Rincon del Mar is a small fishing village, located on the western part of the Caribbean coast, 4 hours from Cartagena. The inhabitants of this magical place are the nicest people we have met on the coast. The atmosphere is fantastic, authentic, exotic, and relaxing.

With its wide white sandy beach and palm trees, Rincon is a hidden paradise. There are different hostels and two slightly higher standard establishments. Travelers come to Rincon Del Mar to relax for a few days. Moreover, the San Bernardo Islands are only 45 minutes away by boat.

There is not only the beach in Rincon but also many other possibilities such as:

  • Organize a fishing trip with the locals (angling, trolling or harpooning)
  • Take a walk in the dry tropical forest to discover the fauna and flora of this type of environment.
  • Observe coral reefs by snorkeling or scuba diving
  • Swimming at night in the midst of bioluminescent plankton. An incredible experience.
  • Take a tour of the San Bernardo Islands
  • Lazing on the beach with a book and a cocktail in your hand.

So, you ready to add this beautiful place to your Colombian itinerary?


Would you like to use private transportation?


Getting to Rincon del Mar? (+)

From Cartagena to Rincon del mar:

  1. Bus from the Cartagena terminal to San Onofre. Every hour from 7h30 am to 6h30 pm | Caribe express | 2h30
  2. Take a moto-taxi to Rincon del Mar (10 000 COP) | 30 min
  3. Or ask for private transportation


From San Bernardo islands to Rincon del Mar:

  • Ask a fisherman to use his boat (100 – 150 000 COP) | 40 min


From Medellin to Rincon del Mar:

Where's the terminal?

In Rincon Del Mar, there’s no terminal. To arrive you indicate the name of your hotel to your motorbike-taxi or taxi and to leave you plan it also with your hotel. It couldn’t be simpler.

Table of Contents

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Where to stay in Rincon del Mar

Rincon del Mar is a secluded beach town where the touristic infrastructures aren't perfect. Don't be surprised (and don't complain) if there is a power cut. The town is settled along the beach, and it takes 20 min to cross it. There are two areas: The beach center and the beach after the bridge (quieter and lovelier).

  • Blue Sea

    Hostel - $$

    Blue Sea

    After the bridge. A 3-floor hostel with a nice view. Delicious breakfast. Great staff.
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  • R. del Frances

    Hostel - $$

    R. del Frances

    Homely hostel with an excellent atmosphere and top-notch activities. Beach center.
  • Dos Aguas

    Eco-lodge - $$$

    Dos Aguas

    Splendid wooden building with comfy rooms. After the bridge. Excellent activities. Top.
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  • Casa Sattva

    Hotel - $$$

    Casa Sattva

    Upscale hotel with excellent private rooms. Top-notch services. After the bridge.
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  • Sanguare

    Natural Reserve - $$$$


    Eco hotel surrounded by nature. Isolated. Top-notch activities and food. Not in Rincon.
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Things to do in Rincon del Mar

There is no local agency in Rincon del Mar. The easiest way is to ask your hostel/hotel if they know reliable locals to show you around. Fishers know the best snorkeling spots, some other locals are guides for hiking in the dry forest, etc.

  • Beach

    All day


    There is an endless white-sand beach in Rincon del Mar. Find a quiet spot and relax.
    Learn more
  • Sunsets



    Order a cocktail and observe the sun setting behind the sea. It's sumptuous!
  • Dry forest

    3 hours | $

    Dry forest

    Wake up at 6 am and explore the dry forest to spot monkeys, birds, and sloths! 3 hours.
  • Mangrove

    2 hours | $


    Rent a kayak and explore the mangroves to look for birds. Perfect around 5 pm.
  • Snorkeling

    4 hours | $


    A local fisher drives you in his boat to show you the best coral reef spots. 4 hours.
  • Fishing

    4 - 5 hours | $


    Follow the local fishers while they're spearfishing. You need good apnea to enjoy it.
  • San Bernardo

    6 hours | $

    San Bernardo

    Book a day trip to explore the San Bernardo islands. You can also stay overnight. Read our travel guide!
  • Plankton & Bird

    3 hours | $

    Plankton & Bird

    Observe hundreds of birds going to bed at dusk then admire bioluminescent plankton.
  • Scuba diving

    4 - 5 hours | $$$

    Scuba diving

    There is a great dive center in front of the Rincon del Frances hostel. Top-notch service.
    Learn more
  • Massages

    1 hour| $


    A few locals walk on the beach with a massage table. It's the ideal spot to ask for one.

Where to eat & drink?

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