Travel Insurance For Colombia: Stop picking randomly

Travel Insurance For Colombia: Stop picking randomly

I’ve to be fair with you guys. When I booked my flight ticket for traveling to Colombia, I wasn’t thinking

– “hm, should I take travel Insurance for Colombia or not?”

Insurance is a word that gives you goosebumps, except if you work in an insurance company. When you’re a kid, your parents pay for it, then it’s your boss. In the end, it’s like unicorns. You’ve heard about it many times but you’ve never seen one.

Nevertheless, insurances (and unicorns) are important. We don’t realize it because they’re part of our daily life. If you buy a car, you take car insurance. If you buy a home, you subscribe to home insurance. And, you also pay for health and liability insurance.

But did you know that most of the time, you’re not covered 100 % when traveling abroad?

And you’re in this situation, you should seriously think about travel insurance.

Travel insurance for Colombia

Pick your travel insurance in 2 minutes

You already know why you need travel insurance and just want to pick quickly? Here are our three favorite travel insurance for Colombia:

  • You’re from Europe: Chapka. It’s easy for subscribing, affordable and they offer a good cover. I used them for 3 years and they always reimbursed me – If you follow the procedures. Learn more
  • You’re NOT from Europe or you’re already traveling: Worldnomad. They’re a bit expensive, but you’ve got an excellent cover. Moreover, you can subscribe to their Extreme activities travel insurance. Learn more.
  • You’re a digital Nomad: SafetyWing. They listened and understood the Digital Nomad’s issues to offer kick-ass travel insurance. It’s exactly what we need right now. It’s maybe your case too. Learn more

Table Of Contents: Travel insurance for Colombia

  1. What the hell are travel insurances?
  2. Are you already insured abroad?
  3. How to choose travel insurance for Colombia?
  4. How to involve your travel insurance in case of a problem?

Why Do You Need Travel Insurance For Colombia?

In short, travel insurances for Colombia serve about two things:

  • To reimburse your bookings in case of unforeseen problems.
  • To pay or reimburse your medical issues (in case of emergency)

The two important words you have to remember are unforeseen and emergency. Travel insurance is not health insurance. They won’t reimburse your teeth whitening.

In case you are living abroad (Expat), there is a second option. It’s the travel health insurance.

Let’s find out the different uses of travel insurance for Colombia

Travel insurance for Colombia

1. Colombia Trip cancellation or interruption coverage beyond your control (+)

The travel insurance company could reimburse the non-refundable booking of your canceled Colombia trip.


  • Death of a relative: Yes
  • Break up with your girlfriend: No

2. Travel accident or Medical emergency while traveling to Colombia (+)

You’re injured in an accident and need emergency medical treatment. The travel insurance will cover your expenses.


  • You break your arm: Yes
  • A painful toothache: Yes
  • Health checkup or a vaccine: No

3. Medical repatriation from Colombia (+)

You’ve got a serious accident and you need a medical evacuation.  Your Colombia travel insurance takes care of everything.


  • Helicopter evac: Yes
  • Medical expenses at home: No

4. Somebody steals your luggage in Colombia (+)

You can ensure your expensive electronic stuff.


  • Someone stole your computer: Yes
  • You forget your computer on a table: No

5. Liability insurance (+)

In case you damage a good/propriety or hurt someone by accident.

6. Car insurance for Colombia (+)

If you have an accident.

Depending on the travel insurance, you won’t be covered for everything. This is why it’s important to read the boring policy documents.

But first, you have to know if you’re already covered. It would be silly to pay twice, isn’t it?

Travel insurance for Colombia

Are You Already insured Abroad?

1. Make a list of your different insurances (+)

First, you have to make a list of all the insurances you’re already paying for:

  • Health insurance. If you’re an employee, it’s probably paid by your company
  • Credit card insurance
  • Liability insurance
  • House and car insurance

Then, call them

2. Call and tell them you're going to travel to Colombia (+)

You have to know:

  • If you’re still covered while traveling to Colombia for the different situations mentioned in the previous section
  • Within what limits

3. Information about Credit Card Insurances (+)

  • Almost all credit cards have insurances.
  • You can rely on credit card insurance only if you use it for your purchase! (Not because you have it in your wallet)
  • You can ask for an upgrade before paying for your trip. Thus, your Credit Card insurance will improve. Like Visa and MasterCard
  • Limits are usually low
  • You’re covered for maximum 90 days abroad

Learn more about Credit Card Travel Insurance

Do you have travel insurance with your credit card?

How To Sort The Different Travel Insurances For Colombia

1. What will be your needs?

You have to define your needs. Otherwise, you won’t be able to compare the different travel insurance. What’s your plan for your trip to Colombia?

  • Do you book all your accommodations, transport and activities in advance?
  • Do you love extreme sport?
  • Do you want to volunteer somewhere? Rent a car?
  • Do you travel with expensive electronic stuff?
  • How long for? If you travel for more than 3 months, it could be cheaper to pay for backpacking travel insurance

Done? Awesome.

Are you a Digital Nomad?

Nowadays, more and more people decide to go with the flow. After all, we only live once.

Thanks to the internet, many new businesses have been created online. These entrepreneurs – like myself – can work wherever they want! They just need an internet connexion.

If it’s your case, you absolutely need travel insurance! And it can be super expensive.

Fortunately, SafetyWing came to our rescue. They offer you travel + medical insurance for less than 40$/month. It’s like a phone subscription.

Their service proposal is even more favorable for families! 1 young child per adult, up to 2 per family, age between 14 days and 10 years old, can be included on your insurance without added cost.

As I’m from Europe, I love using Chapka ( but it only works for European Country).

And I’ve heard from famous travel bloggers like Nomadic Matt and Expert Vagabond that Worldnomads is one of the best on the market.

Are you a Digital Nomad? SafetyWing is what you need to be perfectly covered for an affordable price.

I’m sure there are other great travel insurance for Colombia, but I will only use 3 as examples.

2. Which activities are covered in your Colombia Travel insurance?

In Colombia, there is no ski station or famous deep blue hole in the ocean. It’s something less to worry.

Usually, travel insurance does not cover accidents in case of official competition or race. And they have different policies regarding the practice of extreme sports. It may happen that travel insurance companies propose various plans.

With Worldnomads, you’ve got the choice between “Standard” and “Explorer”. Find the list of the different extreme sports here

Chapka offers only one plan for its Cap Assistance 24/7. They cover a bunch of sports except:

  • Official competition, trials or race during motorsport practice
  • If you drive a 125cm3 or more engine
  • Bobsleigh/ Skeleton/Luge sport/Rock climbing/Alpinism/Aerial sport

SafetyWing covers a wide range of activities, however, some extreme sports like paragliding and base jumping are not covered.

3. What are the limits of the reimbursements

a. Medical expenses / Evacuation / Repatriation in Colombia (+)

In Colombia, There are 20 of the top 49 hospitals and clinics in Latin America and it’s a lot cheaper than in Europe or the United States. However, you still have to put some money up.

But you don’t need to get a 1 trillion dollars coverage.

  • WorldNomads: 100 000 $ for Medical Expenses
  • Chapka: 200 000 Euros for Medical Expenses
  • SafetyWing: 250 000 $ for Medical Expenses

Important, they don’t cover pre-existing conditions.

b. Colombia trip cancellation/ Delay / Interruption (+)

If you’re a traveler who likes to book everything in advance, it might be something you would like to think of, especially if you pay expensive deposits.

Cancellation, delay or interruption have to be beyond your control. You can’t ask for a reimbursement if you decide to go back home because you don’t like the country.

  • Worldnomads: 2500 $
  • Chapka: 8000 Euros. However, it’s not included in the initial offer. You have to pay an extra 3.8% of the booking. More explanation here
  • SafetyWing: Up to 5 000 $

c. Luggage (+)

The limits included in the initial plans are low. It could be enough if you don’t travel with expensive electronics stuff. However, if you are a digital nomad who loves photography or a musician with a fantastic guitar, you could be interested in more specific travel insurance for South America.

You have to check the total limit, the per-article limit and the exclusions.

  • Worldnomads: 1000 $ total limit | 500 $ max per article
  • Chapka: 3000 Euros | Valuable max 1500 Euros | No Smartphone
  • SafetyWing: Up to 3 000 $ | 500 $ max per article

The insurance won’t pay back if you’re responsible for the damage or the loss.

4. The policy excess

It’s like a deductible. It’s the amount you are required to pay for each claim arising from any event.

It will depend on your country of residence and the travel insurance company.

  • WorldNomads: 0$ for the United States / 100 $ for a Europe country
  • Chapka: 0$ | Except for Travel Cancellation: between 10 to 20 %
  • SafetyWing: 250 $ Per certificate period

5. The Not Covered section

There are exclusions for every type of insurances. But there is also a general not covered section. There are inside the terms and conditions PDF file. Read them all. Be brave.

In short, the travel insurance won’t pay you back if you’re:

  • Drunk or on drugs
  • Arrested by the police

6. How to subscribe and renew travel insurance for Colombia

  • Do you have to subscribe before going on a trip to Colombia
    • Chapka: Yes
    • Worldnomads: No need
    • SafetyWing: No need
  • Is it possible to renew by email
    • Chapka insurance: Yes – But only once
    • Worldnomads: Yes – As many times as you wish
    • SafetyWing: You can choose the option “Auto-Renewal”

Be careful. In the case of renewal, the injured or diseases who occurred before the date of the new contract would be considered as pre-existing medical conditions. It’s not the case with the “Auto-Renewal” option with SafetyWing.

Cheat sheet Travel insurance for Colombia

I’m interested in Worldnomad travel insurances

IV) How To Involve Your Colombia Travel Insurance In Case Of Problem

Once you’ve got travel insurance for Colombia, you generally hope for one thing only.

To not use it.

Unfortunately, shits happen sometimes. And travel insurances are strict and heartless with procedures. You HAVE TO follow their guidelines if you want to be reimbursed.

Worlnomad explains you everything here

1. You have to call first in case of Serious Medical issues (+)

For serious medical issues, you have to call the 24 hours of assistance services. Travel insurance can:

  • Help you to deal with the hospitals
  • Advance the payment
  • They have to agree to the medical cares and transportation

It’s why you should write down on your phone/notebook:

  • The name and telephone number of your Travel insurance
  • Your policy number

2. Filling a complaint with the police in case of robbery (+)

  • Worldnomads: Within 24 hours
  • Chapka: Within 48 hours
  • SafetyWing: 60 days

3. You need proof (+)

In any case, you have to proof that:

  • You have been a victim of an accident
  • The costs incurred => Receipts are keys guys.

Regarding your valuables, the best is to take pictures of the receipts and the serial number before going on a trip to Colombia.

Important: In any case, you should call your travel insurance within 24 hours to know all the procedures to follow

Get a Quote with WorldNomads


Get a Quote with Chapka 

Get a Quote with SafetyWing 

Ebook to plan your trip

The content of this post is provided for general educational purposes only and does not provide professional advice, services, opinions or treatment to you or any individual. Tomplanmytrip cannot be held responsible or liable for any purchasing decisions you make after reading this post.  As pointed out numerous times, it is important to read your full policy wording and choose a travel insurance policy that suits your particular travel needs.

Disclosure: Please note that some of the links are affiliate links and at no additional cost to you, I earn a commission if you make a purchase. It’s a nice gesture to thanks us for the many hours we put in Tomplanmytrip 🙂 

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