One Week In Colombia 🤩: 4 Inspiring Itineraries [2024]

One week in Colombia is a short amount of time, but it’s enough to live unforgettable moments – if you smartly build your Colombia itinerary.

I’m here to help. 🙂

To make your life easier, you have to give up the idea of visiting-a-maximum-of-Places within 7 days in Colombia. You don’t want to spend half your holiday with your butt stuck on an uncomfortable aircraft or bus seat.

I know. Most of you are scared of being bored. You want your days filled with activities and fantastic experiences. I’m the same!

Fortunately, thanks to our 4 examples of itineraries for Colombia, you’re going to realize that you can spend 7 days in the same area!

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One Week in Colombia around Cartagena

Cartagena is on the Eastern Caribbean coast of Colombia. The airport is international, with direct flights from Miami, Atlanta, New York, Orlando, Atlanta, Toronto, Montreal, Lima & Mexico City.

Moreover, there are many daily flights from Bogota (Every 30 min), so you could consider a flight with 1 stop in Bogota.

Although the airport is nearby the old city center, you might appreciate a private transfer.

How many days in Cartagena during your 1-week itinerary

If you decide to fly to the Walled City, it means you want to explore it and find out its best-kept secrets. However, you should know 4 things about Cartagena:

  • Beaches within the city aren’t pleasant
  • It’s touristy
  • It’s the most expensive place in Colombia (with Providencia)
  • It’s not easy to find the perfect Rosario Island hotel

Staying 2 Days in Cartagena

If you’re traveling on a shoestring budget during this one week in Colombia, you won’t be able to do many extra activities in Cartagena.

I’m not a fan of the City’s museums – except maybe the Castle San Felipe if it’s the first time you visit one.

Within two days in Cartagena, you should focus on enjoying the romantic atmosphere of the walled city.

First, plan a city tour in the old center. There are some good free walking tours or private tours – if you prefer a more in-depth explanation. You can also book a bus tour if you’re feeling lazy. Don’t forget to contemplate the sunset from the walls.

The next day, wake up early and wander among the colorful alleys in Getsemani and Cartagena. It’s the best moment to take fantastic pictures.

Then, head East or West for your next stop.

Staying 3 Days in Cartagena

If you don’t have a tight budget, there are 2-3 activities we loved during our 2 weeks in Cartagena:

  • Explore the Bazurto market to get an insight into the “real” Cartagena
  • Coffee tasting
  • Go with fishers in La Boquilla
  • Visit Palenque, the first free town in South America
  • Plan a day trip to the Rosario islands
  • Spend the day doing nothing in a beach club

Also, eat lots of delicious ice cream and book a table at the top-notch restaurants in the city.

Where to stay in Cartagena

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Which destinations to add to your 1 week Cartagena itinerary

You don’t want to travel too far away from Cartegena as you must come back the day before your flights – In Colombia, always arrive 1 day before your international flight.

The perfect loop: Rincon del Mar + San Bernado islands

Do you want some beach time for this one week in Colombia?

Then avoid spending a day trip to the Rosario Islands and head to Rincon del mar and/or the San Bernardo islands.

Rincon del Mar is a small beach town with friendly locals, cheap activities, and lovely beaches. It’s 4 hours away by bus.

San Bernardo is an archipelago of 10 paradise islands. The most visited are Isla Tintipan, Mucura, and Palma. There is a 2-hour boat from Cartagena.

How to enjoy the Rosario Islands

Day trips from Cartagena to the Rosario Islands are legions. However, the experience will be better if you spend at least 2 nights on Isla Grande. It’s the best way to avoid the crowd. Public boats leave the dock every morning.

Playa Blanca Rosario
Playa Blanca

Head to Santa Marta and the Sierra Nevada

The Sierra Nevada is the perfect option for a mix of mountains and beaches for your Colombia itinerary.

Even with a door-to-door shuttle, you need at least 6 hours to get there. Skip Santa Marta, and don’t try to visit more than one place. It would be silly and superficial.

Tayrona is a National Natural Park with easy hikes through lush vegetation and beautiful beaches. It worth spending 2 or 3 days there.

Minca is a touristy town in the Sierra Nevada. It’s an excellent place for birdwatching, hiking, and staying in beautiful hostels.

Paso del Mango is similar to Minca, but nobody knows about it. Don’t hesitate to check this out.

walk along the beach Tayrona

One week in Colombia around Medellin

jerico parque de los nubes (1)
Parque de los nubes

Medellin is in the department of Antioquia. The airport is international, and there are direct flights from New York, Miami, Orlando, Cancun, Mexico city & Madrid.

Moreover, there are many daily flights from Bogota (Every 30 min), so you could consider a flight with 1 stop in Bogota.

The international airport is 45 min away from the city, and there are many taxis at a fixed price.

How many days in Medellin

Many travelers fall in love with Medellin because of the weather and its tremendous nightlife.

However, there are also many hidden gems in Antioquia. You will have to decide if you want to spend more time in the city or in the countryside.

Staying 1 Day in Medellín

If you don’t want to visit Medellin and focus on the highlights around, then you don’t have to stay more than 1 night. Pick your accommodation in El Poblado if you want to head South the next day or Laureles if you prefer exploring the East Side. The bus terminals are different according to the final destinations

Staying 2-3 days in Medellin

Main cities are important to understand Colombia’s history and cultural heritage.

There is an excellent and entertaining walking tour offered by Real City Tour. We recommend! Otherwise, you can book a private tour if you’re looking for something more personalized. Try to include the Museo de la Memoria. It’s worth it!

Stopping in Medellin is also an opportunity to learn about social transformation. Visit a notorious district like Comuna 13, Moravia, or La Sierra with a local guide.

Before leaving, delight your palate with a coffee tour or a food tour!

Finally, add some Salsa and a football game at the Stadium, and you will live an excellent cultural experience.

Staying 1 week in Medellín

Medellin is an excellent city to experience Colombian life. Stay in a social hostel in Laureles and plan your stay between day trips and social events.

  • My favorite night events are at La Pascasia, 3 Cordilleras, and Son Havana.
  • Dance Salsa and take some classes in Son Havana, El Tibiri, or Academia Social Club
  • Day trip to Guatape
  • Day trip to Santa Fe de Antioquia
  • Paragliding above Medellin
  • Day trip to Santa Elena
  • Expedition rafting on Rio Verde
  • Hiking to the Paramo de Belmira

Where to stay in Medellín

Los patios

Which destinations to add to your 1 week Medellin itinerary

Depending on how long you decide to stay in Medellin, there are 3 loops we love to organize.

The perfect loop: Guatape + San Rafael + San Carlos

This one-week Colombia itinerary is for travelers who love aquatic activities. San Rafael and San Carlos are two small towns surrounded by crystal-clear rivers, and they’re not touristy at all. Both places are ideal for tubing, canyoning, and chasing waterfalls.

Take a bus to visit Guatape, then head to San Rafael (1h), then another to San Carlos (1h).

La Viejita San Carlos
La Viejita

Fly to the Pacific coast

All flights to the Pacific coast leave from Medellin. Therefore, don’t hesitate to plan a trip there if you dream of wild beaches and coconuts. It’s also the whale season from July to September.

Book an ecolodge in Guachalito (Nuqui) or a romantic hotel in El Valle (Bahia Solano). Both places are safe.

Eco-resort Guachalito (1)
Eco-resort – Guachalito

One week in Colombia around Cali

San Antonio Parque Cali
San Antonio Parque

Cali is in the Cauca region, in the “South of Colombia”. The airport is international, with direct flights from Miami, Santiago, Panama City, and Madrid.

Moreover, there are many daily flights from Bogota (Every 30 min), so you could consider a flight with 1 stop in Bogota.

How many days in Cali

If you pick Cali, it means you want – or at least try – to dance Salsa. Take some classes during the day and go practice all night.

The number of days to explore the surroundings will depend on how much you like dancing Salsa.

Staying 3 days in Cali

For us, people who are ashamed to dance, it’s complicated to learn how to dance. We don’t have rhythm and sensuality, but it’s not a reason for not trying.

We travel for these new experiences, no? Excellent. Here are my recommendations:

  • Listen to a lot of Salsa before coming
  • In Cali, take at least 5 hours with a private teacher
  • Take group lessons in Salsa Pura in the evening
  • Go out two nights in a row: Tintindeo, Rincon de Heberth, Malamaña, or La Topa Tolondra are great salsa bars.

Between 2 salsa classes, you can book a street food tour, a salsa tour, or admire the view from El Cristo Rey.

Staying 7 days in Cali

“Cali es Cali, lo demas es Loma”. It means, “Cali is great, and the rest is s**t.” It’s hot, and there is not much to do within the city. And yet, many travelers love it – if you like dancing.

Each evening, around 5 pm, there is a little breeze that indicates “Party is ON”.

Besides, there are many day trips you can organize/book when you don’t want to dance Salsa.

  • Paragliding
  • Canyoning – There are 7 rivers around Cali
  • Birdwatching
  • Hiking to Pico Loro
  • Tubing in San Cipriano

Where to stay in Cali

Hostal Ruta Sur

Which destinations to add to your 1 week Cali itinerary

Cali is a city near many exciting Colombian highlights. You will have to choose between Zona Cafetera, the Pacific coast, and the Andean mountains for this one week in Colombia.

Get some fresh air in San Cipriano or Pance

Both are easy weekend trips you can organize.

Pance is a small town situated in the Western Andean mountains, 1.5 hours from Cali. It’s ideal for hiking, birdwatching, and breathing some fresh air. I recommend the hostel Casa Batara.

San Cipriano is a town surrounded by lush vegetation. It’s an adventure to get there. It’s 2.5 hours away from Cali. The main activity is tubing on the river.

Pico loro Pance Cali
Pico Loro

Learn about coffee in the Eje cafetero

You need 5 hours to reach Filandia, Buenavista or Salento. All of them are pleasant colonial towns, even if I have a preference for Buenavista.

An interesting 1 week Colombia itinerary would be Cali – Buenavista – Filandia – Cali. By doing so, you can book a fantastic coffee tour and visit the Valle de Cocora.

Church Filandia

An affordable way to reach the Pacific coast

It’s the cheapest way to reach the Pacific coast. You just have to take a 3-hour bus to Buenaventura then a 1-hour speedboat to Juanchaco. However, don’t stay in Juanchaco. It’s dirty. I recommend sleeping in La Barra or in front of the National Park Bahia Malaga. Don’t miss the Humpback whales!

La Barra Beach town Pacific (1)
La Barra

Visit Popayan and hike in the Purace National Park

Popayan, also known as the “White Colonial City”, is situated 4 hours down South. There are interesting historical sights, and it’s the departure point for a breathtaking 2-day adventure to the Volcano Purace. Moreover, you can attend the indigenous market on Tuesday in Silvia.

Purace popayan

One week in Colombia around Bogota

Chingaza Paramo Bogota
Paramo Chingaza

Bogota is in the Cundinamarca department. The airport is international, with direct flights from Munich, Paris, Madrid, London, Frankfurt, Barcelona, Mexico City, Lima, Houston, Los Angeles, New York, Dallas, Washington, Toronto, Montreal, Sao Paolo, Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires, Santiago. Yes, it’s a lot.

Taxis leave from the airport – 30 min. Don’t pay more than 30 000 COP! Taxis are not friendly in Bogota, don’t hesitate to book a private transfer from the airport.

How many days in Bogota

Many travelers don’t like Bogota because they’re not well prepared. They have no idea where to stay or what to do, and they’ve got only shorts and flip-flops in their bag.

Although the weather isn’t the best in the world, there are many things to do if you’re interested in Colombia’s culture and history.

Staying less than 24 hours in Bogotá

You’ll stay just 1 night if Bogota is a stopover to reach Leticia, Caño Cristales, or San Jose del Guaviare. Also, remember that you have to come back to Bogota the day prior to your departure flight.

Stay in Chapinero or the Zona Rosa/Parque 93. Both districts are safe, closer to the airport, and it will be easy to find delicious restaurants.

Staying 3 days in Bogotá

There are many excellent tours we loved in Bogota. You don’t have to book them in advance:

  • War and peace from Beyond Colombia
  • The coffee experiences with Catacíon Publica
  • The bike tour with Bogota Bike tour

Moreover, there are many excellent private tours if you’re looking for something more personalized:

  • Coffee tasting
  • Bogota Food tour
  • Craft beer tour

In addition, there are many cool things you can do by yourself:

  • Tasting the best restaurants and trendy cafe place
  • Climbing to Monserrate
  • Visiting the National Museum and the MAMU

Staying 7 days in Bogotá

Yes, you can spend 7 days in Bogotá without getting bored.

In addition to all the activities listed above, there are some great day trips to organize :

  • Seeing La Chorrera, the highest waterfall in Colombia
  • Visiting a cocoa farm and/or a coffee farm
  • Hiking in the Paramo Sumapaz or the Paramo de Chingaza
  • Climbing in the open air on the cliffs of Suesca

Where to stay in Bogotá

Casa Legado

Which destinations to add to your 1 week Bogota itinerary

From Bogota, you can take a charter in the direction of La Macarena/Guaviare or plan an adventure to the colonial towns nearby.

Visit San Jose del Guaviare, an off-the-beaten-path destination

San Jose del Guaviare is at the limit with the Llanos and has a lot to offer: colorful rivers, natural pools, and rock paintings. You must take a 1-h flight to get here.

Laguna San Jose del guaviare (2)

Contemplate the startling Caño Cristales river

Caño Cristales is a natural park that opens from June to November. The site is famous for the aquatic plant Macarenia Clavigera which gives different shades of red to the river. You must take a 1-h flight to get here.

Caño Cristales La Macarena
Caño Cristales

Plan some outdoor activities in Tobia

Tobia is a town 3 hours away from Bogota. There are a lot of extreme sports activities like rappelling, rafting, canyoning, and ziplining. Most of the local agencies are only open on weekends.

Giant zipline Tobia

Plan a romantic getaway in Villa de Leyva

Villa de Leyva is my favorite colonial town, at 4 hours from Bogota. There are many activities to do around and delicious restaurants. You can easily spend 3-4 days there.

Villa de Leyva - Vins (1)

Hike through the paramo de Oceta

Mongui is another colonial town situated 5-6h from Bogota. You must go to Sogamoso first. It’s famous for the Paramo de Oceta.

Paramo de Oceta

So, do you know which Colombie cities you would like to add to your Colombia itinerary?

The 8 best experiences you shouldn’t miss


Visit Caño Cristales (the most beautiful river worldwide)

Pozos naturales San Jose del Guaviare

Explore San José del Guaviare (an off-the-beaten-path destination)

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