10 Best hotels in Minca, Colombia: Avoid Bad Places

The best hotels in Minca are many and scattered all over the area.

To choose the right accommodation, you must first understand the atmosphere of Minca.

Are you a backpacker who wants to stay in the city? Do you prefer a vegetarian ecolodge? Or a romantic boutique hotel with a great view of the sunset?

I visited Minca 6 times and had the opportunity to stay at different places in the city.

In this guide, you will find a detailed analysis of the best hotels to spend a stay that suits you best 🙂

Take your pillow, and let’s go!

Best hotels in Minca: my Map

Best hotels in Minca in town

By choosing a hotel in Minca, you will enjoy the atmosphere and energy of this small town. Although its surroundings will be a bit noisy, you will have all the different stores, bars and restaurants within walking distance and better wifi.

1# La cabañita VIP: Best apartment

La cabañita VIP
  • Great value for money
  • Good wifi
  • A bit noisy
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This small cabin is ideal if you want to stay in Minca or plan a long stay. The best thing is that you will still wake up with a beautiful view and you will feel in the middle of nature because its balcony overlooks the town’s mountains.

✔️ Highlights of Cabañita VIP

  • In town.
  • Cabin equipped and furnished: kitchen, living room, 2 bedrooms with double beds, balcony.
  • Apartment with excellent value for money.
  • Friendly owners. Willing to give tips and organize excursions.
  • The price of the apartment is the same for 1 or 4 people. An excellent offer if you want to go with your friends or family.
  • Good wifi.

❌ Drawbacks of Cabañita VIP

  • Some noise due to being in town.

💡 Tips

  • The stairs to the second-floor room are not suitable for children.

Price: From 54 USD / 1-4 pers. ($260.000 COP / 1-4 pers.) | Location: In Minca (5 min. from the center) | Accommodation: Fully equipped kitchen

Best hotels near Minca

It is the right area for enjoying the town’s vibe, being able to easily organize your activities, and also for appreciating the tranquility and nature that surrounds Minca.

Check out this article to know what to see and do in Minca to make the most out of this town in the Sierra Nevada.

2# Sol de Minca Ecolodge: Best eco-friendly cabins

Sol de Minca Eco Lodge
  • Authentic and eco-friendly design
  • Delicious vegetarian food
  • Steep path with steps
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If you are someone who likes to help the environment and at the same time stay in beautiful places, Sol de Minca is for you. As soon as you enter, you will love the authentic design of its sustainable cabins and how well they blend into the Sierra Nevada. Between the excellent attention of its owners, the jungle, the beautiful view of Santa Marta, and the birds singing, you will feel in a magical place. You will enjoy it whether you want to disconnect alone, as a couple, or with friends.

✔️ Highlights of Sol de Minca

  • Only 15 minutes walk from Minca.
  • Sustainable accommodation, free of single-use plastic, with compost toilets, permaculture and more.
  • Delicious vegetarian food prepared with organic and fresh food.
  • Breakfast is included.
  • Yoga and massages at a fair price.
  • The owners are very friendly. They will share their history and good tips. They also speak English.
  • Tranquility in the middle of the jungle. You can even watch birds from the balcony.

❌ Drawbacks of Sol de Minca

  • The road to the hotel is steep and with steps.
  • Being on the outskirts of Minca, you will not have a good wifi signal (opportunity to disconnect!).

💡 Tips

  • Pizza with cassava dough is a must.
  • Don’t forget your insect repellent
  • Take cash with you. They charge an additional 5% for paying with a credit card on-site.

Price: From 70 USD / 2 pers. ($342.000 COP / 2 pers.) | Location: 15 min. walk from Minca | Meals: Breakfast included and food on site | Rooms: Private

3# Minca Glamping: Best Glamping near Minca

Good value
Minca Glamping
  • Large and very comfortable beds
  • Friendly owners with good tips
  • Getting to the hotel is a bit challenging
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Only 20 minutes away from Minca, in Minca Glamping, you will wake up with your partner in a beautiful cabin surrounded by nature. From your large bed, you will have a beautiful view, and after the day’s excursions, you will enjoy a delicious hammock on your private deck. Minca Glamping is an option for you and your partner to enjoy nature without going too far from town.

✔️ Highlights of Minca Glamping

  • Only 20 min. walk to Minca
  • Only two beautiful cabins
  • Owners give good tips and are very friendly
  • Big and comfortable beds
  • Good breakfast included
  • Close to hiking trails and 40 min. to Marinka waterfall

❌ Drawbacks of Minca Glamping

  • To get to the glamping, you must cross a small river. It can be a challenge for the less adventurous.

💡 Tips

  • I recommend you check in and check out before the end of the afternoon, bearing in mind that you must cross a small river. If you have no problem with this, don’t forget to bring your flashlight with you.

Price: From 49 USD / 2 pers. ($240.000 COP / 2 pers.) | Location: 20 min. walk from Minca | Meals: Breakfast Included / no restaurant on site | Rooms: Private

4# Finca Hostal Bolívar – Casa Quinta: Best hostel near Minca

Hostel near Minca
Finca Hostal Bolivar
  • Walk from Minca
  • Filtered drinkable water and good wifi
  • Steep path to reach the hotel
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Just a 15 min. walk from Minca, Finca Hostal Bolivar Casa Quinta combines all the advantages (near town but not too close). It is perfect if you want to rest in the middle of the Sierra Nevada nature. It’s a perfect place for a digital nomad, with good wi-fi, a desk, and a comfortable chair to work. Your reward at the end of the day? A beer from the hammock while watching the sunset.

✔️Highlights of Finca Hostal Bolívar – Casa Quinta

  • Wi-fi correct for a place on the outskirts of Minca.
  • Close to Minca. A 15-minute walk.
  • Fully equipped kitchen to prepare your meals.
  • Filtered drinking water in the kitchen
  • Private access to a river
  • Shower with hot water
  • Very friendly staff with good recommendations
  • Quiet environment in the middle of nature.
  • Small coworking space (with desk and chairs)
  • Private parking and viewpoint

❌ Drawbacks of Finca Hostal Bolívar – Casa Quinta

  • On the way to the hostel, there is a steep climb of about 5 minutes.
  • As a hostel with few rooms, it lacks a social atmosphere.

💡 Tips

  • You can walk to the hostel or take a motorcycle cab ($6,000).
  • Bring cash with you. They charge 5% more for credit card payments.
  • Don’t forget your flashlight. It will be useful in case you go out at night.

Price: From 60 USD / 2 pers. ($280.000 COP / 2 pers.) | Location: 15 min. walk from Minca | Meals: Fully equipped kitchen | Rooms: Private and shared

Best hotels far from Minca

Minca is a small town, but hostels and hotels are scattered throughout the Sierra Nevada. This means that, depending on the option you choose, you may have to walk for 1 to 3 hours to get to the center of town.

But don’t worry. Most of these accommodations have transportation available. However, it is not usually included in the price of your stay.

Being far away from Minca, over the mountains, also means you will have the most incredible views. You will be in the middle of the jungle, ideal for bird-watching. Be prepared also to fight bugs and a weaker internet connection.

Important: After 6 pm it is very difficult to find a moto-taxi. Or prices go up even after 5 p.m. And don’t forget your repellent.

5# Finca San Rafael – For chocolate and coffee lovers

Finca San Rafael
  • Free coffee and cocoa tour
  • Swimming pool with a beautiful view
  • Free breakfast could be better
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Is there anything better than staying at a coffee farm? Yes, staying on a coffee AND cocoa farm. It’s like your childhood dream: you wake up on a small farm with your favorite free unlimited drinks, stroll around the farm to discover the magic hidden behind the coffee beans, and then enjoy the scenery from a nice swimming pool.

With only 4 private rooms and one shared room, this small farm is ideal for you if you are on a tight budget and a coffee and cocoa lover.

✔️Hightlights of Finca San Rafael

  • Economic
  • Breakfast included
  • Swimming pool with a view of the Sierra Nevada
  • The coffee and cocoa tour is included in the price of the accommodation.
  • Unlimited chocolate and coffee

❌ Drawbacks of Finca San Rafael

  • Breakfast included is not very good
  • Weak wifi signal

💡 Tips

  • A 45-minute walk from the city center. You can also arrive by motorcycle cab (approx. 15.000 COP) or 4×4 (approx. 60.000 COP).
  • Don’t forget your insect repellent.

Price: From 35 USD / 2 pers. ($170.000 COP / 2 pers.) | Location: 45 min. walk from Minca | Meals: Breakfast included and food on site | Rooms: Private and shared

6# Mundo Nuevo Eco lodge: Best eco-friendly hostel

Upscale hostel
Mundo Nuevo
  • Infinity pool with incredible views
  • Many activities
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At Mundo Nuevo, you can learn a lot about permaculture. The lodge is built on a former coffee farm, and all the vegetables in the restaurant come from the garden. Start your day with a delicious vegetarian breakfast while enjoying spectacular views. Afterward, join one of the hotel’s many activities, but save some room in your schedule for a swim in an infinity pool overlooking the Sierra Nevada. End the day with a delicious dinner while chatting with other travelers.

✔️Highlight of Mundo Nuevo

  • Location over the mountains, with an incredible 360-degree view.
  • Natural infinity pool.
  • Breakfast included.
  • Plenty of free and paid activities: yoga, bird watching, coffee and chocolate tour, waterfalls, hiking, etc.
  • The staff is very friendly, and most of them speak English.
  • Cool atmosphere to talk to other travelers, but quiet at the same time.
  • Hot showers.

❌ Drawbacks of Mundo Nuevo

  • No access to the kitchen
  • The road is steep and bumpy.
  • Weak wifi.

💡 Tips

  • You can arrive by moto-taxi.
  • Vegetarian food only.
  • You will not find grocery stores in the surroundings, so it is a good idea to pack snacks.
  • Take cash with you. They charge an additional 4% if you pay by credit card.
  • Don’t forget your insect repellent

Price: From 87 USD / 2 pers. ($410.000 COP / 2 pers.) | Location: A 25-min walk from Minca | Meals: Breakfast included and food on site | Rooms: Private and shared

7# Terramia Estate: Best upscale glamping for couples

Upscale Glamping
Terramia Estate
  • Incredible views
  • Lovely and well-equipped domes
  • The road is a bit complicated
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If you want luxury glamping in the heart of the Sierra Nevada, you have to deserve it! Although Finca Terramia is one of the farthest options from Minca, many travelers don’t seem to mind and consider it an advantage. Its location in the middle of the jungle, its tranquility, its stupendous views, and the exquisite design of its domes overshadow any effort you need to make to reach this romantic glamping. It is perfect for celebrating special dates!

✔️Highlights of Finca Terramia

  • Incredible views of the ocean.
  • Beautiful domes, very well decorated and equipped. Including kitchen and jacuzzi.
  • Daniel and Hannah, the owners, are experts in providing personalized attention and recommendations. They will even arrange transportation, tours, and guides if you ask them.
  • Quite far from the urban area (30 min. by 4×4), you will feel in the middle of the tranquility of the Sierra Nevada, and you will be able to see many birds.
  • You can also visit less-known waterfalls without tourists.
  • You will be able to do a coffee tour, as the glamping is located on a coffee farm.
  • Hot shower.

❌ Drawbacks of Finca Terramia

  • The road to the glamping is bumpy. But the owners can arrange transportation for you—not including in the stay.
  • Given its location, you will not have wifi.
  • Breakfast is not included.

💡 Tips

  • You will be in the middle of nowhere with no stores or restaurants. If you plan to cook, remember to bring your own food. Or decide to eat directly at Terramia Estate’s restaurant.

Price: From 219 USD / 2 pers. ($1.060.000 COP / 2 pers.) : Location: At 30 min. By 4×4 from Minca | Meals: Fully equipped kitchen and food on site | Rooms: Private

8# Casas Viejas – Best Upscale hostel in Minca

Upscale hostel
Masaya Casas Viejas
  • Infinity pool with incredible views
  • Wi-fi and activities
  • Breakfast is not included. You can't cook.
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Everyone falls in love with Casas Viejas, and it’s easy to understand why. Here you will have everything you need to be happy. During your stay, you’ll sleep in comfortable beds, eat delicious food, and have spectacular views from your hammock or the pool. You’ll enjoy it even more if you like to hang out with other travelers, as there is a social atmosphere.

✔️ Highlights of Casas Viejas

  • Breathtaking view.
  • Infinity pool, heated and with a beautiful view of the mountains and the sea.
  • Location over the mountains and in the middle of lush vegetation.
  • Delicious food, with vegetarian and meat options.
  • Good common areas: coworking space, bar, movie room.
  • Paid activities such as bird watching, waterfalls, yoga, massages, and hiking.
  • Very good mattresses and private rooms.
  • Hot shower (although sometimes unreliable).
  • One of the best wifi in the mountains of Minca (sometimes unstable).

❌ Drawbacks of Casas Viejas

  • Breakfast is not included. You can’t use the kitchen either.
  • The road is challenging, and it is also far from Minca.

💡 Tips

  • I recommend you book in advance
  • To get to Casas Viejas, take a moto-taxi (30 min – $25.000) or a 4×4 (about $100.000), although this option might be costly if you are alone.
  • Try to arrive before nightfall.
  • Don’t forget your insect repellent
  • Being located in the mountains, it is colder. Don’t forget your jacket.

Price: From 60 USD / 2 pers. ($280.000 COP / 2 pers.) | Location: A 30 min. By moto-taxi. from Minca | Meals: Breakfast not included. Food available on site | Rooms: Private and shared

9# Sierra Alta Finca Boutique: Finca with the best view

Sierra Alta Finca Boutique
  • Breathtaking view.
  • Personalized attention.
  • Far from Minca.
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If you want to disappear into the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, then consider staying at Finca Boutique Sierra Alta. Upon arrival, you will be impressed by its unique view across the mountains to the ocean. During the day, you can take a private tour and then relax in the Jacuzzi with a glass of wine (if you choose to book the quadruple room). The best sunsets of Minca will accompany you at Sierra Alta, and the kindness of its owner, Pilar, will be the icing on the cake.

✔️ Highlights of Sierra Alta Finca Boutique:

  • Impressive view of Santa Marta and the sea
  • The attention of the owner and her team is excellent and personalized. You will get many recommendations
  • Personalized guided tours: waterfall, hiking, bird watching, cocoa and coffee farms.
  • The food is exquisite
  • You will be surrounded by nature and birds
  • Breakfast included
  • Hot shower (sometimes not).
  • Wifi more or less correct for a place lost in the mountains.
  • Lots of tranquility

❌ Drawbacks of Sierra Alta Finca Boutique

  • It is far from Minca (40 min. by 4×4), and the road has steep and complicated stretches, so getting there is expensive (about $100.000 COP).
  • Tours and food (about 60.000 COP/dish) are a bit expensive.

💡 Tips

  • The quadruple room has a jacuzzi.
  • Don’t forget your insect repellent
  • Try to arrive before nightfall. After 5 p.m., the transportation increases by $50.000 COP.
  • Ask the hotel to arrange transportation.

Price: From 212 USD / 2 pers. ($1.030.000 COP / 2 pers.) | Location: At 40 min. By 4×4 from Minca | Meals: Breakfast included and food on site | Rooms: Private

10# Reserva Natural Tierra Adentro: Hotel with an animal shelter

Reserva Natural Tierra Adentro
  • Breathtaking view and lovely decoration
  • Close to the Marinka waterfall
  • Far from Minca
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Many things will surprise you at the Tierra Adentro Nature Reserve. Animal lovers will love their shelter project, where animals are rescued from illegal trafficking. In addition, the reserve has a privileged location in the mountains and wonderful views. The rooms are gorgeous, and the service is exceptional. Reserva Natural Tierra Adentro is undoubtedly one of the best hotels in Minca. It is ideal for everyone, even families.

✔️Highlights of Reserva Natural Tierra Adentro

  • Breathtaking view of the Sierra Nevada mountains. Some rooms have a view to a waterfall.
  • Beautiful decoration of the hotel and its rooms. Very well equipped.
  • You will be able to observe birds like hummingbirds and some rescued animals like parrots, turkeys, and monkeys.
  • Breakfast included.
  • Good wifi considering its location
  • Close to the famous Marinka waterfall
  • Hot shower (although sometimes unreliable)
  • At least one person at the front desk speaks English.
  • Quiet
  • Excellent value for money.

❌ Drawbacks of Reserva Natural Tierra Adentro

  • Getting to Tierra Adentro is a bit complicated. It is 20 min from Minca, and the most recommended transport is a 4×4 ($100.000 COP/trip). You can also get there by moto-taxi in the dry season ($25.000), but it is more adventurous.
  • The food at the hotel has mixed opinions, some find it good, and others do not.

💡 Tips

  • Don’t forget your repellent.
  • Don’t forget your snacks either. There will be no outside restaurants or stores, only a restaurant at the Marinka waterfall.
  • Ask the hotel to arrange transportation.

Price: From 126 USD / 2 pers. ($660.000 COP / 2 pers.) | Location: 20 min by 4X4 from Minca | Meals: Breakfast included and food on site | Rooms: Private and shared

Booking guide: How pick your best hotel in minca

Mundo Nuevo Minca
Credit: Mundo Nuevo Ecolodge

Before choosing your favorite hotel in Minca, you should read the following tips.

It will help you make better decisions.

Is it better to stay in Minca or far from Minca?

It depends on what you want. Staying in the city gives you the ease of being within reach of everything, with better wifi and fewer bugs.

If you stay far away (in the mountains), you will be surrounded by lush nature, have wonderful views of the Sierra Nevada, enjoy more tranquility and have a better chance of bird watching.

An in-between alternative is to stay on the outskirts of Minca. This way you can enjoy nature and have easy access to the city. I love Mundo Nuevo.

But if you are looking to be in the middle of the jungle, be bold and stay faaaaar away. Like Alta Finca.

How do I get to my hotel?

If your accommodation is in the city (or nearby), you can walk.

If your accommodation is in the mountains, it is better to pay for a moto-taxi or a 4×4.

Also, I recommend that you don’t take your car. The roads to the mountain lodges are difficult to travel because they are narrow, steep and unpaved.

I also recommend arriving at the lodge early in the morning. The roads are usually not well-lit, and the price of transportation tends to go up after 5 or 6 pm.

If you plan to travel long distances on foot or by motorcycle cab, I also recommend that you carry a backpack and not a suitcase.

Are there bugs in Minca?

Of course, there are bugs in Minca. You are in the middle of the jungle! You will find them when the night comes, when you go to the bathroom or dying next to the lamps.

They may bother you a little, but they are harmless.

This is not the case with sandflies. I hate these little devilish creatures. They are little flies that bite and leave a little red dot on your skin. They will scratch you for days!

The further you go into the mountains, the more bugs you will find, but many of the hotels have mosquito nets, so you will be protected while you sleep.

I recommend carrying repellent and keeping the door of your room closed.

What types of hotels are there in Minca?

Most travelers come to Minca to relax. Therefore, you will not find party hostels.

Depending on your hotel in Minca, you will have a very different experience during your stay.

  • Boutique hotel and upscale accommodations
  • Cozy hostels
  • Sustainable farms for relaxation and healthy eating
  • Coffee and chocolate farms
  • Glamping

Is the water potable in Minca?

Minca’s water is suitable for bathing but not for drinking. You will have to buy water. I know that at Finca Hostal Bolivar – Casa Quinta, the water is filtrated.

How is the wifi in Minca?

Stop looking for excellent wifi in Minca. It doesn’t exist. You will find the best connection in town or nearby at Finca Hostal Bolivar – Casa Quinta and Cabañita VIP. In the mountains, the wifi is more unstable and sometimes non-existent; Masaya Casas Viejas and Sierra Alta Boutique will be your best shot.

What is the weather like in Minca?

Unlike Santa Marta, the weather in Minca is fresh and delightful. And a lot rainier! If you are staying high up in the mountains, you might get cold during the night, so I recommend bringing a jacket with you.

Is there a hot shower in Minca?

It is difficult or almost impossible to find hot showers in the towns of Colombia. Even so, several lodges in Minca have hot showers, but sometimes they can be unreliable, so be patient. Remember: you are in the middle of the jungle.

Personally, hot water is not very important to me, but if it is for you, the lodges that have hot showers are Terramia Estate, Sierra Alta Finca Boutique, Reserva Natural Tierra Adentro, Finca Hostal Bolivar – Casa Quinta and Masaya Casas Viejas.

Are there ATMs in Minca?

There is no ATM in Minca. There is a place that fulfills this function, and its fees are high. I always recommend carrying cash. You will need it to pay for local transportation, and also, the accommodations in Minca charge a fee for card payments.

Note: Also, take some change with you. It will be easier to pay for the moto-taxis.

What are the best hotels in Minca for a solo traveler?

If you are a solo traveler, you probably want to share with other fellow travelers. Hostels are perfect for making new friends. The best hostels in Minca to share with other travelers are Masaya Casas Viejas (high-end) and Mundo Nuevo (mid-range and quieter). Finca Hostal Bolivar – Casa Quinta is a small hostel close to town (not very social)

What are the best hotels in Minca for couples?

It will depend on your tastes, but if you are looking for something romantic and private, your best option is Terramia Estate which is a luxury glamping, Sierra Alta Finca Boutique a very charming boutique option and Minca Glamping, beautiful cabins with more economical prices.

What are the best hotels in Minca for families?

The best accommodations for families, considering their rooms, ambience and facilities, are Sierra Alta Finca Boutique, Reserva Natural Tierra Adentro and the apartment cabañita VIP.

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