If you want to explore the Amazon rainforest in Colombia, you will have to go to Leticia. There are daily flights from Bogotá or Medellín for this purpose.

Although noisy and messy the city of Leticia remains authentic. I do not advise you to plan a day to visit this capital of the Colombian Amazon. However, if you have a little time, I invite you to take a stroll to feel the atmosphere that reigns in the center. Take the time to drink a caipirinha in a bar or to taste Amazonian specialties in one of the many restaurants.
Leticia is on the border between three countries, Peru, Brazil, and Colombia. So I let you imagine the cultural diversity of such a place.

If you have decided to travel to the Amazon, it means that you want to discover new things and get out of your comfort zone.

Here are my guidelines so that you will not be disappointed by your adventure in the Amazon:

  • Yes, it’s wet. Yes, there are lots of insects and mosquitoes. Arm yourself with rain gear, long-sleeved shirts, and repellents.
  • You have to go through a local agency if you want to experience the deep jungle. It’s pretty expensive. Don’t be surprised to pay around 100€/day/pers (all-inclusive) to go with a good travel agency.
  • Some eco-lodges can offer very good all-inclusive packages.
  • From December to May, the water rises and floods part of the jungle.
  • From June to November, the water goes down and gives way to beaches on the river banks.
  • Depending on the water level, the activities on site are different.
  • It is very hard to spot wild animals. Many parameters are taken into account in this area, do not come with too high expectations.
  • It is not worth staying only 3 days in this area.

Articles to read before traveling to the Amazon:

Where to travel after Leticia:

Getting to Leticia? (+)

From Bogota to Leticia:

From Puerto Nariño to Leticia:

  • There are 4 departures per day. The last boat leaves around 2 pm. Try to buy your boat ticket at least one day in advance.
  • It takes 2 hours.
  • You can also book a private boat, but it’s a lot more expensive (around 90$).

Where is the airport?

Leticia airport is located in the north of the city. Count 10-15min by tuk-tuk to get there from Parque Orellana.

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Where to stay in Leticia

Leticia is vast, messy, and loud, but I consider it authentic. There are tuk-tuk you can easily take to move around, so it doesn't matter in which part you'll stay. Buses leave from Parque Orellana, and the touristic dock is nearby too.

  • L. Guest House

    Hostel - $$

    L. Guest House

    Excellent value for money, with a pool. Luisa knows Leticia well and gives lots of tips!
    Get the best price
  • C. las palmas

    Hostel - $$

    C. las palmas

    Basic hostel with a swimming pool and a garden. The staff is super friendly. Ventilator.
    Get the best price
  • Yakuruna

    Cabins - $$


    5km outside of Leticia. Private spacious cabins. Lovely outdoors. Swimming pool.
    Get the best price
  • Waira suites

    Hotel - $$$

    Waira suites

    Modern and upscale hotel. Swimming pool. Excellent services. Comfy rooms. Clean
    Get the best price
  • Amazon B&B

    B&B - $$$

    Amazon B&B

    Beautiful rooms and a great host. Lovely garden. Peaceful. Delicious breakfast. Clean.
    Get the best price

Eco-lodges around Leticia

You can decide to skip Leticia and stay in a secluded Eco-lodge. It's a great way to embrace nature and experience something unique. They offer their own activities and transports so that you don't need to take care about anything. Don't be too picky about comfort. You won't find a 5-stars Eco-lodge.

  • Tanimboca

    Inland - $$$


    Km 11 on the road. Beautiful wood cabins in a natural reserve. Offer different activities.
    Get the best price
  • Axel's ecolodge

    Far from everything - $$$$

    Axel's ecolodge

    Unique experience. Surrounded by nature. 2.5h away from Leticia, Personal guide. All included. More info in our form.
    More information
  • Calanoa

    Near Puerto Nariño - $$$$


    Upscale Eco-lodge with wood cabins. Excellent tours. Delicious food and great sceneries.
    Get the best price

Things to do in Leticia

You will get a better Amazon experience if you stay in an eco-lodge or if you book a multi-day tour with a local agency. However, there are still some cool stuff to do by yourself if you don't have the budget for it. Take the public boat and the buses and move around.

  • Santander Park

    1 hour | $

    Santander Park

    Thousands of Parrots go to bed at sunset. Go at the top of the church and enjoy the show.
    Learn more
  • M. Amazonico

    4 - 8 hours | $$

    M. Amazonico

    Km. 7. Natural reserve with 6 different workshops. It's entertaining and cheap.
    Learn more
  • Tanimboca

    Full day | $$


    Km. 11 on the road. A fun way to spend the day with ziplines, kayak, and ecological walks.
    Learn more
  • Victoria Regia

    4 - 6 hours | $

    Victoria Regia

    Lovely place where you can admire loto flowers. 3h walk or 10 min boat if hight water level.
    Learn more
  • Santa Sofia

    Full day | $$$

    Santa Sofia

    You can take the public boat and stop/sleep in Santa Sofia. A bit complicated to organize it.
    Learn more
  • All-included

    Multi-day | $$$


    There are many local agencies that offer all included packages to explore the Amazon.
    We recommend
  • Puerto Nariño


    Puerto Nariño

    Take the public boat and stay a couple of days in Puerto Nariño, a lovely & peaceful town. Read our travel guide.
  • Isla Micos

    Don't visit it

    Isla Micos

    Don't stop there. They capture monkeys and keep them captive on this island for the tourists. Skip it.
  • Kayak

    4 - 8 hours | $$$


    You can do a lot of kayak in the flooded jungle when the level of water is hight. It's a fantastic and peaceful experience.
    We recommend
  • Campsite

    Multi-day | $$$


    Pack some food and water and go exploring the jungle for 2 days with a local guide. Ready?
    We recommend

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Partners we recommend in the Amazon

Some local partners we have met, tested and approved during our stay in the Amazon.

  • Axel’s ecolodge is the ideal place to embrace nature. It’s a 3-h boat ride from Leticia!

Where to eat & drink?

For us, good restaurants and exciting nightlife are important when traveling. We gathered our favorite picks on an interactive Map. Download the APP "Mapstr" and look for "Colombia Insider"!

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