How to Enjoy Medellin Nightlife 🎉: Best bars and nightclubs

How to Enjoy Medellin Nightlife 🎉: Best bars and nightclubs

There is very little good information about Medellin nightlife in Colombia. Many articles speak about the same boring bars and clubs.

Let me help you to find out the best bars, nightclubs, and neighborhoods so you can build unforgettable memories and party like a Colombian.

Medellin Nightlife: What you must know

Laureles: It’s a district “near” the center. It’s safe to party at night. Traditional loud Colombian bars and clubs and hidden salsa places.

The center: Don’t walk there at night, it’s super dodgy. However, there are a few nice parties going on.

Las Palmas: Famous district to pick a good restaurant and breathe some fresh air.

Barrio Colombia: The place to be for partying in massive nightclubs while listening to Colombian music. It’s more expensive.

Poblado: The epicenter of Medellin nightlife. Lots of foreigners and locals. Tens of bars, make your choice before going or you’ll be lost. Pick this district if you want to listen to electro music.

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Safety in Medellin: Take an Uber at night and don’t look for hookers or cocaine.

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Table of Contents: Medellin nightlife

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Why Colombia nightlife is so famous?

Medellin Nightlife has a tremendous reputation among travelers who visit Colombia. And, while I think the nightlife in Bogota offers more variety, I easily understand why people fall in love with this Paisa’s land – AKA People living in Medellin.

I plead guilty too.

When we created Colombia Insider, there was no doubt in my mind. We had to settle in Medellin. And, I’m glad we did it.

After a few months of living here, I realized we only knew the tip of the iceberg regarding the Medellin Nightlife.

Some of you probably think about hookers and drugs. You’re right and wrong at the same time.

Yes, there are hookers and drugs in Medellin. And some tourists only come to Colombia for these reasons. Those are idiots. It’s because of the customers that Prostitution and cocaine are a scourge for the country.

There are so many other reasons why people would enjoy partying in Colombia!

1. Colombians are friendly (+)

It’s in their blood and flesh. Italians love pasta, French are grumpy and Colombians are friendly.

Foreigners aren’t uncommon anymore. Nobody will jump on you. However, if you do the first steps, they will love to speak with you.

2. They dance Salsa (+)

Colombians LOVE to dance. They do it since they are kids. For them, sitting at a table without doing nothing except drinking is boring.

And I couldn’t agree more.

So, put on the side your shot of aguardiente and move your hips! There is only one hitch. Besides Reggaeton, people dance by two. Have a look on Youtube or book a few dance classes to learn the basics. Then invite Colombians and ask them to teach you!

I tell you later in this article where to dance Salsa and find some free classes.

3. Colombia Nightlife is cheap (+)

Don’t get me wrong. You could spend thousands of dollars in one night if you want it.

But, if you avoid tourist traps and luxury clubs, you should be alright.

  • National beer in a shop (Poker, aguila, club…) : Around 3 000 COP | 1$
  • National beer in a bar or Nightclub in Colombia: Around 6 000 COP | 2$
  • Famous Artisanal beer in a shop (BBC, 3 cordilleras…): Around 6 000 COP | 2$
  • Famous Artisanal beer in a bar or Nighclub in Colombia: Around 10 000 COP | 3$
  • Good beer in a VIP nightclub: Around 15 000 COP | 5$
  • Excellent cocktail in bar & Nightclub: Around 25 000 COP | 8$
  • Cover for an event or a nightclub: 15 – 30 000 COP | 5 – 10$
  • Bottle of Rum or Aguardiente in a cheap bar: 50 – 80 000 COP | 17$ – 27$
  • Bottle of Rum or Aguardiente in a club: 100 – 200 000 COP | 33$ – 66$
  • Taxi, Uber or Beat: 6 – 15 000 COP | 2$ – 5$

Also, the prices change a lot according to the area where you decide to party.

Moreover, the budgets aren’t the same among the largest cities in Colombia.

The nightlife in Cartagena is the most expensive. Then it’s the nightlife in Bogota and Medellin. The cheaper city is Cali!

4. Women are gorgeous (+)

I’m sorry girls, but it’s true.

Their long black hair is beautiful; their deep dark eyes look through your soul when they speak to you, and they know how to dance.

Add a bit of drama from the TeleNovela they like to watch and you will understand why guys fall in love with Colombian girls.

Now, let’s get into the bare bones of the topic. Here are my favorite Medellin nightlife tips.

We also help you to find the perfect Medellin district in this post.

Where are the best areas to party in Medellin

Medellin’s nightlife

According to what you’re looking for, you shouldn’t head to the same party spots in Medellin.

There are 5 main areas where you can enjoy the best Medellin Nightlife:

  • El Poblado
  • La 70
  • La 33
  • Barrio Colombia
  • Las Palmas

Once the weekend is over, feel free to plan a multi-day excursion outside Medellin.

1. Poblado, la Zona Rosa de Medellin

When coming for the first time to Medellin, travelers usually hang out in Poblado. There are many tourists and prices are more expensive. But, It’s where most of the clubs in Medellin are.

Besides, lots of Colombians love to go out in Poblado too. So, you won’t be only surrounded by drunk foreigners who don’t dance.

Within the Zona Rosa of Medellin – AKA Party district -, There are 3 sub-districts where you would like to get a drink and move your hips.

  • Lleras Park in Medellin: It was the place-to-be 10 years ago, but now it’s not that good. However, there are still some fun clubs around.
  • Provenza: The chic part of Poblado. It’s one street of dazzling lights and bars
  • Manila: The newest one. This part of Poblado is quiet but it’s great to have a few drinks before starting your crazy nightlife in Medellin.

2. The Street “la Setenta” – 70: Pre-party & Salsa in Medellin

If you prefer a nightlife a bit more authentic, you should head to Laureles. Alcohol is cheap, music is loud, and there are almost no foreigners.

La 70 is a short street between the Stadium and La Universidad Pontifica.

Many bars play crossover Latin music and it’s where football fans love to celebrate their victory or drown their sorrow with a pola – Cold beer.

Moreover, there are two bars perfect to learn some new Salsa moves, Son Havana and El Tibiri.

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3. The Street “Trenta y tres” – 33: Colombian Nightclubs

Once people are bored to hang out in La 70, they usually move to La 33. There are many clubs in this loooong street.

Don’t start walking around, it would be exhausting. Pick a club before and go there directly by taxi.

4. Las Palmas and Barrio Colombia: VIP Nightclubs in Medellin

Las Palmas is a hill located near the metro station “Expositiones”. The place is packed with VIP nightclubs, good restaurants, and hotels. The view at night is pretty cool and a cool breeze always wakes up the late partygoers.

Another famous place to party in Medellin is Barrio Colombia. Located 10min away by taxi from Poblado, this industrial zone filled with empty warehouses has been turned into an I-m-drunk-so-I-can-finally-move-my-hips spot.

Both places I great to get a fun nightlife in Medellin. But, be ready to spend a lot more and bring some girls if you wish to enter in the most famous nightclubs.

Where are the best bars in Medellin

Medellin’s nightlife

Bars in Medellin are everywhere. You can start the night in a local brewery or look on Facebook for a live band event. The BBC bars are in many areas of the city and are always a good option too.

There is no dress code and nobody will ask for your ID.

Here is a selection of my favorite bars in Medellin:

1. Bars in Laureles: Not many tourists

  • Cafe Cliché is a French Cafe that organizes events from Wednesday to Saturday. Massive choice of home-made rum punches and delicious desserts | Close at midnight on weekends
  • Panorama Rooftop bar is a good pick if you want to get a drink under the stars. Prices are a bit more expensive. Close at 2 am on Weekends
  • La Abadia Gastropub will make the beer lovers happy. Their wallet too. Close at 2 am
  • Del Patio Bar is a heaven for travelers on a shoestring budget. Close at 1 am
  • Barrio Central is one of the favorite bars for the expats living in Laureles. Good music, events almost every night and a large variety of beers | Close at 2 am on weekends

2. Bars in Manila, A chill Medellin nightlife in El Poblado

  • 20Missions Cerveza is a vast warehouse serving 6 delicious craft beers on tap. Ribs party on Tuesdays and live music on Thursdays. Close at 2 am on weekends
  • Le rooftop of Los Patios An excellent hostel – is a fun place to get a few drinks to meet other travelers
  • El Arranque Cafe offers a tasty range of cocktails. Besides, there is live music on weekends | Close at 2 am
  • Victoria Regia is the place to be if you want to start dancing early. Open from Wednesday to Saturday, they propose a different kind of music each day.

3. Bars near Parque Lleras, Zona Rosa del Poblado

  • Berlin Bar serves delicious beers. Perfect to start the evening. Close at 2 am
  • Envy rooftop is the best rooftop in Medellin. It belongs to the famous hotel The Charlee. The view is astonishing and there is even a pool you can use on Sundays for Brunch. Live Salsa music on Tuesdays. Let your flip flop at home and bring your wallet
  • La Octava bar is the place to be if you’re bored of listening to Latin music. Plus, you can jump into a giant ball pit. Close at 4 am on weekends
  • Woka Lounge is a cool place to bring a date and attempt to impress her with an expensive cocktail – I’m joking. Cool decoration and rooftop.

4. Bars in Provenza, the trendy Medellin Nightlife in El Poblado

  • El Social is one of the oldest bars in Medellin. Crossover music on three floors, it’s a cool spot to get a few cheap drinks and watch the Medellin Nightlife. Close at 2 am
  • Mad Radio has got great outdoor seating and a giant Jenga. DJ’s performs every weekend. Close at 2 am

Best nightclubs to party

Medellin’s nightlife

In Medellin, most of the nightclubs close at 4 am. According to the place you’re heading to, you will have to give up the flip-flop and shorts. Moreover, hype clubs won’t let you in if you’re a bunch of dudes – Like a bachelor party. Most of them charge a cover between 10 – 20 000 COP.

  • La Tienda la 70 is a typical Colombian club with dazzling lights and loud music. Buy a cheap aguardiente bottle and go with the flow | La 70
  • Club 1984 is a place where you can hear House, Techno, hip-hop with the best local, national and foreign artists. A fantastic terrace that offers a great view of the mountains of the Antioquia capital | Barrio Colombia
  • Dulce Jesus Mio hosts typical Colombian parties with aguardiente, entertainment, colorful lights, loud music | Barrio Colombia
  • Bendito Seas is a famous spot to meet cute Colombian girls (many girls night events). They organize open bar every Thursday for 50 000 COP | Parque Lleras, El Poblado
  • Calle 9+1 is a perfect spot for backpackers or people who don’t want to bother with a dress code. Cool artists and DJ’s | Parque Lleras, El Poblado
  • The Blue Bar is for old school music lovers | Parque Lleras, El Poblado
  • Babylon is another option if you’re not a big fan of Bendito Seas. Open Bar Thursday and Friday till 1 or 2 am  and lots of Colombian Women | Parque Lleras, El Poblado
  • SkyBar is a VIP club where you can learn Bachata and Kizomba on Thursdays for free | Parque Lleras, El Poblado
  • Vintrash is one of the most famous clubs in El Poblado. 2 Floors and a Rooftop. They play 2 kinds of music, Reggaeton an Electro | Provenza, El Poblado

How to experience a fun Salsa Night in Medellin

You won’t find many Salsa places in El Poblado. You have to get out of the “Gringo Area” to dance in the best salsa bars.

I advise you to learn the basic steps if you want to make the most of your Medellin Nightlife. Most of us don’t have the Latin beats in our blood. Hence, it’s not easy to “learn on the job”.

It’s one of the experiences I loved to learn about when traveling to Colombia.

Once you’re at ease on the dance floor, it’s time to practice in a real situation.

The best Salsa bars in Medellin

  • Son Havana is a little bar located on Avenida San Juan. It can be really busy on weekends but it’s my favorite spot to dance Salsa on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Besides, they give free Salsa lessons at 8 pm. Live bands on Saturdays. Close at 3 am.
  • El Tibiri is located on La 70. Let’s be frank, this place is a small hot cave. But, the best salsa dancers love to meet there. It’s perfect to get a glimpse of the salsa nightlife in Medellin. Close at 2 am
  • El Eslabon Prendido is the place to be on a Tuesday night. Live bands. However, don’t hang out in the neighborhood. It’s sketchy. 7:30pm-2am Tue & Thu-Sat
  • Cuchitril is a perfect nightclub for going out on weekends. Live bands. Close at 3 am
  • DanceFree is Salsa School in El Poblado. There are live bands playing on Friday and Saturday nights. The place is packed with foreigners.
  • Social Club Academia is the secret spot to dance Salsa. Located within a roundabout, they offer free Salsa classes from Thursday to Saturday. It’s an open space with a continuous breeze. You have to get there to understand what I’m talking about.

Is it safe to party in Medellin at Night?

Medellin nightlife

Yes, the Nightlife in Medellin is safe. But, there are a few basic rules of safety you should always follow.

I’m going to tell you how to No dar Papaya. It’s a Colombian saying more important than Yoda’s quotes.

It means “don’t give the stick to be beaten with”.

My favorite safety tips (+)

  • When coming back home at night, don’t walk. Take uber.
  • Don’t accept a glass or bottle from someone else, except if you saw other people drinking from it before
  • Don’t let your glass without surveillance. There is a drug called Scopolamine, used by thieves. It makes you gentle as a lamb, it’s perfect for robbing you.
  • Don’t take your passport, a photocopy of it is enough
  • Withdraw some cash before going out and let your credit card at home
  • If a cute girl comes to you, ask her some questions and see if she came with friends. It could be a hooker.
  • Use Uber instead of cabs at night
  • Don’t be wasted

A bar for each day of the week

Medellin nightlife

  • Monday: Getting a drink At Los Patios Hostel
  • Tuesday: Dancing salsa in Eslabon Prendido.
  • Wednesday: Dancing Salsa in Son Havana or listen to some Jazz Music at Cafe Zorba
  • Thursday: Drinking some beers at the factory 3 Cordilleras or listen to live bands in La Pascasia
  • Friday: Dance salsa at El Social Club Academia
  • Saturday: It could be everywhere in the bars and nightclubs listed in this article
  • Sunday: A beer in a BBC pub

Still, keep in mind there are plenty of cool tours and activities to do in Medellin. Don’t go to bed too late ;).

Q&A to get the most of the Medellin nightlife

At what time should you go out in clubs?

Some clubs will let you in for free before midnight. It can be a smart move if there is a live band or an open bar event. Otherwise, I recommend being there around 1 am. Regarding the pubs, 10 pm is fine.

Do you need girls to enter a club?

Not if you decide to go out in El Poblado or Laureles. However, fancy clubs in Barrio Colombia and Las Palmas could refuse you the entrance if they notice too much testosterone in your group.

Is there a dress code to enter in Nightclubs?

Casual clothes like jeans and tee shirts are perfect. Give up flip flops and shorts.

Are there parties going on after 4 am?

Yes, indeed. Club Seven, Club Fahrenheit and the Palmahia area in Itagui close around 7 am.

Bogota VS Medellin: Where is the better nightlife?

It’s a no brainer. The answer is Bogota. Yes, the weather in the capital is terrible. However, the large choice of events and clubs makes it a fantastic place to party.

Do I need my Passport?

Keep a photocopy of your passport in your wallet. Some clubs could ask for it before letting you in. And the police can check your ID too.

Which days are the best for enjoying the Medellin Nightlife?

Most of the nightclubs open from Thursday to Saturday. However, there are parties every day of the week if you know where to look for. Besides, Colombians love to go out when they receive their paycheck – around the fifteenth and at the end of the month.

So, tell me, are you willing to add Medellin to your Colombia itinerary and party all night?

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Medellin nightlife

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