The best guide to Leticia in Colombia for what to do and how long to stay—infos based on our month-long stay and our local friends.

🛑 Imagine arriving in Leticia with all the right information in hand for an optimized, hassle-free adventure that’s perfect for you.

If you want to visit the Colombian Amazon, there’s a good chance you’ll choose Leticia as the starting point for your adventures. The town is rather chaotic, poorly organized in terms of tourism and there’s little good information on the internet.

In short, it will be challenging to prepare for your stay.

After my 2 stays there (a month in all), I’ve got enough information to write you this travel guide. It will help you avoid the major mistakes tourists make before coming and give you a better understanding of this remote jungle city.

Here’s what you’ll get if you read my guide c.a.r.e.f.u.l.l.y:

  • The different seasons that will impact your jungle activities
  • The number of days you should stay—People often make this mistake.
  • My favorite ecolodge.
  • A Map with all the interesting sites.
  • Activities that I recommend and the ones I don’t.
  • A place locals love to go to watch the sunset.
  • The best restaurants to try out.
  • And more.

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Leticia, Colombia: General Information

Let’s take a look at Leticia, lost in the middle of a vast green ocean.

Where is Leticia

Leticia Letters

Located in the extreme south of Colombia, this small city is the southernmost part of the country and the capital of the department of Amazonas. It forms Colombia’s triple border with Peru (city of Santa Rosa) and Brazil (city of Tabatinga). It is located on the banks of the Amazon River – the longest and largest river in the world.

Travelers come to Leticia because it is the gateway to the incredible world of the Amazon rainforest. Its biodiversity, rich indigenous culture, and the Amazon River make it an authentic experience that almost any traveler would crave.

Map of Leticia

Leticia’s history

Leticia was founded as a river port in 1867 by a Peruvian military man named Benigno Bustamante. At that time, the city was called San Antonio, but only a few months later, it was renamed Leticia on the whim of an engineer in love with a Peruvian woman from Iquitos named Leticia Smith. So initially, the inhabitants of Leticia were Peruvian. Leticia became part of Colombia 55 years later, in 1922.

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When is the best time to Go

Sunset boat Tarapoto Amazonas

Although the Amazon is beautiful at any time of year, you should consider two distinct times of year: the high-water season and the low-water season.

November to May: High water Season

It’s the rainy season during this period. The Amazon River floods vast sections of the jungle. It’s an excellent opportunity for kayaking and boat tours.

  • The highest water level is from March to May.
  • Lots of mosquitoes, especially from November to January
  • High season from mid-December to the end of January and for Easter.

June to July: Water level is decreasing

The water level is still high, but it’s starting to decrease. The rainy days are less frequent.

August to October: Low water season

It’s the dry season, and the sun is scorching. The water level in the Amazon River is now low, and you’ll have to walk longer to reach the various points of interest.

  • Beaches along the Amazon River start appearing. It might be easier to spot wildlife.
  • High season from July to August.
  • Easier to fish

My opinion: May to July are my favorite months to visit Leticia and around.

Weather in Leticia

The temperature in the Amazon is between 24 and 34 degrees Celsius. Keep in mind that the Amazon is always very humid, although more manageable in summer. Also, you should know that it rains a lot in the Amazon. Even during the dry season (August – October), heavy precipitation may occur. These are followed by sunshine and strong heat.

Is Leticia worth visiting?

Fishing local Amazon

The town of Leticia itself is not very interesting to visit. There are a few things I like to do if I have a few hours to spare, but I wouldn’t willingly spend a whole day of my trip there.

The number of nights you spend in Leticia will depend on your flight schedule and your travel plans.

My opinion: Leticia is a good place for a short introduction to the Amazon, but it’s not where you’ll see many animals or have direct contact with the indigenous culture. For that, you need to get away from Leticia.

How many days in Leticia

Night camp jungle Amzon

First, you need to answer this first question: would you like to use Leticia as a base for exploring the Amazon?

  • If you plan a multi-day trip with an Ecolodge or a local agency, you may spend 0 nights in Leticia.
  • If you’re on a tight budget and want to visit most of the sites alone, you can stay for 2 nights before moving on to Puerto Nariño or an indigenous community.

My opinion: I recommend spending only half a day in Leticia and then staying in an ecolodge or indigenous community.

What to do in Leticia


This section is divided into two parts: city activities and day trips.


First, let’s see what you can easily organize in the city.

1# Enjoy Santander Park at sunset

This park is one of the city’s main attractions to observe people’s daily lives and see thousands of parrots flying over the park at sunset.

Tip:  For a better view, head to the church’s top or drink some beer at the Mossh bar.


2# Visit Santa Rosa de Yavarí in Peru

HD_Boat_Leticia (2)

Leticia shares a border with Santa Rosa, and although the town is not very attractive, you can still stop by and eat a delicious ceviche on the Amazon River or any other Peruvian dish. You can pay in Colombian pesos.

Tip:  Brisas del Amazonas is a good restaurant with a wide range of Peruvian dishes and drinks.

How to get there: a 10-min boat ride from the dock in Leticia.

3# Tabatinga & Drink a caipirinha at La Komara in Brazil

Komara sunset brazil Amazon

Tabatinga is the Brazilian town that borders Leticia. You can get there by road, on foot or by tuk-tuk. In fact, you won’t realize you’re crossing to Brazil as there really is no border control.

On this side of the border, you’ll find my favorite spot to watch the sunset over the Amazon River if you sleep overnight in Leticia. It’s called La Komara. You can order delicious Caipirinhas while watching the dance shows (weekends only). Come around 5 p.m.

  • How to get there: Order a tuk-tuk and ask him to wait for you while you enjoy your Caipirinhas (no signal there).

📍 Next to here

4# Visit the Leticia Market

There’s always so much to discover when visiting local markets. Here, you’ll find strange fish from the Amazon, exotic fruits, medicinal plants, and the famous Mojojoy worms! Come early in the morning.

I enjoyed visiting it with my guide before getting on the boat. It was an excellent introduction to Amazonian gastronomy and culture.

📍 Location

5# visit the Museo Etnográfico

Museo Etnográfico Leticia

Enjoy free entry and discover the wonders of Amazonian culture. The exhibit is user-friendly, with bilingual signs, showcasing amazing artifacts, a video room, and a library. It’s a great idea to visit before diving into your Amazon adventure, as it really enriches your understanding of the local traditions. Closed on Sunday.

📍 Location

Things to do Around Leticia

Some villages and places of interest near Leticia can be visited without going through an agency.

My opinion: I always recommend using an agency for a private tour if your budget allows, as you’ll get much more information and your itinerary will be better optimized.

6# Visit the Reserva Natural Victoria Regia

Lilies plants Amazon

In this small reserve, you can observe the largest aquatic flower in the world: the victoria Regia/Amazonica. It seems hard to imagine, but its green leaves can support a teenager— better not try it, though! If you go between March and July, you can see its lotus flower, which opens at sunset.

Where: 15 min. by boat from Leticia or a 3-hour walk during the low water season.


7# Have fun in the Reserva Natural Tanimboca

HD_Tanimboca_Leticia_Amazon (1)

Tanimboca is a nature reserve near Leticia, with different activities in the middle of nature: zip-lining, tree climbing, kayaking, and tree houses where you can spend the night.

How to get there: 11 km. from Leticia, 30 min. by tuk-tuk


8# Ecological Park Mundo Amazónico 

HD_Mundo Amazónico_Leticia_Amazon

This ecological park introduces you to the world of Amazonian botany and its traditions through 6 exciting activities. You will explore Mundo Amazonico with a native guide and no more than 10 people in a group.

Here, you can sip Amazonian tea and taste dishes prepared with traditional cooking techniques, see native fish such as piranha and macana, go bird watching and hiking while enjoying the Amazon rainforest, and much more.

  • Price: Package from 100 to 180,000 COP
  • Tip: If you want a tour in English, book in advance on their website.
  • Duration: 30-40 min. for each activity.
  • How to get there: a 20 min bus ride to Km 7 (about 20.000 COP).
  • 📍Location

My opinion: It’s a must if you plan to discover the Amazon without an agency. Perfect for families.

9# Day trip to the Nature Reserve of Marasha

Marasha Amazon Ecolodge Peru

Get away from Leticia with a quick 30-minute boat ride to Marasha Nature Reserve in Peru.

Explore the serene lake by boat or kayak, spot vibrant birds (like the Hoazin), and marvel at the giant Ceiba tree. A local guide adds to the experience, and a buffet lunch keeps you going.

My opinion: There’s hardly any phone signal, so book through an agency. Staying overnight is a great idea to fully enjoy the experience.

10# Don’t go to Isla de Los Micos (monkey island)

Monkeys Fighint Maikuchiga Mocagua Amazon

Hundreds of tourists come to this small island to observe the monkeys, but we decided not to go there following the explanations we received about this place. Indeed, monkeys would have been captured and then introduced on the island to make this piece of land a paying tourist area. Today, the island is a prison for the monkeys who cannot leave it.

My opinion: The Fundación Maikuchiga is a better option. It is a rehabilitation center for monkeys and sloths rescued from illegal trafficking. It is located in the indigenous community of Mocagua.

11# Visit Puerto Nariño (2 days +)

Puerto Nariño_Amazon, Colombia (1)

From Leticia, hop on a boat and navigate the Amazon River for two hours until you reach Puerto Nariño, the second most important municipality in the Amazonas department.

This small municipality, located on the banks of the Amazon, is pleasant, authentic, and exceptionally peaceful. Indeed, motorized vehicles are not allowed here.

In Puerto Nariño, there are fewer tour operators and English-speaking guides, but you can still organize day tours to visit the community of San Martin, the Amacayacu National Natural Park, sail on Lake Tarapoto, and try to spot pink dolphins. You can also visit museums such as Natutama and Wochine to discover more about Amazon wildlife.

  • How to get there: Departures from the dock in Leticia. There are only 3 departures per day, the last one leaves between 1:30 pm and 2:00 pm.
  • Prices: Less than 10 USD for the boat trip — 2 hours.
  • Tip: Buy your ticket at least one day in advance.
  • Note: There are no ATM in Puerto Nariño.

My opinion: Puerto Narino is much more pleasant than Leticia if you want to organize day tours.

12# Stay in a native community

HD_Indigenous_ Amazon

Explore the Amazon’s indigenous communities for a genuine experience of their life and traditions.

Out of Colombia’s 102 native tribes, 64 are in the Amazon, with Tikuna being the most significant. Here are 5 communities worth visiting:

  1. San Martín de Amacayacu (2h30 from Leticia): In the Tikuna community, you can stay in traditional lodgings and learn about their culture and the jungle.
  2. Atacuari (5-hour boat ride): Near the Peruvian border, this less-visited community offers a deeper Amazonian experience.
  3. Santa Sofía (1 hour from Leticia): It’s quieter, with minimal tourist setup.
  4. Macedonia (1h30 from Leticia): Known for its handicrafts and cultural mix of Tikuna, Cocama, and Yagua tribes.
  5. Mocagua (1h30 from Leticia): Committed to sustainable tourism, they offer a monkey rehabilitation center, jungle treks, and a cultural museum.

Going with a local guide makes your visit better and helps the community. Be ready for a simple and honest way of life – they live in basic wooden houses surrounded by nature. Listen to what they have to teach with respect and an open heart.

My opinion: My favorite indigenous communities are San Martin and Mocagua.

13# Parque Nacional Natural Amacayacu 

Amacayacu National Park

It is the only national park near Leticia. To give you an idea, the 293,000 hectares are home to some 400 species of birds and 150 species of mammals, including pink dolphins, jaguars, and the world’s smallest primate – the lion tamarin.

Unfortunately, the park’s reception has been closed since 2011.

The good news is that you can still enjoy the park during the day or spend the night if you stay in San Martin or Mocagua.

activities to plan with your eco-lodge or local agency

Here’s the kind of experience you can have with a local agency or if you stay at an eco-lodge.

My opinion: If you decide to add the Amazon to your itinerary, you owe it to yourself to have some of these experiences. Otherwise, there’s no reason to come here.

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14# Animal watching

Monkey San Martin Amazon

The Amazon is the most diverse and largest rainforest in the world, meaning there is a rich diversity of wildlife to observe. However, remember that these animals are in their natural habitat, not in a zoo for entertainment. In other words, you don’t decide what you wanna see.

You might see birds, pink and gray dolphins, crocodiles, snakes, caimans, tarantulas, monkeys, fish, sloths, and much more in the Amazon.

How and where:

  • It is best to hike into the jungle or navigate the Amazon River with a local guide.
  • Visit Lake Tarapoto to try to see dolphins.
  • Night walks are easier to organize if you stay in a remote eco-lodge.
  • Early mornings are always the ideal moment.
  • Fundación Maikuchiga to see monkeys rescued from illegal trafficking

15# Piranha fishing 

piranhas fishing Amazon

Piranha fishing is a must-try in the Amazon – it’s delicious! With a local guide, a stick, and a rope, you can catch your own dinner. It’s a bit challenging, but it’s really fun. Just watch out for those sharp teeth – you don’t want to lose a finger! 😉

16# Kayak in the flooded jungle

Kayak_ Amazon

Kayaking is one of the activities you can do when the river level has risen. You will navigate through the flooded jungle with your kayak while passing through the trees. Due to the dense vegetation, the river current disappears to give way to large lagoons of calm and silent waters that make you feel away from the world.

My opinion: It was my favorite activity to do in the Amazon. Don’t miss it!

17# Multi-day hike in the Amazon rainforest


You can go into the jungle for several days with a native guide. You will walk in the middle of the world’s largest rainforest, sleep in a hammock, fight insects, cook on a wood fire, and wake up to the sounds of birds and monkeys.

Good agencies will take you far enough away from the city to try to observe animals in their habitat and take you to different natural reserves and indigenous communities.

Never do it on your own, or choose cheap companies because you won’t be covered by insurance, or you will be taken around Leticia without really getting into the jungle.

Where to stay in Leticia, Colombia

sleeping hammock Amazon tom

My opinion: The town of Leticia is not very large. However, I recommend that you find a hotel near the Parque Santander to be close to the various restaurants and the dock.

Best hotels in Leticia

  • Decameron is a luxury hotel with modern facilities and spacious air-conditioned rooms. There is a large swimming pool to relax in. The price is expensive, but breakfast and dinner are included. In downtown Leticia.
  • Waira is located in the center of Leticia. Its modern facilities offer 2 small pools, comfortable rooms with all the amenities -including air conditioning. Its restaurant serves delicious dishes, and the staff is very friendly.
  • Amazon B&B offers standard rooms and bungalows. Not all have air conditioning, but they do have a fan. The decor is more “Amazonian,” with a beautiful central garden and hammocks. It is close to Santander Park.
  • 3F Hostel is an excellent option if you’re looking for an affordable apartment next to Parque Santander. The owner is friendly and always ready to help. Same for this staff. Good wifi.

Best Ecolodge Around Leticia

HD_Palmari, Amazon (1)

Your best option to experience the magic of the Amazon rainforest is to stay in an eco-lodge. They are modest but comfortable and adapted to the environment. You will have to take a boat to get there.

The stay includes full-board (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) and experiences.

The farther you are from Leticia, the more chances you have to see wild animals.

Axel’s ecolodge is my favorite accommodation in the Amazon. You’ll be in the middle of the jungle (3h from Leticia). You have everything included: transportation from Leticia, breakfast, lunch, dinner, lodging, and tours with a private guide. The best thing is that you can decide the experiences whenever you want: in advance or when you get there.

Food and drinks in Leticia

Drinks in leticia

Here is my list of my favorite restaurants and bars.

Best restaurants in Leticia

  • Tierras Amazónicas (Leticia):  Amazonian dishes from Colombia, Peru, and Brazil, such as mojojoy worm and Pirarucú fish – the most typical dish of the region. 
  • El Nativo (Leticia): Best place to eat a ceviche (for lunch)
  • Restaurantes 3 fronteras (Tabatinga, Brasil): Typical dishes from the Amazon triple frontier. Its specialty: fish, grilled meats, and Brazilian beverages.
  • Brisas del Amazonas (Santa Rosa, Perú):It offers Peruvian Amazonian cuisine such as ceviche, chicharrón pirarucú, pisco and chicha morada. 

Best Bars in Leticia

  • Mossh BarA Small bar in front of Parque Santander in Leticia, perfect to have a drink at sunset and watch hundreds of birds flying over the park. Music from Colombia and Brazil.
  • La Komara:  A lookout point in Tabatinga to appreciate the sunset over the Amazon River.

How to get to Leticia

Do as Adrien, jump on a boat.

Get to Leticia by plane from Bogotá

The only way to get to Leticia from Colombia is by plane. And there are only direct flights from Bogota (2 hrs). You will land at the international airport of Leticia: the Alfredo Vasquez Cobo. It’s located a few minutes away from the city center.

  • Airlines: Latam & Avianca.
  • Average price: about 500.000 COP/pers. Round trip.
  • Tax entrance: 38.000 COP – to pay at the airport

Get to Leticia by boat from Manaus or Iquitos

It is the most suitable way of transportation in the Amazon.

→ You can reach Colombia on a slow boat if you are coming from Manaus (Brazil) or Iquitos (Peru). But you must stamp your passport if you plan to continue your trip through Colombia.

How to Get Around Leticia

Public boat Leticia

You’ll need to speak a little Spanish to get around on public transport.

Tuk-tuk, taxis, and public buses in Leticia

  • The Tuktuk is another means of transportation in Leticia. It is ideal for getting around the city (2-3 usd/6-12.000 COP) or visiting nearby places of interest, such as Tabatinga, to drink a caipi.
  • There’s only one road out of Leticia, and it’s less than 30km long. You can take a cab to the various tourist attractions. However, you’d better have a phone with a local SIM card (Claro). You can also take the public buses. There are various departures from the Parque Orellana.

Boats leaving from Leticia

  • To get between Leticia and Puerto Nariño (2h), you can take public boats for an economical price (less than 10 USD). Keep in mind that there are only 3 daily departures; the last one leaves between 1:30 and 2:00 pm. There are 3 boat companies, and they take turns every day. Boats leave from Isla de la Fantasia
  • You’ll also be able to stop by the different native communities along the Amazon River

My opinion: Many locals take these boats every day, so I recommend booking in advance (ask your agency or hotel). Otherwise, you might have to spend an extra night in Leticia

Is Leticia Safe?

Amazon (1)

Traveling to Leticia and its surroundings is generally safe. We never felt unsafe, and it is a place very visited by national and foreign tourists. I only recommend not crossing borders from one country to another late at night and not going into the jungle without a local guide.

Also, like every city in South America, don’t display your valuables. 👉Choose the right travel insurance for Colombia.

My opinion: Beware of agencies that will approach you in Leticia to sell you their services. These are often illegal agencies with no insurance, and the quality of their service is mediocre.

Practical Tips about Leticia

Kayak Amazon Marasha (1)

Here are a few more interesting things to know to plan the perfect trip to Leticia.

1# Events in Leticia

  • La Feria piscícola del Amazonas is celebrated during Holy Week. You’ll be able to see and taste all the region’s fish.
  • On April 25, Leticia celebrates its birthday with cultural, religious, and sporting events.
  • The Amazonian Confraternity Festival is in July. It celebrates the close ties between Peru, Brazil, and Colombia. You can enjoy parades, contests, the coronation of Miss Amazonas, and cultural displays from each country.
  • In November, the International Festival of Amazonian Popular Music “Pirarucú de Oro” takes place to enjoy the Amazonian rhythms and culture.

2# Internet in Leticia

The internet in Leticia is very, very slow. Even in upscale hotels, you will have trouble logging into your social networks and uploading photos of your trip. Look at it as an opportunity to connect with the energy of the world’s largest rainforest.

  • Some hotels do not have wifi; others have wifi only at the reception or offer an hourly rate.
  • The cell phone operator with the best coverage in Leticia is Claro.

3# Migración

Migración Colombia, Amazon

You do not need to stamp your passport if you only spend the day in Brazil or Peru. But if you decide to stay overnight in any of these countries, you will need to stamp your passport at Migration Colombia and in the country you are entering. Upon your return to Colombia, you will need to go through Migration again. Opening hours: 8:00 am – 12:00 pm and 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm (Here)

4# Health

Vaccines: The yellow fever vaccine is supposed to be mandatory to enter the Amazon. However, we were not asked for the certificate. Even so, I recommend you get it. You should do it at least 10 days before traveling. Don’t forget your certificate. They also recommend taking protection against Hepatitis A, typhoid, and malaria.

Malaria: In the Amazon, some areas have a high risk of Malaria. Fortunately, the tours do not go there. Although it is advisable to take malaria pills, we decided not to do so on our 15-day trip because the pill has many side effects, including diarrhea. It’s not great to be sick in the middle of the jungle 😉

Water: The water in the Amazon is not drinkable, so I recommend drinking bottled water and eating in recommended restaurants.

Physical condition: It is best to have at least a moderate physical condition for your trip to the Amazon. According to the tour, you might have to walk considerable distances, especially if you go during the low water season. If you go on a private tour, you can go at your own pace. Always check with your agency first.

5# Money

There are several ATMs in Leticia. There are also foreign exchange booths at the borders, but we never use them. I always prefer to use ATMs to get Colombian pesos. Remember that the internet is bad, so you might be unable to pay by card. I recommend bringing cash to restaurants and stores. In Puerto Nariño there are no ATMs.

6# Leticia inhabitants

Amazon People

Leticia is a melting pot of indigenous communities, Colombians, Peruvians & Brazilians. You will be surprised to know that their country is not Brazil, Peru, or Colombia.

Their country is the Amazon. In their eyes, borders do not exist. They are only imaginary and political.

It is normal to find that the inhabitants speak, in addition to Spanish, “portuñol” (a combination of Spanish and Portuguese). The indigenous communities usually speak Spanish in addition to their native language.

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