Colombians and foreigners visit the Colombian Caribbean coast a lot. However, the majority of them wander between Cartagena, Santa Marta, and Tayrona Park. They completely neglect the western part of the Caribbean coast where some wonderful destinations are hidden.

Admittedly, transport does not leave every hour in the direction of these small coastal villages or forgotten islands, but it is not insurmountable either. You will simply have to organize yourself properly so as not to waste time. It’s well worth the effort. You’ll be able to go to places that are much less touristy.

Discover the magic of Rincon Del Mar and the kindness of its people. Walk barefoot through the peaceful village of Sapzurro and explore the jungle of the Darien Gap. Enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of Capurgana. Dive and/or party on Isla Fuerte. Head to the San Bernardo Islands to enjoy a heavenly beach and turquoise water!

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Where to travel on the West Caribbean Coast

We traveled through part of the West Caribbean coast for more than a year. Find our best tips for exploring each of the destinations below.

Top things to do

Here is a compilation of the best things to do on the West Caribbean Coast Of Colombia:

  • Island-hopping among the San Bernardo islands
  • Have a blast in Casa En El Agua
  • Skinny-dipping with the bioluminescent planktons
  • Look for Sloths on Isla Fuerte
  • Dive around the Bushnell reef 
  • Enjoy the island life at La Playita hostel
  • Observe the leatherback turtles near San Francisco or Armila
  • Chase natural swimming pools and secluded beaches in Sapzurro and Capurgana
  • Buy some wine at the duty-free shop in La Miel
  • Pass your Open Water certification in Capurgana
  • Dance at the Salsa Reggae Bar
  • Visit the San Blas Islands

Events on the Western Caribbean Coast

List of the main Events on The West Caribbean Coast Of Colombia:

  • April to June: Leatherback turtles season
  • Octobre: Festival de la Cigua in Capurgana

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