San Bernardo is made up of 10 paradise islands in the South of Cartagena. Unfortunately, 95% of the islands are private, and there are very few spaces to layout on a beach and swim freely. 

Therefore, the choice of the island and the hotel is crucial!

  • Isla Tintipan has got the most beautiful public beach. It’s a good pick for couples.
  • Isla Mucura is mainly private and has got limited beaches. It’s a good pick for a group of friends.
  • Isla Palma is closest to Rincon del Mar and hosts a party hostel. 
  • Casa en el Agua is a famous party hostel/island, but it’s overrated.


Prices are quite high, so it’s the ideal place for backpackers. You can quickly jump from an island to another island thanks to fisher boats.

There are not much information about how to get to the San Bernardo Islands. Don’t worry; it’s quite easy.

Note: Avoid the weekends as many day tours leave from Tolu 😉


Our Colombia itineraries for visiting the San Bernardo Islands


San Bernardo islands
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Where to stay in Isla Mucura

There are not many beaches on Isla Mucura. You can walk to the tiny public beach or book your stay in the luxury Punta Faro hotel or in Hotel Mucura. In both cases, you can't enter if you're not a guest.

  • Hotel Mucura


    Hotel Mucura

    Vast resort with private cabins and a dorm. Many facilities. Restaurant, games, tours, beach.
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  • Club Mucura


    Club Mucura

    Resort with a massive wooden structure. Basic Comfy rooms. Restaurant. Friendly staff.
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  • Punta Faro


    Punta Faro

    Best hotel in San Bernardo. Top-notch services, food, and activities. Lovely private beach.
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Where to stay in Isla Tintipan

Isla Tintipan is the biggest island, but most of it is made up of mangroves. However, there is the loveliest beach in the area. Avoid the weekend, as many Colombians come for the day from Tolu and Rincon. It's 10 min away from Isla Mucura.

  • Isla Roots


    Isla Roots

    Hostel above the water, surrounded by mangroves. Young crew. A bit expensive for the quality.
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  • Punta Norte


    Punta Norte

    The best spot in the San Bernardo island. Delicious food. Very basic rooms. Thoughtful staff.
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  • Sal Si Puedes

    Upscale hotel

    Sal Si Puedes

    Clean and modern. Beautiful beach and access to the mangrove. Great staff and delicious meals.
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Where to stay in Isla Palma

Isla Palma is a small private island with a lovely beach. Before the island was a Decameron propriety. Nowadays, the island is split into 2 hotels. It's 20 min away Rincon del Mar.

  • Mistica



    Costly "party" hostel with dorms. A lovely beach and many activities. Cool vibe. Young crowd.
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  • Isla Palma


    Isla Palma

    The location is fantastic, but the value for money isn't great. Friendly staff. Basic rooms. Stunning beach.
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Where to stay in hotel-island

2 hotels are built on corals and look like if they were floating above the water. Both are near Isla Tintipan. There is no beach, and you have to use fisher boats to move around. However, there are many constraints when living on a home-island. Therefore, it's not for everyone ;)

  • La Gaviota


    La Gaviota

    Vast wooden house.Beautiful spot. comfy rooms. The food is delicious. It's new & a bit chaotic.
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  • Casa en El Agua


    Casa en El Agua

    Party hostel with cool vibes. A bit expensive. Book it in advance. No Spanish speaker.
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Things to do in the San Bernardo Islands

There is no local agency on the island. The easiest way is to ask your hostel/hotel if they know reliable locals to show you around. Most of them are also fishers and can move you around with their boat.

  • Beach

    Lay back


    Pick cautiously your accommodation and lay back on their private beach.
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  • Sunsets

    Natural show


    Order a cocktail and observe the sun setting behind the sea. It's sumptuous!
  • Mangrove

    Water activity


    Rent a kayak and explore the mangroves to look for birds. Perfect around 5 pm.
  • Snorkeling

    Water activity


    You can ask your hotel to organize a snorkeling tour or attempt by yourself from the shore.
  • Fishing

    Water activity


    Follow the local fishers while they're spearfishing. You need good apnea to enjoy it.
  • Isla Tintipan

    Boat tour

    Isla Tintipan

    Ask a local to ride you to Tintipan island with his boat and relax on the public beach. You can eat there.
  • Plankton

    Water activity


    Take a boat at dusk and ride to a lagoon surrounded by mangroves to swim with bioluminescent plankton.
  • Islote cruz

    Boat tour

    Islote cruz

    Most of the inhabitants live on this tiny island. You can do a short tour of the village for 15 000 COP.
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