Hotel or Hostel in Minca: Decide Where To stay (2020)

Hotel or Hostel in Minca: Decide Where To stay (2020)

Hotel and Hostels in Minca are many and scattered all over the place. You will need the best information to find your soulmate-accommodation.

Within a few years, Minca has gained a lot in popularity. Nowadays, many travelers include this little town – nestled in the Sierra Nevada – in their Colombia itinerary.

Therefore, Minca became a gold opportunity for landlords. Hostels and hotels have popped out every year since.

And, I have to admit that many of them did a great job.

Although the general vibe stays relatively the same among the different establishments – Eco-hippy-yoga-chill-peace, there are a few things you need to know before making the right decision.

Short answers: Where to stay in Minca

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Tips to decide where to stay in Minca

1. Check how far is your hotel (+)

Minca is a small town, but hostels and hotels are scattered everywhere in the Sierra Nevada. It means you could have to walk 2-3 hours to reach the city center.

Most of these accommodations offer a transport solution. However, it won’t be included in the price of your stay.

In case there is only a moto-taxi going up there, you shouldn’t travel with your suitcase. Take your backpack instead.

Also, there is no moto-taxi after 6pm.

2. Are you scared of bugs? (+)

Yes, there are bugs in Minca – you’re in the jungle for god sake. You will meet them when the night is coming, on your way to the bathroom or half-dying near the lamps.

They bother but are harmless.

It’s not the case of the sandflies. I hate these little diabolic creatures. They are tiny flies that bite and let a little red dot on your skin. 100% itchy for days!

Farther you go in the mountains, more sandflies and bugs you will meet.

Take your long sleeves, socks, and repellent. Be ready to fight.

3. Different types of hotels (+)

Minca offers a lot of different kind of accommodations.

The majority of the travelers are going to Minca to relax. Hence, you won’t find any party hostels.

Depending on your choice, you will live a different experience during your stay.

Ps: Stop looking for a good wifi in Minca.

  • Boutique hotel and luxury accommodations
  • Family hostels
  • Ecolodge to observe birds
  • Eco-farm to rest and eat healthily
  • Coffee and chocolate farm

According to these different criteria, let’s have a look at the hotels and hostels in Minca. Plus, I will tell you how to get there.

Also, we wrote a kick-ass travel guide about Minca. Read it before coming.

Hotel and Hostel in Minca

Where to stay in Minca

By staying in the center, you will save a bunch of money on moto-taxi, beverage, and foods. Meals are cheaper in Minca than in the various eco-lodge around the city.

However, the view and the experiences won’t be the same.

1# $$ – CASA LOMA – Best hostel in Minca

Come to Casa Loma and learn how to socialize with people instead of using your phone. Surrounded by nature, the hostel Casa Loma is perfect for reading a book in a hammock before eating a delicious vegetarian dinner. Moreover, the staff is lovely! Casa Loma is one of my favorite hostels in Colombia.

How to get to Casa Loma Hostel in Minca: From the church, look for the 150 steps leading to Casa Loma.

Pros and Cons (+)

The + + + | Casa Loma Hostel in Minca

  • Drink a cocktail while watching the sunset
  • Delicious food
  • Family vibe
  • Barbecue
  • Friendly and helping staff
  • Nature – beautiful spot

The – – – | Casa Loma Hostel in Minca

  • No Internet
  • No Kitchen
  • Breakfast not included
Casa Loma hostel in Minca

2# $$ – Coco Bomgo – Best value

Hostel in Minca

It seems that everyone falls in love with the friendly staff of Coco Bomgo Hostel. From your arrival, they pamper you with a welcome juice, popcorn, and tips to explore Minca. Coco Bomgo Hostel is spacious, clean and perfectly located in the center of Minca.

How to get the Coco Bomgo Hostel in Minca: Walk back 50 meters from where the shuttle coming from Santa Marta dropped you – You have to cross a wood bridge – then turn right. 5 min walk.

Pros and Cons (+)

The + + + | Coco Bomgo Hostel in Minca

  • Excellent welcoming
  • Home feeling
  • Breakfast Included
  • Super Clean
  • Great Value

The – – – | Coco Bomgo Hostel in Minca

  • A bit noisy because of its localization in the center
  • No great view
Coco Bomgo - Great value hostel in Minca

Hotel and Hostel in the outskirts of Minca

Where to stay in Minca

3# $$$ – Sweet Harmony – Luxury cabins

Hotel in Minca

If you pick Sweet Harmony hotel in Minca, be ready to be lulled by river sounds and waking up by hummingbirds. Sweet Harmony offers different types of accommodation, from the suite with Balcony to a Luxury tent (glamping). Besides, the view is gorgeous and the staff faultless.

How to get to Sweet Harmony Hotel in Minca: Walk 15 min from the church, on the other side of the river.

Pros and Cons (+)

The + + + | Sweet harmony hotel in Minca

  • Delicious Breakfast – Included
  • Great View
  • River sounds and hummingbirds
  • Great staff
  • Hot water
  • Comfy bed

The – – – | Sweet harmony hotel in Minca

  • Not all the beds have a mosquito net
  • A bit warm at night
Sweet Harmony - Luxury cabins in Minca

4# $$ – Casa Relax Minca – Peaceful

Hostel in Minca

Casa Relax is a low-cost option for travelers who would like to enjoy a peaceful stay while being near Minca. Located near a river and surrounded by nature, guests listen to every minute birds and water sounds.

How to get Casa Relax hostel in Minca: 15 min walk from town – Near Sweet Harmony

Pros and Cons (+)

The + + + | Casa Relax hostel in Minca

  • Outdoor swimming pool – According to the season
  • Friendly staff
  • Nice surroundings
  • Peaceful
  • Birds and river sounds
  • Breakfast included

The – – – | Casa Relax hostel in Minca

  • Few options at the restaurant
  • The beds could be better
Casa Relax Minca Guest House - A peaceful place near the city center

5# $$ – Minca EcoHabs – Private Bungalows

Hotel in Minca

Minca Ecohabs belongs to the famous group Tayrona National Park hotel. Their private cabins always blend into the scenery. There is a great view of the Sierra Nevada. The Ecohab standard is economic but the cabin is a lot less magical.

How to get to Minca EcoHabs: They are located on the road to your right before the entrance of the village. It’s a 10 min walk from the center. Or you can book a taxi with the Ecohabs | 35 000 from Santa Marta & 55 000 from the Airport.

Pros and Cons (+)

The + + + | Minca EcoHabs:

  • Upscale cabins – if you book one of the two Ecohab
  • Good Breakfast – Included
  • Great view
  • Birds
  • Mosquito nets

The – – – | Minca EcoHabs:

  • You can hear the cars from the road
  • No fan or A/C
Minca Ecohabs in Minca

6# $$ – Minca Glamping – Upscale Camping

Hotel in Minca

Camping is so much fun! But, in case your soulmate hates it, you can offer her/him a glamping experience. Minca Glamping is a cute little hotel with romantic bungalows. The owners are friendly and perfectly aware of the best spot to visit in the area. It’s a great pick for people wishing to escape the city without being too far from it.

How to get to Minca Glamping: Walk 20 min from the city center – In the direction of the Marinka waterfalls. You can call Max if you have got lots of luggage. Don’t forget your torch for when it’s dark!

Pros and Cons (+)

The + + + | Minca Glamping:

  • Helpful owners
  • Beautiful bungalows
  • Big beds
  • No town noise
  • Good breakfast included

The – – – | Minca Glamping:

  • None
Glamping in Minca

Best hostels and hotels outside Minca

Where to stay in Minca

The following accommodation are quite far from the center and you will have to use a moto-taxi or a jeep to get there.

7# $ – Finca San Rafael – Cacao and Coffee lovers

Hotel in Minca

Within the Finca San Rafael, you learn about cacao and coffee without moving from your bed. This small farm – only 4 rooms – is a perfect option for people who want to live a Finca experience without breaking the budget. Basic but clean bedrooms and a swimming pool with view on the Sierra Nevada! | 15 000 COP / meal

How to get to the Finca San Rafael in Minca: Walk 45 min from town or take a moto-taxi (15 000 COP) or a private vehicle (60 000 COP).

Pros and Cons (+)

The + + + | Finca San Rafael in Minca:

  • Coffee and cacao experience
  • Small
  • Cheap
  • Swimming pool
  • Breakfast included

The – – – | Finca San Rafael in Minca:

  • Average vegetarian option
  • Far away from Minca
 Finca San Rafael in Minca

8# $ – El Paraiso de Tuki B&B – Coffee and Chocolate

Hotel in Minca

Paraiso de Tuki B&B is another option for coffee and chocolate lovers as the place belongs to La Candelaria. Rooms are basics but the view is astonishing. Moreover, guests can sympathize with Tuki, a free Tucan pet. Meals for 15 000 COP

How to get to El Paraiso de Tuki in Minca: Be ready to walk 1h on a steep path or take a moto taxi for 15 000 COP or a private jeep for 80 000 COP. Then, you still have to walk 15 min on a dirt road.

Pros and Cons (+)

The + + + | El Paraiso de Tuki in Minca:

  • La Candelaria – Coffee and cacao farm
  • Great view
  • Tuki the Tucan
  • Breakfast included
  • Cheap
  • Wildlife

The – – – | El Paraiso de Tuki in Minca:

  • Small and basic bedrooms
  • Far away from Minca
  • No Wifi
El Paraiso de Tuki

9# $$ – Mundo Nuevo – A Permaculture world

Hostel in Minca

Stay in Mundo Nuevo to learn a bit about permaculture. Built on an old coffee farm, all the vegetables come from their garden. And, with all the activities around, you won’t need to go back to Minca. Meals are delicious, and the view from the toilette is memorable. It’s a quiet place. 15 000 COP for Lunch and 20 000 COP for dinner

How to get to Mundo Nuevo hostel in Minca: Hike 1 hour from Minca. Turn left at the police station – when you are coming from Minca – then walk the 4kms. Steep path! | Take a moto-taxi: 25 min – 20 000 COP |Not after 6 pm

Pros and Cons (+)

The + + + | Mundo Nuevo hostel in Minca:

  • Delicious vegetarian meals
  • Breakfast included
  • Comfy beds
  • Lots of activities
  • Permaculture
  • Great views and sunset
  • Social atmosphere

The – – – | Mundo Nuevo hostel in Minca:

  • No kitchen for the guests
  • More insects than in Minca

10# $$ – Casas Viejas – Upscale

Hostel in Minca

Everyone falls in love with the lodge hostel Casas Viejas in Minca. And, it’s easy to understand why. There is everything you need to be happy. During their stay, guests sleep on excellent mattresses, eat delicious food and enjoy the astonishing view from their hammocks.

How to get to Casas Viejas Lodge hostel in Minca: Hike 2 hours from Minca, on the trail going to Pozo Azul | 20 000 COP / 25 min moto-taxi | 100 000 COP private jeep | You can ask the hostel to organize the transport

Pros and Cons (+)

The + + + | Casas Viejas Lodge hostel in Minca:

  • Social atmosphere – No Wifi
  • Good mattress
  • Memorable view
  • Fantastic private rooms
  • Delicious food
  • Hot water

The – – – | Casas Viejas Lodge hostel in Minca:

  • No Kitchen for the guests
  • No Breakfast included
Meal in Casas Viejas

11# $$$ – Sierra Alta Finca Boutique – Hidden gem

Hotel in Minca

You should consider going to Sierra Alta Finca Boutique if you want to disappear in the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta. The hotel is located 12 km away from Minca and will take care of everything for you. Food, activities, and transport.

How to get to Sierra Alta Finca Boutique: Ask them to book a private vehicle from Minca. 1-hour drive.

Pros and Cons (+)

The + + + | Sierra Alta Finca Boutique in Minca:

  • Delicious Food
  • Helpful staff
  • Great view
  • They can take care of everything for you – Extra cost

The – – – | Sierra Alta Finca Boutiquein Minca:

  • Far away from Minca
Sierra Alta Finca boutique

12# $$ – Finca Carpe Diem – Not in Minca!

Hostel in Minca

The Finca Carpe Diem is in Paso del Mango – like a tiny Minca – in the Sierra Nevada. Hostel located in the middle of nowhere, the staff organizes excursions to waterfalls, hikes, and other activities. There are a pool and friendly staff with some crazy cats. You can bring your food and cook or eat at the restaurant. There is a mosquito net for the beds but bring your repellent 🙂 | 20 000 COP each meal

Read our Paso del Mango travel guide

How to get to Finca Carpe Diem in Bonda: Take a bus from Santa Marta to Bonda 1 600 COP, then take a moto taxi to Carpe Diem 12 000 COP / 20 min | 120 000 COP private transport from Santa Marta

Pros and Cons (+)

The + + + | Finca Carpe Diem in Bonda:

  • Nature
  • Family vibe
  • Excellent Activities – Extra cost
  • Great view and sunsets
  • 3 Pools
  • Kitchen

The – – – | Finca Carpe Diem in Bonda:

  • It’s a bit complicated to get there
  • No breakfast included

So, would like to stay in Minca when traveling to Colombia?

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