With its 9 million of inhabitants, Bogota is the capital of Colombia. The expansion of the city has been too quick, and the municipality failed to develop sound public transportation. By consequence, it’s complicated and time-consuming to move around the city, especially at rush hour. Besides that, the climate isn’t favorable in Bogota. The capital is surrounded by Paramos, at an altitude of 2700m. Therefore, it’s rainy/cloudy most of the time. Don’t forget to take a jacket and a rain jacket with you.

Transportation problems and bad weather make that most of the travelers don’t like Bogota.

It’s a pity because the majority of them will have to land in the capital (biggest airport in Colombia).

We spent one month looking for the best activities, districts, accommodations, and tips to explore the city. We loved all the tours that Bogota can offer and we think it’s the best way to start enjoying the capital.

Thanks to us, you will get a new chance to fall in love with the most unloved city in Colombia.


Our Colombia itineraries for visiting Bogota


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Where to stay in La Candelaria

La Candelaria is the old center of Bogota. Most of the museums and street arts of the city are present there. It's the favorite district of the backpackers and travel guides. However, we think there is better. At night, many restaurants shut their doors and streets turn empty. The area becomes dodgy

  • Masaya



    Masaya is a peaceful upscale hostel located in the best part of La Candelaria. Comfortable and clean. 
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  • Selina



    Gorgeous colonial building. It's an ideal place for travelers looking for social events and digital nomads.
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  • Botanico



    Great atmosphere and friendly staff. A fantastic view from the rooftop. Homely. Perfect for solo travelers.
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  • Cranky Croc


    Cranky Croc

    Good food and they sell excellent tours. Professional and friendly staff. Many social areas.
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  • Grand Park


    Grand Park

    Great value for money. Comfortable and clean rooms. Swimming pool and SPA area. Helpful staff.
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  • Casa de la Vega


    Casa de la Vega

    Basic rooms but clean. Lovely courtyard. Friendly staff and great location. Excellent value for money.
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  • The Orchids


    The Orchids

    Victorian style with large rooms and big showers. Colonial mansion. Delicious breakfast. Great staff.
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  • L'opera



    Swimming pool and Spa. Old colonial building with a great view from the top. Friendly staff.
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Where to stay in Chapinero

Chapinero is our favorite district in Bogota. There are many fantastic restaurants and places for going out. The neighborhood is wide. I advise picking your hotel in the following areas: Quinta Camacho, Zona G, or Chapinero alto.

  • 12:12



    Lovely hotel located in Zona G, near plenty of restaurants. Fantastic showers and beds.
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  • Republica



    Excellent value for money, comfy dorms. Located in Quinta Camacho, the best district in Bogota.
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  • Mika Suite


    Mika Suite

    Comfortable rooms and friendly staff. They take care of the environment. Great location.
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  • Casa Medina


    Casa Medina

    Four seasons. Amazing colonial building, well decorated. The dining room is fantastic. One of the best.
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  • Casa Legado


    Casa Legado

    Homey feeling. New concept. Each room has its own personality. Lots of social areas to enjoy your stay.
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Where to stay in the Zona Rosa

The Zona Rosa is the party district of Bogota. There are lots of clubs, excellent restaurants, and bars. Up north, it's the business district. By its localization, it's a bit far from the tourist sights. Therefore, we don't recommend you to stay there, except if you love partying or if you already know Bogota. Safe.

  • Selina



    Huge and modern building with all the types of equipment to make digital nomads happy. Social events.
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  • B3 Virrey


    B3 Virrey

    Pleasant, clean and modern. Helpful staff. Delicious breakfast. Good value for money.
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  • BOG



    Modern and luxury hotel, with excellent facilities.Very attentive staff and delicious breakfast.
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  • Movitch



    One of the best hotel brands in Colombia. Boutique hotel with delicious breakfast. Modern. Rooftop.
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Things to do in Bogota

Most of the touristic sights in Bogota are located in the old city center, La Candelaria. There are many museums to understand complexe Colombia's history. As many travelers start their journey from Bogota, I recommend you to book different tours in the capital, depending on what you want to learn. By doing so, you won't be overwhelmed by the city and you will start understanding the Colombian culture.

  • Bike tour


    Bike tour

    Bogota is mostly flat. Biking will give you the opportunity to explore different parts of the city.
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  • History



    Colombia's history is a lot more complex than you think. Learn about the civil war and more.
    Learn more
  • Walking tour


    Walking tour

    Bogota is huge and overwhelming. Get some help and learn about Bogota's secrets.
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  • La Macarena


    La Macarena

    La Macarena is a trendy district with a wide range of delicious restaurants. Try them all!
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  • Graffiti tour


    Graffiti tour

    Because of Justin Bieber, street art has been authorized and promoted by Bogota. Learn the history behind.
    Learn more
  • Salsa



    Music is important in the daily life of every Colombian. Find out the best salsa clubs and learn a few steps!
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  • Bars



    Everyone speaks about Medellin's nightlife, but Bogota is even better. You just need to know where to go out.
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  • Food



    There are hundreds of different fruits in Bogota. Visit a market and taste all of them.
    Learn more
  • Coffee



    Coffee is like wine. You need time and practice to make a difference between the different savors.
    Learn more
  • Chapinero



    Chapinero is my favorite district in Bogota. Look for the best bars and restaurants :)
    Learn more
  • Museo del oro


    Museo del oro

    Learn how the indigenous were able to craft beautiful gold artifact with simple tools
    Learn more
  • MAMU



    MAMU is a building that hosts 4 museums, including Botero, a world-famous Colombian artist.
    Learn more
  • Museo Nacional


    Museo Nacional

    An impressive museum that explains to the visitors the history of Colombia over the centuries
    Learn more
  • Tejo



    Tejo is a national game that involves explosions, mud, and beers. You must ask for a "Cancha de Tejo"
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  • Monserrate



    Take the thousands of stairs or the cablecar to contemplate the view of Bogota from Monserrate.
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  • Salt Cathedral

    Day trip

    Salt Cathedral

    Visit Zipaquira or Nemocon. You must choose between both (Zipaquira being the most famous one)
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  • Guatavita

    Day trip


    Easy hike to admire the Guatavita lake, famous because of the legend of the Eldorado. You can also visit the town.
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  • Paramo Hike

    Day trip

    Paramo Hike

    Paramo is a unique ecosystem that appears around at an altitude of 3500m high. Sumapaz & Chingaza.
    Learn more
  • La Chorerra

    Day trip

    La Chorerra

    The highest waterfall in Colombia with more than 590m high. Easy hike and lovely sceneries.
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  • Coffee farm

    day trip

    Coffee farm

    Colombia is known for the quality of its coffee beans. Learn all the coffee process on a farm.
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  • Chicaque

    National Park


    Cloud forest at a 45-min jeep drive from Bogota. It's an excellent place to observe Colombia wildlife.
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We spent a month in Bogota and wrote about our travel experiences.

Partners we recommend

Some local partners we have met, tested and approved during our stay in the Bogota.

  • Beyond Colombia offers the best walking tours in Colombia (and more!).
  • Casa Legado is a luxury homey hotel located in our favorite Bogota’s district.
  • Masaya hostel is the successful mix between hotel and hostel; social and comfort.
  • Casa Medina is a Four Seasons hotel in Chapinaro. Top-notch facilities and services.
  • Hostel Republica is an affordable and comfy hostel ideally located in Quinta Camacho.
  • Bogota Pass is a professional local agency to plan your activities in and around Bogota.
  • Flavors of Bogota is managed by Karen, a coffee aficionado, who welcomes you in her universe.
  • Bogota Graffiti offers fantastic tours to understand the stories hidden in Bogota’s street arts.
  • Andes Ecotours organizes stunning hiking and cultural trips to discover Bogota’s region.

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