From Leticia, board a shuttle boat and sail up the Amazon River for two hours to Puerto Nariño. This small village, located on the banks of the Amazon, is pleasant, authentic, and extremely peaceful. Motorized vehicles are not allowed there.

There are four shuttles per day that make the round trip.

When planning your stay in the Amazon, decide in advance if you want to book a multi-day jungle trip. If this is not your wish, choose Puerto Nariño instead, it is much wilder, quieter, and more pleasant than Leticia.

In addition, you can also organize a lot of activities directly on the spot.

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Getting to Puerto Nariño? (+)

You must take a boat from the tourist harbor in Leticia.

From Leticia to Puerto Nariño:

  • There are 3 boat companies, but there is just one that operates per day. They alternate. You must head to their office – nearby the dock – and ask.
  • There are 4 departures per day. The last boat leaves around 2 pm. Try to buy your boat ticket at least one day in advance.
  • It takes 2 hours.
  • You can also book a private boat, but it’s a lot more expensive (around 90$).

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Where to stay in Puerto Nariño

Puerto Nariño is a peaceful little town, so It won't be an issue to visit it on foot. Most of the hotels are basic.

  • Napu

    Hostel - $


    A basic hostel with a kitchen. Lovely and helpful owners. In the center. Cheap.
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  • Eware refugio

    Hotel - $$

    Eware refugio

    5 min boat ride. Surrounded by nature, next the river. Beautiful outdoors. Excellent host.
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  • Paiyü

    Hotel - $$


    Lovely eco-friendly hotel with a nice common area. Great and helpful staff. Great tips.
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  • Waira Selva

    Hotel - $$

    Waira Selva

    The only "upscale" hotel in Puerto Nariño. Comfy beds and clean rooms. In town.
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Things to do in Puerto Nariño

There are various local guides in Puerto Nariño, and it's easy to book a day trip if you want a specific activity. Most of the tours will be in Spanish.

  • El Mirador

    1 hour | $

    El Mirador

    It's a wooden tower with a lovely view of the surroundings. Perfect at sunset. 5000 COP.
    Google Map
  • Natutama

    1 - 2 hours | $


    Explication of the submarine world in the Amazon. There are a video and wooden sculptures.
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  • Wochine

    3-4 hours | $


    Natural reserve with a lake and some weird fishes. They rescue animals. 45 min walk.
    Google Map
  • Moroapu

    4 hours | $


    Friendly family who teaches you the indigenous cultures. Instructive information. Great.
  • Tarapoto Lake

    2 - 3 hours | $$

    Tarapoto Lake

    Fantastic boat excursion to explore the lake Tarapoto and try to spot wild animals. Best for sunset.
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  • San Martin

    5 - 7 hours | $$

    San Martin

    2-3h walk from Puerto Narino. The path is well marked. Lovely hike. You won't do much in the village. Come back by boat.
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