities, it’s important to cautiously choose your district. Each neighborhood has something different to offer.

Districts in Bogota aren’t equal regarding the safety, the experiences and the cost of living. Let’s define together your ideal place to stay in Bogota

Staying in Bogota: Quick tips

A few travelers like Bogota: It’s a massive city, and it’s hard to fall in love with it. There are many hidden gems, but you need to find them. This is why it’s important to pick the right district.

Weather in Bogota: Bogota is cold and cloudy, albeit there are sunny days from December to March.

Safety in Bogota: You should always be careful in big cities, especially late at night.

La Candelaria: It’s the historic center of Bogota. The district is composed of private universities, museums, colonial buildings, and street arts. The vibe is pleasant during the day, but there are insecurity issues at night. Backpackers love the hostels there. | My favorite hostel: Selina Candelaria | My favorite hotel: Casa de la Vega. | My favorite upscale hotel: Hotel de la Opera. | My favorite apartment: Depa Quevedo

La Macarena attracts artists and big eaters because of its many art galleries and affordable restaurants. The district isn’t the safest in Bogota, but no need to be paranoid either. La Macarena is located between La Candelaria and Chapinero | My favorite hotels: hotel Grand Park & Hotel Tequendama.

Chapinero is huge and it’s also my favorite neighborhood to stay in Bogota. There are lots of residential buildings. Choose your accommodation among Chapinera alto, Zona G, and Quinta Camacho, and you will be sure to make a good choice. Delicious restaurants, safe and all kinds of music in the bars & nightclubs. Chapinero is located between La Macarena and Zona Rosa. For Hipsters, partygoers, and ex-pats| My favorite hostel: Republica hostel | My favorite hotel: Mika Suites | My favorite luxury hotel: Casa Legado

Zona Rosa, Parque 93 and Retiro are among the safest districts in Bogota. The Streets, large and clean, are flanked by tall and new buildings. Most of them are restaurants, nightclubs, and offices. While you won’t get too much of the famous Colombian vibe, these districts are ideal if you travel with your family or if you’re on a business trip. This zone is located between Chapinero and Envigado.| My favorite Hostel: Selina 93 | My favorite hotel: Hotel B3 Virrey | My favorite upscale hotel: Movitch | My favorite apartment: 93 Luxury Suites & Residences.

Usaquen is a town that has been “sucked” by Bogota’s expansion. As el Retiro, this half colonial town half Bogota’s district is ideal for families. There are tons of restaurants and cute cafes, which make perfect stops while you explore the area. Don’t miss the flea market on Sundays. The only negative point is that you’re far from everything. | My favorite hotel: Biohotel Organic | My favorite upscale hotel: W Bogotá. | My favorite Apartment: Beautiful Usaquen

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👉Or if you are looking for upscale options only, have a look at the best Bogotá hotels 5 stars

How to like Bogota: As I said, almost every traveler hates Bogota. Mostly, it’s because they arrive with flip-flops and have no idea where to go. Bogota offers kick-ass tours to learn about Colombia’s culture and history.

Districts in Bogota

Yes, you’ll love staying in Bogotá

View of Bogotá

I travel to meet people and enjoy new experiences. For me, a fun-tipsy talk with a local in the Zona Rosa, an exhausting hike to admire Bogota from Quebrada La Vieja or a delicious dinner in the Zona G are the memories I want to bring back home. Hence, I love staying in the Chapinero district.

But, you maybe don’t have the same expectations.

Bogota doesn’t have an excellent reputation among the traveler community. I think there are three reasons for that:

  • Tourists don’t realize Bogota is at 2600 m high. It’s cold at night and cloudy/rainy most of the time
  • They want to visit a capital with 9 000 000 inhabitants within 1.5 days. Bogota is like a shy person. You have to be patient before she starts seducing you
  • They don’t know where to stay in Bogota (They always choose la Candelaria)

Don’t make the same mistakes and you’ll spend a joyful moment in the capital of Colombia. You will quickly realize that you can spend the week there!

So, ready to decide where to stay in Bogota?


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La Candelaria: Where To Stay In Bogota

La Candelaria in Bogota

It’s noisy and messy. But it feels authentic. Unlike Poblado in Medellin. You’ll love staying in La Candelaria if you want to visit museums and look at some cool street arts.

La Candelaria, Old city center and backpacker hotspot


La Candelaria is the beating heart of Bogota. Among the streets, students wait in line to order cheap Colombian dishes for lunch or drink a hot cafe –Tinto. A little further, street vendors sit behind their stand full of handicrafts, and artists perform on Parque del Periodista to get a few bills from the passersby.

The majority of the Bogota’s ministry buildings are located in La Candelaria. On the large Bolivar square, you can admire the House of Congress facing a majestic Cathedral and the Palacio Leviano.

Wedged between the Bolivar square and the Andean mountains, the Plazoleta Chorro de Quevedo is full of history. The legend says that Bogota was settled in this place on August 6th, 1538. All around, liquors shop, bars, and restaurants welcome the tourists and students who want to share a beer or dinner before going home.

La Candelaria is a colorful neighborhood. Within the alleyways,  colonial houses have their walls painted in different bright colors. There is no homogeneity. Moreover,  the mayor has legalized street graffiti in Bogota, and many artists from all around the world come here to express their emotions. Don’t hesitate to book a graffiti tour to get a better understanding of their pieces of art.

It’s also a paradise for museum fans:

  • Gold Museum – Museo Del Oro: Almost 34 000 pieces of Gold
  • The Botero Museum: Botero is a famous Colombian artist who likes to exaggerate the physical proportions of his subjects |It’s part of the MAMU Complex.
  • Centro Cultural Marquez: Gabriel Garcia Marquez is a fantastic Colombian writer. The building is an homage to the artist where you will learn about his life and his literary works
  • Fragmentos: Museum about the Colombian conflict

Why staying in La Candelaria, Bogota

  • You’re only visiting Bogota because it was the cheapest place to land in Colombia. And you don’t want to spend too much time there. You prefer skinnydipping on the Caribbean Coast of Colombia. All the main highlights are in La Candelaria. Hence, you won’t waste time on public transport.
  • You’re traveling on a shoestring budget. You won’t find cheaper accommodations and restaurants than in La Candelaria.
  • You want to experience and observe the daily life in Bogota, but you don’t want to party at night
  • You love historic buildings
  • You’re a fan of museums
  • You don’t want to use private or public transport

Why not staying in La Candelaria

  • The district isn’t safe at night. You should take a taxi to move around after 9 pm. Besides, all the shops close at night and nobody hangs out in the streets
  • There are not many options to go out at night
  • You’re far away from the best nightlife and restaurants
  • It’s very touristic during the day
  • It’s a small district. You quickly go around in circles

Staying in a hostel in La Candelaria

Selina hostel where to stay in Bogota
Selina in La Candelaria

Many colonial houses have been transformed into hostels in La Candelaria. It gives characters to the rooms and the social areas.

Where to stay in la Candelaria – Our favorite hostels:

Cranky Croc offers daily activities to its guests. It’s a great choice if you don’t have too much time to get some information about Bogota | Activities & Friendly Staff | $$ | Find out the best prices here

Masaya Hostel has a solid reputation among the traveler community. Upscale rooms and excellent amenities | Upscale & Quiet | $$ | Find out the best prices

Botanico hostel is located in a splendid colonial building and the staff always organizes pleasant social events | Social Events & Building | $$ | Find out the best prices

Selina la Candelaria, based in a splendid and vast colonial building, has done a great job with the decoration. It’s also perfect to meet other travelers | Digital nomad & upscale hostel | $$$ | Find out the best prices

El Yarumo is a lovely place for people who want to take the time to explore the city and meet other travelers. Fantastic staff | Friendly & simple | $ | Find out the best prices

Staying in a hotel in La Candelaria

The Orchid hotel in La Candelaria

Because la Candelaria is the most touristic district, you will find a wide choice of accommodations, from cheap to luxury. Most of them kept their colonial architecture. It’s quite charming!

Where to stay in la Candelaria – Our favorite hotels:

Hotel de la Opera is a luxury establishment located within a splendid colonial building. Old fashion bedrooms and a fantastic view over La Candelaria | Luxury & Colonial | $$$$ | Find out the best prices here

Casa de la Vega offers a great service for a reasonable price. Vast colonial building and cozy rooms | Affordable & pleasant | $$ | Find out the best prices

Located on the outskirt of La Candelaria, Santa Lucia is a good option for not breaking the bank | SPA & Cheap | $$ | Find out the best prices

Did you find something you like?

Now, let’s move on to the next neighborhood where you can stay in Bogota.

La Macarena: Where to stay in Bogota

Streets with restaurants in La Macarena, Bogota

La Macarena is a district filled with Art galleries and delicious restaurants. Back in the ’70s, it was a place where bohemians and artists were organizing wild parties. They even built tiny openings between the different apartments to move around easier and escape the police.

It wasn’t a safe place, and it’s still not advised to wander alone at night. But the district has a unique personality that seduces travelers looking for artist vibes.

Let’s see why you would like to stay in this Bogota’s neighborhood

A paradise for Bohemians and Art Lovers

The neighborhood La Macarena is located above la Candelaria and surrounds the park La Independencia with its green hills, a planetarium museum, and a bullring.

By the way, do you know why we call it La Macarena? It’s because of Esperanza Macarena, the bullfighter’s patron.

During the early ’80s, the first art gallery has opened its doors. And many others followed.

  • Alonso Garces Galeria: 8 expositions every year | Visual art
  • NC – Arte Galeria
  • Ojo Rojo: Photo exposition

Besides, you don’t have to spend all your day in galleries. There are other exciting things to do in the neighborhood.

  • Visit the Modern Art Museum and The National Museum
  • Admire Bogota from the tallest tower in Colombia, Torre Colpatria
  • Learn about Simon Bolivar’s life in Casa Quinta Bolivar
  • Have a drink in the best bookstore in Bogota, in Luvina Bookstore

Knowledge feeds the brain, not the belly. Fortunately, there are fantastic restaurants where visitors can exchange smart remarks from their learning day while eating a delicious meal.

  • El Boliche: Great Italian Restaurant | Around 30 000 COP for the main dish – 10 $
  • El Patio: A romantic Mediterranean French restaurant | Around 30 000 COP for the main dish – 10 $
  • Agave Azul: Secret Mexican Restaurant with delicious margaritas
  • Chib Chombia: Tasty Colombian Specialties | Around 30 000 COP for the main dish – 10 $
  • Azimos: Healthy trendy Cafe with tasty breakfast |Around 12 000 COP for breakfast – 4 $
  • Anna y Otto: Cooking in the oven specialties. It’s fantastic | 25 – 40 000 COP

Why staying in La Macarena, Bogota

  • You’re an Art Lover
  • You want to be close to the many museums in Bogota while not staying in La Candelaria
  • You’re looking for a unique-bohemian-hipster vibe
  • Delicious and affordable restaurants
  • It’s near Chapinero. Therefore it’s easy to get a drink or party hard

Why not staying in La Macarena, Colombia

  • Some parts of La Macarena can be dodgy at night
  • Not many accommodation options for backpackers
  • There are not many options to go out late at night
  • It’s a hilly district

Staying in a hotel in La Macarena

Hotel Gran Park

Where to stay in la Macarena – Our favorite hotel:

Hotel Gran park seduces travelers with its swimming pool, SPA and large cozy rooms | Excellent value & Friendly staff | $$ | Find out the best prices here

So, did you decide to stay in La Macarena?

If not, don’t worry.

Now it’s time to mention my favorite Bogota’s neighborhood.

Chapinero: Where to stay in Bogota

Cafe Cultor in Quinta Camacho, Chapinero

I like to stay in Chapinero when I plan a trip to Bogota.


Because it will reduce your time in public transports and taxis. The traffic in Bogota is horrible. Roads are more congested than a Canadian’s stuffy nose in winter.

Indeed, Chapinero is located in the center of the capital, between the historic center and the party district.

Also, the area is safer than La Candelaria at night. It’s because there are fewer gringo preys. But you should still be cautious 😉

Let’s see why you should stay in this Bogota’s neighborhood.

Affordable bars, restaurants, and nightclubs

Moreover, hipsters and the LGBT community took control of the neighborhood. It means excellent electro music and cheap-half abandoned-trendy bars with live music. Like in Berlin.

It sounds great, no?

Check out the clubs:

  • Theatron
  • La Negra
  • Bar Asilo
  • Disco Jaguar
  • Latino Power
  • Marino Submarino
  • Octava
  • Video Club
  • Boogaloop

Chapinero is not full of churches and museums. But it’s an excellent place to start enjoying Bogota. Also, you can hike to Quebrada La Vieja in the morning to admire a beautiful viewpoint of the city.

You’re in Colombia. Dedicate your morning to taste marvelous Colombian coffees and breakfasts. With a hangover or not, check out the following trendy cafe:

  • Amor Perfecto: A stylish cafe with a cafe lab. Fantastic coffee and staff
  • Cafe Cultor: Perfect coffee knowledge and brewing skills. Plus, the pastries are delicious
  • Varietale: Warm atmosphere, perfect to hang out. Coffees are excellent, especially with the carrot cake

Do you like to eat?

I bet you do. Like 99.99% of the humans.

Bogota hosts some of the best restaurants in the world. And the majority of them are in an area called The Zona Gourmet – Or Zona G.

My mouth is watering like the Trevi fountain just to think about it.

Here is a quick selection:

  • Misia by Leo Espinosa: Tasty Colombian specialties | Around 40 000 COP for the main dish – 15 $
  • Criterion: One of the most well-known restaurants in Bogota. Classic but fantastic | Menu at 200 000 COP – 70$
  • Harry Sasson: Excellent restaurant, service, and location | Around 80 000 COP for the main dish – 30 $

Chapinero is a vast district. Therefore, you have to pick the right area if you don’t wish to take a cab every time you’re going to a restaurant or a bar.

My favorite areas to stay in Chapinero are:

  • Chapinero Alto
  • Quinta Camacho
  • Zona G

Why stay in Chapinero, Colombia

  • You plan to stay more than 2 days in the city, and you want to have a sweet taste of Bogota’s daily life.
  • You like to party, and you’re keen to discover the Zona T. However, you prefer to stay in a hostel to meet other travelers
  • You’re traveling on a shoestring budget, but you don’t want to stay in La Candelaria
  • You’re part of the LGBT community
  • It’s safer than La Candelaria at night
  • You love gourmet restaurants
  • It’s between the Zona Rosa and Parque 93

Staying in a hostel in Chapinero

Republica Hostel

Where to stay in Chapinero – Our favorite hostels:

Republica hostel offers spacious and comfortable rooms for a cheap price. Besides, their location is perfect | Quinta Camacho & Upscale | $ | Find out the best prices here

Staying in a hotel in Chapinero

Casa Legado Hotel in Bogota
Casa Legado in Quinta Camacho, Chapinero

Where to stay in Chapinero – Our favorite hotels:

Hotel Casa Legado aims its guests to feel at ease, like at home. The house is small, peaceful, and well-decorated. Located in Quinta Camacho | Home & luxury | $$$$ | Find out the best prices here

Casa Medina is one of the fanciest hotels in Bogota. The service is top-notch and the colonial building mind-blowing. Located in Quinta Camacho | Luxury & splendid | $$$$ | Find out the best prices here

Mika suites is an environmentally friendly hotel with cozy private rooms. Located in Zona G | Affordable & green |$$$ | Find out the best prices here

The Grace Hotel is a perfection option for travelers who prefer to spend their money in restaurants instead of upscale hotels | Affordable & classic |$$$| Find out the best prices

Lifeafar, even better than Airbnb

An apartment renovated by Lifeafar

Every traveler knows about Airbnb.

But I bet my left hand you’ve never heard of Lifeafar.

This company buys old buildings in the best districts of the largest cities in Colombia and renovates them as new. The result is astonishing.

And here is the best part. Travelers like you and I can rent these apartments for a reasonable price – Minimum stay of 3 nights.

Most of their apartments are located in Chapinero.

The neighborhood of Chapinero is a great place to stay in Bogota to enjoy local life at an affordable price.

Do you understand now why I like Chapinero so much?

Ok, let’s move on to the next district.

Zona Rosa and Parque 93: Where to stay in Bogotá

Zona Parque 93, Bogota

Basically, mid-class and upper-class Colombians head to the Zona Rosa every weekend to spend their money and dance like crazy, especially on paydays.

But you don’t have to be a partygoer to wish to stay in the north of Bogota. The districts like Parque 93 and El Chico are perfect for business people and families. There are many good restaurants, hotels are recent and comfortable, and it’s quite safe at night.

It’s better than Medellin’s nightlife

The nightlife in Medellin is well-known among travelers. In Poblado, backpackers like to share some drinks in hostels before going out to the clubs near Parque Lleras.

But, I want to tell you a secret.

The Zona Rosa in Bogota is a lot better than Medellin. There are more events, many different kinds of music – Bogotanos love Electro – and fewer tourists.

However, it’s a bit more expensive, and you will have to pay a cover to get inside clubs – Around 20 000 COP, 7 $.

Some good clubs and bars in the Zona Rosa:

  • Tuesday: Gringo Tuesday at Vintrash Bar – Learn Spanish while drinking beers from 5 to 9 pm
  • Wednesday: Armando Records organizes different live band shows
  • Thursday: Presea Rooftop to learn how to dance on Reggaeton music beats.
  • Friday and Saturday: Hotel V then end the night at Mint club

And if you’ve got some remorse because of all the alcohol you have drunk during the weekend, you can organize an early running session within one of the 2 parks nearby. Parque 93 and Parque El Virrey.

It’s a great experience on Sundays as they close down many streets for the Ciclovia.

Why staying in Zona Rosa and Parque 93, Bogota

  • You want to party hard and don’t take taxis
  • You’re traveling with your family, and you’re looking for the safest district. Both districts are among the wealthiest areas in Bogota.
  • You want to sleep in a modern and luxury hotel
  • It’s clean and spacious

What I don’t like about Zona Rosa and Parque 93

  • It’s far from the tourist sights
  • It’s the most expensive district
  • Parque 93 is a business district. Therefore, there is a lack of atmosphere.

Staying in a hostel in the north of Bogota

Selina Parque 93

Where to stay in north of Bogota – Our favorite hostels:

Selina settled his third hostel in Parque 93. Coworking area and social events. It’s a great value for digital nomad and flashpackers | Upscale & Digital Nomad | $$$ | Find out the best prices here

Staying in a hotel in the north of Bogota

Bioxury hotel

Where to stay in north of Bogota – Our favorite hotels:

Hotel Cityflat makes you feel at home with its beautiful suite rooms. Besides, the service is fantastic | Well-designed & New | $$$ | Find out the best prices here

BOG is a new fancy hotel located in the business district. It’s perfect, well-designed and expensive | Luxury & Fancy | $$$$ | Find out the best prices here

Movich aims to be the perfect boutique hotel in Colombia. There are four of them in the country. To me, it’s a no brainer if your budget allows it | Style & Fancy | $$$$ | Find out the best prices here

Bioxury is an excellent hotel made of plant walls and well-designed bedrooms. The breakfast is tremendous | Plants & Fancy | $$$ | Find out the best prices here

But, you don’t have to break the bank to stay near Parque 93. Hotel B3 Virrey is a great value for travelers who are on a business trip | Excellent price-quality | $$ | Find out the best prices here

Some of these hotels looks amazing, don’t you think?

Our last Bogota’s neighborhood is… Usaquen!

Usaquen: Where to stay in Bogota

Staying in Usaquen in Bogotá

Before the 1950s, Usaquen was an independent colonial town.

But Bogota grew fast! Like a robust Maori baby soon ready to play with the All Blacks.

And nowadays, Usaquen is a charming upscale district with shopping centers and delicious restaurants. There is not much to do except wander through the colonial streets, between two food orgies.

Usaquen: A lovely little town within Bogota

Located north of El Chico, the district is safe and perfect for families. Moreover, travelers can take the Sabana train to visit the Salt Cathedral in Zipaquira.

And, Every Sunday there is a flea market with amazing handicrafts. I’m sure you will find the perfect gifts for your favorite child aunt.

Oh, did you stop reading after “food orgies”?

  • Abasto: Delicious Colombian Breakfast – Eggs, arepa, … | Around 10 – 15 000 COP | 4-6 $
  • Cafe Amarti: Italian restaurant with many Vegetarian options | Around 35 – 65 000 COP | 13 – 25 $
  • 80 Sillas: Delicious Peruvian Seafood and ceviche | Around 25 000 – 40 000 COP for the main dish | 9 – 15 $
  • Casa Vieja: Tasty Colombian foods in large quantity | Around 30 000 COP for the main dish | 11 $
  • Taj Mahal: Excellent Indian restaurant Vegetarian-friendly | Around 35 000 COP for the main dish | 13 $
  • Bistronomy: Charming and tasty European restaurant | Around 40 000 COP for the main dish | 15$

Why staying in Usaquen, Bogota

  • You’re traveling with your family, and you’re looking for a peaceful and safe area
  • You don’t like to stay in big cities
  • You want to travel to Zipaquira the next day
  • You already know the main touristic attractions in Bogota

Wy not staying in Usaquen, Bogota

  • It’s far from the tourist sights
  • There are not many options to go out late at night
  • There is no hostel
  • It’s quite small

Our favorite hotels in Usaquen

Bogota W hotel
Hotel W Bogota

Where to stay in Usaquen of Bogota – Our favorite hostels:

Bio Organic hotel won’t let you down. It’s new, comfortable and for an affordable price | Ecological & Affordable | $$$ | Find out the best prices here

W Bogota is one of the most famous hotels for businessmen. The facilities are fantastic, and the staff perfectly qualified | Luxury & Efficient | $$$$ | Find out the best prices here

In a nutshell: Where to stay in Bogota

There are different districts where you can sleep in Bogota. It will depend on what you’re looking for:

  • La Candelaria: The main tourist sights and museums. There are many hostels and backpackers. However, it’s not safe at night
  • La Macarena: It’s the art district. Many art galleries expose South American artists. Moreover, there are many tasty and affordable restaurants. Authentic hipster vibe
  • Chapinero: Large area with a mix of residential buildings, excellent restaurants, nightclubs, and bars. It’s located between the Zona Rosa and La Candelaria. Perfect for going out and visiting the city.
  • Zona Rosa: It’s the party district of Bogota. It’s also one of the safest areas in Bogota
  • Usaquen: An Old colonial town with a peaceful vibe and delicious restaurants. It’s safe and perfect for Families 

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