Best Amazon Eco-lodges: Colombia Jungle Resort Guide 2023

If you’re contemplating an adventure into the heart of Amazonian nature, then the allure of a Colombian jungle resort is hard to resist.

Swapping multi-day tours from Leticia for eco-lodge living means flexible, less exhausting days – a huge plus for those who like to set their own pace. But, let’s be honest, the lack of information about these lodges can be a stumbling block.

As an intrepid traveler and lover of Colombia, I’ve personally explored a few of these eco-lodges, and I’m thrilled to share with you a first-hand account of my experiences.

Spoiler alert: My favorite pick is Axel’s Ecolodge. I spent 4 unforgettable days over there 😉

So, keep reading to learn the pros and cons of each of the best Colombian Jungle resorts in the Amazon.

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Best Colombia Jungle Resorts: Mini-reviews

Thanks to this section, you can quickly and easily choose your next Amazon eco-lodge!

#1 Axel’s Ecolodge: A Remote Paradise (Top Pick)

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Stay In A Secret Ecolodge in The Amazon with Axel

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Axel’s Ecolodge, my favorite among the bunch, is a treasure nestled deep in the Amazon rainforest. Operated by Axel and his dedicated team, this eco-lodge offers a variety of accommodation options to suit your comfort level.

From private lodgings with individual bathrooms that can house up to 10 people, to the simple yet comfortable beds in a communal dormitory under a palm-fringed Maloka roof, you can choose your level of adventure. If you’re seeking an even more authentic (and cheap) experience, consider sleeping in a hammock, cocooned by the sounds of the jungle.

Axel’s Ecolodge: The Pros

→ This eco-lodge is for those seeking an authentic Amazonian adventure. From your arrival at Leticia, a team member greets you, ensuring a seamless and personal experience throughout your stay.

→ You can choose from a plethora of on-site activities, over 30 in fact, including piranha fishing, night trips, indigenous village visits, forest hiking, bivouacking, and kayaking. Apart from the zip-line, which comes at an additional cost, all these experiences are included in the daily package.

By the way, food and caipirinhas are included too 😉

→ The services of experienced and private indigenous guides and an English translator, if needed, are also included. The dormitory option is particularly cost-effective for solo travelers, coming in at less than USD 90 per night (excluding transport from Leticia).

Fishing enthusiasts, prepare for a treat. The lodge is a prime location for fishing, and Axel, himself an aficionado, knows all the right spots.

Bird watchers won’t be disappointed either. The rare Harpy eagle, the Amazon rainforest’s tallest bird of prey, is a sight to behold.

The observation platform offers panoramic views of the sprawling jungle and the river, providing ample opportunities for stunning photographs and birdwatching.

Axel’s Ecolodge: The Cons

Reaching the eco-lodge from Leticia typically involves a 3-hour boat ride and a border crossing (located in Brazil). During the low-water season, the trip can extend up to 5 hours as there are no shortcuts through the flooded jungle.

But remember, we’re in the Amazon, where river journeys are part of the adventure. The boat trip offers a unique opportunity to witness the vibrant Amazonian life along the river banks.

Where is this Colombia Jungle resort in the Amazon region

This Amazonian gem is located in Brazil’s Palmari National Reserve, a stone’s throw away from the Javari Rio and downstream from Leticia (3 hours), the capital of Colombia’s Amazonas department. The lodge’s position on the border of Peru, Brazil, and Colombia makes it an easy launching pad for cross-border exploration.

Transportation from Leticia is included (if you pick the private rooms). A staff member will meet you at the airport and accompany you to the jungle resort.

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2# Yoi Ecolodge: inside the Amacayacu National Park

Amacayacu National Park

Imagine peacefully nestled cabins crafted from wood and crowned with palm roofs tucked away amid lush tropical greenery. Welcome to Yoi Ecolodge.

The simplicity of the accommodation is its charm. Whether private or shared, each bathroom and toilet facility is clean and functional. The beds, each swathed in their own mosquito net, ensure a comfortable night’s rest.

Some cabanas are spacious enough to comfortably accommodate families or groups.

Yoi Ecolodge: The pros

Parque Amacayacu, Leticia - Amazon
Credit: Dr EG

→ Yoi Ecolodge is more than just a place to stay; it’s an experience, a journey. It’s a venture into sustainable tourism where you don’t just observe but immerse yourself in the indigenous community of San Martin, soaking up their traditions and learning about wildlife protection.

→ You’ll be greeted by the warmth of a friendly and attentive team. The food, though simple, is a gastronomical delight, prepared from the freshest produce.

→ The real adventure, however, begins when you embark on explorations of the Amazon with experienced guides. Hailing from the San Martin community (Ticuna tribe), these guides bring along a wealth of knowledge about the biological and cultural diversity of the Amazonian region.

All the activities are included during your stay. From night hikes that unravel the secrets of the nocturnal Amazon, dolphin watching that gives you a glimpse of these marine beauties, to treks in the Amacayacu Natural Park and visits to the indigenous village, the range of activities promise an unforgettable experience.

→ Prices are more or less similar to Axel’s eco-lodge, but it’s not budget-friendly for solo travelers.

Yoi Ecolodge: The cons

The boat ride to Yoi Ecolodge lasts around three hours from Leticia (including a boat change).

During the low-water season (August to November), you’ll have to walk the last stretch, as the Rio Amacayacu is almost dry. You’ll also do most of the activities on foot

You may find the facilities basic, but isn’t that the beauty of it all? The simplicity, the rawness, isn’t it all part of the adventure you signed up for?

Where is this Colombia Jungle resort in the Amazon region

Amacayacu - San Martin Amazon (1)

Yoi Ecolodge is tucked away on the banks of the Amacayacu River, within the territory of the indigenous community of San Martin. The village is merely about 30 minutes away.

You’ll have to take the public boat to Bocas de Amacayacu and then a small private boat to the eco-lodge. Count 3 hours in total.

Marasha Ecolodge: Surrounded By The Flooded Jungle

Marasha Amazon Ecolodge Peru

Nestled on the tranquil shores of a scenic lake, Marasha is not your average jungle resort. The eco-lodge embraces sustainable architecture, with accommodations and communal areas constructed from local materials like wood and palm roofs. These are all interconnected by picturesque walkways.

Marasha’s cabanas are the epitome of functional simplicity. Each bears the name of an iconic Amazonian creature, a homage to the surrounding rainforest. The rooms are spacious, boasting several beds and a private bathroom. Mosquito nets drape each bed, offering a canopy of protection against the Amazon’s famed insect life.

Marasha Ecolodge: The pros

Kayak Amazon Marasha (1)

→ Imagine waking up to the soft lullaby of lapping lake waters, with pontoons leading you straight to boats and kayaks. Marasha’s eco-lodge seems to float idyllically on these serene waters, providing immediate access to aquatic adventures. It’s even more impressive during the high-water season (January-May), as the resort is built in the flooded jungle!

→ Personalized experiences are at the heart of Marasha. Each group of guests is paired with a private local guide from the Puerto Alegria community who brings the Amazon to life with their intimate knowledge and stories. It’s included in your rate.

→ Enjoy the activities included, from kayaking, night hiking for caiman spotting, or monkey watching in the flooded forest (wet season only). One highlight I’d recommend is fishing and bird watching at sunset (a famous spot to observe the Hoatzin), punctuated by a stop beneath a centuries-old Ceiba tree.

As for the food, Marasha doesn’t disappoint. Buffet lunches and dinners are served on long communal tables in the dining room. The meals are as varied as they are delicious.

→ Comfort is never far away at Marasha. Hammocks dot the deck overlooking the lake, perfect for an afternoon siesta. If you’re lucky, you might spot tiny bats snoozing on the piles.

→ There is a breeding pool for pirarucu, one of the largest freshwater fish living in the River Amazon. Mind your fingers if you want to feed them.

Marasha Ecolodge: The cons

Ramiro explanation Amazon Marasha lilies (1)

→ Marasha’s charm lies in its remote location and immersive experiences. However, the eco-lodge can accommodate larger groups, which may prove too noisy for some.

→ Since the resort is located in a flooded jungle, there are a lot of mosquitoes during the rainy season.

→ Although the local organization is top-notch, you’ll have a hard time booking this eco-lodge without the help of an agency in Leticia. No internet or phone signal.

Transportation isn’t included. You’ll have to arrive on your own.

Where is this Colombia Jungle resort

Situated in Puerto Alegria, Peru, the Marasha’s entrance is a 30-minute boat ride from Leticia—note that of the 3 boat companies operating on the Amazon River, only the green public boat can take you directly to Marasha.

From there, you’ll have to take another boat to reach the ecolodge (about 20 minutes more).

During the low-water season, you can decide to hike (about 2h) through the forest to reach the ecolodge instead. Trust me, the journey is part of the experience!

Calanoa Jungle Lodge: A Luxe Retreat In The Wild

Calanoa Amazon

Taking the crown as the Amazon’s most lavish eco-lodge, Calanoa Jungle Lodge is your pathway to an upscale, sustainable adventure in the heart of the Colombian Amazon.

Think of it as a treehouse on steroids – tastefully adorned cabanas, constructed using traditional materials, dot the landscape. Each cabana flaunts a private bathroom and opens its doors to nature’s symphony. Whether perched among the trees or set on stilts, private terraces with river views are a standard feature.

Opt for a cozy nest for two, or make it a family affair in a cabana that sleeps six—all with individual mosquito nets to ensure you sleep like a baby.

Calanoa Jungle Lodge: The pros

Calanoa Amazon

→ What sets Calanoa apart is its commitment to the natural world. Nestled in the heart of the Calanoa Natural Reserve, the eco-lodge takes an active role in the conservation and community education projects of the reserve. As a guest, you’re not just a visitor but a participant in a larger mission.

→ Beyond its environmental credentials, Calanoa offers a smorgasbord of activities. Try your hand at fishing, fall in love with bird watching, or observe monkeys in their natural habitat. For an immersive cultural experience, a visit to the indigenous communities in Mocagua comes highly recommended. Don’t miss the quaint museum that offers intriguing insights into indigenous cultures and traditional hunting and fishing techniques.

Food at Calanoa is a gastronomic journey through Amazonian and Peruvian cuisine, each dish a testament to the rich, local flavors.

Calanoa Jungle Lodge: The Cons

Calanoa eco lodge amazon
Credit: elcunzio

→ It’s the most expensive option. And while it must be said that the wooden cabins are incredible, the quality of experience is on a par with other ecolodges.

→ Being between Puerto Nariño and Leticia, you lose a bit of that feeling of being alone in the world, lost in the immensity of the jungle.

Only 2 daily activities are included per night. Experience addicts will have to pay extra.

Transport is not included in the price.

English translator isn’t included either.

Where is this Colombia Jungle resort

Boat Amazon
Credit: migueldavidz

Situated on the banks of the Amazon River, Calanoa Jungle Lodge is a 1h30 boat ride from Leticia, close to the lovely Mocagua Community. A staff member will meet you at the airport to take the public boat (best to arrive as early as possible).

Zacambu Rainforest Lodge: Welcome To Perú

Zacambu Rainforest Lodge - Amazon (1)
Credit: sergeant.cro_steven

Nestled on the riverbanks of the Amazon rainforest, the Zacambu Rainforest Lodge is an eco-friendly retreat that puts you directly in touch with Mother Nature. Rising on stilts above the water, the wooden lodge is a sanctuary of tranquility, particularly during high water when it appears to be suspended over the river—a board path connects the different cabins.

The accommodations are tastefully designed with wood paneling, offering both spacious and cozy quarters. Depending on the room’s capacity, you’ll find either private or shared bathrooms.

Zacambu Rainforest Lodge: The pros

Zacambu Rainforest Lodge - Amazon (2) (1)
Credit: andresfnaranjof

→ A stay at the Zacambu Rainforest Lodge includes a complimentary airport pickup. Simply reach out to the lodge’s team prior to your departure to arrange the details.

→ One of the highlights of staying here is the ability to tap into the knowledge and expertise of local guides. These guides, who speak Spanish, are friendly and competent, offering a selection of Amazonian adventures. Activities range from piranha fishing to nighttime expeditions, lake swimming, trekking, and monkey watching.

→ The lodge is uniquely positioned for observing the river and the flooded jungle during high-water periods.

→ After a day of exploration, unwind in one of the hammocks in the palm-roofed maloka, a traditional communal house, while taking in the river views.

→ For foodies, the lodge’s restaurant offers a delightful culinary journey into Peruvian cuisine, with traditional local dishes served on a terrace overlooking the water.

Zacambu Rainforest Lodge: The Cons

Credit: mauro_pramos

While Zacambu Rainforest Lodge offers a unique experience, there are a few considerations to consider.

During the rainy season, the forest floods, making it impossible to walk through the forest. Consequently, certain experiences may not be available, and all excursions are conducted by boat.

During the low-water season, it takes longer (and it’s more expensive) to reach the ecolodge.

→ Given that the guides are locals, there may be a language barrier as most of them speak Spanish Only. However, with a bit of patience and a willingness to learn, you’ll find ways to communicate.

Where is this Colombia Jungle resort

The Zacambu Rainforest Lodge is located in Peru along a tributary of the Rio Javari. It is about a 2-hour motorboat ride from Leticia.

Picking Your Amazon Ecolodge: Booking Guide

👉 Want to know everything about Leticia? To learn where are the best places, and avoid tourist traps and beginner’s mistakes? Nothing could be easier. I put it all together in our guide to Leticia .

Location: Your Very Own Jungle Paradise

Palmari Amazon (1)
Credit: Axel’s eco-lodge

The deeper into the jungle your eco-lodge is tucked, the closer you’ll be to the heart of the Amazon. You’ll feel like a pioneer, lost amidst the untamed wilderness, and the chances of animal encounters increase.

Reaching these isolated eco-lodges, though, can be quite the expedition, especially in the low-water season (August to November). The waters run low, and shortcuts in the flooded jungle dry up. But hey, isn’t that part of the adventure?

Here are the ecolodges ranked from closest to furthest from Leticia:

  • Marasha (1 hour)
  • Calanoa (1h30)
  • Zacambu (2 hours)
  • Yoi (3 hours)
  • Axel’s ecolodge (3 hours)

Experiences you’re looking for

While many eco-lodges offer similar activities, each has a unique focus, a specialty that sets it apart.

For instance, Axel’s eco-lodge is your gateway to kayaking in the flooded forest, fishing expeditions, birdwatching, and invigorating hikes.

Marasha is the place for nocturnal adventures, spotting giant lotus flowers that bloom in the moonlight and glimpsing Caimans in the dark.

Proximity to indigenous villages at Axel’s eco-lodge, Calanoa Jungle Lodge, and Yoi Ecolodge offer fascinating insights into the Amazon’s cultural tapestry. Participate in a “Minga,” a communal workday, or experiment with vegetable dyes on palm fiber fabrics. All this under the guidance of local guides fluent in your language.

What’s included in your stay

HD_Amazon Boat

Know exactly what comes with the price tag. Extra costs for experiences can inflate your Amazon adventure’s daily cost.

All ecolodges on this list include meals, local guides, and activities. However, they differ on the following points:

  • Calanoa and Marasha don’t include transportation from Leticia.
  • Axel’s Eco-lodge is the only place that includes a translator.

Solo travelers will pay a high price tag


Since these are all-inclusive stays, it’s not profitable to accept a single traveler for a low price—except for Axel’s Eco-lodge.

A single traveler will pay less than $100 per night, all included (except the boat from Leticia to the ecolodge) if he accepts to sleep in a dormitory in the maloca. 3 nights minimum.

The Amazon Eco-lodge size: smaller, the better

sleeping hammock Amazon tom

Pick an eco-lodge that’s not too large. In the Amazon, bigger means louder, and louder means less peace. Colombians, as lively and endearing as they are, have a penchant for loud conversations and music.

Wouldn’t you rather listen to the symphony of the jungle from an observation platform, undisturbed, as the sun sets?

Zacambu, Marasha and Yoi are the one with biggest groups.

Comfort: Where the Wild Meets the Cozy

The ‘comfort’ factor varies across eco-lodges. Some might offer basic rooms or communal bathrooms. Most won’t have continuous electricity or internet. Air conditioning? Forget it. But the ceiling fans do a decent job.

Meals are usually simple, homemade, and crafted with fresh local produce. Of all, Calanoa provides the most comfort, followed by Axel’s eco-lodge, depending on your chosen accommodation.

Bottom Line: Your Amazonian Adventure Awaits

Sunset boat Tarapoto Amazonas

Choosing an eco-lodge in the Amazon is a balancing act, weighing personal preferences and comfort against the potential for adventure and discovery. The key, however, lies in immersing yourself in the region’s cultural and biological diversity, the very essence of the Amazon experience.

Axel’s eco-lodge, in my opinion, offers an unbeatable combination of these elements. And remember, the Amazon is all about unpredictability and surprise. The more you embrace these, the richer your memories will be.

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Getting started is a breeze – just fill out our simple online form in under 2 minutes. We’ll swiftly connect you with Axel, giving you the chance to ask questions and explore options. No obligations, no pressure – just the information you need to make an informed choice.

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